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NAS lyrics - The Lost Tapes

My Way

Original and similar lyrics
[Nas] Word to Will, buried in his fila suit and heavy chain I wanna be iced-up nigga, bury me the same I live for street glory and I die for ghetto fame Respect all, fear none, my pride is everything Initials in swimming pools floors, women lose draws A true boss, never lose wars, got cheddar to floss Guns under beds, mask and a flashlight Living my life like everyday's my last night Alcoholic on toilets, I shit blood Foreign cars, models and stars, life of a rich thug Mama told me from weed, I would switch drugs To cocaine and hit clubs and deep-dish dubs How would she know unless she hit the clubs, got her mack-on Back in the 60's with an afro and her platforms Bopping to the supremes, smoking joints That's cool, but I'ma live how I want [Chorus 1] I did it my way, from crumbs and roaches and rats I did it my way, converted in from hustling to raps I did it my way, from break dancing, back spins on the cardboard I did it my way, to bullet proof bentleys, gats in the car's door I did it my way, never gave a fuck what nobody said I did it my way, they hope that I fail and wished I was dead I did it my way, if I fucked op it falls on me I did it my way, I'm lucked up and struck rich, now we all can eat [Nas] Gateways, marble floors, chandeliers Juzzi's, gucci soap, throwing cash in the air Though I, still feel broke with millions in the bank And deals on the table, I focus to stay afloat And just to think some would die to get with I got They think its alot, the blink of an eye, you could get shot Niggas is wolves, coming if you ruthless or not But i be on point, put you in places where bodies rot Never knew murder till I seen my man get popped No blood soaking, laying there, eyes still open I got a little closer, put my hand in his palm He was looking right through me, Yo staring beyond I wonder what he saw, the limoes, movies and tours Did he die in vain and represent for the cause Now I put his name on everything I'm involved And that's the game, Ya'll can't relate, fuck ya'll (Ill Will) [Chorus 2] I did it my way, from crumbs, roaches and rats I did it my way, converted in from hustling to raps I did it my way, I call it how I see it niggas I did it my way, if you don't like it so be it niggas I did it my way, I make my own rules, I do my own plans I did it my way, gangstas do what they want Suckers do what they can't I did it my way, taking sacrifices kid I did it my way, but now you only getting one life to live [Nas] Yo, hoes in my fold can slow me, roll with the brokest homies Cold and we hopeless lonelies, scolding my foes who phony From blocks where coke can feed you and cops are over evil They know some people who tell on felons who sold some diesil Here on and blow it rurals, its mine, knew a crew one time '89, they took work to Caroline and blew big time In just two years, their crew disappear Snitches and bitches, smeared the paint on their pictures Years back, I reminiscence and remember, sitting on wood benches Gave me splinters, just a baby nigga thankful When them killers came through, guns out, moving I think the ones who said shorty go home, we about to be shooting [Chorus 1]

Scornful Of The Motives And Virtue Of Others

Shai Hulud "That Within Blood Ill-Tempered"
Rest assured... This is sincere. This is true. Let this be my writ of misanthropy To a thankless world of men Who have perfected nothing. Save the art of accusation. Woe is he that feels compelled to pen. Even one word of hatred. I know the hate within passion With which I love is a travesty. Let this writ acknowledge these facts. How I miss the warmth of red blood... The color of pitch is cold and hard, And its merciless to the tenderhearted. How I miss the strength of red blood... Its susceptibility to burn jet, And the might to withstand a brutal scorching. How I have learned to wield this scorched, jet blood To the gross advantage... This blood must not go to waste. All is not yet lost. Take these words of blood ill-tempered. Take these words and Lut deep. Lacerate the soiled flesh. Impact the brittle bone. And we all will bleed together. May this blood pave the way to solution.. We have all been so wrong Conditioned to accept and approve of substandard Communication and behavior. Reason is clouding, Hearts are hardening, And the result is murder. This age is grave bound, Likewise its aging successors. Aging, all the while, descending - Developing an even more insatiable thirst for chaos. Life among hyenas and asps under vultures That pick at the corpses of the fallen. And man will continue to suffer unto itself Until some stand to rally the fray by firm example. Chaos must succumb to order Lest these days be numbered. I cannot contribute to disarray. I simply cannot relate. Let this be my act of defiance. Let this be my refusal to fit in. Let this be my writ of anthropy...

I Can Dream Of You

JAMES TAYLOR "Various Songs"
I wake up in the morning I walk out on the street And my face lights up with all the smiles Of all the friends I meet And my life's almost complete Cause I can dream of you And I don't feel no heartache And I don't feel no pain And I don't feel all those angry souls That are standing in the rain And my life's peaceful once again Cause I can dream of you Then I wake myself up I take a look around And there's not much I can say No one's here to say it to, why anyway La la la la la La la la la My day and night They're just about the same I think I'll just call them gray But I think of you And the sun breaks through And I'm glad to live my life this way You're so understanding So gentle and serene And I swear you've got the sweetest eyes That I've ever seen And I pray that I may never lose A single dream of you Lord knows that I'll be in for hard times Pain will know my soul And the wind is blowing from the North And it comes down so cold I know never will I lose all hope Cause I can dream of you I know never will I lose all hope Cause I can dream of you

Get No Younger

JOE BUDDEN "Mood Muzik 3: For Better Or For Worse"
[Intro - Joe Budden - talking - w/ ad libs] Uh, it's that knock right here Uh, y'all in that mood yet? Taha, you need a subo to play this in the car by the way Let's go I'm a be quiet, let homeboy say what he gotta say Get his little shout outs out the way Goin, goin, gone [DJ On Point - talking over Intro (echo)] This joint right here is called Get No Younger Featuring Ezo Shout out to The Klasix on the beat Dave, Mike, I see you Joe Budden, Mood Muzik 3 Let's go [Verse 1 - Joe Budden] Now look, I'm in that 550 feelin like Chuck Liddell Aside from Rampage Jackson it's "fuck the world" My lean came so mean, (So Fresh and So Clean) Like a Sunday morning listenin to Joel Osteen Like my beat down low, I'm rimmed up with the seat back Boo with the sweet back, I definitely need that Even if her body make a nigga want eat that Bitch you don't (Make) a nigga (Better), better see Fab I know a bird named Amy, love to tea bag Set you up right for some loosies and a weed bag Alcoholic, cute face but her weave bad And she went to the Winehouse straight from the +Rehab+ The recap rappers and they G stacks Fixated on imaginary ice like freeze tag I speed past, ease past with my G swag I'm at a level most niggaz couldn't see past [Chorus - Ezo] On my grind, chasin dollars (chasin dollars) In the fall or the summer (fall or the summer) Streets are pullin me under (pullin me under) And I ain't gettin no younger [DJ On Point - talking over Chorus (echo)] Shout out to Paree Jill, Grimstyles Can't forget Jay, what up? [Verse 2 - Joe Budden] Whoa, whoa, some say "sky's the limit", still I'm tryin to reach higher So on my deathbed, I'm figurin how to be fly I'm talkin above heaven (but) But talkin about death is me beatin a dead horse and a nigga love "Slevin" I'm a '80's baby with a '60's mind state, Yankee fitted backwards Lookin at whippersnappers Livin young and reckless, never mind who the best is (might as well) They need to get rid of their style, put it on Craigslist (nigga) 'Cause you ain't crazy, stop it Even if you was wild like Randy Moss, start feelin Patriotic How I'm gon' lose with Tom Brady in the pocket? Beggin dude to come back like the Yankees did "The Rocket" And just like Clemens did Reappear to get the most wins it in, damn dickheads is so sensitive Pussies get hemorrhages, find a way to benefit Even when it seem the whole World is against the kid [Chorus] [Verse 3 - Joe Budden] Whoa, I mean, the burner's in the air (is that what you want?) Like J. Holiday I'll put you permanently there It's (Bedtime) niggaz, weapon of mine niggaz, Wesson or nine niggaz "Minority Report", I'm ahead of your mind niggaz You wanted to beef, you got twenty with you, I got a hundred with me Now this is somethin to see (oh) Boogieman your whole squad, put you under some sheets In that Dodge Richard Reid had under the sheet On some Jetsons shit but if the shook type approach me I'll fill 'em with metal 'til he look like Rosey Niggaz ain't off the hook like Joey My feet is up cozy, at the end of my bed Get on my Puff Daddy (All About The Benjamins) shit And turn my back on Danja/danger like Timbaland did (ya heard?) Hoodie over my head, the snub showin Fuck what the World's come to, where the fuck's it goin? [Chorus - without ad libs] [Outro - DJ On Point - talking until the end (echo)] Shout out to my nigga Trees Bland Bland Management Shout out to Phat Gear down in A-T-L Can't forget Hall of Fame, Coliseum, Jamaica Ave.

Last Dream

Laughter of the night devours your life's brightness Virgirn is singing - apparition of your death exterior of the dark's standing deep in fern white robe's waving in fog like her pitch-dark hair your past was grey, your future is black tears of extinct days stream through her eyes blood over your tomb She begins to cry, the master of the dead holds a cross towards the sky her empty eyes turn red, ardour is her soul I hear this screaming flame Ashes to ashes, blood to blood condemnation, dust to dust The bloody, black full moon illuminates her skin deadly pale it shines reflecting at your grave beyond the shades of sun where pleasure's obsolete I stride into a cryptic faint ashore benighted thoughts Your past was grey, your future is black tears of extinct days stream through her eyes blood over your tomb See the wind abate your dreamland life now ends downpour leaves the clouds raintrops touch your skin grass will grow on your vault comply with the night Unveil this appearance, it's your deceased wife walk through untrod glades The undefeated low will end... Defane forsaken joy domestic close behind shadows prowl in the dark, messengers of god a modest epitaph carved in your stone what have they written, your will never know

Voyage To Compton

MC Ren "Ruthless for Life"
(Intro) Mhhmmm That's right Take a voyage Where? All the way down Down where? Down where? Down where? (Verse 1) Niggas be thinkin the Villain has stopped givin Compton props Nigga you smokin off that muthafuckin stress That your ass was chokin CPT, I'm straight out, that's my muthafuckin heart You can't tear me apart, they gave a nigga a start It's crazy niggas in that bitch, plenty hoes to match Plenty pussies to fuck, and plenty bitches to catch Niggas be doin what they got to do, family's a need Compton niggas hit that pussy so hard, make it bleed Niggas hittin switches, and movin pounds of dope So cluck-head muthafuckas got they rocks to smoke Niggas be killin other niggas when they get in they path White muthafuckas gives a fuck, they sit back and laugh These undercover tight bitches be playin the tease Got my dick hard as fuck but she want the pennies Niggas be hatin 'cause I'm doin what the fuck they wanna do Niggas still be havin love for you (be havin love) Uhh! (Chorus) Compton (he's back to you) Compton come back to me (he's back to you) I know, I know baby (Verse 2) Niggas be at the park, tryin to set the pussy up for the night Baby you can suck this dick just as long as you don't bite Go back to the crib, we do that soopafly scene Fuck your ass in the tub, rub my dick with vaseline Make my shit stretch all down your throat Quit tryna talk with that shit in your mouth just write a note Or use sign language if you need some air I'll chase your ass around the room, fuck that pussy anywhere I'm just a Compton nigga, no matter where the fuck I be Niggas don't get high, with me, I'm just writin what I see It's reality that's all a real nigga know All that Slob/Cuzzin and bullshit - it gots to go All these niggas know, Villain kickin the real I gives a fuck how these muthafuckas feel Niggas hate me 'cause I'm doin what the fuck they wanna do Niggas still be havin love for you (and I know) Check it! (Chorus) Compton (he's back to you) Come back, come back to me, yeah Ohhhhh...(he's back to you) Ohhhhh...I know, I know (he's back to you) Lalalalala...lalalalala Compton, Compton (he's back to you) Come back to me no no no... (he's back to you) Ohhhh...Compton...Ohhhh... (he's back to you) no no no no... (he's back to you) Ohhh...Compton come back, come back to me baby I...I wanna tell you baby no no no...lalala...Ohhh...I... Ohhh...Compton...come back to me (he's back to you)

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