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NAS lyrics - Street's Disciple

The Makings Of A Perfect Bitch

Original and similar lyrics
[Chorus] I know you think you got it together player, but fuck the bird you with And listen close to the makings of a perfect bitch Listen close to the makings of a perfect bitch There's always one thing wrong and you wish that you could switch Or fix, while you shapin' every curve and hips, you heard of this? The makings of a perfect bitch [Nas] A ghoul at night, I role like Jack the Ripper trying to choose my wife I need a ass of a stripper, fat lipper Mad niggaz in this one predicament You try to choose a loyal one and stick with it My stupid dick again searching for something to jump and then start humpin' Convincing me that the history of a woman is about leaving a nigga with nothing So my experiences taught me how to come up with a plan to make a right one for the man A toy for the boy, the one that righteously will understand And since I can't find her I guess I gotta make her I creep in the night like a kinky undertaker I think I'm on a caper to abduct a nerd from the Ivy League Next stop at the strip club snatch a bad one and flee What's next, I'm stakin' out a five star restaurant to kidnap the chef Say goodbye to the stress [Chorus] [Nas] I stitch 'em together then I kiss 'em forever These surgical gloves are made of love, couldn't be better Four cycles of blood, child birth first Men-e-stral cycle, last men-e-stral cycle then death That's four, so I guess rebirth is the fifth Put 'em together, that's a genius, a slut and a chef Holdin' the scalpel while cutting the flesh Heavy bleeding, so I need suction, it's such a mess If she survives she'll be sucking me next Dark nipples on her D-cup breasts so I could titty fuck while she do my taxes for the IRS So I could just relax, shit, by now I'm blessed I'm her daddy, I'm her messiah, I'm god Cause I injected obedience and loyalty in her heart Know you mad cause you with a bitch that nag you to death I smack mine on the ass and she breathe her first breath [Chorus] [Nas] Gimme Sade's mystique, she gotta know her way in the streets Like Billie Holiday in Harlem Body from Ketoi Johnson and Kenya Moore and Apple Bottoms Maya Angelou's brain and some groove from Terry McMillan Them Angelina Jolie lips, Angela Davis, Sista Souljah's wit Helping me load clips Some words form a pimp was, 'Nas, it just don't exist' But homes is twisted, a home ain't a home without without the misses All the girls that I named are queens, no disrespect But I need me someone to disappear, reappear like I dream of Jeannie Whenever I want, I think I met her, it's on, forever I'll flaunt [Chorus]

2 Dollahoe

ESHAM "Closed Casket"
[Esham] I know this bitch who like to suck on dick I call the hoe magic cause she's a trick Now this bitch I knew fucked my buddy Even though the pussy was wet and bloody I never ever once thought about fuckin the hoe It seems like a dick always stuck in the hoe She's an undercover freak, like a nigga and his thang Payin top dollar just to pop that thang Oh no, the bitch got a fatal disease She can't keep dick out her ovaries She like a nigga with money just a project hoe How many dicks can one hoe blow ? I think I seen her after church suckin on the preacher's dick Every Sunday night, gettin two dollar licks See bitches ain't shit on planet earth Make your balls turn blue like Papa Smurf And if you bitches don't know I'm tellin you so And if you givin up the pussy like that, you just a 2 dolla hoe [chorus] What do we get for ten dollars A two-dolla hoe Bitch don't front you just a two-dolla hoe 6x [Esham] Bitch so saditty, actin all pretty Niggas don't know bloods comin out your titties Now I respect hoes that respect they self But I can't fuck pussy that's bad for my health Just like Jackie, bitch so tacky Hit her with the Kriss Kross call me daddy mackie It's alot hoes out there playin dike Bitch, I ain't goin out like Mike Better raise up off these nuts and get a grip Cause in the 9-4, bitch don't trip Two-dolla, can't holla straight checkin a hoe And I don't give a fuck about respectin a hoe Cause if you a dog, you gon bone Fuck that pussy then leave it alone And if you a hoe, you gon follow Dicks and nuts and learn to swallow

Benzino Diss--nail In The Coffin

I dont wanna be like this I don' really wanna hurt-no-feelings But I'm only being real when I say Nobody wants to hear their grandfather rap (nope) Old men have heart attacks And i don' wanna be responsible for that, so Put the mic down and walk away You can still have a little bit of dignity (verse 1) I would never claim to be no Ray Benzino An 83 year old, fake pacheno So how can he hold me over some balcony Without throwing his lower back out As soon as he goes to lift me Please don't, you'll probably fall with me And our asses'll both be history But then again you finaly get your wish Cause you'll be all over the street like 50 cent Fucking punk, pussy, fuck you chump Give me a one-on-one see if I don't fuck you up Try to chump the ruff ryders and they cut you up And you put Jada on a track, That's how much you suck dick in the industry Swear that you in the streets hustling You sit behind a fucking desk at the source butt kissing And begging muthafuckas for guest appearences And you can't even get the clearences Cause real lyricists dont even respect you or take you serious It's not that we dont like you... we hate you period! Talk about a midlife crisis, damn Last week you was shakin Obie Trices' hand Now he's a busta? What the fuck's with that Get on a track dissing us, kissing 50's ass And askin' me what I know about indictments, bite me! Bitch I got 2 cases and probation, Fight me! What do I know about standing in front of a judge, like a man Ready to take whatever sentence hands What you know about your wife slicing her wrists Right in front of the only thing you have in this world a little girl And i'll put that on her When this is all over I would never try to make her a star, and eat off her I dunno shit about no shopping rocks But what you know about hip-hop, shops, rocking spots When your the only white boy up in that bitch just ripping Pressing up your own flyers, and your stickers Just sticking them bitches up after spending 6 hours at kinkos Making copies of your covers to cassette singles To sell 'em out of the trunk of your Tracer Spending your whole pay check at discmakers What you know about being bullied over half your life Oh thats right, you should know what thats like, your half-white Vanilla ice, spill the beans and rice, I'm eating you alive inside, Jesus Christ! If it's that much of a gangsta put the mic down You should be out killing muthafuckas right now Kill a muthafucka dead, kill him dead bitch Shoot him in the fucking head, go ahead bitch Slap my mom, slap the fuck out of her She can't sue you, she wouldn't get a buck out of you Cause your broke as fuck, you suck Your a fucking joke , if u was really selling coke Well then what the fuck you stop for dummy! If u sleugh some crack You'd make alot more money than you do from rap You'll never have no security, you'll never be famous You'll never know what is like to be rich, life's a bitch ain't it Raymond, here let me me break this shit down in laymans terms Terms for you just to make sure That you can understand it cause cannabis ain't using too many Complicated fucking words for ya Here, let me slow it down for you so that you can understand it if I say it slower Let it go dog its over chorus Haha, talkin' about, I have muthafuckas calling your crib Bitch, you aint even got a fucking crib You don't even got a fucking phone, you fucking punk Threatening to shut me down at your little source magazine If I come back at you or attack you Bitch, you attacked me first, take it like a man and shut the fuck up Fuck your little magazine too, I don't need your little fucking magazine I got double XL's number anyways, And yall cant stand it cause they gettin bigger than yall Oh, and by the way how did i look at the VMA's When you was watchin me, from whatever TV you was watching me from In boston, the mean street of boston Fucking sissy And you gotta stand up you mutha fucka Suck my mutha fuckin Dick Oh, and for those that dont know Don't get it twisted The SOURCE has a white owner!

Friend Of Mine

Notorious Big "Ready To Die"
[Intro] No...fuck the bitches, fuck all the stank-ass hoes, all my niggas know...Junior Mafia click, Gucci Don, you know how we play. Fuckin' skanless-ass bitches. You know how it go Boots...I meet a bitch, fuck a bitch, next thing you know you fuckin' the bitch. You just pass it around and shit, pass the shit like a cold and shit. Fuck'em. [Verse 1] Now when I'm fuckin' those Jen I'm invincible Don't love no hoe, that's my priciple 'cause uh, bitches come (and uh) bitches go That's why I get my nut and I be out the fuckin' door (You know) they might be the one to set me up Wanna get their little brother to wet me up That's why I tote Tecs and stuff to get'em off my case Just in case the little fucker ends up misplaced I don't give a bitch enough to catch the bus and when I see the semen I'm leavin' Bitches be schemin', I kid ya not That's why I keep my windows locked and my Glock cocked One hoe said, 'Big, why you so hard on us Why you swear all bitches are so scandalous' Thug nigga 'til the end, tell a friend bitch 'cause when I like ya, then ya go and fuck my friend bitch (And you know that ain't right) [Chorus] You know that ain't right With a friend of mine [x4] [Verse 2] You see, I don't sweat these hoes I keep'em in flavours like Timbo's and Jibbo's Bitches just like to play the Mary though (Yeah we know, drop the scenario) It was me, Dee, the MPV The blunts and brew thang, knockin' some Wu-tang M-E-T-H-Oh shit, look at them lips and them hips on that bitch Dee hit the dip, so I can drop my mackadocious shit Light the blunt clip, and recognize a pimp Needless to speak, the Gee's obsolete Don't sleep! Banged the skins in a week On the creep up the avenue I seen her on the block, who she rappin' to That's my nigga Dee, damn he got Gee Now she fuckin' him and fuckin' me, see You know that ain't right [Repeat chorus] [Verse 3] I play her far like a moon play a star She still sweat me hard 'cause I'm a rap star I be cruisin' up the block, I be passin' her Pimpin' hard with the female passenger And the only time I call her to hang Is when me and Dee blunted up, pissy, schemin' on a gang-bang She should've used her intuition Then she wouldn't be classified in that position, listen She's sayin' I dissed her 'cause I'm fuckin' her sister A message to the fellas, that really gets'em pissed, uh But she started that fuckin' family She fucked my man Dee, so why she mad at me Plus your sister look better than you Give head better than you, pussy get wetter than you So break the fuck out like a rash I'm glad I ain't spend no cash to hit your nasty ass

Perfect Bitch

Fredro Starr "Firestarr"
Perfect Bitch *Fredro talking* Now lemme do the intro What up yo?, yo i'm Smokin this joint right And I was thinkin, what if I could make The perfect bitch, get all the bitches I like Knumsayin?And make my own bitch, fuck that, yo , yo Chorus:3x If I could make the perfect bitch She would look just like th-is If I could make the perfect bitch [Verse 1] She would look like Mya, face like Tamia Lips like Aaliyah, haircut like Nia Wit a twist of Halle, body like Jennifer Physique like Vivica, more soul then Erykah Not to say, bad as Beyonce Typical hood vitch like Mary J, wit a Ass like Janet Jackson, not Toni Braxton Titties like Janet Jackson Wit a splash of Stacey Dash, sittin phat In Prada bags, steppin out the topless jag Skin tone like Ananda, freak bitch like Madonna Wit a lotta Prada, bada like Donna Legs long like Tyra, and strong like Mya The perfect bitch jump into flames of fire Brandy mixed wit Monica, body like Veronica, perfect bitch Chorus:3x [Verse 2] If I could make the perfect bitch She would look just like thid, begettes on her wrist Down on the crist, exotic bitches, switch wigs like Kim Choclate like Fox Boggie, draggin her timbs Wit a smiley face, take the charge my bitch faithful Malibu spilffs is where I take you, wish I was trapped On a island, wavy hair like Kimora Simmions, the baddest Bitch like Trina, wit a ounce of Christina, you might've Seen her brickhouse like Eve, in the black beemer Not to tall like Lisa Leslie, more like Lisa Raye Short a mix wit Lisa'left eye', and Lisa Bonet She kiss the dice when I gamble, catch me cheatin Start a scandal like Taral Hicks, my ghetto Naomi Campbell Eyes like Vaness Wills, dress to killin em softly like Lauryn Hill Chorus:3x Where my down south, perfect bitches at Where my up top, perfect bitches at Where my west coast, perfect bitches at Where my ghetto, perfect bitches at Where my project, perfect bitches at

Keith N Bumpy

Kool Keith "Matthew"
[Kool Keith] See.. you play around too fuckin much (How many people you got hurt?) You ain't learned your lesson yet (You ain't learned your fuckin lesson) You still playin and fuckin around That's all you doin, you playin fuckin around Youse a little bitch.. Youse a bitch-ass nigga, smack your fuckin skullies off You niggaz ain't learned a fuckin lesson yet? Count your blessing yet, publicity got you mixed up And Keith's fucked your whole million dollar aura Clean cut or thugged out, I don't give a fuck Niggaz with that champagne shit Fuckin with me, you'll earn a job in the cleaners givin motherfuckers a permanent crease We don't do Entertainment Tonight, Rosie O'Donn-ell Piss on niggaz like you and take your video models straight to Church's Chicken, and fuckin McDonald's Fuck all you glamourized faggot niggaz Y'all on some real hardcore, maggot niggaz Catch you in the gridlock in New York City traffic Hit you in the face with a rock tied up in a fuckin sock Tell the cops, I'll chase you with a mac-10 Follow your Range Rover with stockin caps for seventy-eight more fuckin blocks Watch ambulances and paramedics take off your paragon down Remove your fuckin mop; take your body pieces in a fucked up van to a Mexican chop shop Fuck a bitch-ass bodyguard, bunch of niggaz squealin Cancel your important meetings, we can do this Broad daylight, just me and you in a fuckin Jamaican restertaunt Who da fuck ya tink you are mon, what ya fuckin doin? You don't know the FUCK I am - load three four five clips Fuckin magazines, I'll show you the fuckin bomb Ya bloodclot, catch you niggaz in Quadrasonic or Sony Platinum Sounds, who is it Bill? Who's fuckin around with Crazy Tony? All that bullshit, walkin around with - hard packs You motherfuckers carryin backpacks That's right, with your hooded parkas You motherfuckers suck dick and you're phony [repeat 4X] Y'all do y'all shit in the studio We bring our shit to your face! ['Bumpy'] My mental is sinister, I run shit like a prime minister You still breathin motherfucker? But now it's time to finish ya Blood sport, I heard you on life support but I'ma make sure that you don't take the witness stand in court Afternoon, I'ma creep up in your room, past the goon 'fore you (??) ba-boom, and I'm sendin yo' ass to the moon Another motherfucker bite the dust from the lust to live plush, and he died quick - from the rush Now I'm Southbound, fuck the 6, take the Greyhound Any cat cross the line can't hide it's goin down I got connects with tecs and white boats and jets Think I'm playin motherfucker? Let me know who next Silence and not loud, pick you off in the crowd Now your shorty growin up in the world as a fatherless child Everybody choose the fuckin way that they wanna play Just remember one fuckin day that that ass gotta pay Cause fuckin with my gravy is like rapin my little baby And you still wouldn't be safe if you joined the fuckin navy You must be crazy, thinkin yo' ass can get Swayze but the only fuckin thing you gon' be doin is pushin up daisies And it won't faze me, cause real gangsters raised me Ghetto diamonds praised me and thugs slug just craze me I know it sounds strange, but it's part of the game I control bitches brains, when they suckin on my sugar cane My fame came before money you fuckin dummy Bitches callin me 'Bumpy' while my dick is in they tummy But if you cross the line, you won't be able to find they motherfuckin head, they limbs or they spine So all you bitch motherfuckers better respect mine if you plan on bein here to see the fuckin sunshine (BLAOW!) BLAOW! With one in your spine Keith N 'Bumpy', put one in your spine

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