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NAS lyrics - Stillmatic

What Goes Around

Original and similar lyrics
[Chorus] Ayo its poison, ecstacy, coke You say its love, it is poison Schools where I learned they should be burned, it is poison Physicians prescripting us medicine which is poison Doctors injecting our infants with the poison Religion misoverstood is poison [Verse 1] Niggas up in my hood be getting shot giving poison In hospitals, shots rittle the block Little children and elderly women run for their lives Drizzling rain come out the sky every time somebody dies, Must be out my fucking mind, what is this, the hundreth time Sending flowers to funerals, reading rest in peace You know the usual, death comes in threes Life is short is what some nigga said Not if you measure life by how one lives and what he did Its funny how these black killer companies is making money off us Fast food, colas, sodas skull and bone crossers [Chorus] [Verse 2] Sisters up in my hood trying to do good given choices When pregnant drop out of school or have abortions Stop working hoping that they find a man that will support them Up late night on they mothers cordless, thinking a perm or Bleaching cream will make better when they gorgeous White girls tanning, lypo suction Fake titties are implanted, fake lips thats life destruction Lightskin women, bi-racial hateful toward themselves Denying even they blood I don't judge Tiger Woods but I overstand the mental poison Thats even worser than drugs [Chorus] [Verse 3] Radio and TV poison, white Jesus poison And any thoughts of taking me down is poison Who want beef now, my heat shell annoyed them, plaow [Talking] Never to worry, all the wrong doers got it coming back to em A thousand times over Every dog has its day and everything flips around Even the most greatest nation in the world has it coming back to em Everyone reaps what they sew that's how it goes Innocent lives will be taken, it may get worse but we'll get through it Yall be strong [Verse 4] The China-men built the railroad The Indians saved the Pilgrim And in return the Pilgrim killed em They call it it Thanksgiving, I call your holiday hellday Cause I'm from poverty, neglected by the wealthy Me and my niggas share gifts every day like Christmas Slay bitches and party everyday like this is the last I'm with my heckles connecting and we hitting the lad This is my level, fuck if it get you mad It's all poison, all of my words to enemies it is poison Rappers only talk about ki's, its all poison How could you call yourself emcees you ain't poison Think about the kids you mislead with the poison And any thoughts of taking me down is all poison Who want beef now, my heat shell annoyed them, plaow [Hook] What goes around comes around my nigga And what goes up it must come down my nigga The soldiers found below the ground my nigga Just hold it down we older now my nigga What goes around comes around my nigga And what goes up it must come down my nigga The soldiers found below the ground my nigga Just hold it down we older now my nigga [Verse 5] This nigga Ike with the Iverson jersey Light skin with herpees Fuckin' sisters in Harlem, Brooklyn and D.C. This is the problem cause he never tell em he got it From letting fags suck him off Rikers Island in nine-three Drives in Benz, hangs in all the parties All the concerts, backstage where the stars be Rocking their shirts in bitches faces like clockwork Whats your name, where you from, chain blinging Thinking girls everywheres dumb, taking powder ruining their lives So they could never have babies, and they could never be wives He never used a condom, give him head he got ya Met the wrong bitch and now he dead from the monster AIDs I contemplate, believing in karma Those on top could just break and wont be eating tomorrow I know some bitches who be sleeping on niggas dreams They leave when they nigga blow she the first bitch on her knees Knowing dudes thats neglecting their seeds Instead of taking care of em they spending money on trees I pray for you deadbeat daddies Cause when them kids get grown its too late for you Now you old and you getting shitted on Its all scientific, mystic, you know the Earth and the stars Don't hesitate to say you heard it from Nas What is destined shall be George Bush killer til George Bush kills me Much blessings be healthy, remember [Hook]


AESOP ROCK "Labor Days"
[Aesop Rock] Yo change the fuckin channel I burn a Coma candle When the flame fades, consider my flatline a soldier's sample We them cats talkin noise behind that New York trash heap Where the stench of commuter briefcase replaces a bad sleep And it's, worker zig-zagers versus piggy batch flashers Training Generation Fallout Waterfall bricklayer pincushion crawl out There's smoke in my iris But I painted a sunny day on the insides of my eyelids So I'm ready now (What you ready for?) I'm ready for life in this city And my wings have grown almost enough to lift me I'm a dinosaur with Jones Beach in my hourglass Passing the time with serial killer coloringbooks and bags of marbles Don't tell me you ain't the droid that held the match to the charcoals Don't tell me Lucifer and God don't carpool (This is our school) I'm not trying to graduate to life at the curse on the lounge barstool Head in a jar on the desk, feet dangling in a shark pool (Man please) Man please My name stands for my being And my being stands for the woman who stood And braved the storm could raise this evening (Brother, sun, sister, moon, mother beautiful) Yeah middle sibling suitable but far from son of excellence Back in a long time agi, I was to way the wishes wish But Mister Smits, I slept through my appointment Saw the liquid dreams of a thousand babies solidify And picked the rose and wielded The second I introduced myself as Nervous Well it appears the scars of learning have spoken Some are burning, some have rosen Some deserve tall tales, some have wrote them Some are just a brutal reprocussion of devotion Mine are all of the above cuz everything leads to erosion Now where I live there's a homeless man He sits upon a crate He makes a rusty trumpet sound like the music that angels make Now if you ever come and visit me, I suggest you watch the show Tell him Aesop Rock sent ya just to hear his horn blow like this *Horn samples* [Aesop Rock] And I ain't getting any younger My knuckles wear their bruises well I've yet to lose that hunger But only time can tell Prodigal Son with a prodigal wish to sew that prodigal stitch And crucify bigot voodoo doll on two popsicle sticks See your name is Ambiguity My name is something hands can't hold But hearts part ocean scapes just to watch the starlet unfold It's like sketching a circle in the dirt with a pointed stick Knowing the wind'll kill it some day, still it calls my burning wits for now And if I plow the fields that don't guarantee plentiful harvest But starving artists die, I set my alarm for five o'clock Idols block survival crops the cycle stops for nothing The Bible's carp revivalist winos flock by the hundreds To the opening, scarlet carpets greeting their duel Leading the stubborn mule to cruel rugburn But y'all numb from gut fuel I administer eclispe, there ain't no motor like a martyr-made motor Cuz a martyr-made motor don't quit I am an epiphany, I am wet foot mammal Channel surfing my way to the top Tugboat in a bottle With no holes poked in the nozzle I fed em bedlam diluted in limelight Till that rookie boogie graduated hostile And the vehicle is grandeur and it veered over the medium The second my halo ran outta helium Demoted to thorn crown, damn talk about numbskull I was born bound to a stencil called symmetry But my energy's a rental So I take this now to save My cute seniorita beholding a flame to a lost wick Thank you James Anthony for the band-aids on my ego Y'all are family for life I'll take that bullet to preserve you I wanna be something spectacular On the day the sun runs outta batteries Attach my fashion to the casualties of anarchy Save my nickels up to buy that homeless man a brand new horn Then sit up on his crate as I witness the beauty born like this (I ain't gettin any younger) *Horn samples to end*

Stick 2 The Script

JAY-Z "The Dynasty Roc La Familia"
[Clue] Yeah.. DJ Clue! A/K/A/, William, M. Holla.. with William H. Holla [Jay-Z] The world's most infamous [Clue] The Holla family nigga [Jay-Z] Roc-A-Fella Records, c'mon [Clue] Dynasty! New Jay-Z! Beanie Sigel! Stick to the script! [Jay-Z] We live money over bitches nigga stick to the script [Clue] Remember where you heard it first.. stupid! [Jay-Z] Cop, flip, we re-up; get back to the shift Money over bitches nigga stick to the script [Clue] D.. J.. CLUE! [Jay-Z] YO, they call me William H. (H!) the all-time great (GREAT!) I fuck the most hoes out of New York State (STATE!) I rock my jewels (JEWELS) I'm not a fool (FOOL!) In the small of my back I got this big-ass tool (Ha hah!) When I'm skatin through the city and I stop and kick it Be the most asked question - how I got them digits? I say I stay on my grind, never stop for bitches Never talk like a mom, I gotta watch you snitches And I stick to the script, that's my advice so life Eat nigga, let it stick to your ribs I seen niggaz go from handlin birds to ramblin words to the man, seen a Sammy the Bull emerge on the stand And it was all good just a week ago We lost Todd E., but we still eatin though For like a hundred weeks nigga, we gon' run the streets til we reach Malik or the date of E's release Peep Hova in a Jeep Rover, passin reefer over to this freak, breathe mami this is good weed mami Three, hymies under the belt, three extra clip We aim, we shoot; y'all shoot aim, we stick to the script C'mon! [Chorus: Jay-Z] Money over bitches nigga stick to the script We cop, we flip, we re-up; get back on our shift Money over bitches nigga stick to the script {*scratch* 'You can bullshit with rap if you want, muh'fuckers'} Money over bitches nigga stick to the script We cop, we flip, we re-up; get back on our shift Money over bitches nigga stick to the script {*scratch* 'You in the streets nigga, make your moves'} {*scratch* 'Y'all niggaz truly ain't ready for this dynasty thing'} [Beanie Sigel] Geah, uh-huh Yeah, money over bitches nigga {*scratch* 'This Philly cat ba.. back at it'} Stick to the script, yo Aiyyo they don't call me Mac for nuttin I don't give a whore jack, man they all say that Mac be frontin But if you can't take a case bitch and take it to the chin take the heat, beat your feet bitch, skate in the wind Don't snitch, we can blow dough, make it again You can be my hoe bitch, I can't make you my friend because - friends depend on friends, not Bean Sigel's shit I don't need you; let welfare feed you Mac'll, stick to the script, and stick to the flip I got a sick whip game, water stick to the bricks I got a sick flip game, order gettin and shit I got a strict strip, flip 'caine, get it in shifts Bitch, you can't get at me, shit I get at you only in the physical, I tell you like Mystikal 'Shake that ass (yeah) watch yourself (Yeah) show me what you workin with but wash yourself' Fuck a dirty bitch (yeah) man I roll with a sturdy click that'll murder shit, empty clips you never heard a spit Slide a bitch what? Slide a bitch shit Slide a bitch dick, then I slide out a bitch shit Ain't no time to stick around and play step pops Shit I'm tryin to get down, cop and upset blocks Low price, quick flip, 2-8-K quick Shit don't go right, 2 AK's spit - stick to the script nigga [Chorus] Money over bitches nigga stick to the script We cop, we flip, we re-up; get back on our shift Money over bitches nigga stick to the script .. Money over bitches nigga stick to the script We cop, we flip, we re-up; get back on our shift Money over bitches nigga stick to the script Y'all get knocked, y'all turn bitch We get knocked, we never snitch, c'mon

Checkin' For You

*Street noise in the background* [Lil' Kim - Talking] See it's two types of bitches in the world You gotta broke bitch, you gotta rich bitch That would explain what I am And what my girl Missy is We da rich motherfuckin' BITCHES! That's right Then you got a bitch like me Who just stand above all bitches That excludes my girl Missy, Mary You know what I'm saying But ya'll know what the fuck I mean I'm the Queen Bee-itch That's right motherfucker what Ya'll gotta problem wit' it come see me A motherfucker ain't taking my title Or my girl Missy title or my girl Mary title What, that's right you see Only bitches like us are allowed to play a game a chess A real queen needs a king You damn motherfuckin' I don't nigga laying under me That I can't do for me what I can't do for my motherfuckin' self So when ya'll see me in the street This is what I want ya'll to do *Beat starts* Fix your lips, put 'em together nicely and say Say it along, say it along now Say She's a BITCH!!!! [Missy - Singing] I was walkin' real slow to the dancefloor He was lookin' at my ass and I turned him up I see him talkin' to his boy on his cellaphone I looked at him and all he could say was Damn baby, bring it on I talk shit but I come thru like a storm I keep my piece so sweet yeah nice and warm And all he could feel was this Love baby [Missy - Singing Faster] I don't give a fuck About what they think What they say They can call me a freak Call me anything they wanna name I don't give a, I don't give a I just wanna take him home Take him to the house And turn 'em him He ain't checkin' for you I don't give a fuck About what they think What they say They can call me a freak Call me anything they wanna name I don't give a, I don't give a I just wanna take him home Take him to the house And turn 'em him He ain't checkin' for you

Loud Pipes

LIL' WAYNE "Tha Block Is Hot"
[Verse 1: (Mannie)] Wha wha wha nigga nigga I put piss stains on private planes cuz its my jet nigga Money aint shit cuz my rottweilers drink moet Diamond baugette bracelets for my lovers Playa, i use cristal to lubricate rubbers Who got shit on his wrist that cost 3 nickel Who got the project on lock when that nigga slangin pickle Who got benz, a prowler, playboy, and a Vette Tell the truth--who fucked ya on the same night when we met Now, who got baby mamas from the noila to new york Who got every bitch attention in this motherfucker when he talk Now who the fuck we talkin bout, look--yall dont know I'll give you a hint: see that bitch you with He fucked that hoe Now look here, yall aint seen my watch, its like harlem world video White diamonds, red rubies, blue baugettes, I dont know Shorty, when tha next time imma be up in your bed I love you you love me Well go head on and gimme some head [Chorus: 2x (Juvenile)] Loud pipes big rims Wodie thats our life When we pull up at the club Sorry thats our night I know a lot of haters out there sayin That thats not right But our diamonds are much bigger So thats our life [Verse 2: (Baby)] I told four I need somethin With some hell of a ice Nigga came back with a hell of a price That aint nothin These hoes doin hella wrong Callin these niggaz on our cell phone Bitch ridin benz on 20 inch chrome Gimme the key, the car hoe, and the alarm For my prowler, my jag, my benz and my home Bitch you'll neva ride 20 inch chrome I love to shine, thats why the choppa is mine Hit my block in my benz hoe with stretch tires Bought a new car that I couldnt drive Ordered the tunes before a nigga could drive When I put the bose system right behind my eyes With the vc's and tv's so a nigga could shine With my ice bling bling like a 9 to 5 And tell all my hoes they dont need no job [Chorus 2x] [Verse 3: (B.G)] I ride the best from a benz to a jag to a beamer to a lex Might fly first class on delta, helicopter or a jet I'm a stunter, I'm a reppa Geezy like to shine Drink Don, Moet, and Cris See thats the finest wine 20 inches is the only thing i sit my shit on Dont bring ya bitch around me Cuz my dick she'll wanna sit on And I aint gonna tell her nothin different Thats ya issue But after she come back Your best out is not to kiss her Hoes sick sayin damn, look at Fresh pinky ring Look at BG watch That bitch blingalingaling I'm a ice wearer, trust me, you will neva See me sportin nothin that aint 20 g's or betta Me and Wayne take the left Juve and Baby take the right Its dark in the room, we hold up our watches and its light Cash Money millionaires livin a hell of a life Like my nigga weezay said, we surrounded by ice [Chorus (2x)] [Lil Wayne] whoa whoa whoa Now im shinin baby glossin Big tymin stuntin and flossin Lamborghini sittin on With two more in my garages Plus a blue and black ferrari With nintendo and atari Man I swear the car is awesome Vroom! sorry we lost em I'm back I pull up smellin like dime sacks and cognac I leave in the hummer, Hour lata I'm flyin back Whoosh, private jets about to land The women fall out when I let em touch my hand I get out the plane into a mercedes benz van TVs all ova with chrome 20 inch fans, damn Got damn Man I am L-I-L, weezy, off the heezy But still in all, ice floodin on my watch And in my grill and all Porch blocks front blocks Still in all, me and Slim in the Rover Beatrice brick holder, Cash Money young soulja [Chorus & talking til fade]

Hot Shit Makin' Ya Bounce

BUSTA RHYMES "Extinction Level Event"
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Just bounce around All my niggas in the place need to bounce around Just bounce around Make ya bounce around All my bitches in the place need to bounce around Make ya bounce around I'll make ya bounce around Shake yo titties and yo ass and bounce around Just bounce around Just bounce around C'mon Yeah nigga this shit here be the boss of me None of y'all niggas is ready run go see the pharmacy Prepare for the coming of another grand larceny Pardon me, you niggas ain't even a little hard to me Shit I spit'll slice you all up in yo main artery For the simple fact we didn't grow together, you ain't a part of me Makin niggas ride my long star singin the choruses Open orifices they gon' go cop another fortresses Meet a couple Delorises Travel when we on the low whippin them ford tauruses Ay yo-yo yo-yo YO Now I be Busta Ryhmes multimedia Latest edition added to the street encyclopedia (Meaning) keep your eyes on greedy niggas gettin greedier (Meaning) keep your eyes on meaty asses gettin meatier Worldwide publication bring tribulation To all whack niggas I smash yo' dedication My purpose is to purchase and really hurt this Bring alla my niggas amongst the wealthy merchants Gently we conquer the spot until its empty Present me and my niggas with arsenal aplenty Break fools, send you to school, follow the rules Violate my tools, lay you in your own blood pool But for now I drop jewels on the mentally strong With shit to say we don't allow niggas to say up in a song Aiyyo, aiyyo, hot shit makin ya bounce One two (two) ride around in large amounts One two (two) high offa half an ounce One two (two), one two (two) One two (two), hot shit makin ya bounce One two (two) ride around in large amounts One two (two) we high offa half an ounce One two (two), one two (two) Caliente, wearing Ferdio Valente Shorty whippin in a Mitsubishi Viamonte Smell the roses, overdoses, givin niggas they diagnosis I got the answer for niggas who need they prognosis Shit for alla y'all niggas to smell up in your noses Hocus pocus, introduce me to the hostess I was dyin'a stroke uh play strip poker In the limo as I directed the limo chauffer Told the nigga to spin over by the club copa Watchin shorty lay as she spread on the limo sofa She asked the chauffer to stop for a frappachino mocha Then she let me blaze it while I still had my gun in my holster Still bonin, word I love the way shorty moanin Zonin, word is born niggas is wide open Yo, have a little fun all in between time And now we focus on the money shit all in the meantime Word to mother- I work hard to keep microphonin And alert niggas to shit like when the devil started clonin What nigga yeah, we bowlin and shit is rollin Little shitty-ass niggas should run and go clean ya colon Any human that be assumin I check my nigga ruben for the ice cuban Assist him in my Lincoln Ave. boomin Whats the issue I come to get you May the force be with you Bang your head, rupture your brain tissue I unravel shit faster than sound travel Battle any amphibian or live mammal Don't fret from sunrise to sunset Make a nigga bounce quick and I ain't even grabbed my gun yet I ain't done yet before I go to my permanent home Make sure you put 'One Of The Illest' on my tombstone Aiyyo, aiyyo, hot shit makin ya bounce One two (two) ride around in large amounts One two (two) high offa half an ounce One two (two), one two (two) One two (two) hot shit makin ya bounce One two (two) ride around in large amounts One two (two) we high offa half an ounce One two (two), one two (two) One two (two), one two (two) One two (two), one two (two) One two (two), one two (two) One two (two)

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