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NAS lyrics - Stillmatic


Original and similar lyrics
Bis-Mi-Allah A-Rahman A-Rahim (To the Gods.. to the Gods.. to the Earths) Pass that shit homey [Intro/Chorus] Now tell me what y'all smokin What kinda heat y'll holdin Well is your creep move potent I got a bunch of bullets and a bag of guns I pass 'em to my niggaz c'mon We bi-coastin, keepin our po-ckets bulgin We got the plan in motion I got a bunch of bullets and a bag of guns I pass 'em to my niggaz c'mon [Verse One] Zoom, from outer space he comes Blunt in his mouth with his hand on his gun Bitches flappin they gums, do he be clappin and shootin guys Actor or a movie star, rapper revolutionized What is his race nation or creed Is he arabic, black, latin, asian they read Magazines say I walked on water, talked to the heavens Spit at judges, stepped on peasants But in reality, I just entered your galaxy September '73, up in these wild streets Fuckin these wild freaks, a harem of hoes (God damn) And my mystique got 'em tearin my clothes [Chorus] [Verse Two] My nigga smoke with one lung If he cough he might die, passin me trees The liquor bottle's almost empty We about to collide, with the enemy Only way you die if it's meant to be You fuckin with a general No discussion is the principle we bustin it's the end of you Now we knockin on your mama door Like we cam to fix the sink; my kind of war Death, angels comin for you Spirit horse runnin from your body like Young Guns 1 and 2 Paramedics fightin for you, who's gon' win The hands of time, or the hands of medicine Don't cry, witness your fate, this is your wake Walk by your casket, spit in your face Enter the fog dog, the light is your guide And when you're gone all your niggaz gon' light it with Nas [Chorus] [Verse Three] Pardon but I gotta question of life now Look at the nigga next to you right now Is he real, fake or scared Do it like this niggaz right hands in the air Ball it to a fist and put it over your heart Now let's say it all together let the ceremony start I shall - stay real stay true stay holdin figures Never put a bitch over my niggaz I shall never, cooperate with the law Never snake me I always hold you down in war If they take one of mine, I take one of theirs I never break the oath to the death I swear I swear that's how we pledge alegiance, to the alliance of underworld's killers and thugs, though the science of a nigga still yet to be found So light up some green, and pass it around (just pass it around) [Chorus] [repeat until fade] Wanna get high, come smoke with me Smoke with me, light it up

The Life

JA RULE "Blood In My Eye"
[Intro - Hussein Fatal - talking] [woman - harmonizing in background] Yeah my nigga Rule, Hussein Fatal The outlaw don in this piece motherfucker I want to welcome y'all niggaz back to the streets (it's alright!) You's confused for a minute but here we are My nigga Cad in this motherfucker I got my niggaz man, them bricks (finish bitch!) Ride out nigga Uh, yeah [Break - Ja Rule (Hussein Fatal talks over Break)] The life, the life (the life, the life) The life, the life (the life, the life) The life, the life (the life, the life) [Verse 1 - Ja Rule] Yo, what up world, it's Rule public enemy number one it's cool, my new best friend is my pistol And anybody that want it or got jewels run it and end over your head, don't make me gun butt it Do you like Manolo, put two in your stomach And flash the burner on bitches like stacks of hundreds I'm livin my life (my life), what gets better than ice in hell When you cookin up coke to sell It be the little statistics, some pictures, some prints Some informants to get the operation pitched We enormous, some would say the "Inc." is "Murderous" You don't want us to strap up and bang the strip But if need be, we'll bang out like Bloods and Crips Styrofoam the noozles and extend the clips Murder meets gangsta shit And all my niggaz that live it from hood to hood bang to this, nigga [Chorus #1 - Ja Rule] The life, the life (the life, the life ...) Whether your Blood or cuz we all gangsta The life, the life (the life, the life ...) Whether it's dope or coke we all slang drugs [Verse 2 - Hussein Fatal] I'm the street's poster child I'm supposed to wile With the toast I'm foul My Murder Inc. mob money, Oprah style From here back to the block, they get that green Known to put a hole through a nigga's shoulder soon as the beam glow Probably graze you in the face, give me a break I'ma rapper, out here to stay, don't make me do what I say Just let me say what I do Cause I'ma put it in a rhyme, everytime, about to spray up your crew And I ain't lickin off shots to warn 'em Just a pop swift to the dome, on the real "G-Unit" nigga, glock and all this So believe I'm not the one when it get stupid in the booth I told y'all with Rule it was a gun in this bitch Now I expose how scary you niggaz is And when you want the bis My brick city outlaws' a bury you niggaz I'm so cool, when I ain't doin my numbers Let the ... [Verse 3 - Caddillac Tah] Okay, motherfuckers when the bounce came to your waist and shells get to droppin you better duck, and get up poppin Don't get left with the cops Gangsta, yeah, put that work in Put a nigga dick in the dirt Lace shots to the face Hopin it shut case, John Doe Unidentified, I always hit 'em high when I dump and let it fly Now once with 45 nigga I had a picture on top of the coffin Murder Inc. bosses [Chorus #2 - Ja Rule] The life, the life (the life, the life ...) Whether your Blood or cuz we all gangsta The life, the life (the life, the life ...) Whether it's dope or coke we all slang drugs The life, the life (the life, the life ...) Whether your hoein or stuck up, we're still gon' fuck The life, the life (the life, the life ...) Niggaz don't want it with us, cause it's Murder [Verse 4 - James Gotti] Okay you hard as fuck but when the slug hit, you dead if your name ain't armored truck Murder Inc., Outlawz and the Floys is here Bang, bang, shoot 'em up, cowboys is near Stampedin anythin in our way, we'll attract war If your smart you'll slide over like handicap doors I ain't a killer, I just spark a lot So when I squeeze I'm turnin your whole block to a parking lot Understand I'm the grimy Floy Wanna trip to death then try me for it Crazy since '94, that's why cats don't hang around me like Chinese stores One step ahead of you, get more guys You strapped with four fours, we pack four fives Fuck talk get the chalk out You'll be lucky if your able to crawl or walk out [Verse 5 - Ja Rule] I'm in the pop life so when I pop up in your life, and I pop twice Get down, I spits more than rounds and niggaz bleed heavier than hoes on they period This sound gotta movin "Faster Than Furious" But nah I ain't Ludacris I'm here to let y'all niggaz know I ain't new to this Gun butt your bitch That's the way I get down, believe my style is Murder Clap a nigga, dipped and hide the burner The rule to learn ya bomb ya like embalmin fluid Until your limbs feel a loss of movement In the hospital in critical livin Must minimal (who done it?) it's Murder Yeah, that's subliminal Who gets down and bangs with nothin but criminals (c'mon, c'mon) Rule nigga you know it, these others cats is pitiful Bein a rap God is spiritual Your God is Ja Rule nigga let's not get it confused, haha [Chorus #2] The life, the life [echo]

Poet Laureate

CANIBUS "Mic Club: Curriculum"
Yo, Houston to Earth Watch the ripper crucify you with verse My urethra to ya uvula, quenches your thirst Put your flames out with dry desert dirt where leopards lurk Lock your soul down with an esoteric weapon search Strap a bomb to one of your labels record clerks And activate it as soon as they get to work Ring the alarm, red alert, nigga it gets worse Bypass security networks with select words Megahertz make nebulas reverse till your head burst Call the press first and ask them who got the best verse Give me the respect I deserve If you are what you eat, it's obvious I can't eat what I'm worth Yall niggas eat pussy and burp The other half of yall suck dick till your jaws and ya neck hurt When you address me nigga end your sentence with sir Critics went beszerk they aint even heard my best work See I broke into the mind by Quietly goin by their eardrum walls and hotwired they skulls Yeah I earned the name Canibus, but what did it cost? Battle rappers nothing but a serendipitous whore Niggas probably like, what da fuck he dissin him for? Yeah he dissed me first but you was never informed I'm one of the top five nigga, my shit is tight nigga you heard it right nigga, I rock mics nigga But the limelight isn't where I belong The top four don't even look in the mirror no more If they did I'd be in the mirror looking back at em, ready to grab them Kidnap them, and put them on my album I rip jackers, Rip the time space fabric Loop the future with the past tense looking for patterns Eradicate Africans that sold Africans to Saxons and forced black men to pay taxes Attack a wack bitch with counter tactics Split your bullet proof chases in half with a rapid gatling Keep firing at cha till you trapped in Now come back and scramble for helicopter extractions While I'm back and forth back braggin How I tortured them faggots and stabbed them with rip the jacker daggers Slay dragons with old passages from black magic manuscripts I found in the cabinet written in Arabic Translate to characters one by one, like Arafat tarot cards suggest I make terrorist threats through your stereo sets Various anthrax carriers sendin serin to the press At an imaginary address, Cani's the best Untraceable, your pictures unpaintable, canvas thats wet Let me dry you of wit some of this fire I spit 26 years old nigga look how I spit A microphone fiend since I was like fourteen My Cuban uncle used to sell cocaine, OK? I'm reloaded, you fuckin wit the wrong emcee Crudes felt your cold disease to the whole industry Potent as Hennessey that was distilled in Tennessee One shot scrambles your memory indefinitely Nowadays a hundred bars aint impressive to me You stepping to me nigga do it intelligently You wanna battle or you wanna fuckin wrestle wit me You aint better than me, you just got an obsession wit me Canibus hybrid, the cake icing of rhyminingness As I grow older I get colder like the declining Climate of earth's environment, I'm entirely tireless Rhymes come from my higherness of wireless dialect Scientist on cyber speed design my specs Astral project, therein height in secs, chakras connect Doctors inspect what they can't possibly interpret yet That's why they revert to threats They curse and throw fits They like immature earth cadets, looking like Captain Kirk in a dress Lyrically I step on you, rip on you, then I defecate what I just digested on you I'm better than you, I'm better than you, I'm better than you Just to get the checkered flag I'll put the pressure on you Put the extra effort on you Write a motha fuckin letter to you and your editors too, threatin you Detective check your mail and your messenger to You can take this verbal slashin that I left as a clue Execute the type of wickedness the devil approves Which basically means I can do whatever witchu I'm a rap music mutant, wit a cool name Misconstrue fame but I spit butane Blue flames out giant CO2 tanks Demagnetize memory banks, enhanced, advanced One of a kind like modern man's retina scan Quick as a glance and flickers from kerosene lamps What you want me to break first your jaw or your grill? What type of spit you want from me sparkling or steel Study law, yield draw up my own deals So the longer they resist me the stronger I feel Spread the ganglia from Tanzania to the flats of East Anglia Give up, you cant keep up The man eater in a wife beater Spreadin Typhoid Fever through mic receivers with light reverb Type in the right keywords, I might emerge Takes a really nice nigga to excite these nerds Niggas wanna see the gully in me, keep fuckin with me Never under pressure, I keep the pressure under me Bun?? Or weed, drop a freestyle on the internet then watch niggas burn the CD Upload a picture of your mug getting DP'd I'm one size away from 13, believe it she p'd I'm the illest and its gonna be that way for eva Word of mouth is good but a mouth of words is betta nigga No body gets sicker than the ripper!!!!!!!!!


JOELL ORTIZ "Farewell Summer"
[Intro] Oh yeah, it's him again! {"Joell Ortiz"} Y'all know the voice [Chorus: Gangstarr sample] Always bless you with a new joint, shit you never heard I need a place to lay low bro, cause this one is murder [Joell Ortiz] Check; cool as a fan, fresh as a new leather The new member in an argument of who's better The cool cheddar keep it New Yorican In a hoopty gettin brain from a chain on the Major Deegan The haters speakin, never mind playa The block ex-crack dime shaver turned best rhyme sayer The candy chewer, Laffy Taffy over Life Saver The orgasm every time, that's what the pipe gave her The gutter dweller, never nice neighbors The sour mixin with the Jack Daniel's to give it nice flavor The back in the days type gamer The used to hate Super Nintendo nigga that used to like Sega The clawed his way in the door rapper that's like Vega Never killed nobody, in that booth he's such a life taker The every other night somebody else's wife scraper The nigga makin veterans look like a 9th grader [Interlude] You goddamn right I'm that nigga {"Joell Ortiz"} [Chorus] [Joell Ortiz] Uhh, the talk of the town, clown when we in the party Karaoke sing on the low but yo don't tell nobody The never had nothin, now he doin hella cocky The haters vomit from the smell of papi The low caesar with the sharp parts That might fiend on the scene with sixteens gettin green like a golf cart The beef lookin at the rest of y'all like Pop-Tarts Verses got y'all frownin up y'all faces like my mom's farts The N.Y. repper, don't dare side-stepper The casual dresser, low whites, light sweater The bike revver on a summer day The give the DJ so much heat they don't know which one to play! The E-1 gunner, used to be up under Trey Finna drop crack and not look back like a runaway The have fun every time he in the booth spitter The take on anybody, old nigga, new nigga [Interlude] Y'all think it's a game? I ain't playin! {"Joell Ortiz"} [Chorus] [Joell Ortiz] Uhh, the truth in the purest form The frontliner, first nigga to shoot when the war is on The hop on your beat and cruise like the Autobahn and force radio to play my version of all the songs The diddy bopper in the city proper The walk up in the strip club and throw it up like a shitty vodka The used to be a butt man turned titty clocker The hop up in the bed and beat it up kitty boxer Okay, the occasional kitty licker Only if her box is the shit, kitty litter The good swimmer, Caribbean beach feet dipper The Rican whale size of three Flippers The flow stronger than the current in the winter in the East River The poker player, top pan with the mean kicker The hip-hop light, when it was in its darkest hour The can't do a song without at least one YAOWA [Interlude] This ain't gon' stop brother, heh {"Joell Ortiz"} {"Statik Selektah!"} [Chorus]

House Nigga

Boogie Down Productions "Edutainment"
Let me see, let me see How should I start If I say stop the violence, I won't chart Maybe I should write some songs like Mozart 'Cause many people don't believe rap is an art Wake up, shake up, hypocrite look alive Blastmaster KRS-One will revive Four or five million still deprived When out to survive, wake up and realize Some people say I am a rap missionary Some people say I am a walking dictionary Some people say I am truly legendary But what I am is simply a black revolutionary I write rhymes on plain stationary Mary, Mary, quite contrary Doesn't make sense in my vocabulary Uncle Tom house niggaz, too scary So they can't be around, I don't do this For every Jesus, there must be a Judas It's the concept of the house nigga, field nigga The house nigga will sell you up the river So to massa, he'll look bigger And when ya bet under a rock, he'll slither But I'll grab the tail of the house nigga Pull the trigger and his head I'll deliver To the court of righteous people Black, white, or Indian, we're all equal So all ya racist codes I'll decode, explode And eat you like apple pie a la mode On a hot day, don't bring me no hamhocks Cause round the clock, I'll kick their buttocks All afternoon in the classroom, in the living room In the bathroom, in the swimming pool On a footstool, then I'll stop -- nope, April fools! Whip out the baseball bat and somehow March your racist butt to Moscow Ya know what I'm saying? Are there any, are there any intelligent people in the house? What can I say, o ye of little faith To think that KRS-One has surely been erased What a waste, my finger points at the face of the human race They're confused and misplaced My words are subliminal, sometimes metaphysical I teach, not preach, you want a challenge? I'll start dissin you I go philosophical by topical Hearin the call, ignorant, hot tropical Ya want a palm tree and nice dope shade? Only if the universal law is obeyed Which is know thyself for better mental health Yet so many rappers are preoccupied with wealth On my shelf I got titles Other artists want belts and idols World cups from seminars and conventions Competition and not to mention The award shows for pimps and hoes And every other hypocrite that flaunt their clothes KRS knows, so he just grows Always sayin somethin different from the average Joe's So I confront them with the biggest chain but it doesn't rate albums, I believe it is the brain So I'll remain free while you reign, I'm lovin it You be the king and I'll overthrow your government Send your crew to Berlin or Dublin I'll out-think em, chump em, and shrink em Down to ya size, despite the cries In the face of intelligence, ignorance dies Dear, it's simple edutainment Rap needed a teacher, so I became it Rough and ready, the beats are very steady With lyrics sharp as a machete Clap, there's another house niggaz neck Another soft Unlce Tom crew is in check Ego wrecked and rhymes directed


Artifact "Between a Rock a Hard Place"
[El Da Sensai] I calculate that eighty-five was the year I first grabbed the pen, daydreamin of the cheers Ahead from rockin shows, no Girbauds that sag The windbreaker suits and backspins that was mad I stress progress roll joints at my rest til the ill wee hours, and I knew it was the best I hit mad spots, many crews got dropped While I was gettin props niggaz was dealin on the block Stayin in crib on the weekends was Marley Marl was freakin the cuts Mr. Magic was speakin That's how I got my first taste, makin tapes til the rhyme skill was great and my style would escalate Practice made my perfect tactics Now my dap gets clap, cause I'm the rap snap fanatic But now in nine-trey I got the T-Ray track And my trunks, my roots are growin styles from whayback .. [Tame One] I flash back to fat Kangol hats, with plastic Back when steppin on kicks in eighty-six got your ass kicked Bombers and sheepskins, were common when I first started rhymin Still I found time to go bombin Me and my pals rocked Cazals with no glass Dark flavored Clarks, Lee Denims off the ass Back when Mr. Magic had it goin all the way on the beat with BDP, added flavor like a crayon Indeed MC's would represent with the skills But now in ninety-three a lot of them can get the dillz It seems like a little sumthin missin in the mix But now I got a deal, so it's up to me to fix When niggaz put me up on, with funky raps to cut on Word is BOND, if I hear another wack rap song I might snap and it's an actual fact that I'ma kick it like that, cause this is strictly bout the whayback .. [El Da Sensai] Aww man damn, whayback, things was kinda fat Had the Godfather knot, a Starter hat, things are kinda wack now, packed up, my cardboard and stepped away I didn't have a choice, the culture was slayed B.D. had died, and things were dissapearin The West coast was here and all these wack beats appearin DJ's were breakin down record store doors to get the Biz Dance and the Chante Moore's Peace to Buck Four, Rocksteady on the floor New York and Dynamic crews plus many more Remember the time when you didn't pack a nine Niggaz just came to hear some, funky ass rhymes But all of that's over, cause brothers wanna act up No clubs to go to, they'll just pack rap up That's how the media wants it to stop So peep the verse and last showin of Graffiti Rock So check it, the brothers wanna wreck it To get what's expected, cause hip-hop, should be respect Gotta get it back, to get it on track Artifacts kickin styles illy on the whayback [Tame One] Like back when my Timberlands were only size sixes I used to take pictures shootin spitballs at bitches Cross New Jersey Transit just to see a rapper kick it But now I ain't with it, cause niggaz just ain't worth the ticket Shit man, I remember jams that were slammin Gettin me and my man in, was harder than backgammon DJ's would scratch back to back from boom baps And rappers with real raps, could drop shit real fat But now kid, as I recollect, rappers out who caught wreck respected, just got stuck up in my tape deck Real deal hip-hop, when Biz used to flip-flop His fat ass, on stage'd do a dance, in busted Reeboks Niggaz musta forgot, when real rhymes was hot Cause now if you ain't gold, you ain't got no props But fuck that, I'm above that, I don't play that The Artifacts staff drops math about the whayback .. It's a demo..

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