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NAS lyrics - Stillmatic

One Mic

Original and similar lyrics
[speaking softly, gradually getting louder] One time.. yeah.. yeah.. Yo, all I need is one mic, one beat, one stage One nigga front, my face on the front page Only if I had one gun, one girl and one crib One God to show me how to do things his son did Pure, like a cup of virgin blood; mixed with 151, one sip'll make a nigga flip Writin names on my hollow tips, plottin shit Mad violence who I'm gon' body, this hood politics Ackowledge it, leave bodies chopped in garbages Seeds watch us, grow up and try to follow us Police watch us {*siren*} roll up and try knockin us One knee I ducked, could it be my time is up But my luck, I got up, the cop shot again Bus stop glass bursts, a fiend drops his Heineken Richochetin between the spots that I'm hidin in Blackin out as I shoot back, fuck gettin hit! [more sirens] This is my hood I'ma rep, to the death of it 'til everybody come home, little niggaz is grown Hoodrats, don't abortion your womb, we need more warriors soon Sip from the star sun and the moon In this life of police chases street sweepers and coppers Stick-up kids with no conscience, leavin victims with doctors IF YOU REALLY THINK YOU READY TO DIE, WITH NINES OUT THIS IS WHAT NAS IS BOUT, NIGGA THE TIME IS NOW! [whispering again] Yo, all I need is one mic.. All I need is one mic.. that's all I need All I need is one mic.. all I need niggaz All I need is one mic.. yeah [gradually getting louder] All I need is one blunt, one page, and one pen One prayer - tell God forgive for one sin Matter fact maybe more than one, look back at all the hatred against me, fuck alla them Jesus died at age 33, there's thirty-three shots from twin glocks there's sixteen apiece, that's thirty-two Which means, one of my guns was holdin 17 Twenty-seven hit your crew, six went into you Everybody gotta die sometime; hope your funeral never gets shot up, bullets tear through the innocent Nothin is fair, niggaz roll up, shootin from wheelchairs My heart is racin, tastin revenge in the air I let the shit slide for too many years, too many times Now I'm strapped with a couple of macs, too many nines If y'all niggaz really wit me get busy load up the semis Do more than just hold it explode the clip until you empty There's nothin in our way - they bust, we bust, they rust, we rust Led flyin, feel it I feel it in my gut THAT WE TAKE THESE BITCHES TO WAR, LIE 'EM DOWN CAUSE WE STRONGER NOW MY NIGGA THE TIME IS NOW!! [whispering again] All I need is one mic.. that's all I need, that's all I need All I need is one mic.. there's nuttin else in the world All I need is one mic.. that's all a nigga need to do his thing y'know All I need is one mic.. [starting loud this time, getting quieter] ALL I NEED IS ONE LIFE, ONE TRY, ONE BREATH I'M ONE MAN WHAT I STAND FOR SPEAKS FOR ITSELF, THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND Or wanna see me on top, too egotistical Talkin all that slick shit, the same way these bitches do Wonder what my secrets is, niggaz'll move on you only if they know, what your weakness is I have none Too late to grab guns I'm blastin cause I'm a cool nigga Thought I wouldn't have that ass done Fooled you niggaz What you call a infinite brawl, eternal souls clashin War gets deep, some beef is everlastin Complete with thick scars, brothers knifin each other up in prison yards, drama, where does it start You know the block was ill as a youngster Every night it was like a, cop would get killed body found in the dumpster For real a hustler, purchased my Range, niggaz throwin dirt on my name Jealous cause fiends got they work and complain Bitches left me cause they thought I was finished Shoulda knew she wasn't true she came to me when her man caught a sentence Diamonds are blindin, I never make the same mistakes Movin with a change of pace, lighter load, see now the king is straight Swellin my melon cause none of these niggaz real Heard he was, tellin police, how can a kingpin squeal This is crazy, I'm on the right track I'm finally found You need some soul searchin, the time is now All I need is one mic.. yeah, yeah yeah yeah All I need is one mic.. that's all I ever needed in this world, fuck cash All I need is one mic.. fuck the cars, the jewelry All I need is one mic.. to spread my voice to the whole world

God In The Building

KILLER MIKE "I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind II"
It's hot like hell in the south It feel like we in the devil mouth in the south So white boys trippin' cause we iced out Cool as a cucumber hoppin' out A '73 Impala with the brains blowed out Let the robbers follow Swear to God, fuck nigga, get your brain blowed out Your baby momma followed or your man shot down I'm from Martin Luther King, respect it it's holy ground Who'd a thought a nigga out a shotgun house Would ever drive a car with a angel that bow I'm the shit cause I come from the bowels The guts of the city, ain't a nigga fuckin' with me Young player from the South, tell stories like Biggie Take the King's English, paint pictures so vivid That the listener will swear to God they lived it If that ain't God in motion, nigga tell me what is it? The church ladies weep when they hear ya man speak They say they see God in me, but I'm in the streets They ask me why I'm rappin', tell me I'm called to preach I smile, I kiss'em on they honey brown cheeks I tell'em God bless'em and they can serve for me But you can never walk on water if you still fear the sea If Jesus came back, Mother, where you think he'd be? Probably in these streets with me... Peace... [Chorus:] Came out the valley of the shadow of death Judas still got the knife in my back Devil's tryin' to get with G like a crab Haters mad cause I baptized my laugh Keep a Jesus piece to protect myself If heaven got a ghetto you can bet I'll be there God is with me God is in me God is in me To get to heaven I will raise hell But before I be a servant in white heaven I will rule in a black hell See the leader jumpin' out a black SL On the block like 'Yes, yeah, the truth here' Living reckless for a necklace and big chain The wages of sin is death not the chain gang Touch my chain, I bang bang bang Leader of the Grind Time Rap Gang mang We a squadron of God's marksmen Greek heroes, we the new Titans Young Achilles, nigga, I will kill these niggas No homo, I just don't feel these niggas Laid back seeing panoramic views It's a angelic view, the sky so blue Similar to my diamonds and they hue I pray my success is a torment to you God MC boy, ex d-boy Only thing real in a room full of decoys Angel wings got a nigga flying higher I hope my success burn you like hellfire I hope seeing me whip cars dressed fresh Torments your ass like a man possessed Be blessed... Amen...

Sleepin In My Nikes

[ Scarface ] Dedicated to the homeboy Seag R.I.P. to the homeboy Seag Still ridin though Still ridin [ Seagram ] Watch out for the police, mayn, cause they after a muthafucka Yeah nigga Once again it's that nigga named Seag in the muthafuckin house You know what I'm sayin And my realities is the next nigga's nightmares You know what I'm sayin? Keepin it real 69 Ville For life, nigga [ VERSE 1: Seagram ] Spent 75 on some cakes Straight raw, 2.2 was each weight And fuck the law, niggas on my beeper wanna get hooked up The colas in the beaker with the soda gettin cooked up It's all about makin g's, I'm the man 27 in the oz's, the bag weighs a gramm Walk a tight rope cause the feds is watchin me Cause I'm slingin mo' dope than a pharmacy I got it on wholesale, takeover's the target Straight snow sale, nigga, floodin the market And I can give a fuck, nigga, if you wanna tussle Jealous of my figures, you're best to check your hustle We can get down if you run up I'm from the Town where niggas get down from sun down to sun up Gotta watch my back, niggas creepin in the strike zone Always got my gat, they got me sleepin with my Nikes on [ CHORUS: Seagram (2X) ] Every day and night Livin in the life They got me sleepin in my Nikes It's do or die against my rivals I could give a fuck cause it's all about survival [ VERSE 2: Scarface ] Fuck it, I'm high, mentally stuck, do or die Who the fuck am I? A young killer on the rise Look in my eyes, you see the vision of a nigga feelin trapped in his inner self It's fuckin with my mental health Born in the city where the niggas die young Mist-covered street corners collapsed where I slung And everybody standin stiff waitin on the cake I'm waitin on a muthafuckin break, ain't no escape Make no mistakes and leave a muthafucka breathin They all got to die this evening, cause I believe in You kill a muthafucka 'fore a nigga come through With his crew makin your nightmares come true Now who gon' be the first to die cause I'd extinguished your whole click Gimme the money, nigga, no shit I'm in your spot with a Glock, down to bomb On any nigga needin bomb, sleep with your muthafuckin Nikes on [ CHORUS: Seagram ] [ VERSE 3: Seagram ] Gots to watch these pirates tryin to get my treasure I don't know why it's, but police pressure Got me feelin like a zero, mayn, no good But I'm knowin I'm a hero, mayn, in my hood Now I'm havin dreams of firin at them lames I used to have dreams of retirin from the game Now as fast as I got it, I'ma lose it See, the cash and narcotics made me ruthless Timer know the real, they heard the situation 'bout the drama in the Ville, I'm 3rd generation Now they wanna put a jacket on my risen hustle Cause I couldn't hack it livin in the struggle Now I live every minute like my last one Labelled a menace and a threat, and I'ma blast em Seldom I can smile when the lights is on And if you're livin like me, you better sleep with your Nikes on [ CHORUS: Seagram ] Yeah, uknowmsayin Keep your muthafuckin eyes focused, mayn On this muthafuckin game out here Uknowmsayin, cause it ain't no joke, mayn Uknowmsayin, cause you never plan to fail You fail the plan You feel what I'm sayin? So keep it real, mayn And keep your eyes open for these busters And these snake-ass niggas, uknowmsayin? Falsely advertisin as a muthafuckin homeboy, uknowmsayin? These niggas gon' get they muthafuckin character assassinated out here Uknowmsayin, for perpetratin You feel what I'm sayin, nigga? Mob life


C-BLOCK "General Population"
The first nigga to slip´s the first nigga I´m trip on get my flip on lay em down N get my dip on out the back door see my Benzo I´m in it I´m out to win it pull a jack in a minute got dem Hoochy´s gettin freaky in the backroom cuz on the microphone I´m funky like the bathroom it´s just a new generation of invicible 'G's we got mic´s N gatz N nutz hangin to our knees at ease nigga freeze If you step into my area I carry a strong mind flo till I´m blind it´s summertime feel me rhyme lookin for a dime need to get my head right now watch me flo so tight It´s party time and the sun has got me goin wild I loose my mind all these Hunny´s running all around we ridin deep on da creep better not catch you sleep CBK we bringin drama over dem Bumpin Beats so throw your hands up ridin in the cut no you can´t get too much runnin with C-BLOCK and if wont´t stop till we POP cuz we dropin dem cuz Chorus: It´s summertime ain´t nothing but my crew and me having fun and trippin on dem wanna be now that my head is right I´m ready for tonight you can´t stop us and nothin´s gonna get in our way Repeat Chorus Another day in the mid of the summer niggas watch me coming as I hit the corner I jump up, I step up, I bring it up I listen come with word is born It´s the mister lookin´ real hard the catch my sister now where they at as I grip the sack so step back trippin´ how I break the back now just to set it off as I know behaviour you catch the track on time you know the flavour it´s the saviour I gave you room to breathe listen then stop and letem freeze I´m commin phat it´s Goldie blowin´ on dis track we cutz no slack cuz C-B-K has got my back It´s Mr. P comin from the east nigga´s can´t set speakin on dem bumpin´ beats Now watch Red Dogg cuz he´s my hog straight from dem Cali-sreetz so throw your hands up ridin´ in the cut no you can´t get too much runnin´ with C-Block and it don´t stop til we pop cuz we droppin´ dem cuz Chorus (sent by Peter S, Linz, Austria, E-Mail:


Keith Murray "It's a Beautiful Thing"
Intro: Motherfucker. You motherfuckers! Verse 1: Keith Murray flips the undergroup cut dope funk flow chromotose So listen close I'm like the undertaker turning rappers into ghosts Host and roast MC's like I'm suppose I can send L.O.D. to bust caps perhaps Bring E and Red and we can kick some raps This track is so sickenin' and bouncin' Make you nod your head so much you need counciling I flow to a rough kind of mode Competition run for cover cause I'm droppin' loads No brainer crossing over in the Range Rover Insainer pack heat like a super nova Keith Murray gets it on and poppin' Shut it down like administrative lockin' Marble face poetry poverty hard Perform like the ? We went from allies to enemies Stingin' like centipedes Sit around and watch death come in threes I burn like lye Gruesome like Faces Of Death parts 1,2,3,4 and 5 Hook: Everyday I got a new style hatchin' This is more than rappin' this is media hyjackin' As long as I'm alive I'm a keep the vibe 24-7 365 - Redman (x2) Verse 2: I'm a leader without affair Soldier without a past Come around here frontin' and we gonna splash your ass And you feelin' me you drillin' me with maximum intensity Intentionally that's how it's suppose to be Spectacular monster rap or slasher At the nightfall I'm after ya like Blackula I rap with a Blackenstein frame of mind Aircraft fly when I use to push my braids to the side Slide from Keith Jekyle to Murray Hyde My battle cry make niggas wanna just lay down and die It's imparitive that you feel the heritage I provide Comin' courtesy but with no Jive ? freaka, conversatin' through frequent modulations out digital speakers I make you give it all you got don't stop for a breather Turn a rap aethesist into a Def Squad believer Yo Keith Murray can't be touched Plus girls jump in my flow like double dutch What Hook Verse 3: You went from a full course meal to a half chicken wing Girl you gotta grow up if you wanna do your thing You can't make me or break me but hate me greatly Call me on my birthday to try to aggrivate me Cause when I rock I got all the girls with me Got niggas bouncin' off the wall like spider monkey Bury the hatchet in the back of anybody tryin' to match it It's the vulture new fulture gonna scratch it while you catch it There's a hole in the bucket there lies a Nigga dead and stinkin' For sittin' around with his ass stinkin' Flamboyant undunted most wanted Those that don't understand it better get up on it God damn it The life of the party order hits like John Gotti But shhh that's on the low don't tell nobody The scientist of the George ave do work in the lab Test my experiments out on the ave They got you thinkin' but they lyin' anyways So when they gossipin' about us they got nothin' to say Don't play Hook Outro: Yeah yeah yeah once agian the incredible Mr. Murray comin' at you incredible Def Squad unforgeytable. Flippin' the script and all that other good shit We gonna let y'all niggas know to your face what's up.

Watch Yo Back

TRINA "Da Baddest Bitch"
(feat. Twista) [Chorus - Twista] better watch yo back there boy get on yo square or my gun'll beat your chain got the nigga figured out showin you off tellin shit aint the same go ahead and kick him out cut him up catch him sleepin fuck him up only he must not know your name pimpin is a deadly game [repeat Chorus] [Trina] oh nigga you mad now actin bad pullin out your gat its not all you care about its cash so my feelings they asked out and its so sad how I do fo you be da woman come through fo you when you do wrong police come through fo you i even break the truth fo you but the fact of the matter is nigga you gon' love who you gon' love you gon' trust who you gon' trust you gon' fuck who you gon' fuck but you wont trust me, no way no how ya gotta give ya whole life fo a nigga nowadays cant be in yo house cant even speak yo mouth cant even beat him down why the fuck is this so crazy, derranged that im into your thang brings misery and pain plus they call us lame bitches and heiffers and sluts think your nut is gonna heal my bruises and battles and cuts bitch y'all better get tough and at the same time y'all better lock the game and re-rock the game get a glock ready sit back cock and aim and try and stop the pain cuz ya got alot to gain instead of sittin home waitin on niggas to call puttin 911 in their beepers and all we dont deserve this at all y'all [Chorus - 2X] [Trina] nigga how you tame a bitch talkin bout your game legit when you aint the shit then get wit a chick dont maintain a bitch you restrain a bitch insecure niggas they blame a bitch then reign a bitch get a ring try to rename a bitch get an attitude play games with the dick and try to tame a bitch y'all niggas better critically acclaim a bitch you call we come take it like a champ drink all your cum do a lot of shit ive never done so i keep my cool cuz i aint the one to start actin up cuz he even beat us from backin up i wanna pack my stuff but mama said i cant come back to her oh lord so I had keep askin ya for help outta situations killin up my whole life I'm in love with a thug and he aint treatin my soul right and i know i dont see him uh dont need him shit fuck him and feed him fish stuck him and leave him quick shit... [Chorus - 2X] [Trina] if you're a nigga with no love and dont want no bitch Dont see no bitch dont need no bitch then dont tease no bitch shit cuz we dont need to be fucked up mentally like a dumb ho breakin out all your windows tell the po-po's bout your do-po's oh no I can get my own shit my own nigga my own dick I dont need a nigga thinkin that he own a bitch cuz he bought me shit 7 whole days aint call a bitch shit nigga shoulda stayed right where he was at cuz the nigga layed right where he was at the nigga shoulda died right where he was at better watch yo back [Chorus - 3X]

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