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NAS lyrics - Stillmatic

Braveheart Party

Original and similar lyrics
(feat. Mary J. Blige, Jungle & Wiz) [Intro (Nas)] Yeah... ay yo Jungle... ay yo Wiz... Come on man... Let's do this It's a Braveheart party y'all C'mon [Chorus (Mary)] Throw your hands up cuz we wanna dance Don't be afraid just take a chance Cuz this beat will rock your body Get up on the floor and party Now y'all tell me what y'all wanna do Thinkin' while I have a drink or two Throw your hands up everybody Get up on the floor and party [Verse 1 (Nas)] I move at night, respect my gangsta Ready for whatever you bring, the mood is right The club is righteous, tight with family Squeezin on big old bubbles with no panties Ladies who's sexually free And once in a while live on the wild side, kinky & nasty Middle fingers up and say 'Fuck the world' Throw your hands up, they can't fuck with you girl And my fellas, two time felons, two nine tote and lethal Quick to leave you wide open, if you gettin' tore down Blowin' a blunt cloud, and the DJ's makin' you feel thugged out Put yo hands up [Repeat Chorus] [Verse 2 (Jungle)] I pull in a V12 drop all red Look at ma with that cat paw tat on'er leg Come here girl can I kiss you, let me lick you Show you what your body made for, you're official You could be my baby mama lookin like that What you drink, champagne or Cognac What you like dancin diamonds, Dolce Gabbana Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada A nigga like Jungle to always come thru Shine in yo hood whenever the fuck you want to Cause I'ma B.R.A.V., E.H.E.A.R.T. from QB Put'em up... [Repeat Chorus] Party all night (Party all night) Let's drink, no fights (Let's drink, no fights) Party all night (Whachu wan' do) Let's drink, no fights (Drink up...c'mon, yeah, yeah...) [Verse 3 (Wiz)] I'm blaze, haze for days Blackout thinkin' of ways to get paid Mac out corner I got it's all laid Shorty, with a nice round ass in my face Now do she want me to touch her Or do she want me to see Fuck is she comin wit me A true BHG Wiz, not complex Chin checks if it get hectic Nigga Braveheart respected Get bent at the bar, talk shit, walk it And if I can't talk it, the false big cop a case I'm here to blaze, roll up a dutch and take it to the face Throw yo hands up [Repeat Chorus 2X]

The Symbol

ACTION BRONSON "Rare Chandeliers"
Yeah, fucking throw up on the floor shit Get the cleaning lady My bad! Hey yo! [Verse 1:] In only one year, considered as a veteran Top of the line, the whip look like tropical lime Off the boat, cousin, Glock by the spine Do a murder seven thirty, then they flying at nine Shit! Handspring half twist into the Buick You say you're doing shit but never do it I say I'm doing shit and then I do it Never going back to work in labor Fuck that your little chain, you better tuck that Uh, vultures flying over the carcass Bitches blowing on my dick like a cartridge Throw some grass up, aim a little east of the target My brain was sculpted at Harvard Never mention all the crime I been a part of Serve like Ivan Lendl up in the rental The cheese been assembled They receiving health benefits and dental The lamb was laced with fennel Left hand then shift the right foot touched the pedal! [Hook:] From now on I'm just the symbol Hundred dollar drugs smoke at the window Paper plates, I never had a license Could always cash, we're smoking spices Triple lindsey out the Jeep, land into a splint Get up in the spin, doggie, I'm the shit! You're staying broke, like Maury with the hip Huh, catch me on Maury with my bitch Fuck with me! [Verse 2:] The whip gymnast Jump out the car into the river Don't splash on the dive Straightforward money, cash on the side If you catch him I want that bastard alive My bitch's ass is like an apple You bitches see me look astonished Your boy is ill with the phonics Since Gary Payton had the pill for the Sonics You're still a novice And to be brutally honest, your shit is garbage! Dog, I've been a scholar My shoes are still alive from Lake Victoria Fuck the order up, leave you stretched in the corridor I got my aura up, hoes that drive me in foreign truck (dykes) One is riding me, the other one is rolling up (weed) Pray to science they don't pull me over If they do, then the fun is over Whether young or older, motherfucker's been a musket holder Just sprinkle cheese on top of me, and let it get crusted over! [Hook] Fuck with me! [repeated throughout]

Summer Deh Yah

[Intro:] Come a Jamaica fi di holiday Wi party yah every night, every day Meck wi go di beach pon a sunny day Live wild no matter wa people say Plus a pack a durex wid that to mi girl A di channelle blue colone gimi di smell And a bag a call credit pon mi digicel Meck wi shout everybody fi go ATI [Chorus:] Scudan and mi under mi rum Suh yuh know seh mi a happy, mi a happy Every man couple up wid a gyal And da body deh haffi stop we, stop we Me and mi friend dem deh a road and a shell down di party Summer deh yah everybody happy [Verse 1:] Every clock pon di wall a seh summer time Si gyal inna di dance and di club a wine Foreigner a come a yard yah fi spend time Mi tattoo in eyes, some gyal a seh mi soon blind Di jerk man a seh soup fi a done di pot Steppa drink whole night and shi naw stop Mi throw sky vodka inna are cup So mi know seh likkle more shi a go get knock Di vibes nice mi no waan di bedda Mi well high coming like di weather Di likkle pickiny dem everybody raving Wi a enjoy life, wi vibes no lame bad Boat a run domino a play bad Alkaline a champ inna di place and Wi party yah every night every day and And wi a enjoy life wi vibes no lame and [Chorus] [Verse 2:] Mi drunk and a bay madness mi start chat Mi just get a new tattoo weh well hot Sonto king meck mi asma start act up And mi did a fight likkle most mi get lock up A one gyal pick mi pocket inna di dance Shi never get mi money, wid mi soso pocket shi gone What a night, one bag a supn, supn, gwan And mi still a party go right back inna di morning [Chorus x2]

Take It To The Streetz

Magic "Sky's the Limit"
Bitch Ass, I ain't looking for no gun play so why you got your hand on your grip ? I got my fist balled up because I'm ready to fight bitch I can hear a lot of yapping, but I just don't see no action What you done forgot how to walk ? Nigga you ain't bout no scrappin Bitch you low offendin me so no matter what you getting wooped I'm gon shake you with the first punch and take you out wit the hook An old fashioned ass woopin you run yo mouth to much We couldn't talk it over like men I had to reach out and touch Yo man hood and yo jaw up at the same time Don't get up off the ground boy cause victory is mine Don't let this embarrassment get that ass killed Try to retaliate nigga and yo cap I will pill Respect my heart I was born with thug in my blood Respect my mind unless you just ready to die Nigga picture me I'm like Tyson and Holyfield back to back And in a matter of seconds I'll lay this whole club flat Look at you now PUNTA ! (damn look at him) This is what you send at me These are your fuckin niggaz lyin on the ground (naw naw) I told you bitchez don't fuck wit me You fuckin cockaroaches don't want none What ? What the fuck are looking at ? (nothing man, nothing) You still want some ? (naw) Send the rest of yo gumba's and take it to the streetz (naw we don't won't no problems, we don't got no problems) {Chorus Magic} If you got beef Then take it to the streetz HA HA ! Throw up yo hands motherfucka let's see if you really got beef If you got beef Then take it to the streetz HA HA ! Throw up yo hands motherfucka let's see if you really got beef If you got beef Then take it to the streetz HA HA ! Throw up yo hands motherfucka let's see if you really got beef If you got beef Then take it to the streetz NIGGA ! Throw up yo hands nigga let's see if you really got beef Verse 2: Now you was suppose to be bad (HUNGH) You was suppose to be ruff (WHAT) But you done fucked up Now I'm bout to tear this fuckin club up You don't wanna battle me hand on hand combat I'm like a gladiator demolish you nigga and that's that It's a fact I can tell by the way that you act You jus a bitch made nigga thats need of a smack Any hoe that you came wit she leavin wit me (Come on hoe) I done ruined yo reputation now stay off the street You jus a lil born pussy that waitin to get fucked Suckered for the right, Momma never told you to duck Left right combo I'm gon drop all of you niggaz Before I finish I want to know how the fuck did you figure That you can stand around wit Mr. Magic This some shit I can't tolerate I can't have it You couldn't beat me if I tied my fuckin hands to my feet You want me then nigga take it to the street {Chorus Magic} You got beef Then take it to the streetz HA HA ! Throw up yo hands motherfucka let's see if you really got beef You got beef Then take it to the streetz NIGGA ! Throw up yo hands nigga let's see if you really got beef

Fuck Da World

ACE HOOD "Starvation 2"
[Intro] Dear heavenly father I come to you today To remove all these evil spirits Keep us out of harm’s way Never allow us to die broke [Verse 1] I pray for them children who woke up this morning and lost they life How dare the government passin’ these laws to remove the Christ As soon as a tragedy happen the person you call is God Now people obeyin’ and prayin’, they prayin’ I’m sayin’ it’s odd Fuck the world – the government too I’m keepin’ it real, them killers are stealin’ political suits And I hate it, it’s people, it’s nothin’ my brother or sister could do But sit back and pray as we watchin’ the news and we take the abuse What train of thought is tellin’ you shoot up a movie theatre? What kind of fool gon’ walk in a school and off them angels? It could me my moms, my brother or sister, a friend that I knew The funny thing is, it could’ve been me, it could’ve been you I’m tired of people complainin’ about the little shit When I just lost my grandmother to that cancer bitch You woke up this morning – why the fuck is you mad? You broke as a joke – get up off your ass I hustle like niggas is broke even though I be countin’ the cash I gotta get it – like I’m down to my last Put that on my mama, don’t wanna go through them tears again ‘Cause when you are broke, it’s nobody there, including your friends Lord knows… the realest shit I ever wrote But through all the bullshit I throw up a sign of hope… But through all the bullshit I throw up a sign of hope [Hook] Fuck the world – the government too I’m keepin’ it real, them killers are stealin’ political suits And I hate it, it’s people, it’s nothin’ my brother or sister could do You can hate it or love it, but youngin’ I’m simply speakin’ the truth [Verse 2] I woke up this morning and I got the news that my homie was shot Out on the block and in front of his daughter, believe it or not Good people are sayin’ and prayin’ for innocent murders to stop We livin’ in Hell and it’s easy to tell some people are sharks Who are you people to judge me ‘cause of the way that I live? The weight of that crime, the things that I did, the person I am Everyone got opinions but niggas as broke as a joke I went to them schools and spoke to the children that need it the most I gave away toys, I gave ‘em a speech, delivered ‘em hope It’s a blessing to become a blessing, my mama would set it in stone Fuck these niggas hatin’ on me Hate is such a week emotion And money is the root of evil But that’s that shit that keeps me focused Sometimes I still can’t believe I’m a father No pain can describe on how to reside with losin’ a daughter Fuck this world – the ignorance too They want me to fall, but still I continue to lace up and shoot Society’s being misleaded, I’m simply giving you proof Them people is sellin’ these lies, I’m simply speakin’ the truth Lord knows… the realest shit I ever wrote But through all the bullshit I throw up a sign of hope… But through all the bullshit I throw up a sign of hope [Hook]

This Is How We Roll

JOHN CENA "You Can't See Me"
[Chorus: repeat 2X] Wheels is shinin.. deals we signin.. money's pilin.. Low, this is how we roll [John Cena] Catch me in the black 'llac truck with the pickup back The game weak, I'ma pick up slack Hands high like a stick-up jack, fuck your boring rap This East to West coast hittin like Warren Sapp I'm fully focused, I walk with a purpose Y'all are fuckin clowns, you belong in a circus This is big bid'ness, we don't stop 'til the money home Block shakin more buzz than a honeycomb And I'm a savage in the booth I'm on some movement shit, about to rally up the youth Number one seed daddy walkin through the playoffs You better quit rappin 'fore I start makin layoffs Fuck a day off, I'm movin heavy for the payoff You don't ride to this? We don't need you, stay off Hate on this? I don't care what you said Y'all can choke on a shit sandwich with no bread [Chorus] [Tha Trademarc] I don't smile as such, buddy, ain't much funny You touchy girlie rappers claimin that you fuckin gully I live poor but look rich, I hit raw, you look bitch You love me, that's why you got your style from me Most sayin Marc Predka's overconfident It's only cause they jeally that my profile is prominent The dominant factor is the money I'm after Your opinion ain't mean shit buddy - I ain't ask ya It's gon' be what it's gon' be It is what it is and was what it was so watch ya wordplay Trademarc lay you where the buzzards and birds play I write rhymes 'til ya boy is heard mayne Cause alls I got, is my voice and word Sophisticated rapper the dapper lover the don It's on baby pah yeah word is bond Cut the check and I'll rock, every word of the song - what now? [Chorus] [John Cena] Yeah, yeah... yeah I got that velcro flow, I'll make you stick to this So many zeroes, my monetary is ridiculous A glass of Chardonnay doesn't whine like you I'm an Altered Beast with Einstein's IQ Plus I shine bright too and I ride right through In a leaned out, old school, skylight blue I don't think there's a player nice Keep your Cristal, I'm shoot Jagermeister Foot to the floor and you ain't you keep the pace Throw me a whore and call me Kobe cause you know that I'ma beat the case I buy some land, and never even see the place Vegeterian chicks, go on givin meat a taste Throw away money like I hate on loot Copped your CD it sounds great on mute Words turn 'em to dust makin MC's disintergrate My name get traffic like the California interstate, what? [Chorus]

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