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NAS lyrics - Nastradamus

The Prediction

Original and similar lyrics
(feat. Jessica Care Moore, Rich Nice) [Rich Nice] What's happenin brothers and sisters Welcome to our time [Jessica Care Moore] Afro-Angels hide my weapons in tangles Black Star Spangled, fragile like hematite with the East oils I write Despite the lack of sunlight, got my battle boots tight Now that the government's gone, can't tell your left from your right Winged assassins laughin while the New World's collapsin Mother Earth's ribs crashed in, armed with cowries, I'm blastin As the Earth rebels my womb swells The birth of Black Magic, savin my people force of habit You can't find if you ain't never had it Spiritually crafted black-listed hair-twisted ghetto embargo lifted Power-shiftin comb-fistin I predict Goddesses you runnin after witches I kiss my fourteen stitches Keep all my baby girl wishes I predict all the oceans turn dry Not one baby girl will cry as you attempt to grow broccoli from the desert We will take our pregnant bodies, drink from underground rivers Wash your face between our legs While recreating humanity, we will summon yemanja Search for our fertility, ban all pink and yellow pills Ban all pink and yellow pills I predict killing fields of ghetto armpatch anti-Hatch Hate groups will be bombed Childbirth becomes outlawed Always will be branded numbered and logged All paper money is gone Confused scholars can interpret our scrolls Your sky has holes We know the young is old Nastradamus tell us how the story gets told

Ooh Na Na Na Na

Lil' Jon "Dont No"
[Intro/Chorus: Oobie] Ooh Na Na Naa Naa; I'm so horny and I want you to fuck me I'm tired of masturbating got my body shaking no orgasm faking with me Ooh Na Na Naa Naa; I'm so horny and I want you to fuck me I hope you're ready for love, cause I got more than enough Come bust a beautiful nut up on me Now I'm just sitting in my lingerie, sipping on some Alize Trying to figure all the ways I can make you say Ooh Baby, right there, don't stop Put it in you're mouth, twirl it round til' you make it pop Now I'm gonna make you sweat, when you go down in between my legs You gon be fantasizing bout these lovely thighs It's gon' be hypnotizing won't you come on and see [repeat Chorus] [Devin the Dude] I see your pussy lips smiling Been grinning like they want something up in 'em I been wanting to ask you for some but didn't want to offend you But now I see you bout as freaky as me I busted two nuts already now you waiting for number three You ask me what will it take to get me hard again I say saliva but see you ain't down for swallowing You'd rather have it on your skin you wanna rub it in Move your tongue like that once more girl I'm bout to nut again Fuck your friends in your business ask me why I call everyday And why your face is so clean just tell 'em oil of olay I thought I could girl you could do miles Lay on your side raise up ur legs let me see that beautiful smile Awww yeah, I'mma put it all in there And you relax but then you ask me to pull ur hair And I'll do it you'll scream but the nut won't last Cause right before you know it Splash!! [Chorus - 2x] [Lil Jon] Dick suck my dick suck Shawty want you to put it on me Rough sex, fuck fest Let me put ya to test Up & down in and out Put that dick back in yo mouth You take the cream I'mma make you cream You dick fiend I'mma pussy fiend Role play, fantasy, Hennessy, ecstacy Hard fast not slow after this they ain't gon want no mo' Lay you down, pick you up, speed it up you wit me boy Doggy style buck wild I'll leave yo ass screaming aahh! Goddamn don't stop cum rising to the top Girl you suck dick so good make me wanna call the cops And it don't make no sense the way you suck the dick The way you lick from the shaft to the dome of the dick Goddamn can't lie girl I love the shit Strap up, get head fuck the shit I don't ?? Cause I'm big Sam baby, I'll rock yo world baby I lay the kinda pipe that make yo turls curl baby [Outro] Ooh Na Na Naa Naa I'm so horny Ooh Na Na Naa Naa So touch me baby Na Na Naa Naa I know that you want me Ooh Na Na Naa Naa So come on bust one for me Ooh Na Na Naa Naa I'm so horny Ooh Na Na Naa Naa And I want you baby Ooh Na Na Naa Naa I see it's nice and hard for me Ooh Na Na Naa Naa So come and skeet it on me

Repentance Day

Gravediggaz "The Pick, The Sickle The Shovel"
[Killah Priest] Yo, there's still time As the door close, the cold wind blows Down America like the Wall of Jericho Some will walk the sheet close Many are called but few are chose Who knows until the day they be exposed UFO's surround the globe The world is prepared to explode So I grab hold of the North Pole Not tryin to meet the lost soul, at the crossroad We're bein sucked up into the black hole Young becomes old, mighty clouds roll Unfold the scrolls that were foretold by the forefathers, the end of the world saga Streets flooded with lava, mommas and pappas Toddlers, hip-hoppers, and rastas Rock stars and mobsters, above streets in helicopter Filled with doctors, readin the death roster Guts spillin out like pasta Sky, misty, often tipsy, from off the whiskey The gypsy, told me, my chances, were risky Cops, pull up and frisk me but never could they get me, too shifty I will go, into my dungeon, and summon up the second comin People started runnin, Aliens with hair like rastafarians Captured, placed inside of aquariums, studied by scientists This is it, The Apocalypse I see the mother ship, above the cliff, over Egypt It made me sea sick I see the eclipse, and the abyss, the night shifts Chorus: Hell Razah (repeat 2X) It's Repentance Day! Repent for your sins when the gates of Heaven open up and Hell's closin in! [Grym Reaper] The archangel imprison my soul into a prism Usin cell division and molecular collision within me He listen and analyze the heartbeat and rhythms of children livin brutalized My ears became used to the vibes of ruined lives Sounds in the chamber I was hiden in was so spine-tinglin I was tremblin Envisionin the fear, here within a new Millenium Where rain became toxic, the air's stale and noxious Comets hit co-ops with force that made blocks split Flocks tried to escape a fate that made even hardrocks slide as nuclear dropped out of the sky, causin burns too severe, for hydroperoxide and sodium oxide Deep down outta basements Fish turned lopside and upside down from atomic facelifts Through the blackness I saw John the Baptist, on the atlas Holdin the masters to my Psalm under his arm But long before I even wrote 'em 23 elders each wrote me a Psalm and placed them within my motor neurons It contained the aproximate date of The Apocalypse Deposited in scripts of the 20th century prophets The clock ticks, tick, tick, tick upon the land borders I count down the manslaughter Military camcorders under ocean waters Red October causin fish to grow arms, legs, tits, and double heads Mutating the eggs as the radiation spreads over the water beds I watch Mother Nature as she bled Grym, was placed in skin casing to begin lacing hyms through the basement Won't be no escapin from the South to the North Where you run ten paces and your face is fallin off! Chorus [Hell Razah] Raised in Hell, waitin for angels like Rafael Comin from space to trace, they race Thrown in jail cells I had a purpose since the sperm cell to bail out and get braille For the blinded children in Israel Kids kill forget the bill for, dollar bills and drug deals by the mayor Controls the people livin legal Sit back and chill, until time will reveal Two thousand and one holy men with force fields Levitatin space ships, earthquake hits, United States splits Projects turn to snake pits Secrets of the Masons came to Revelations Babylon destroyed by the nations aggravations Riots in the train stations, criminals grabbin cops Snakes rattlin, angels draggin Seven head dragons out the Roman empire, surrounded with fire Liars in the Pentagon drop their nuclear bombs, ran, panic But still, was trapped on the planet Died before the mothership landed Only the chosen ones understand it Some can't cause of TV brain damage, no time to be romantic This day your independence and repentance, pentance, pentance Now I see the light, my whole life is moving in one direction. I see that now, there never has been any choice for me. Chorus

Next To You

CIARA "Goodies"
[Ciara:] I hope I don't make you mad, with what I'm 'bout to say boy Here we are once again, and I'm havin second thoughts boy I'm not messin with your head, but I changed my mind boy I don't know why I'm here, the same time I want you near [Ciara:] If you want me to leave, I will understand See I will just have to respect your wishes boy Cus if I stay aint no tellin what may happened boy Although you look so good to me, its best that I leave [Chorus:] I'm scared of bein next to you, cus of what I think I might do Boy you turn me on right now, I can't get down like that right now I don't want to disturb the flow this is not my M-O,Hold up, wait a minute, we're movin way too fast I want some like this here to last. [R Kelly] Don't say no baby, not right now baby, I want you to be my lady, you got me goin' crazy [Ciara:] Well I guess I'll stay for a minute, then I have to go boy This moment is so temptin', right now it's not what I want boy Maybe if we just embrace, with a simple kiss boy But that'll only make things worse, hope I'm not gettin' on your nerves [Ciara:] I just wanted to be right for the both of us You don't have to say a thing to make me comfortable Boy, you make me so weak when you look at me Right now I'm a little confused, I think its best that I refuse [Chorus] [Ciara:] We pose to be playin cards or watching a movie We keep lockin' eyes boy,now why you tryin to tease me This room is gettin heatin' want you open up a window I think that I should go now, cus I can't take this no more. [Chorus x3]

Purple Hills

D12 "Devils Night"
[Chorus] I've been so many places I've seen so many faces But nothing compares To these blue and yellow purple hills I climbed the highest mountain Once or twice but who's countin' But nothing compares To these blue and yellow purple hills [Eminem] Cool, calm, just like my mom With a couple of law suits inside her palms It's Mr. Mischief with a trick up his sleeve To roll up on you like Christopher Reeves I can't describe the vibe I get When I drive by 6 people And 5 I hit Ah shit I started a mosh pit Squashed a chick And lost the foster kids This room makes me hallucinate Then I sweat till I start losing weight Till I see dumb stuff start happenin' Dumber than Vanilla Ice tryin' to rap again So bounce, bounce, c'mon bounce I said c'mon bounce Everybody in the house doing mass amounts To the women in the thongs with their asses out We don't bullshit, better ask around D12 throws the bomb and gas your town Bizarre, your mom is crashing now Help me get her on the couch 'fore she passes out [Kon Artist & Kuniva] Fuck that, someone help Denaun He's upstairs wrestling with Elton John Hey Von, you see me stepping on these leprechauns It gotta be Tums the Ex-lax is gone Yeah I took them all though with some parmesian And I think my arm is gone Yo, it's probably numb Dumb dumb and full of cum And I think he's 'bout to swallow his tongue You scary ass it was a false alarm Think they're about to die when I just got on Stop acting stupid Your so high That you might wake up with a guy on some new shit I think I did too much I think I got the runs Rolaids, Pepto, and Tums Watch out HERE it COMES! [Chorus] [Hook] Dirty Dozen 80 of us Shady brothers Ladies love us That's why our baby mothers Love us but they hate each other They probably wanna take each other out And date each other Some-, something, something, something Something, something, something, something i dunno [Proof] Ayo, pop pills Pills I pop Pop 2 pills Or still show off Walk on stilts Thought it was incredible I made it home I wanna roll away Like a rollerblade Until my eyes roll back in my skull for days And when I'm old and gray I'm a go for broke I hope you don't Pack up my nose with coke *cough cough cough* It must have broke the choke Had an accident when the Trojan broke Ahh, poor baby Born by whore lady Now I'm paying child support (Its You're baby!) [Swifty] I take four shots at one time I don't need to chase when I'm swallowing mine (Hey!) You got any room Bizarre hatch back We can't go far Cuz the car has flats Why the hell you people think I rap Because my mother taught me How to breach contracts If you got cash then hide it to (Swift, chill) I be tryin to get by like you And i don't give a damn If u find me rude Mean, crude the hell with you too I only need three blunts and I'm cool I just got some and I'm going back soon [Chorus] [Bizarre] I'm at rave Looking at a babe Like she want it Gin and tonic demonic Body smelt like vomit Looney, crazy, chumpy, sexy, dopey headed guy Whipped cream, dirty mattresses Wanna try Blue hills, golden seals Got Bizarre actin' ill Drugs kill (Yea right!) Chick I'm for real Shut your mouth you dirty girl You know you want me in your world Ladies, please don't fight Bizarre's here all night!!! [Chorus] [Hook]

Big Toys

504 BOYZ "Goodfellas"
[Krazy] What what what what what [Chorus] [Krazy] Who talkin noise We makin noise 504 boy Playin with them big toys [X4] [Mac] Look Motherfuckers its mac The one who pump slugs in your back Lyrical attacka Keep it ghetto like black lacqua Camo'd assasin To the best () the epitomy Of a soulja Bustin like I got chips up on my shoulda Hold your horses I come through like 'whatchu wanna do' Murder who I kill that whole crew with a 2-2 These niggaz rookie I crush em like pink cookies Dont fuck with me When im broke Pissed off And my bitch aint given me no nookie Kinda glad P took me Off the streets to make duckies Now I take supermodels to hotels And make whoopie Pull they hair Call em out they names Dont you like that Then I give my lil sister the cash So she strike that Niggaz like mac Rock mercedez benz toe bustas And I only shop at them military Stores cousin Solja rag on my eyes till I die Nigga what Im a Tank Dogg These niggaz is just mutts (ARF!) [Chorus (X2)] [Krazy] My nigga Jeff just got 30 years Fuck MC Went in a house Found a safe with about 3 bricks Thats that punk bitch Deuce-A Sweatin my niggaz He wont rest until my whole click's Doin some figgaz Can we ride on my enemy's late tonite A young nigga With a .45 Bustin on site What I might Is whether () bleed with passion See this drug game to me Is like a fatal attraction Salvation from this life Thats what I need See these jealous ass niggaz Wont let me breathe Will I succeed in this cold world Pray for me please I dont get caught up in this rap life A dying disease Over seas is where they come from We know who sent them If them bitches six-teenth I believe ill get them I aint fuckin with no new niggaz Believe im ballin If I ever go to jail Big Boz im callin Will my real niggaz ride for me Believe they will If I get killed Bring me back to the IvoryVille Nigga [Chorus (X2)] [D.I.G.] They say only god can judge me My peepz say 'yeah there be world war 3 Prolly in the year 2 G But livin this street life Im thuggin and ready to rumble With any nigga that ready to tussle Motherfucker I feel as if im at the edge of my life So I give it to them raw In the heat of the night I aint hard to find Im the nigga with the two 9's Next to the Last Don Nigga thugged out for mine A Made Man The Bossalinie of the scenery And be full of that greenery When you peepin me Im full of that crime family Im on the grind and I can handle that I aint trappin I gotta weigh that shake Ima hit them with these ghetto ingredients Some ghetto dope Go round tweekin And get D.I.G. Thats me im a young nigga Fuck around with me dog And y'all get done nigga [Chorus (X4)]

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