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NAS lyrics - It Was Written


Original and similar lyrics
[45 seconds of talking/skit] [Nas] It was a murder Jake just hit the corner people swarming Three in the morning I jumped out my cab like 'Fuck, niggaz is buck,' mega bloodshed, the tapes red I heard some bird whisper, 'Yo he should have ducked' I puffed the lilla, just before I hit the scene for rilla I'm all high it's late I'm looking down at the fella Shit's pushed in, ambulance placed him on some cushion His mom's had a stare I wouldn't dare second look when I murk It hurt, kind of took it as a brief reminder that the street's designed to stop your life, plot The beast in time yeah, cell to cell suspect ass nigga you fell First time locked in crime stop my mind blocks the frail Bursting blasting at your forty cal shell, split your dry cell My niggas never snitch why tell We roll with no regrets, destiny's, fifty's and equities Queens'll be the death of me [Chorus:] To the suspect witness don't come outside You might get your shit pushed back tonight (Suspect witness don't come outside You might get your shit pushed back tonight) [Chorus] [Nas] Dear God, I want the riches, money hungry bitches infested Giving the jealous niggas sickness, the witness My crew dresses, in vest-es, feel the essence Try to test this, scientist, able and reckless Slaughter, Nautica'd down, frames look petite Ten millis, mix designed just for my physique I keep a low pro as if I owe, bless the flow lovely My pants hang low while I'm dancing, sipping the bubbly Hey, me no worry, hashish keep my eyes Chinese Rollin two Phillies together make blunts Siamese I meant it, I represent it, descendant made of early natives that were captured and taught to think backwards Trapped us in a cracker psychiatric, it's massive A Million Man March, alert the masses Ten glocks, Armani in small print, upon my glasses Don assassins, armageddon, the wettin' Never freakin the beast, seven heads, got the righteous threatened Life Was Written, the plot curves behind the settin' Comprehend the grammar, Manfrione -- are you the type of nigga to shoot a leg to get your name known I flip the brain tome Niggaz get hit and wrap the plastic The mic I strike in vain givin the pain of what a Mack is What you with Luchi or drama, no sleep means insomnia No need to check the clock, the streets are timin you [Chorus] [Nas] It justifies, Nas Escobar's leavin shit mesmerized Mega live, like the third world Decipher my deceiver make him a believer Spitting jim stars, words in my mic ttype receiver Bond is my life so I live by my word Never fraudulent Queensbridge don't make no herbs Spread my name to deacons, politicians while they speakin Rebel to America civilization caught you sleepin [talkin to fade]

Do Dat

Are you a gun busting nigga? (Buh-Buh-Buh-Buh) Are you a bitch baggin nigga? (Whu-Whu-Whu-Whu) You got ice and ya chain and ya chong wit your Rolly on, Not just any Rolly but you bought the most expensive one. Hey take ya car keys*Jingle Jingle* to ya class E Big body be for your CD on ya DVD For ya T.V in ya head beats In ya back seat (Haha) Yall think I'm mean Runnin round talking bout the shit that you talking bout How you the drug game sewed up and locked down John Gotti got life and I'm sure he never told nobody Boy lets put on an album so the fuckin feds could buy it You should be shouting out them bodies you buried Nine millimeters in Tex and dem AK47's Illegal weapon you talking bout you snuck in the club You got so many guns Tell me why you rapping stead of getting robbed I got two more verses for (huh) this ain't just to an individual person These questions here for all of ya (Hook x1) I can write a song with out ice, bitches, and cars, can u mutha fuckas do dat (DO DAT) I can blaze a track with out bustin a gat at a cat, can u mutha fuckas do dat (DO DAT) (Chorus x2) Yoouuu gon' have to change up all yo shit in a little bit When the radios in the club get to pumpin dis And they start to finding out what what rappin really is Now that you know what the song about Yall probably cussin me out You gonna listen to it anyhow Lets talk about somebody Eskimo Rentin they jewelry from Jacob And don't let me know You got a platinum piece But your chain is plain right gone(?) After the video it gotsta go back to the sto' That's Crazy Talkin bout some shit you don't own Oughta be ashamed of yourself Yo don't they call that frontin holmes? You ain't Jigga, Nigga Nor can you spin like puff And got a cash money deal So what's your big willy talk for? I get so excited man Your track got me leapin Then you start rhyming and *Yawn* I get sleepy (Chorus x1) (Hook x1) It's a sad situation Record name buggin out Cuz they star artist done ran out of shit to talk about Whoa Yeah that's crazy And you think about it baby Only thing that changed in yo rhyme Was ya day “2000' Oh that shit is hot Put that on the album You heard it with my man Kick that shit (??) Loud and proud Nigga swear he be throwin down Arthur lose his voice every time he opens his mouth I oughta hold up a signs and boycott they ass right No more muthafuckin sound alikes Sounded like (Mobb Deep!) Sounded like (Jay-Z!) Sounded like (B.I.G.!) And we don't need no more please! (Chorus x1 & 1/2)

Hush The Crowd

J Live
Verse 1: MC's out there how deep does the underground get? Deep engough to set up the upset With your dream and aspirations personal status across the nation That only leads to the aggravation of realizing thee exaggerate The stakes when your the best on the block You got the whole world locked Thinkin' lyrics get you over leave you sadly mistaken When lyricist are brought to the rude awakening That just cause your flavor is phat Doesn't mean your Tasters Choice If the crowd doesn't recognize your voice So new jacks feel the sad truth the proof Now you can have the best beat and the illest flow A dope crew with the full proof stage show But it your jams what the followers don't know You ain't gettin' no love from the crowd bro Is that justice when you come correct like a-yo bust this And heads be like Who the fuck is this -B.I.G.-Warning But when the same records on the play list The last shall be first and the least likely to get dissed Now it might of been a while but ain't a damn thing changed From the opening acts to the solid gold wax But these are the facts when you gotta wait your turn on line So let me show you one way to kill time Hook: Cause this is for the heads that' on some next shit (NEXT SHIT) Noboy reocognize till the next hit (NEXT HIT) You gotta hush the crowd (HUSH THE CROWD) I said hush the crowd (HUSH THE CROWD) A-yo this is for the heads that's on some next shit (NEXT SHIT) But nobody recognize till it's the next hit (NEXT HIT) You gotta hush the crowd (HUSH THE CROWD) It don't matter when they ain't gettin' loud (HUSH THE CROWD) Verse 2: A-yo how many times have you seen it? The local boy makes good around your hood With the style you couldn't knock uless you tried it But gettin' props is a whole nother mission Because crowd participation is bore of attrition See time is the person that you have to sift through Cause you just an act people have to sit through Before the show stoppers pay twice as much as you But frankly guess who the crowd came to see Especially the ones who showed up two hours early Just to pack up the front put yourself in they shoes We ain't got time for new jacks trying to pay dues You lose because I got the dialect blues You're unknown just like them 50,000 other crews So I'm a either play the back or you can hear the boos So when you wondering why it's so quiet you hearin' crickets I'm saving my energy for the names on the ticket Matter of fact a-yo you best to shorten up your show I paid my doe to see the pros flow My man in the back got plenty of pennys to throw And now you askin' me to say ho oh hell no but that's why Hook Verse 3: So let's see as we break this down logically we confirm premiscy The crowd wants to murder ya because they never heard of ya But do you quit it wishing you never would of did it Or say committed and come with it Well I prefer the latter cause time fly and if your dope You get a deal and watch your pockets get fatter And if your wack you'll probably get a deal anyways Cause now a days come on look around it don't matter Besides what's your options put you hard work up for adoption And climb back down from the middle of the ladder I rather break the mics and the lights and lick a shot up in the air Just to watch the crowd scatter But naw cause then you mess it up for the few true Hardcore heads to give credit where the credit is due Guarentee that if you keep it dedicated to them They'll turn around and dedicate it you like yo Hook

Innards Decay

CANNIBAL CORPSE "Butchered At Birth"
Rotting alive Tearing my way through the meat Driven to kill, my brain twitching for guts Devoted to evil Severed arteries gush Hungry for the blood Life is to decay Victims meet my blade, carving out organs A world of pain and terror Visions of the future Premonition of the evil, forthcoming eve of darkness The chosen one will come Eyes torn out bodies cut in half Twisted corpses hang from broken necks Demented madman Unholy rampage Impaled cranium beginning to drain Sodomize the carcass, chew the anal rot Sewn within the body the dark becomes my light Live inside the shell Feed upon infection At one with the dead I rip my way through Easy prey, disfigured bodies decompose Chewed limbs drip with pus, intestinal strangulation Humans left ripped apart Lap up the dripping goo Wretched chunks of bleeding flesh Internally you rot away My need to kill Induced by hate, betrayal of trusted ones My mark left on this earth, victims of my slaughter Souls of my dead, murdered by my Hand Blood on my face, innards decay Snapping necks chewing flesh Insatiable thirst For blood Slicing throats viciously uncontrollable insanity Tear out the beating heart Engulf the quivering spleen, chew the meat Death is my life Life is to decay victims Meet my blade carving out organs, a world of pain And terror, visionsof the future Premonition of the evil Forthcoming, eve of darkness Eyes torn out bodies cut in half Twisted corpses hang From broken necks, demented madman unholy rampage Impaled cranium beginning to drain

Sixty To Zero

All the champs and the heroes They got a price to pay They go from sixty to zero In the split of a hair They see the face in the window They feel a shadow out there They've got the places they can go They've got the people who stare They've got to walk in their shoes They've got to see what they see They've got the people around them Getting too much for free All the pimps and the dealers All the food they can eat All the screamers and squealers When they walk down the street Yeah. He's just a rich old man He never cared for anyone He likes to count his possessions He's been a miser from penny one He never cared for his children Never cared for his wife Never made anyone happy That's the way he lived his life And one day in the sunshine He got a bolt from the blue Unloaded all of his possessions Sold his investments too And now he lives with the homeless Owns 900 hospital beds He prefers to remain nameless It's publicity he dreads Yeah. There's a judge in the city He goes to work every day Spends his life in the courthouse Keeps his perspective that way But I respect his decision He's got a lot on his mind He's pretty good with the gavel A little heavy on the fines One day there was this minstrel Who came to court on a charge That he blew someone's head off Because his amp was too large And the song he was singin' Was not for love but for cash Well, the judge weighed the charges He fingered his mustache Yeah. Well, there's a clown in a carnival He rode a painted horse He came from somewhere out west He was very funny of course But that is not what I noticed It was the incredible force With which he held his audience While he rode on his horse His jokes were not that off-color His smile was not that sincere His show was not that sensational Reasons for success were not clear But he still made big money One day the circus was his Now he's married to the acrobat And they're training their kids Yeah. Now the jailhouse was empty All the criminals were gone The gate was left wide open And a buck and fawn Were eating grass in the courtyard When the warden walked in And took a rifle from the prison guard And said to him with a grin To shoot those deer would be stupid, sir We already got 'em right here Why not just lock the gates and keep them With intimidation and fear But the warden pulled the trigger And those deer hit the ground He said Nobody'll know the difference And they both looked around. Yeah. Well, the cop made the showdown He was sure he was right He had all of the lowdown From the bank heist last night His best friend was a robber And his wife was a thief All the children were murderers They couldn't get no relief The bungalow was surrounded When a voice loud and clear Come out with your hands up Or we're gonna blow you out of here There was a face in the window TV cameras rolled And they cut to the announcer And the story was told. Yeah. Well, the artist looked at the producer The producer sat back He said What we have got here Is a pretty good track But we don't have a vocal And we still don't have a song If we could get this thing accomplished Nothin' else could go wrong So he balanced the ashtray And he picked up the phone And said Send me a songwriter Who's drifted far from home And make sure that he's hungry And make sure he's alone And send me a cheeseburger And a new Rolling Stone Yeah. Well, the Sioux in Dakota They lost all of their land And now a basketball player Is trying to lend them a hand Maybe someday he'll be president He's quite a popular man But now the chief has reservations And the white man has plans There's opposition in Congress The bill is up against cash There's really no way of predicting If it will fly or it will crash But that's the nature of politics That's the name of the game That's how it looks in the tepee Big winds are blowing again Yeah. There's still crime in the city Said the cop on the beat I don't know if I can stop it I feel like meat on the street They paint my car like a target I take my orders from fools Meanwhile some kid blows my head off Well, I play by their rules So now I'm doing it my way I took the law in my own hands Here I am in the alleyway A wad of cash in my pants I get paid by a ten year old He says he looks up to me There's still crime in the city But it's good to be free Yeah. Now I come from a family That has a broken home Sometimes I talk to my daddy On the telephone When he says that he loves me I know that he does But I wish I could see him Wish I knew where he was But that's the way all my friends are Except maybe one or two Wish I could see him this weekend Wish I could walk in his shoes But now I'm doin' my own thing Sometimes I'm good, then I'm bad Although my home has been broken It's the best home I ever had Yeah. Well, I keep getting younger My life's been funny that way Before I ever learned to talk I forgot what to say I sassed back to my mummy I sassed back to my teacher I got thrown out of Sunday School For throwin' bibles at the preacher Then I grew up to be a fireman I put out every fire in town Put out everything smoking But when I put the hose down The judge sent me to prison Gave me life without parole Wish I never put the hose down Wish I never got old.

King Of New York

FAT JOE "Jealous One's Envy"
[Saya] An' bamba clad boy feel dem bobbin try an' test now! Is that? Cut off dem blood-clot nigga don't give a fuck! Watta feel like? Don't know how to kill? [Khalid] Uh-uh.. Saya, Saya!! [Saya] What is it Khalid, what is it? [Khalid] The original King of New York has returned The King of New York, the Don Cartagena Joe Crack, Terror Squad leader! (Whoo.. whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo!!) [Fat Joe] The fuck?! What?! Yeah, mind on my money; money on my mind Nigga mind on my money; money on my mind Aiyyo, who can test I, the true King of N.Y. Well ever since Big Boy died from Bed-Stuy I've been, controllin the street, holdin the heat Shit I only want what's stolen from me (Nah you ain't fuckin wit us) Rollin with me, could only get you fast cars and Fuck mad bitches and, dine amongst the stars, but we gettin mad chave in the life we live MTV's comin over just to feel my Crib Man fuck them other kids! That's how I feel I thought I said it all in He's Not Real But you beggin me to kill, must want ya brain spilled I tryna keep cool but it's hard to tame still Shit's still real man you never shoulda bought it Must feel ill to see your boss get extorted Specialize in audits and makin hot tapes This rap shit don't cut it then it's back to flippin weight Man I'm feelin great (Whoo!) Pushin mad units Hustlin is the key to success but could you do it I been layin it down, the spray and the town It's about time the rightful owner claimed his crown [Chorus: Buju Banton + Fat Joe] [BB] Who the fuck you know be fuckin with this?! As Big Pun's knowin you'll be givin a shit! [FJ] Not a damn soul! I let you know from the get go! Wanna war with the Squad, walk through the threshold! [BB] Who the fuck you know be fuckin with this?! As Big Pun's knowin you'll be givin a shit! [FJ] Not any squad or clique can squab with this! Shit I'm O.G. nigga y'all know how this is! [Fat Joe] Hey yo, it's all over, I want a piece of the pie Nigga hand it over or all your seeds gon' die And it don't take much for me to kidnap a DJ Or clap at ya truck while you ridin through the freeway Shit is mad ea-say to wet you up Betta, watch yo' bitch and who's dick she sucked She gon', set you up, I been to the crib I don't know why you surprised bitches love the kid I'm more realer than the way you act A born killer quick to wave the mack And all you niggaz gotta face the fact I pop shit cuz you can't stop me More rich cuz they can't rob me I plant clips at ya fam's lobby Joe the Don and you been warned But niggaz never wanna listen till they kin's gone Now you wanna get it on cuz ya dollars stack Now how you plan to holla back with a hollow back? Joey Crack and I be the truth Don't believe that's the streets till proof Ask the deez how my Eagle blew Betchu sayin, Damn, what we did to duke?! Better gather them young'ns and hope you make it through [Chorus] 2x The Don is the King of New York.. The Don is the King of New York...

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