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NAS lyrics - It Was Written

Street Dreams

Original and similar lyrics
Uhh, what, what, uhh.. [Chorus: Nas (set to Eurythmics 'Sweet Dreams')] Street dreams are made of these Niggaz push Beemers and 300 E's A drug dealer's destiny is reachin a key Everybody's lookin for somethin.. Street dreams are made of these Shorties on they knees, for niggaz with big G's Who am I to disagree Everybody's lookin for somethin.. [Nas] My man put me up for the share, one-fourth of a square Headed for Delaware, with one change of gear Nothin on my mind but the dime sack we blazed with the glaze in my eye, that we find when we crave dollars and cents, a fugitive with two attempts Jakes had no trace of the face, now they drew a print Though I'm innocent, til proven guilty I'ma try to filthy, purchase a club and start up realty For real G, I'ma fullfill my dream If I conceal my scheme, then precisely I'll build my cream the first trip without the clique Sent the bitch with the quarter brick, this is it Fresh face, NY plates got a Crooked I for the Jakes I want it all, ArmorAll Benz and endless papes God sake, what nigga got to do to make a half million without the FBI catchin feelings [Chorus] [Nas] From fat cat to papi, niggaz see the cat Twenty-five to flat, push a thousand feet back Holdin gats wasn't making me fat, snitches on my back Livin with moms, gettin it on, flushin crack down the toilet Two sips from bein alcoholic Nine hundred ninety nine thou from bein rich but now I'm all for it My man saw it like Dionne Warwick A wiser team, for a wiser dream we could all score with The cartel Argentina coke with the nina Up in the hotel, smokin on sessamina Trina got the fishscale between her The way the bitch shook her ass yo the dogs never seen her She got me back livin sweeter, fresh Caesar Guess, David Robinson's, Walle' moccasins Bitches blow me while hoppin in the drop-top BM Word is bond son, I had that bitch down on my shit like this [Chorus] [Nas] Growin up project-struck, lookin for luck dreamin Scopin the large niggaz beamin, check what I'm seein Cars, ghetto stars pushin ill Europeans G'n, heard about them old timers OD'n Young, early 80's, throwin rocks at the crazy lady Worshippin every word them rope rockin niggaz gave me The street raised me up, givin a fuck I thought Jordan's and a gold chain was livin it up I knew the dopes, the pushers, the addicts everybody Cut out of class, just to smoke blunts and drink naughty Ain't that funny Gettin put on to crack money With all the gunplay, paintin the kettle black hungry A case of beers in the staircase I wasted years Some niggaz went for theirs, flippin coke as they career But I'm a rebel stressin, to pull out of the heat no doubt With Jeeps tinted out, spendin never holdin out [Chorus 2X]

Annakin's Prayer

Look at this bitch smilin in a nigga face I hate her I can drill a hole at the earths equator Fill it with dynamite and make another moon a craters See ya later She ain't know, that innocent shit with obi-wan behind the jedi back Can turn anakin to vader Shit your lack of faith in the force is disturbing And if it wasn't jack daniels and parliament lights it woulda been murder My eyes is red like ketchup Tired of playin catch up Laying on the floor starin at the dresser Got on my knees and prayed til they bleed Dear god, I'm a sick motherfucker I even fool myself, I'm a slick motherfucker I'm sick of the scandalous livin I don't think even I'm equipped for a higher standard of livin But if you give him one more chance and forgive him Hell push that negative gene into oblivion Heres what I'll do Put you in this basket And float you down to mississippi Twenty miles from the bayou Heres grace heres sty-le Have faith cause I'm a try you My mama introduced me to the scripture The channel four news introduced me to the shit that produced hitler I was a young lad, three stooges superman batman and riddler Moonwalk, windmill, freeze for the picture My grandma taught me courage She told me never let the grizzly bears eat your porridge Or you'll just be a carcuss dying slowly in the forest I could never thank her for it But I can slay a devil when I see one Steady practice mastery of self so not to be one Life is like a rerun Season after season Bums on the train bums (bombs) from the plane Of disgruntled citizen being trialed for treason... Whatever

All A's

GOODIE MOB "World Party"
Chorus: Goodie Mob (repeat 2X) I got to feed, the beat, the gat on the seat Fakin ain't these girls fake when they see they face in the paint Mustard and mayonnaise, and we smoke always Passin by these haters like we got all A's [Backbone] Say say say say Crack, what's the word on the street Nuttin but hard times, workin this concrete I'm gettin dirty looks from niggaz, on the next street over They was in my filthy, fiendin gettin closer I'm in my seventy-nine, flyin Mobbed out so they can't see me when I'm ridin They slow me down, holla like we buddy buddy But at the same time I know these muh'fuckers wanna mug me Okay gunplay at the one-way one day witcha But I'll do years, if I bust these niggaz Keep point four-five calibers of chrome I'm, comin forth to carry you home Chorus [Cee-Lo] Yo, well you damn right, dig it they call me Sugar Delight Uh-ohh hoe, Willie cuttin virgin broads tonight Blowin like a boss, that champion chief in cost And oh my dual exhaust, will make your shit get lost There's somethin bout these guns that give these hoes asthma attacks These are actual facts, I ain't been in no actual car-jacks but let me tell you this, I'll burn a nigga ass up to a crisp Ridin with these two glocks, we gon' bounce on off, on the new shocks My nigga don't hate me, cause I ain't hated, but we related No one includin me, should be understimated But don't you dare ride through the SWATS without, at least 30 shots Cause I'm tellin ya, these Southern boys gon' get all they got Chorus [Khujo] Pop it in, get to work, brains blow, off the block before your carcass drop Can't share nothin with the niggeroles, stealin socks Out your cornbread dream too, if you got those, leavin deaf hoes brown, on the outside, pink, in the middle Ain't, barrin none hundred round draw Nothin under seventy-five, and I get slick Takin no prisoners cuffed, they die fightin for they freedom Everytime son, rhymes too pretty'll get your mascara smeared When they did, my buddy Spanky I bust out in tears The world would be a better place to live, if it was less queers I still see, punk ass bitches.. bitches.. Chorus [Gipp] Get up off and give me room, activate, motivate Y'all from the section where the straight shit, straight up off the top Block for block, yo we got the , wait for days Gone up off the Purple Haze, when you see me call me Mr. Gipp Shoot em from the hip, everytime I'm in my 84 Sedan Deville block me off and watch me peel, Big Boi grill ridin through the park on the weekend ain't no stoppin keep it dippin that's how we trippin Lookin mean, you too clean behind the glass Watch yo' ass, keep yo' elbows out the windows and my hands upon the wood wheel, money in my socks Lookin out, for the cops, and for the haters got a fifty shot whatever you wanna call it, nigga what What Chorus [T-Mo] Now watch em slide like some finger lickin chicken, bout to start clickin Hoe better know who the true G's are, I'm the star, brand new car Dope ki lyrical cascade height, SWATS type, mic soldier Blowin composer, chief of that doja, told ya when I was older I wanted to live the good life, money over that bull, got that pull Stomach full, posse thick, niggaz wish, at a young age Goodie Mo.B., doin they thang, I, pray, for, change and my players in this game it's insane, how this 'caine is bringin em pain, young'un doin time dyin by this grind A-T-L, fine this just how it's goin down And the sound, watch your mouth in this motherfuckin Dirty South Nigga check it out, dirty SWATS got SPOTS Chorus

I Hate Niggaz (Skit)

JA RULE "Venni Vetti Vecci"
Ja Rule- It must be the way that I spit shit That make you say damn this nigga ridiculous The way I hit 'em and move nigga I can't lose Inconspicuous incognito niggas ain't ready For whoever who has the flow nigga know I spit deadly Fear me to the day I'm dead on the street with holes in me The ghettos got love for me cuz ima lay for 'em If I have to gradually down or after The only fib be love and disaster Tears before laughter but who gonna cry? My style be so touchin' nigga wipe yo eye! Get used to obvious lies and dead wise guys and any bitch niggaz feel they fuckin wit my's C'mon let's get it on, to the break in the dawn, before long if you wrong you be dead and gone And now i'm the bomb to clarify my name in vain What you thought motherfuckers I was playin? Baby I hit 'em all (Chorus) Jay-Z and Ja Rule- Load 'em all be tonight Ima Hit 'em Hit 'em For as long as I'm a alive Ima Hit 'em Hit 'em I want my piece of the pie Ima Hit 'em Hit 'em Expect my's to the day of my demise Baby Ima Hit 'em all Thinkin' its a game Ima Hit 'em Hit 'em Show 'em I ain't playin' Ima Hit 'em Hit 'em For operatin' like planes Im a Hit 'em Hit 'em Hit 'em Hit 'em Baby I kill 'em all whatcha wanna do with this nigga nuthin so shut the fuck up And learn somethin' see my team can get a whole town gamin' Give it up we even take the small change Nigga yeah uh you think my way of life fucked up right? Till you live it and the cash gets to eattin at yo spirit Fear it you be a broke nigga, you near it, you be the next nigga,never have to go back and been it Cold stares thought you need a killa 'round here Y'all niggaz really have some pitiful ideas I keep tryin to get this world to see hustle hard my mind on that money My motto to be stack it if you got it for when you get it Don't talk about it just be about it that it Went all odds against niggaz gettin' rich figure to earn a dollar makes sense Baby I Hit 'em all (Chorus) Baby I come in style comin' fresh out of Queens (Brooklyn) I recognize how my killa cliques gettin' down Everyday is while takin' yours into process niggaz is stress Leavin' peep holes in yo chest god bless the next that get laid to rest Frustration and stress make me question death I wanna shoot all niggaz I feel should be shot on the spot Let 'em rot with lead in their knot Oh shit you bitch ass niggaz be lit Smoke weed it give you the heart to proceed Whatcha game plan you da man Go for your guns feel no remorse When i leave your brain ??? Now settle down get your shit tight Should we expect move right And everything is aight But if you slip son that ass is gone top dogg motherfuckers recognize Baby I'm Hit 'em all (Chorus)

Pull It

[Featuring DMX] (dogs Barking) (Cam) Uh let me tell you sumthin' Act ya age and I ain't even matta fact listen to me Let me tell you sumthin Verse 1 (Camron) AAAYYYYOOOOW! Don't make me come at ya'll/Ya'll don't wanna brawl/Make me run at ya'll gun at ya'll / take it all run it all / actually theres a front it all/ lemme talk to ya'll/ done it all/ya'll ain't even begun ta ball/winter spring, summer, fall,/tha cream still stackin if tha fiends still crackin/you the same one cryin', for that Billy Jean jacket/black fever,/ pussy ass, don't smoke no pot neither/ mommy take care of ya high fever/neighborhood watch leader/ close the drapes up,/ make the tape duct/tape ya face up,/ I fuck wit more powder, than makeup/get 'em laced up,/ P doe, have a party for the brotha/15 minutes, but I feel sorry for ya motha/ I kill like the greats did,/ had a state bid/for stashin little Nate/ (DMX) He was only eight,/ (Cam) but I hate kids/I know all parents think they experts/, but yo my TEC bursts is death spurts/ wet hearts and Guess shirts,/ what! Uh, Uh, Uh RRRRRRRRRRRRRR! AAAYYYYOOOOW! Verse 2 (DMX) Lets get it on baby (what)cause I'm ready to start/take the locks of tha cage cause I'm ready to bark/and niggaz gonna know when its on/for the heart/niggaz gonna go when its on/ muthafuckas, mad trucks you know they feelin' it/I'm flippin' it to niggaz got them thinkin' that they real in it/you hear that/but don't go near that/you better fear that/you was the one that wanted to have the house wit the the pool right, where it at/ RRRRRRRRRRRRRR! don't make me bite you/I used to fuck wit yo' sista don't make me fight you/see how I play wit it/but stay wit it/I'm ok with it/ I'll do it, but he will be the nigga that they say did it/what you don't know is gonna get you fucked up/and when you don't roll its gonna get you stuck up/niggaz want what (what), thats what I thought/ Dark Man baby, X for short/ What, what, what, uh, what, what, uh, what, what RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! AAAYYYYOOOOW! Verse 3 (DMX) Runnin' around niggaz like circles I hurt you/ did I do that? just like Urkel/I jerk you/ (Cam) Yo, aiyyo, its Harlem World NY yo what/try yo luck/but I know what/niggaz won't know how you're stuck/body right beside your truck/, what (DMX) But they're screamin' I'm screamin'/but they're screamin' ice creamin/they should have fuckin' known there was no such thing as an ice demon/ (Cam) Aiyyo, you dogs don't play wit me/I'll beat yo' ass from A to Z/bag you up like A P/DMX n' KFC/ (DMX) Bench nigga/I'm a bless niggaz/ wit my slugs/stress niggaz/I'm a wet niggaz/ wit my thugs/ (Cam) Yo, yo, aiyyo when niggaz like to act ain't no wonder I creep/aiyyo don't make me put ya ass nigga, under my feet/ (DMX) Ha ha, hold me down baby bark at ya dog/let me know if its real walk in tha fog/ (Cam) And then we hit 'em/ (DMX) Slap 'em/ (Cam) Click 'em/ (DMX) Cap 'em/ (Cam) Stick 'em/ (DMX) Tap 'em/ (BOTH) Muthafuckas all know how we have 'em, what! (dogs Barking) (DMX) Where my dogs at? (what) Uh, where my dogs at? (what, uh) Uh, where my dogs at? (what) Cam, my nigga. AAAYYYYOOOOW! (Cam) DMX, Cam'Ron, Def Jam, Untertainment, what. AAAYYYYOOOOW!

Do It Like A G.o.

GETO BOYS "Grip It! On That Other Level"
Department Chrone Master Speaking. Yo D What's up? Just chillin' man What's up? Give 'em Geto Boys a ring. Hold 'em down. Geto Boys. Ay. What's up G ? Yeah Man I've got Willie D on the other end. What's up Will? What's up man? What's up fellas? Y'know. Say fellas. I've been kicking a few lyrics in the back of my mind man and I'm tired of motherfuckers disrespecting us because we're black owned and won't sell out. So check this out. We need to get together and go to that other level of the game and do it like a G.O. Say no more, cuzz we're on the telephone. We get them motherfuckers man. I'm back like a rebel making trouble, I'm an assassin, Kickin' ass on the double, No motherfucker alive is gonna stop me, So fuck you and your god-damn posse. It's time to step on some motherfuckin' toes, [Naaah Dee], Man fuck them hoes. The East Coast ain't playin' our songs, I want to know what the hell's goin' on, Give me my card--radio sucker, I'll kick your ass, And take the motherfucker, Everybody know New York is where it began, So let the ego-shit end. Black radio is being disowned, Not by the other race--but its own, A lot of bullshit records make hits, Because the radio is all about politics, Action is my identity, Whoever you be, [Don't don't don't FUCK WITH ME!], My last go, The radio struck me with a low blow, Now I'm doin' it like a G.O. Everybody's coming with guns, Niggaz gettin' pimped by Columbians, They put 'em on the streets like a bitch, Nigga's slangin', But the Puerto Rican gettin' rich, I never sold the mess, But if I did, It would be, For my goddamn self, Can you adjust to the wholesale bust, Bushwick tell these motherfuckers what's up. When will you stupid motherfuckers learn, In this game one way or another you get burned. You end up behind bars, Or lying on your back in a motherfuckin' morgue, And your gal'l find another nigger, 'Cause the [unknown word] bitch ain't nothin' but a gold digger, I'll fuck her but my money is a no-no! , [Why?], I'm a hoe so I do it like a G.O. Fucked up politics, Those tie wearin' bitches, can suck my dick, They try to ban my style of teaching, But freedom of speech, allow me to keep speaking to the people, about shit like racism, It's deep into the heart of the school system, Whites get more funds from the state, And this is why minorities learn so late, Some of us make it to college, And take a test to the highest degree, With limited knowledge, Most of us won't pass the bitch, And those whiten ass motherfuckers know this, I'm not Malcolm X or Farrakhan, After this one, I guess I'll have to pack a gun, So if you want to fuck with this brother, You better be ready motherfucker, Or you gonna have to G.O. Willie D is not a bigot and he won't be, I just educate minds to reality, This ain't no mutherfuckin back to Africa, try to pull that shit, We'll have a massacre, Our sisters were killed at will, Bought and sold like a used automobile, We forced a back to exist, Now we're killing one another, Ain't that a bitch. Ready Red comin' at ya, Holding my ground like a motherfuckin' statue, You take nothin' from me so stop trippin', Unless you want to take a mutherfuckin ass whippin', Bitch, Motherfuck the KKK, Wearing dresses and shit, What the fuck is they gay, A color blind society will never be, Unless we agree, [harmony], to do it like a G.O. Rap-a-Lot. Hey J this is the president of White-owned records. We see you still survivin' but we want to ask you to keep your boys quiet. If you don't we will. Or here's another alternative. We take 95% of your company and you take five and we'll make you famous within ten years. It would take you a lifetime by yourself because you know your people don't stick together. What you say about that boy? Man Fuck you. I would advise you not to talk to me like that boy! Just who the hell you think you are anyway? I'm a livin' motherfuckin G. I ain't to be fucked with. If you want to go to war. I take you to war.

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