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NAS lyrics - It Was Written

Album Intro

Original and similar lyrics
[Yee-hah's and whips cracking in background] -Hey Nas, hey hey boy, you see what they done did to Jimmy and Lee. [Nas:] Mmmhmm. Damn, man. -I can't take it man. [Nas:] Sho' can't. -You think this is gonna eva' change [Nas:] Man, damn this place, man! Damn these chains! These damn chitlins every damn night. -This cotton. [Nas:] Shit! -I can't take it man. [Nas:] Harriett done left the night befo'. It's time we go. Aint no place for black folk here. Man, promise land callin' me man. -It's callin' me too. [Nas:] It's time we go. -Yeah, I'm wichou! [Nas:] Hey man, hey damn these chains, man. Damn you master, you ain't my master, man! [Sounds of punching and bumping] [Nas:] You aint nothin', you aint nothin. -Hey Bandit, Bandit, get the dogs! Get the hounds, we gonna have ourselves a hangin' tonight! [Nas:] Nineteen-ninety-six! Back up in this nigga. The right way, though, you know -Double-tre son, you know aint nothin' coincedental or accidental, son. [Nas:] No doubt! -You know how it's goin' down, man. [Nas:] It was all written. -No question, I'm sayin' man, I mean, how we playin' man, you know what I'm sayin', they dealt us in, son. They playin' with a fifty-four deck, you see with the Jokers in and everything, you know what I'm saying [Nas:] Son, I'm playin' with the fifty-two. -You wanna stress on how I used to play, that's how I play. [Nas:] But, yo, they takin' us into this next millenium, right now. -I'm sayin' law, you know what I'm sayin' we gotta lay the law, cause without law aint no order, you know what I'm sayin', that's why these cats are slippin' through, you know what I'm sayin They got the rules missin', though. [Nas:] True. -Yo, word up, though, you know what I mean [Nas:] Son, these niggas look faker than the new hundred dollars, son. -Yeah, you see that they look Monopoly money, right [Nas:] Word, with the big ass face on it. -Yo, what I'm sayin', we see through all that, though you know what I'm sayin [Nas:] No question. -All eyes seein', son, you know we real. [Nas:] Yo, no doubt. In the Qu'ran it says Nas, the men. Nesa's the woman, know It was written.

Super Fantasy

Golden Keys, cash on trees, raining men its all for me geez Everyone here got the name C wow they all like bowin to me- I must be the King C Feelin super Oompa Loopa boomin in my jeep damn sweet super duper 10 washing machines 10 jeeps on auction for me 10 peeps to wash it for me Come this winter nobody shiver good swimmer get in my chocolate river Give me a kiss I'm a magic princess Wonder Woman shoot shit out my wrist This here is bliss everyone's sexy no more acne or Gap khakis I can solve all your problems just ask me and here all my black friends can get taxis Sparkle all my records gone Plat -I take it back, ain't no Billboard where I'm at Take a second I grab bad thought and wreck it check out my magic record Get a massage 10 car garage livin type large oh wait there's no more cars Fix the air for kicks this chicks in charge pick 6 Knicks tix free of charge Neck and neck deck to deck equal sex Best protect--nothin--ain't nothin more to protect No Smack no more attacks Mickey Mouse got our mutherfuckin backs No ice just wax, no tax just spice, damn we feel nice No roaches or mice just coaches and kites comfy sofas and Sprites Everyone lives life how they like This this here is dynamite


woke up this morning... UH OHHH! got yourself a... *starts with cut of beats from Nas, got yourself a gun * I GOT MYSELF A GUN UH OHHH! I GOT MYSELF A GUN Brooklyn, stand up! I got myself a gun, but really I don't need the heat Ya heart pump project Kool-Aid, ya sweet I don't gotta 2-Way you gays? This is not beef, this is rap, homie I don't have a scratch on me, Ya feel Jay's soft, ya rip Jay off, Damn, I'm only worth over a hundred million, Look, I got beef with like a hundred children, Niggas with pink suits, tryn to get cute You a li'l outta line, homie Don't let the nine, homie Put you out ya mind, homie Just rhyme, homie Kick ya little lies, I kick my real facts Like you sneakn out the back of the source soundlab We wasn't chasin, naw, we had a tapin', too We came thru to do our 1-2 thang It wasn't a Roc-a-Fella come thru thang If it was on like that, niggas'll come through Queens Wit' Queens niggaz, y'all know how I do Look, I got more shooters than Queen's Bridge and you, Gotta tie you up on the Coliseum roof, 'n open beer bottles off the boys chip tooth Na'Look here: I GOT MYSELF A GUN UH OHHH! I GOT MYSELF A GUN Listen, I'm the J, the AY fuck you nas Ya never so ask an now u escobar Had to buy ya chain back last time u got robbed THE NERVE OF THIS COWARD, he like OH MY GOD! I know rap rumors or innuendos But yo I bring it to ya LIVE lift up ya windows! Let the public peek in N' see ya dirty laundry Y'ALL DON'T WANT ME TO CONTINUE, HOV! (laugh) supa uglay dj scratch, laughs all i really know is yo ho wants to be wit me she ain't playn, know what im sayin AINT PLAYN AINT PLAYN AINT PLAYN wit me me and the boy, A.I., got more in common than just ballin and rhymin, get it? MORE IN CARMEN* I came in yo' Bentley backseat Skeeted in the jeep Left condoms on yo' baby's seat Here the niggaz in the club,love is done It's whatever, whenever, however you want AND SINCE U INFATUATED WIT Sayin that GAY SHIT Guess you was kissn my dick when you was kissn that bitch Nasty shit, u thought i was taller than that You callin home a hundred times, i was bonin her neck U got a baby by the broad you can't disown her yet when do your lies end? when does the truth begin? and when does reality set in, or does it not matter GOTTA HURT THAT I'M YO BABY MAMA'S FAVORITE RAPPER! and asd your current girl, she know whats up Holla at ya real nigga *siren* [Dre clip] I don't give a fuck all i really know is that yo ho wants to be wit me she ain't playn, know what im sayin AINT PLAYN AINT PLAYN AINT PLAYN wit me ooooooout * Carmen is Nas' baby's mother

So What You Saying

(feat. Memphis Bleek) [Chorus - Scratching w/ Background voice] [Beanie Sigel] Aiyyo Memph what's wrong with these niggas man These niggas ain't sayin shit man These niggas on mute man I'ma make you blind motherfuckers feel some real Aiyyo the guc is here dog I'm back to work I took time off a couple niggas had to get hurt Due to the fact they wack and wasn't strapped Packin they gat, now they layin' flat In six in green (you know wut i mean) Man I need a new gat for that Yo, I'm the coke copper plus the rock chopper Down wit M. Bleek, the Marcy prock clocker One wreck, the other destroy And with that bullshit vest on, I'm killin' your boys I don't play when it come to yae I cop cook and collect my dough in one day Book rock and collect my dough at one show False looks, Memph let one go from the floor [Memphis Bleek] Yo, yo Well I'm known to be the master in the M.C. field Oh-oh got respect, oh-one I still Tote guns to the show and then I jet wit a hoe Bitch niggas want to front and get clapped Get on the floor, clap a second time And make sure I flat-line you Let a whole round go, hit niggas behind you See the gleam on the glock, know the beam on top Get shot, popped, and drop, yo the team is the Roc As I glance at Mack, a-k-a B-Sigel Know we comin' with the macks and the extra Eagles I'm not playin, you dudes know what I'm sayin' I make a call to my dogs, them niggas comin' through sprayin' What you sayin [Chorus] [Sigel] I'm puttin heads to beads, gun straight out the box B-Sige, I put up all the roofs and glocks I'm not playin, see these guns that I'm sprayin Twin sub oozies, can't budge or move me Nickels stay chubby, smokers never choosy Don't gotta yell up the block, they come to me Packs with colorful tops just like coochies New jacks with they pack they like, who he I'm not playin, knock them things off quick Got game still think off shit What you say [Bleek] With a partner like Sigel, don't come a dime a dozen We could be brothers, we better known as cousins As we climbed the chart with who the fuck want what My hood to your hood, we showed the world crew love Who wanna play with that Roc-A-team Know that I tote that thing that knock sixteen You walk around talkin' this and that How I sound like Jay and all my records is wack But when I dropped the LP, niggas thought it would fold Thirty days later, Coming of Age went gold What you sayin [Chorus] [Sigel] Now party people it's time for this question No knock knock, who's that who's there or who is it It's the M-A-C-K Yes the gun clapper, the duct tape, rope, black mask and kidnapper The flow dope, the beats just blazin Like Luther Vandrow says, yo 'I am so amazing and I've been waiting' For a sucker to attack the cat with two gats Yo Bleek, you got my back, show 'em how we do [Bleek] Yo, I fight fire with fire, I make crews retire I spit 9 to 5 nines, Bleek for hire Your crew murderize, see the guns that I'm bringin In an all out battle, Bleek come out swingin' Memph the type of nigga that'll spit off quick Biggs push the Benz and we spin off quick Take a sip of the Cris pour the Belvy with lime Crack the Arma del Lope and then I'm goin for mine So what you sayin

Zeke (Interlude)

JIM JONES "Harlem: Diary Of A Summer"
Jim, Jim, Fucks up nigga nawmean, the beat all good you feel me, Doin Me as Usual man, good looking for that glock, but you know its glock time again, Set that out for your boy, You Smell me? Fuckin Niggas Man, I'm sick of all these piss ant niggaz up in here, got me hot like lava in this motha fucka, Bout to slap slob out one of these faggets that keep fuckin with me, word is born, got all these coward ass niggaz sweatin like it aint no A/C in this motha fucka, Fuckin With me Freekey, Any motha fuckin way man, I aint even really wanna holla at you about that bullshit, I really wanna talk about that phantom shit you was talking bout, that shit aint me son, word is born im too gangsta for that shit, want no motha fuckin phantom, nawmean, I need some low key inexpensive shit, you know wut I sayin, Cop the boy a lil Ashton Martin or something, Black on Black with the black tint, you know what im sayin, The Rims, let me see, put my face on them rims, You know what im sayin that's how I like to do it you know what im sayin. Have all these bitches connected to my dick like nuts. You know what im sayin, Its ya boy man, doin what he does best, Fuck wit you hard, You know what im sayin. I Fucked With You Hard Nigga, You Know What Im Sayin, Get At me

Hope I Don't Go Back

E-40 "The Element Of Surprise"
[officer tapping on E 40's car window with nightstick] [E 40] Whas happenin? [PIGG] You need to take it inside. [E 40] Take what inside? [PIGG] You're disturbing the peace. [E 40 looks the other way and goes 'Pssssh!'] [E 40 having a playalistic converstaion with Ice T] Yeah yeah I done got too big to be hoppin over barbed wire fences right? But I had this one broad SHE was so damn sprung she use [edited] What? Uhh, and ahh, and a V.H.S. cannister *Ice-T cracks up* And a V.H.S. cannister I promise you playboy It was somethin serious, felt so damn good *Chorus: repeat 2X* Hope I don't go back to slangin ya-yo Slangin llello, to get my maillll [Ice-T talking to a cat who LOOKS like E-40 after they walked into the studio] [cat] See a lot of people don't know the legendary status of which I come from [cat] Old school like Cab Calloway [IceT] Right [cat] Hot damn I taught him his thang he do Verse One: E-40 Been a hustler since birth, mama sellin dinners for the church Red-handed, caught me stealin money our her purse Got branded, permanent whip scars on my back Cause I used to get beat, with racing car tracks But now me got wealth, holdin a conference call on my hands free car telephone lookin like I'm talkin to myself Shootin the breeze cuttin it up real smooth like choppin it up like two business men Talkin about it, by the way B what we doin' this week on SoundScan? If I ain't in Japan, I'm in the Valley Or maybe next door in Gary Payton bowling alley Or maybe at the shootin range, me and Banks Or on the golf course, with Merton Hanks Or we lay in the sun, give me my propers with a beat that's out of this world, lookin down on doctors Sippin on Port, watchin my kids play basketball in the backyard on a 40 by 63 foot long sports court *Chorus* Verse Two: E-40 Business spot up in the wilderness, coyotes and wild boars ? days like this were made strictly for outdoors Twenty inch gold super Bravos on my ? everybody ain't poor to be blessed with success with an independent-ass record label Check it out, marbles, I got the game from my Uncle Saint Thomas Used to bank across the street at Wells Fargo but now it's Merrill Lynch And just think, I used to sit the bench I remember gettin chased by the cops, had to get my stomach pumped full of a quarter ounce of rocks, late afternoon robably waitin for me outside of Vallejo Kaiser Permanente emergency room with glocks, ready to ride and hang me to death, somehow I managed to make my escape through the back of the cafeteria by the vending machine department quickly Found myself runnin through the Friendship Apartment Complex over there by the railroad tracks, around the corner from the People's Continuation High School Somewhere off in Lofas, behind Je-nai's Liquor ooh *Chorus* Verse Three: E-40 Get my mail, check it out, dope game ain't goin Now it seems the, white-collared crimes, are hookin up phones Charlie Hustle, I got a few mathmatics I'm doing a compilation, should I go with Phunky Phat Graph-X? I tell them, Hell yeah that's a done deal, dude them be off tha hinges Dude them did my cover and my bus benches. Game warrior invested, worldwide Sick-Wid-It clique, independent chips Lay that down, lay that down, that's what I'm sayin I'm gonna tell you it's cool, cause your playa partner take his other money right, and then he'll sit up here and he'll take it then he'll say hold on main Let me handle some phone booths Let me get off into the business, dealers, ballers Let me get off into the florist business, Beamers, barbershops, get into commercial lots merchants, whatever fertilizes the right way of livin You dig what I'm sayin man? Ay look Playboy, I look at myself and I say hold on main Lemme see what's down, lemme translate it, lemme translate it into some marbles, let me liquidate my revenelles, ya know what I'm sayin 40-water now Ay, but look here, I'm here to sprinkle my Godzilla-brawler-playboy-potnas -untouchable-mafia-game-warriors to adjust to the situations that goes down in they life; I ain't playin' wit it man! *Chorus* Singer: There's too many jealous brothers in this game, I can't stand the same...I gotta mine *Chorus* Singer: I gotta get my money on [Outro] Singer: Don't wanna go, don't wanna go, back to the game, hey

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