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NAS lyrics - I Am

N.Y. State Of Mind Pt. II

Original and similar lyrics
[Nas] Uhh Yo, yo-yo, y'all Whattup Whattup It's time man (Word, it's time) Straight up, it's time man Aight, set that shit off (Set it off then nigga, set it off) Broken glass in the hallway, bloodstained floors Neighbors, look at every bag you bring through your doors Lock the top lock, momma shoulda cuffed me to the radiator Why not It might've saved later from my block N.Y. cops, hookers crawlin off the stroll, coughin stitches in they head, stinkin and I dread thinkin they be snitchin But who else, could it be, shook at these, unmarked vans Parked in the dark -- NARC's, where's your heart Hustlers starve; they bust a U-e I jog to my building -- come out later wearin camouflage See the sergeant and the captain -- strangle men Niggaz gaspin for air; til they move no more and just stare with dead eyes -- tired of riots, shit is quiet Simple-minded fools infiltrate grimy crews Overcrowded cribs, uncles home from bids, sister's pregnant father's on drugs, moms is smokin, beds is piss-infested Had eight partners growin up, eight turned to seven Seven turned to six niggaz, got two in heaven Six of us, holdin it, now it's five rollin thick The sixth one's parole flipped; five niggaz, went to fo' quick when he went O.T., college life, converted into gangbangin Four niggaz still hangin, years passed and slang changin Three of us now, fourth nigga ain't around We all thought he was real -- he did the snake shit Fake shit -- beat his ass down, yo his mouth could've got us all wasted, what a fuckin clown All I got left in the end is two of my best friends And we all goin out, to the death for these ends, WHAT New York, New York ('New York state of mind' -> [Rakim]) New York, New York ('New York state of mind' -> [Rakim]) [repeat while Nas is talking] You heard about it, you see about it You read about it, it's in your papers It's in your daily news ('Get money!') New York chronicles, every day The crime rate, the murder rate The money rate, the paper chase, youknowhatImean New York state of mind baby, check it out [Nas] I'm at the, gamblin spot, my hands on a knot New York Yankee cap cover my eyes, stand in one spot I take a nigga dough, send him home, to a shoebox You lost that nigga I put your dollar in the jukebox Hear my favorite song, all these niggaz sing along All the ciggarette smoke's cloggin my lungs, hoodrats flashin they tongue Young thugs blastin they gun, we got reputations Bitches and niggaz both on parole or probation Shit is sick, niggaz got gats, army fatigues I got my eyes glued on, whoever walk in the lead Cause I ain't playin, niggaz'll run up in here and shoot up this shit Stick yo' ass up, niggaz'll find the loot in your kicks Bunch of triple-cross niggaz, just New York niggaz Lift you off your feet when they was just talkin with you Some of these dudes the Feds be on em, you knew em for years Be the type when you walk in a pub, they offer you beers That ain't gangsta, niggaz is up North with tatted tears Your name's on the affadavit, you ratted kid Faggot-ass niggaz that be scared to do they bids Fuck you, we run you out of N.Y, you can't live Got your quiet niggaz, that relocated down South comin back to floss, then you got the jealous loudmouths All of a sudden we got Crips and Bloods, D.T.'s runnin round quick to split your mug, it's ea-sy to score but it's hard to get the shit off Niggaz fightin over hundred sales, jump in the car and drive off When the fiend come around the block, happy as hell Niggaz, mad cause they ain't get a piece of that sale Cutthroat connivers, universal, ghetto survivors Go to any hood that's live and make it liver A lot of niggaz scheamin, some real, some niggaz frontin But I'm a big dreamer, so watch me come up with somethin New York, New York New York, New York

Vision Divine

I know all, mind set in stone, as I gaze in awe beyond the sky. Vision divine came to me, who we are, one true answer is mine. Around us all revolves, all that came to be. At his mercy all dies, enforced by the deity. Blind leads blind, prophets revealed, declares answers that he can = never know. Faith completes eyes are now sealed, all explained man's existence = controlled. From man's mind born a god, figurehead bestowed. Now he no longer sees, beyond the shell of his earthly throne. Divine right lost and retrieved, one more fool to explain eternity. The laws of what was, is, and will be, reclaimed refabricated = belief. A god dies one more born, from the mind of man. Once again truth denied, blind fools. Strain to see beyond their grasp. song: Hate I hate you and your kind, burned in me through time. Every facing thing about you I learned to despise. A vision etched in me, you I do not see. Just another random face, one of the enemy. Conditioned to despise, aggressive sense of pride. Replace the murdered unity, a quest to end your life. And as I see you fall, your life crumbles away. I am only glad that it's you instead of me. From an early age taught the way it's meant to be. Molding of my mind into a blur of hating fear. A world of black and white, clean divisions of the human race. Now I go to fight for my land the only thing I've ever known. It burns, inside, these thoughts of vengeance smoldered in my mind. The blows, repressing me to keep me under hold. Your hand, contorting, my emotions for so long. Enough, my hatred for your oppression explodes. Now rise, to fight, our vision blurred, our anger to unite. No fear, intimidation pushes down deep inside. As one, we ripped to shreds the Czar that held us down. In awe, the proud new owners of the tyrant's throne. Conscious of the adrenaline that overrides my fear. Aware of my developed power, my calculating mind. But blurred are my perceptions as I complete the final kill. Animal inside me wins, my origin in time. Drenched in sweat I wake, another vision of my morbid past. Knuckles white, a grip of fear recedes but still reside. Forever changed, the hatred twists my mind into a fractured state. Servant to my god, my country, slave to dark emotions. Thought. Unknown. Diseased minds, brainwashed through the passage of extended time. Born into intimidation, watched in every move. Turbulent, the hate inside me tapped I will explode. Used, enraged, I now become a valued tool, my inner self controlled.

Let This Go

EVE "Eve-Olution"
[Chorus] You and me should just let this go We never did take the time, to try to hold on I'm thinkin' that you and me, should just let this go We never did take the time, to try to hold on I'm sick of that Yea it's hard. Breakin' up ain't never easy. Believe me But fuck that. I wasn't gettin' treated like I needs be But trust. I was controllin' all the things around me But shit. I always been this chick ever since you found me I tried and I tried. Cried and I cried Down for you nigga wit' lie after lie, after lie Got sick of tradin' games wit' you Started bein' jealous of me like dames would do I'm like dawg check ya balls. Mad 'cause I receive applause Men in my life was against the law Startin' fights in public just so you could piss me off I swear. If I was a dude it'd be fist to jaw Always mad at my mouth 'cause I cursed you out Missin' hard. Know you feelin' what these verses 'bout Doin dumb shit. Breakin' things. Hidin' my phone I'm outta 'dis here. Pimp jus' leave me alone [Chorus] Ya love girls, girls. Yea but you lost the best I had to get away. I'm past the stress Mama told me baby girl never settle for less Learn the hard way. Hard days. I'm ready for next A bunch of leavin'. I don't need Eve's shit. I'm doin' me Soon as pack you sippin'. With the booze. You and me Reminiscin' 'bout the way you was pursuin' me Actin' like your period on screamin' you doin' me Well bye dawg. Have a nice life I'm fine dawg Don't try to track me down or call 'cause that line off Hope you feelin' bad without me. See if you can laugh without me Cry what tears I'm happy I'm free Still ridin' past the spots that you know I go Procrastinatin' wit' yo niggas hopin' that I show Never know what you have 'till it's gone (huh) Wonder what she doin' Best believe she doin' her (come on) [Chorus] Funny how it happens when you fall in love When you find out that the one you wit ain't who you want Then you move out 'till you find yourself anotha love But your ex gone always hate 'cause he can't hit you off You don't hear me though Claim you wanna please me. Yet you vex me Can't front. Be thinkin' 'bout the way you used to sex me God damn. Days short. Nights was long And I was mad when I started spendin' nights alone But I'm better off by myself lookin' for somethin' else Sendin' me shit you can't pronounce. I don't want nuthin' else Wanted to love you until the end of my time But fuck it. I'm done wit' you at the end of this line (uh-huh) [Chorus]

Bitch Please Part Ii

EMINEM "Marshall Mathers"
[Snoop](Dr. Dre) (Yeah, what up Detroit?) Nah-uh, nah-uh uh-uh oh no he didn't They didn't do it again Wha-what? What? You shit on these niggas two times Dr. Dre? (Oh fo'sure) Uh-uh no You smell that? This is special right here Wha-what? Wha-what? What? It's a toast to the boogie baby To tha boogie oogie-oogie Yeah ya know What's cracking Dre? [tha Dr. Dre] Jus let me lay back and kick some mo' simplistic pimp shit On Slim's shit, start riots like Limp Bizkit (Limp Bizkit!) Throw on Guilty Conscience at concerts And watch mosh pits till motherfuckers knock each other unconscious (That's right nigga) Some of these crowds that Slim draws Is rowdy as Crenshaw Boulevard when it's packed and full of cars Some of these crowds me and Snoop draw Is niggas from Crenshaw, from Long Beach to South Central (Whoa!) *Girl screams Not these niggas again, these grown ass ignorant men With hand triggers again (Shit) You and what army, could harm me D-R-E and Shady with Doggy from Long Beach (Snoop, Eastside) We came a long way to making these songs play It a be a wrong move to stare at me tha wrong way I got a long ooz- and I carry it all day Sometimes it's like a nightmare, just being An-dre But I... [Snoop Dogg] Somehow someway Hello nigga! You know about Doggy, Snoop Dogg Now let me cut these niggas up And show 'em where tha fuck I'm comin' from I get tha party crackin' with the shit that I be spittin son Hit and run, get it done, get the funds, split and run Got about 50 guns, and I love all of 'em the same Bang! Bang! Damn baby girl what's yo name? I forgot, what'd you say it was? Damn a nigga buzzed (Fucked up) Hangin' in tha club wit my nephew Eminem (What's up Slim?) What up cuz? (What's up Snoop?) The great white American hope Done hooked up with the king of the muthafuckin' West Coast baby [Nate Dogg] And you really don't wanna fuck with me Only nigga that I trust is me Fuck around and make me bust this heat *gunshot [Snoop] That's the devil, they always wanna dance [Xzibit] I'm the head nigga in charge I'm watching you move You're found dead in your garage With 10 o'clock news coverage Gotta love it cause I expose tha fasciad Your little lungs is too small to hot box with God All jokes aside come bounce wit us Standing over you with a 12 gauge about to bust It's like ashes to ashes and dust to dust I might leave in a body bag but never in cuffs So who do you trust, they just not rugged enough When things get rough I'm in tha club shooting with Puff *Gunshots Bitch please, you must have a mental disease Assume tha position and get back down on your knees come on *Gunshots [Nate Dogg] And you really don't wanna fuck with me Only nigga that I trust is me Fuck around and make me bust this heat *gunshot [Snoop] That's the devil, they always wanna dance [Nate Dogg] And you really don't wanna fuck with me Only nigga that I trust is me Fuck around and make me bust this heat *gunshot [Snoop] That's the devil, they always wanna dance [Eminem](Snoop) Ah no, Big Slim Dogg, 80 pound balls (What?) Dick six inch long (Huh?) Back up in tha heezy baby He's Shady! (He's so crazy!) Give me tha mic, let me recite 'til Timothy White Pickets outside the Interscope offices every night What if he's right? I'm just a criminal making a livin' off the world's misery What in the world gives me the right? To say what I like and walk around flippin' the bird Livin' tha urban life like a white kid from the 'burbs Dreamin at night and screamin' at moms schemin' to leave Run away from home and grow to be as evil as me I just want you all to notice me and people to see That somewhere deep down is a decent human being in me It just can't be found so the reason you've been seeing this me Is cause this is me now, the recent dude is being this mean So when you see me dressin' up like a nerd on TV Or heard tha CD using tha fag word so freely It's just me being me, here want me to tone it down Suck my fuckin' dick you faggot! You happy now? Look here! I start some trouble everywhere that I go Ask tha bouncers in the club cause they know I start some shit they throw me out the back do' Come back and shoot the club up wit a fo-four [Nate Dogg] And you really don't wanna fuck with me Only nigga that I trust is me Fuck around and make me bust this heat *gunshot [Snoop] That's the devil, they always wanna dance [Nate Dogg] And you really don't wanna fuck with me Only nigga that I trust is me Fuck around and make me bust this heat *gunshot [Snoop] That's the devil, they always wanna dance [Xzibit] 2001 and forever Slim Shady, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, X to the Z, Nate Dogg Come on yeah

Out On Bail

2PAC "Loyal To The Game"
[Intro: Tupac Talking] Oh, I posted bail? I'm out this motherfucker? I can go? Oh, fuck y'all eh, fuck the judge Fuck the motherfuckin' district attourney and the prosecutor (fuck you!) And fuck you motherfuckers in the jury box (fuck you!) Fuck all y'all Cause I'm out on motherfuckin' bail y'all ain't never gonna see me in this motherfucker again Drop that shit em! Let these old punk ass bitches know how we runnin' this shit Niggaz ain't going back to court you stank ass bitches [Verse 1: 2Pac] Im stuck in jail the DA's tryin' to burn me I'd be out on bail if I had a good attorney Wanna label me a criminal and cuff me up Got a pocket full of money so they rough me up I ain't trippin' in the county and I'm mad as fuck Got a record so they put me with the baddest bunch Everybody wanna talk cause I'm rappin' They askin' me what happened Is it true you did a flick with Janet Jackson I can't sleep they takin' polaroids And I'm tryna to use the phone but they makin' noise Man I wish I had my glock cause its major I'm makin' shanks out the plastics in razors These motherfuckers won't leave me alone thats my word Bout to turn a violation to a motherfuckin' murder I'm makin' collect calls to my old bitches Send mo' pictures and make me some more riches To all the suckers on the block talkin' shit while I was locked up Be prepared to get socked up Cause the game is deep and the fame is brief And you bullshittin' bitches ain't changin' me I came straight up out the gutta I was saved from hell I'm a thug I was raised in jail Now I'm out on bail [Chorus x1] Out on Bail (You know what fuckin' time it is) ThugLife will never fail (I'm out on bail) Thuglife niggaz (I'm going straight to 50,000 BIATCH!!!) Thuglife niggaz (I'm out on bail) Out on Bail (Hey, hand me some motherfuckin' Colt 40's from the fridge nigga) ThugLife will never fail (Cause I'm out on bail) Thuglife niggaz (Hey, pass me my motherfuckin' Rolex) Thuglife niggaz (Yes bitch that's a President) [Verse 2: 2Pac] Stuck in jail and mad as a bitch I'd be out on bail if it wasn't for the snitch Runnin' wild thru the streets like I'm loco And fuck the punk police and they chokeholds I got no love in my heart cause I'm heartless Mobbin' in the park after dark wanna start shit Rippin' up the scene as a teen I was at it (but hey) And sellin' products to the addicts cause they gotta have it I was a well-known thug and I gotta lotta love Hangin out with the OG's shootin' up the clubs And mama told me don't hang with the homies But they got me if they need me then it's on G Got me sittin' in the cell a five by seven Will I finally get to go to ghetto heaven Got my bitches on the outside writin' me letters And they tell me they love me and the shit ull get better I don't believe her cause I just got the news on the wire Take it how you want it but your bitch is on fire I gotta be a player so I stay strong cause I know that I won't be away long and when I finally do hit the fuckin' streets I'ma handle this A thug nigga gettin' scandalous I'm on bail [Chorus x1] Out on Bail ThugLife (see) will never fail (Out on bail - biatch!) Thuglife niggaz (You know what time it is) Thuglife niggaz (I'm out on bail) Out on Bail (Y'all don't need to know about...) ThugLife will never fail (You know, Out on bail) Thuglife niggaz (Y'all Blow that shit - Get me up out this) Thuglife niggaz (Yo, EM!!! Get me up out of this motherfucker man!) Out on Bail (These motherfuckers are harrasing me and that ain't cool) [Outro: Tupac Talking] Out on bail I'll see ya motherfuckers at the next show, 2pac, the media is my bitch It's that famous shit, you know? Real thug shit Real live thug shit, genuine, you know what I'm sayin' I wouldn't waste your motherfuckin' time with no bullshit baby Trust me, It's that real shit I'm talkin' about that shit you never tell your grandkids about, you know? I ran with a thug nigga, believe that This my motherfuckin' nigga Em on dem motherfuckin' boards in case your wonderin' We doin' this shit hell motherfuckin' yeah An ounze of that shit sittin' in your motherfuckin' lac Now press rewind nigga!

Constantly Dirty

Verse 1 Ain't nobody ever gave me a thang in my lifetime So I'm on my own standin' strong Holdin' chrome, disrespect my villains Get'em gone, early mone, on the cone Getting' my hussle on I stays dirty, chippin, choppin', flippin birdies I'm pushin' 30, vision clear I'm neva blurry Plot and plan strategic mission I'm on my toes I stays wit fam my mans and shake these fuckin' foes Lord knows, all the different situation trials and tribulation, Aggravations that a nigga's facing I get complacent, that's my ass I'm a memory They spillin' liquor on the curb when they mention me But ain't no fear in me, get it how you live That's if you hearin' me, then dug down and dig. Lace yo boots, man prepare for this struggle Stay in them trenches hella dirty, grit and hussle. Chrous Ain't nobody ever gave me nothing I'm on my own, I was down and dirty when I was young But now I'm grown and I continue to struggle you heard me Me and my niggas in the coarse and we constantly dirty (Repeat 2x) Verse 2 Nigga, I gotta pocket full g's I'm constantly Serving my Nina knock'em to they knees I'm constantly dirty Supervillian check my powers I get the early worm Chop with hoppers loose the kopper's with just a single turn True to life through the mic they got me telling stories With the fame and the lights I feed my territory Gutter living with precision them busters know they phoney Flipp my profit keep on rockin' it for my dead homies They wanna follow my shadow and waddle in mudd It's the infallible cannibal with the dirty gloves Absolute with this power they call me realistic Savage with cabbage still coming up off that Vill living Giving my life to the night on the dirty All my might when it's right then we strike on'em early Twisted life living dirty, super savage I'm out to get that bread Gutter living that's my habit until they rest my head Chorus (Repeat 2x) Verse 3 Which one of ya'll can I holla at when it's time for me to pay rent And who you think gone lone me money once my last is spent I got a even shorter list of people to call on when I'm in a pinch So I might just walk around with my jaws clinched like the Grench I'm headed for trouble cause I can't sit here and struggle How can I bubble if I don't get out and hustle? I'm in the wind put the spud on the muzzle Put on my hood and grab my gloves and my shovel Tie up my boots because the mud gets thick Then hit a lick so quick they think I love this shit Real life gutter living nigga coming straight from the brain Some handle the stress others break from the pain It's been fifteen of the damdest and ain't nothing changed but the weather Times are still getting harder and niggas can't stick together All thru my teens, twenty's seven when I'm thirty Txx Will a be gritty, grimey, constantly dirty Chorus (Repeat 2x) Verse 4 Ain't nobody gave me nothin' but God He gave me talent these civilians Perpetrating a fraud, that point is valid Got niggas sayin' they made me The only thing that was maybe was music Cause nobody ever properly paid me Don't get it twisted that little money was appreciated It got me out there again glad that's alleviated But the nigga that say I didn't have a following before Mitchell Bade Hit the streets must be inebriated Soon as Mitch hit it hit because we some talented Mutha fuckers but they still talk shit Keep that shit low black, that shit be getting' back 2 a nigga that will fight 4 you at the drop of a hat I tried to tell'em let me do this here They talkin' like they don't want Nina getting' thru this year I'm still strugglin' hard, how can niggas disregard I'm 30 Watch what you say when you speak to little birdies I'm constantly dirty Chorus (Repeat 4x)

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