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NAS lyrics - I Am

Big Things

Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1] Get yours nigga Cuz Imma get mine In due time Everybody gotta shine Get yours, I spray nines I say this one time The last time, I swear to ya'll I'm from where The dope fiends is at And killas crawl And snitches call police All these niggas and street Corners everybody's like Smokin' marijuana and Snuffin' niggas in faces & startin' drama and Shootin' niggas in cold blood, just kill 'em, so what With the fo' pound go nuts Betta slow up Before you get your ass on up Nigga never gonna grow up Drinkin' the Henney But her know he gonna throw up Tryin' to make crack sales What it look like The future for a black male Don't want to make my momma cry On a front page for a homicide Fly whips, all I wanted to drive Where chicks get blunted & ride Do 105 in the fast lane And a fast pace chasin' the papas Spendin' chips on big chains And the dimes that give brains That was a 80's and 90's thing Now I'm into big things [1st Chorus] I ain't fuck with you Now I'm into big things Gotta get my life together man Cuz now I'm into big things Nah, I ain't gonna rhyme wit you Cuz now I'm into big things You know I can't do that shit no more Now I'm into big things Nah, I can't fuck with you I'm into big things Nah, I ain't gonna stand on the corner I'm into big things Now the talk is small talk I'm into big things I'm into big things The big things The big things [Verse 2] When I started this All I wanted was cars and cribs Like other rap artists but Do I know where I'm goin' to Can I forget when I came from I be showin' you Another style Imma flow for you Can I make somethin' wild I can throw for you, flow for you Make it bi-coastal Take it to heights That some of ya'll can't come close to Some of ya'll Want to talk like hoes Worse than bitches And when ya'll niggas see me blow Bet it hurt like stitches No competition I stop and twist 'em Hit 'em like a mafia proposition I'm glad ya'll stopped and listen Thinkin' back to when I had not pot to piss in Look up at a nigga nod Rocks are glistenin' Can't stop my mission Make anotha LP drop I'm hittin' With the new shit exclusive No time to get caught up in a crime I ain't have shit to do with Used to chase the hoes Now I chase the dough Is ya'll bitches gonna help me get paper No! [1st Chorus] [Verse 3] I go past ya'll Ya'll got the glass jar And when I hit it, admit it Ya'll on ya'll ass ya'll We on the same team You don't wanna pass the ball Chuck and gun up the dough You want to score But you really don't want to ball I put you on It was me that introduced you to wealth Crossin' me Is like shootin' yourself Wanna blow so fast now do it yourself You ain't shit now You was so ill, why you never came out Where ya clique now Where you sit now In the back seat Mad cuz I flip styles And I pack heat Make you run laps Like a pro athlete An' I done that From my experiences I appear relentless Take more time Just to hear my sentence Imma tell you what's real An' what could stop you from makin' a mil You could prevent this When niggas don't see eye to eye to you Lie to you Wanna get high wit you Want to eat food off of your labor And take food off your table Cuz they don't see your vision Don't understand your mission Is to make history While you here How long you plan on livin' Not for forever At least to 140 Pray for me I'm tryin' to eat Like the niggas who bought Motown on Berry Gordy Good God [2nd Chorus] Nigga I'm tired of games I'm into big things Gotta get my life together man Cuz now I'm into big things Now the talk is small talk Cuz now I'm into big things I'm into big things The big things The big things Man we already did that Now I'm into big things No time to get sidetracked Now I'm into big things Get money now besides that Some more big things I'm into big things The big things The big things

Under The Knife #2

MOTORHEAD "Hammered"
Ow! I'm here to bare your soul, Specialise in Rock 'N' Roll. I'll fit you up to stay, I'll parade on you today. You won't need no progress chart, Gonna open up your heart. You hear what the blind man sees, On your feet or on your knees! 'Cause I know the score, And I know I'm right. And I know you know I know, And you're fighting for your life. And you know that I know you, You won't believe the things I'll do, But I know what I'm gonna do to you. Hey babe, you're under the knife! Faith healer hear me speak, I only rule in tongue in cheek. Have you back to one, two, three, Shoot you full of R 'n' B. You ain't gonna feel no pain, Steel needle in your brain. Twisted sister, nurse it's worse, An' it's only the second verse! 'Cause I know the score, And I know I'm right. And I know you know I know, And you're fighting for your life. And you know that I know you, You won't believe the things I'll do, But I know what I'm gonna do to you. Hey babe, you're under the knife! You know I'm right. The Knife! Three piece! I got a brand new bed for you, With a built in massage too. Penicillin stop the rot, Remove every stitch you got. Breath out. Breath in. X-Ray gonna do you in. I ain't gonna send no bill, Come back when you're on the pill! 'Cause I know the cure, And I know I'm right. And I know you know I know, And you're fighting for your life. And you know that I know you, You won't believe the things I'll do, But I know what I'm gonna do to you. We'll cut you under the knife! Mangle it Wurzel! Cut you down. Alright!.... Alright!.... Alright!.... Ahhhhhh Shut Up!

Sunny Meadowz

Del The Funky Homosapien "I Wish My Brother George Was Here"
Fresh from the meadow with a mellow attitude I was plannin' to persue another quest for the bus I had to go to San Fran it's something that I can't stand It's beggin' for a ride with ma dukes makes a fuss I don't like fussin' so I ask my older cousin Could he maybe find time to give the D E L a lift He said it is impossible because he has a roster full of plans for the day I had to go and sift through pennies in my jeans To many it may seem that the public transportation really isn't keen And I agree with the theory Because it's 3:30 and the bus was due at 2:35 I wear my Girbauds so I can wait with pride I waited at the bus stop feeling kinda high From a spliff that I smoked I riffed and provoked A liitle scene when the bus arrived late like a joke With a corny punchline And it was only lunchtime The bus should've been here, the driver had much time To get is act together No matter what the weather Now I'm sittin' at the bus stop waitin' like forever [SKIT #1] When oh when is the bus gonna come I'm getting sick and tired of the wait When oh when is the bus gonna come Well here comes a pack of about 14 Lookin' real mean with hoodies and jeans And bad attitudes and I wasn't in the mood For no head on collision with the hoods Try to use my transfer but it's no good Would these rough lookin' kids get busy with the youngsta Amongst the many who must catch rapid transit to get through the city I'm not certain But if I go sit in the back it's curtains Kids wanna ride the back What kinda shit is that? Nowadays niggas can't wait to hit the back Let me stand in the front with the elderly So those other cats won't raise hell with me [SKIT #2] Oh golly gee, not another day on the 46A I should've caught the 46B 'Cause dukes takes the mass scene and group through the trees And shoots the breeze with the ladies Look at that around the way girl Yeah, I see her (whistle) More crack than a drug dealer A kid sits by me with a gang of afro sheen on I'm not Joe Clark and I would hate for him to lean on My shoulder and try to hold a conversation 'Cause I don't have the patience When oh when is the bus gonna reach its destination Question over space and time Wastin' time Word up, I can't take this line of nitwits I'm about to have a fit quick 'Cause this trip here is making me car sick Check out the brother with the loaded .38 Braggin' to his buddies about the money that he makes Sellin' crack viles like pancakes To baseheads just like the one That's sittin by the window starvin' for a fix He spent his last 80 cents on fare He raises up and lets me get in his chair Then I sit and take a snooze But I still lose 'Cause I cruise right past my stop Had to get off and walk 15 blocks. . .


Grand Puba "2000"
Hook: Don't worry about Big money Can you dig it Amazing (x4) Verse 1: Well don't you know what time again for the big shot (BIG SHOT) Doogie Ready or not hit the buddah spot (BUDDAH SPOT) Time to get the cash (TIME TO GET THE HONEY) Time to get cash (TIME TO GET THE MONEY) Check it I got the nack to put the groove in your back Squeeze a rhyme like a pistol cause I'm smooth as Harvey Grisco I come clean with more protein and overtein The way I heat shit up you think my jaws was dipped in gasoline Whoa now that's a fire Puba got the hi-tech shit while other MC's come cheap like propiya So let's get down to the situation Smooth like a Temptation Puba makes it good like penetration That's how it's suppose to be No question so don't you put a rush on me I'm not a rookie I'm a pro you see my flow Give me the doe you better ask somebody if ya don't know Hook Verse 2: Dig it, see I like to know where you got the notion Said I like to know where you got the notion Dig this, my beats kick you in the head like a Timbaland Me and my crew stay tight like the X-men I gets mean and then I turns into the Wolverine Then I grab the mic and blow the spot to smithereens I gets down for the money honey I got the style tha'ts real What's why brothers chew my shit up like Gummy Bears It's the New York shocker representin' like a Knickerbocker Watch me get it cookin' like Betty Crocker I'll make you trip like I'm indo smoke Cause I'm down right nasty like Diet Coke See I ain't no joke cause I got mad style wicked and wild Mama's second child throwin' rappers to the pile Games point blank call me Shabba cause I Rank Don't run around with toast cause my people on a tank Clown won't get me cause I'm God body Moses asked me how to part the Red Sea Trippin' MC's up like astroturf Puttin' wack MC's outta buisness like Woolworth I'm a tell you straight off the god damn press I'm a handle my buisness right Boy I ain't come here for no foolishness I hit the set then I jet Can't trust a girl who couldn't standin' up tryin' to get a whole lot of niggas wet Because I con ya (Khan) like Chaka hit ya like a blocker Me and rhymes connect like walls and magic markers It's Grand Puba for the membrain Wiping borthers off the map so leavin' shit stains That's how I feel cause I always keep my shit on the Reel to Reel Makin' niggas happy like a kid with a happy meal So ah what you need to do is do a little dance Yeah smoke a little bud say what Get down tonight uptown get down tonight dig it yo We gonna do a little dance do a little dance Some a little bud smoke a little bud Get down tonight uptown downtown get down tonight yeah Niggas hold tight uptown situation like always youknowhatI'msayin All day, mash ya, one time. Doogie love , hold tight nigga.

I'll Find A Way

The promise of love It came from my heart Thought all that we shared Would last forever So where did things go wrong What happened that made things fall apart Why I just don't know It's so hard to let go of someone I used to call my own [Chorus] But I'll find a way I'll get over you one day I'll find a way I'm gonna deal with all this pain I'll find a way 'Cause I know that somewhere My soul mate is waiting for me Gonna make it through the day I'll find a way Silence gets so intense Without you to share a word I really miss your presence This loneliness feels awkward But I won't call you I refuse I'd rather lay here by myself in the dark Crying my heart out I wish these tears could erase All the memories of you but they can't [Chorus] 'Cause what hurts today In time will fade away When you told me good-bye I felt so betrayed Find the courage To move on One day I'll replace The precious love I lost

Tangled Up Puppet

HARRY CHAPIN "Legends of the Lost Found"
I'm a tangled up puppet, Spinning round in knots, And the more I see what I used to be, The less of you I've got. There was a time that you curled up in my lap; like a child You'd cling to me smiling, yours eyes wide and wild Now you slip through my arms, wave a passing hello Twist away and toss a kiss, laughing as you go You used to say Read me a story and sing me songs of love For you were Princess Paradise like your wings of a dove Now I chase you and tease you trying to remake you my own But you just turn away and say please leave me alone. And I'm a tangled up puppet All hanging in your strings I'm a butterfly in a spider's web Fluttering my wings And the more that I keep dancing And spinning round in knots The more I see what I used to be And the less of you I've got You are a drawer full of makeup and rinses and things You keep changing your moods like your earrings and rings But tonight while we played tag for five minutes in the yard Just for a moment I caught you off guard But now you write your secret poems In a room just for your dreams You don't find time to talk to me About the things you mean And what I mean is-- I have watched you take shape from a jumble of parts And find the grace and form of a fine work of art Hey, you, my brand new woman, newly come into your own Don't you know that you don't need to grow up all alone

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