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NAS lyrics - God's Son

Made You Look

Original and similar lyrics
[shotgun blast] [old school break beat, thugs chant 'Bravehearts!' 7X] [Verse 1: Nas] Uh, uh, uh, now let's get it all in perspective For all y'all enjoyment, a song y'all can step wit' Y'all appointed me to bring rap justice But I ain't five-O, y'all know it's Nas yo Grey goose and a whole lotta hydro Only describe us as soldier survivors Stay laced in the best, well dressed with finesse In a white tee lookin for wifie Thug girl who fly and talks so nicely Put her in the coupe so she can feel the nice breeze We can drive thru the city no doubt, but don't say my car's topless Say the titties is out, newness here's the anthem Put your hand up that you shoot with, count your loot wit' Push the pool stick in your new crib, same hand that you hoop with Swing around like you stu-pid, king'a the town, yeah I been that You know I click-clack where you and yor men's at Do the Smurf, do the Wop, Baseball Bat Rooftop like we bringing '88 back [Chorus: Nas] They shootin'! -- Aw made you look You a slave to a page in my rhyme book Gettin' Big/'big' money, playboy your time's up Where them gangstas Where them dimes at They shootin'! -- Aw made you look You a slave to a page in my rhyme book Gettin' Big/'big' money, playboy your time's up Where them gangstas at Where them dimes at [Verse 2: Nas] This ain't rappin, this is Street-Hop Now get up off your ass like your seat's hot My live niggaz lit up the reefer Trunk'a the car we got the streetsweeper Don't start none, won't be none No reason for your mans to panic You don't wanna see no ambulances Knock a pimp's drink down in his pimp cup That's the way you get Timberland'd up Let the music diffuse all the tension Ball or convention, free admission Hustlers, dealers and killers'ca move swift Girls get close, you'ca feel where the tool's kept All my just-comin' homies, parolees Get money, leave the beef alone slowly Get out my face, you people so phoney Pull out my waist, the eagle fo-forty [Chorus] [thugs chanting 'Bravehearts!' 4X over DJ scratching gunshots] [Verse 3: Nas] I see niggaz runnin', yo my mood is real rude I lay you out, show you what steel do Mobsters don't box, my pump shot obliges Every invitation to fight you punk hazas Like Pun said, 'You ain't even en mi clasa' Maybach Benz, back seat, tv plasma Ladies lookin for athletes or rappers Whatever you choose, whatever you do Make sure he a thug and intelligent too Like a real thoroughbred is, show me love Lemme feel how the head is Females whose the sexiest is always the nastiest [record scratched off, Nas rhymes acapella] And I like a little sassiness, a lotta class Mommy reach in your bag, pass the fifth I'm a leader, at last this a don you wit' My nines'll spit, niggaz loose consciousness

Dumb Out

JOE BUDDEN "Mood Muzik 2: Can It Get Any Worse?"
It's stuck between platinum and flop, underground and mainstream Concious, backpack, scratch that, same thing OH I'm somewhere between the real and the fakeness The red pill, blue pill, real and the Matrix And I can't take this; if the game needs a new look I'm between a tummy tuck and a face lift And everything I say in these pages Is straight from the heart, nah magazines, y'all can't rate this But I'll be debatin it, it's a bit outragous Like it's an air virus and this shit's contagious NIGGA I'm downloadin like niggaz actually play this Maybe I'm buggin out, maybe I'm on a spaceship OHHH See I was on my stay out chill shit The way Mouse kills shit, I'm here just to lay out real shit Besides, other dudes styles remind me of spinnin rims WHY? That shit got played out real quick KILL 'EM See some wrote him off, some said he was done Made a joke of, hope he enjoyed the run I don't enjoy bein shunned, so I'm back as Neo Fans enjoyed The One, annoint me as begun I had the whole hood thinkin he would never eat Rappers tried to diss, thinkin we would never meet NAH I heard it if you said it You wrote it on online then I read it, now I match it nigga bet it Cause I remember clearly Once "Pump It Up" stop soarin, there's a few motherfuckers stopped callin See I remember shit spread like cancer I would call folks said, folk ain't answer A few chicks runnin started pullin they pants up A few stopped actin like my private dancer OOOH But a lightbulb hit once they started to neglect me See there I was, thinkin I was all that sexy but I Nah fuck that Cause I'm still sexy, young and fly Knahmean, ya heard? Look here can't be finished, what nigga I beg ya pard' I just let niggaz get a head start YEAH I walk to the finish, y'all spread out chase Nah sprint out pace, and I'll still win the race YEP See I'm joggin Other niggaz legs starts wobblin, when opportunity is start knockin You got the crown, pass off like Stockton It's time to work, I'm offically clocked in He is a problem, weavin and bobbin' Through the speculation that his label tried to drop him NAH I can't leave, even though it's big options Kev only signed me, to keep this shit rockin' Don't ask me how I'm doin, I been better Stuck in cold Feburary, with a thin sweater I'm far from a "YES" man, I'm a trend setter It's no games, just a Def Jam Vendetta Don't put niggaz in the same sink as me I mean metaphors, storylines, deep shit, club shit, girl shit, world shit They don't use to ink like me Niggaz don't even think like me NAH Who sees what I'm watchin, he ain't poppin' Don't deserve to drink water from the tub that I washed in WAIT, start again, it's a privilege to breath the same air that I farted in They want no parts with him How dare niggaz categorize me If my name's on a mixtape, then capitalize me I been stopped goin' to Mixtape Awards Don't need them to tell me, the mixtapes is yours NAH I had other ideas, while hittin loot I'm thinkin red carpet, I went and copped a suit WHOOH See I'm thinking Grammy's Sunglasses on, with my On Top family and a bad bitch handy OOHH He stayed at the "W", it felt like heaven I'm at an actress's house, that felt like neckin' R&B on, looked and felt like Meagan Gave me headache too, I felt like an Excedrin Talk very fly Least until I bought every pie, me me being war ready to my eyes And these dudes might as well be Jamie Foxx Trying to sound like somebody that already died The kid keep a snub wit 'em, good pair of gloves wit 'em Your first week ain't right, they can't fuck wit 'em Now if you don't sell 5 mill, they had enough of 'em Let me find out Hip Hop's turnin' Republican I'll sum it up to what he is about Still new to most, they still feelin him out Things were type blam, Joey seasoned him out I'm the nicest dude out since "Reasonable Doubt," say it ain't so Rest in Peace Luther, there's some other niggaz gay on the low OH So live, who can see 'em, no guy I'm the Mets, was suppose to be ill in '05 WHOA As ill as the flow gets, need a piller don't snitch So if you can't tell, I'm preparing for '06 About to OD, anybody that know me Can tell you I'm bout to make shit feel like it's '03 More like '99 No names should be mentioned but mine, unless you talkin' Big Pun in his prime Maybe '96 Jay, before Dame was throwin' money around Or 2pac without Humpty around Or 50 before Em, Nas talkin' like a gun in his song Cam'ron during "Children Of The Corn" Beans before the cops came through and try to grill 'em I'm talkin '95, Big L before they killed 'em Em before 8 Mile, Shyne before the deal shit Canibus, no album out before the L shit Talkin' bout Kiss, DMX when he was fuckin' wit coke Or "Cuban Linx," Raekwon and Ghost I do it all, who blendin' so well in the game Talkin' Fab, back when he was still spellin' his name MANG On my Diddy shit, Memphis, Grizzlie shit Like back in the day when Clue swiped all of Biggie's shit NIGGA Rappers don't need trouble with I Unless it's Rass Kass before the D.W.I Or Talib with Mos, Common before "Be" If they any less common, don't put 'em before me See, I'm not a rapper, I'm a prophet Chill Joe stop it, skill will speak for you, don't pop shit Fuck jail, I'm on my payroll cop shit I call that bootleg cable, it's no box shit All black, lookin' grimey in the crowd Heat on him, no sir, don't try me when I'm out I toast somethin' tiny that'll blauh Ain't gotta see Paul Wall, if you want somethin' shiney in your mouth I probably fool cats, cause I don't ride out in some big car In the streets, like I ain't some big star And these young mother fuckers, is about to fuck up Like leavin' they whole career in some bitch car No name, but it's no sublime Nigga you know who you are, I'll end it before it goes too far Your buzz still fucked, you a liar money Joe's still spendin "Pump It Up", "Fire" money Glock for hire money, don't try to mug me Call ass cap, maybe be at mines for money Please, what's wrong wit 'em, somethin' ain't the norm' wit 'em Ain't too many dudes out there, out performin 'em NAH Some require these skills, I was born wit 'em Street's askin' what's takin' so long wit 'em Jump Off, I'm the best to happen He's the answer, the who's got the next in rappin' I suggest you ask 'em If Hip Hop is all smoke and mirrors, then I'm the Windex and a napkin New dudes is whack, some vet's is has-been's Some were Top 20, till I crept right passed 'em It's a wrap, Joey sealin' it nigga Cold out, Long Johns still dealin' it nigga Still peelin' it nigga If I only get 'em two times, just know it was the dilinger nigga It's that 'gnac music, don't know how to act music Gettin' my Kanye on, puttin' out "Crack Music" Car jack music, got what they lack music Send my little man, get rid of the pack music That I'm back music, that click clack music That A-Team, Muggs, that Fab and Stack music Now who said they fuckin' with me They just said that fuckin' with me, they didn't mean it (NAH)

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo "Road to the Riches"
Verse One: When I was five years old I realized there was a road At the end I will win lots of pots of gold Never took a break never made a mistake Took time to create cos there's money to make To be a billionaire takes hard work for years Some nights I shedded tears while I sent up prayers Been through hard times even worked part time In a ?seafood? store sweepin floors for dimes I was sort of a porter takin the next man's order Breakin my back for ?a shack for headquarters? All my manpower for four bucks an hour Took the time, I wrote rhymes in the shower Shoes are scoffed cos the road gets rough But I'ma rock it til my pockets ain't stuffed enough All the freaks wouldn't speak cos my checks was weak They would turn the other cheek so I started to seek A way to get a play, and maybe one day I'll be performin up a storm for a decent pay No matter how it seems I always kept the dream All the girlies scream and suckas get creamed Dreamed about it for five years straight Finally I got a break and cut my first plate The road ain't yellow and there ain't no witches My name is Kool G Rap, I'm on the road to the riches Verse Two: I used to stand on the block sellin cooked up rock Money bustin out my sock cos I really would clock They were for kind of fiends bringin jackets and jeans Magazines, anything, just to hustle for beans The cash was comin fast, money grew like grass People hungry for the blast that don't even last Didn't want to be involved but the money will getcha Gettin richer and richer, the police took my picture But I still supplied, some people I knew died Murders and homicides for bottles of suicide Money, jewelry, livin like a star And I wasn't too far from a Jaguar car In a small-time casino, the town's Al Pacino For all of the girls, the pretty boy Valentino I shot up stores and I kicked down doors Collecting scars from little neighborhood wars Many legs I broke, many necks I choked And if provoked I let the pistol smoke Loyal members in a crew now down with the game Sellin nickels and dimes, sunshine or rain What I had was bad from my shoes to my pad In the first time in my life loanin money to dad Now the table's turned and my lifestyle switches My name is Kool G Rap, I'm on the road to the riches Verse Three: ?A thug a-mugs? for drugs, he eventually bugs Lookin for crack on carpets and rugs ?The squealers tells? but the dealer still sells Little spoiled kids inheritin oil wells I was the type on the opposite side Of smokin the pipe, in a beef I got hype Cos rags to riches switches men to witches Become stitches, body bags in ditches Bloodshed, I painted the town red People fled as I put a dread's head to bed That mean's dead, in other words deceased Face got erased, bullets got released Bombs were planted, the kids were kidnapped In fact that was a way to get back At enemies who tried to clock G's on my block, now they forever knock Z's Plans of rampages went for ages Some got knocked and locked inside cages Some bit the dust for crumbs and crusts In God We Trust, now rots to rust Plus caps to cops, policeman drops You blew off his top when the pistol went pop Troopers, soldiers, rollin like boulders Eyes of hate and their hearts get colder Some young male put in jail His lawyer so good his bail is on sale Lookin at the hourglass, how long can this power last? Longer than my song but he already fell He likes to eat hardy, party Be like John Gotti, and drive a Maserati Rough in the ghetto, but in jail he's Jello Mellow, yellow fellow, tell or hell, hello One court date can turn an outlaw to an inmate But just ?stay?, ship him upstate by the Great Lakes And than a-wait and wait and wait Til he breaks, that's all it takes So he fakes to be a man, but he can't stand On his own two feet because now he's in a new land Rules are different and so is life When you think with a shank, talk with a knife Not my lifestyle so I made a U-turn More money I earn, more money to burn Pushin all buttons, pullin all switches My name is G. Rap, I'm on the road to the riches


Just think, what if you could just, just blink yourself away? Just think, what if you could just, just blink yourself away? Jeff X can rock the mic with tooth decay I be the 5 foot 7, residing at the mecca lesson south section Used to cut class in the infinite pursuit of ass Back in eighty-seven Easy with the chics I was a chocolate boy Raised in the cellar with the rhythm like Ella Walking down the streets to the subway where i lay Til the train stop then a nigga hop Used to do the pop dance to the planet rock At the block party everybody jocked [who me?] It's the MC sucka niggaz envy I got my contract in 1993 and I shall proceed Chorus: repeat 2X I shall, proceed And continue, to rock the mic Verse Two: I wake up early in the morning, I mean early afternoon Break a lyrical hymn of the stem like boom I'm flyer when I'm higher put my shit up on a tomb That nigga represented on the 28th of June I'm representing philly on the 28th of June I can make you feel that i'm a surreal cartoon with my pistol in the face of hip hop, stick in your face Because i'm on a paper chase, yes i'm on a paper chase My Timberlands are fully laced I be the Mr. Boogeyman With records from 125th to Japan I laid them play like Johnny Hathaway and shake a hand, shake a hand Your lady tried to kick it, but I couldn't play my man My niggaz is my niggaz ya see she didn't understand I shake your hand and shit'll hit the fan, just think Just think, what? What if you could, just blink, what? Just blink yourself away? Chorus Verse Three: Malik B get on the mic yo there's too much on my mind [say what?] Malik get on the mic, there's too much on my mind Johnny on the spot, got the rhythm and the rhyme Fuckin with The Roots you know them niggaz is the dime I can make a hundred yard line start to dash I can make a whole lake of fish start to splash I can make Conan and the Titans clash I can Metallica and guns 'N Roses crash Used to smash crash parties like i was disturbed Used to make plots against the herringbone herb But now, all I do disperse the verb And like a nerd i can make you say, 'He's superb' Word is perfect, never ever shall you misinterpret I move styles like bowels so now you know i'm worth it Direct from Philly, the lands where niggas scheme So you know I got the sheen in my gleam Chorus


The name of this motherfucker is called Questions Rough Draft (ha ha, tell em) QDIII did the beat (all day all night) Whassup to everybody out there in L.A. What you really doin hoe? Why do I do the things I do? Why so many questions? What am I doing? I talk to myself... when there's no-one to talk to I wanna ask me a question: When am I gonna make it up out of a hellish and devilish way? When are you gonna make mill-ions with the dividends; when are you gonna make ends generate bread? Who in the hell, left the gate open? Do you wanna sell? Is everybody on wavelength like us? Why do I rip it in half, doobie kick ass with backwards attach isssh like ?hap ut eallavik? Can you wait a minute? Can you slow it up a little bit Nina so I can get up in it? But did you really wanna dabble in fanatical supernatural lyrically radical milli minutes, I'm about to begin it Can I get some, can I spit some, which one? When am I gonna get off this trip? Can I take another peel, why do I feel like I'm a sick individual in the room, poppin off at the lip? Do you, feel me? Do you do voodoo really? Did you get it? Did you want a real epidemic? Will you let me run up in it? What's the word; is it absurd? What is that isssh you heard? Was it real, is it real, was it really real? Tech9ne in it to win it besides QDThird occurred Who's the worst, who's rastafari? You never livin never sure it's Selassie I the First brother on the planet Earth, who? Do you wanna flow; what you wanna do? How can I be in the zone like this, gone like this? How can I break the obsession? In the middle of it all, when I snap back, step back and ask myself; what, why do you ask so many questions? Chorus: repeat 2X (chorus is best guess) Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? Do I wanna stick em with another hit up after this? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? I'm at the pinnacle when I'm up in em I'ma kill em in this Do you understand.. whatcha gonna do when Nina hit you with the critical homidical lyrical killer flippin leavin you with boo-boo underpants? How does it feel? Do you wanna come up and chill - with an assassin? Can you feel it inside, what? The feeling of a commotion of two titans clashing Why me, who are you, what I am supposed to do - what a nigga here fo'? Who do you fear mo'? Is it the Nine, with a brand new joint? Like to hear it, here go What are you lookin at, when am I gonna get a dose of thorazine? Can you give me a little something to ease the pain? Ease the mayn, who's the mayn? Tech-a-Nina with the Road Dawgs and the Midwest Side Crew's to blame Can I get a little back with attack issh? What do you accomplish, ever can't you diss, diss pitless bottom of a, in you toss thou nigga ass, Babe mish Hate a playa percenter a-hundred that is Side West, Mid, down ever who off, what? Hack it, did you know Tech9ne hot like a dragon? Did you feel it baby? Can you give me a double dose of whatever the feeling I'm gettin is really pain Kobain, for anybody want a piece of this, sickness Is it a cinch to get with hot? Who, when, where what why? I'm at the pinnacle with a killer eye, do I wanna die no I just wanna dose of the most inner syringe up in my thigh, bonzai!! Chorus 2X Now do you know what the real is? Does everybody think I'm twisted? Non-realistic or do you think that I'm gifted, I'ma live freer Can you help me? Am I lookin at you can I be peepin you from afar, please, remain calm Could you be the reason I'm a bomb straight out of Vietnam, ready to explode on Sa-tan? Tell me what the problem is, I'ma write what the bottom is Do you know what a empty column is? Am I your worst nightmare? I feel sick right there Should I blow it out, can I do without, do I need help? Am I living within a pen of demons? I'm stressing, can I get a blessing (from who?) The one who cursed me with all these Questions Some say I'm psychotic but if I have to label it, it would be -- confusion It's like I gotta write shit like this to keep my head from exploding, yaknowhatI'msayin? So many questions Chorus 2X

Pump It Up (Remix)

[jay-z] gimme that beat fool, its a full time jack move dont worry skano ill give it back soon just havin a little fun, wassup my nigga? S dot collection black album comin soon just gonna vent a little bit have a little fun with it yes yes hey nobody dumpin on hove you aint in sanitation or sanitarium what are you crazy jay-z'll bury em i'll get you drug out the club they have to carry em your head bug out i'll raid niggas scared of em worry im not mike jordan of the mic recordin hovi baby you kobe, maybe tracy mcgrady matter fact you harold miner, jr rider washed up on marijuana even worse you a pervis ellis you worthless fella you aint no athlete you shawn bradley i aint talkin to nobody in particular my flow just vehicular homicide whem im kicken em yes, anybody in my path is a car crash waitin to happen nigga what? i got my foot on the door on the post of this rap game and i aint lettin up yea whos the nicest life of lifeless mic devices and i dont write this i just mic this i will it to happen one take hove im real in this rappin my new name is just the facts while the rest of yall just adjust the facts put words together, just to match i say what i feel yall adjust to that i do the opposite of yall so i just attract the realer audience usually unjustly black know my flow and the shit they go just match like the sound of my voice and a choice just track i just tackle the something the flack of the public nothin, i know real niggas happen to love it if you dont like it or look in the mirror most likely you aint livin so you dont get it you aint did it so you can envision it the picture im paintin aint vivid the language im spittin is so foreign to ya she was starvin a dude to ya growin up hard in a little apartment illude to ya im just talkin to ya [joe budden] gimme that beat fool its a full time jack move fine jay web said take it back dude its hot minute or to we play ball now listen im just havin some fun no part in the future sing the track now spend a good week hova you can bring it back now all these rappers is cookin crack now took the realness out the game its time to put it back in the fans finally got it understood they just gappin while joeys in the hood like madden whoa success is wrapped up checks just rack up everybodys a killer but the deaths dont add up everybodys a hustler but the money aint comin in yall is it just my math sucks? nah time im a super stuck cheat they wealth everybodys so scurred to just be they self and the base and your boys get found like the cool so we could sound like loon or pound like boom dont end up a dead man for the cheddar the way to play is joey in *Def Jam Vendetta* for real on your pro two blues and dont be shocked open the booth door we be like old school move it aint goin to be a tray fee jay-z they be murdered joey the future im more like dirt anybody buyin respect me try and wet me yall dudes will never make it your a Tyus Edney im a standout like Yao Ming im whats sparkin now like fallback Shaq im startin now boys poppin it toys poppin spit im not from round these parts im Stojakovic let me hear your man say im the Jordan of rappin he's gettin fatigued girlie his scorin is lackin legacy is gettin ruined and you dont want that so pretty much learn from him dont come back and rap is gettin wag top g's are steppin cause you are not that hot dont believe the yes men it aint about whos better than uh its so evident they hard to be real with no evidence and i aint comin at jay cuz hes the greatest dreamer but he already laid the way im just layin my seed in not the same way i was dude im done drivin now im in your 745 plus 2 dont have your label call mine no extracurricular rappers is all girls who is extraparticular seen many men with the jade next time you listen to many men ill make sure you relate only jay coulda came just blazed it like me everybody else chills just glazed kid agree packin a mackin in the back of an acura no flappin the gat we be rappin the caddy but naw what you want punk double clip pump ride by slump forth cocked playa on top hater warm rock with his teeth toes wrapped with the brand new savior of east coast rap dont worry yo i'll bring the east coast back no parties this aint a movie but meet joe black tryin to relate to it i just speak those facts if you was in the front now your seat goes back what the deallin like new york been soft since bin laden came thru and crushed the buildings kinda restore the feelin this is to be continued im just speakin through ya

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