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MYSTIKAL lyrics - Unpredictable

Dick on the track

Original and similar lyrics
[mystikal talking] Hey there, Sup boo Whats happenin Come holla at me Naww come here, Yuh I got somthin for you Its gon make ya say Ungh I aint sayin nothin, Yall jus playin Comere, why you actin like that Naw for real, come ere tho, Mmm hmmmm [mystikal] You got that fire Aint to fly, But When I jus walked by ya Hands at your side, Dont you know I aint your average buya I thought you live on the twelve-hundred block on Tecnuiqe By tha studio apartments, right off 70 street She said ya, How do you know that I said you live next door to my friend Her name tazra She said, Oh you know tim I said ya we use ta kick it man, What about it She said no thats cool, Thats my girl Dont take it how it sounded She said you mean I said who told ya me and you can make music, dats kinda what im hopin for movin like im automated what we bakin mixin, blendin and twisted tha neighbors gonn be listenin She said Slow down baby, movin kinda swift Besides we just met I usually dont get down like this I said Dont even trip I got you! She said, You sure I said Yup I got to! [chorus] Put tha dick on tha track, and make em sang Put the needle to the grove [x2] Them otha niggaz aint gonna do what i do! [mystikal] When i hit ya with tha tenor Say sapreno When your moanin we aint gonna stop makin racket Till in the mornin I say baby kick it wit me all nite safe sex, like pot holder on my mic! Commin thru the woofer, In your speaker when we freakin, I can see you gettin hot why you weakinin Climaxin While im rappin Whats my name, and who its for dats what im askin spitin like wax all over 64 tracks remember shock ta knock you sax symbols, and high hats gettin nasty with the music to be funky like a bass line Disregard it and get ya good sing Aint no red lights, When i take mine Im havin sexual intercourse with the chorus screamin! hot vocals got your adlibs gettin hoarse sweatin the whole session, your circuits burnt She said baby dont beat it down no more Its just the second Verse! [chorus x2] [mystikal] First time I laid eyes on ya I was like zaaam Tell me, girl where you goin whats your name she said Pam and I think its only better that you know who I am Im the man they make high, like the melophones in southern japan the way I work my aucustics, aint no comparin very rough and aggresive when i lay em Huffin and puffin, Right when I see em Ya breakin it down so scandalouz She got me thinkin, when else Im touchin ya like a massager Ill be bustin off soon as ya touch me in you can hear It through the soundproof booth Fuckin up the roof! Dont stop, she on top And im watchin em jiggle no more preachin and minglin She pregnant with my singer I dont be kissin and tellin But its gotta be told Now im 500 dollas short unless we got married, I wed till I was old To infinite, Im plannin our future Its jus gonn be me, you, nobody else, MIne and Mystikal Junior! [chorus x4, then in backround till fade] [Mystikal talking] How that feel Com here, Take dem headphones off Turn around little baby I put tha dick on the track, ya feel me Its like when i get on the track I have sex with it, I make out with it We make woopie, we do the nasty Anyone wanna jus jump on and rush it Im gonna spend time wit you I aint quitin halfway


JEDI MIND TRICKS "A History Of Violence"
[Verse 1: Vinny Paz] Ya'll mother fuckers woke a demon up The bullets splatter through your spleen and guts The whole click duckin they PO, they need to pee in cups We murder shit like everything the Europeans touch I don't even talk to mother fuckers that could lead the trust We on our D and devils only deal with greed and lust Feed an elephant with bear hands and take his lead and tusks Anytime you hear a cop was murdered best believe it's us Jus Allah load the glock put em in norweigen dust I ain't I sucka I was born with hercules in us Strangle snakes, dangle grapes fed by European sluts Ya'll know where to come to when you need the fuckin trees and dust Ayo D [?] I need by [?] these fucks I got the power to devour trees, seas and such I got the power that's the caliber of jesus touch It don't matter the caliber I proceed to rush Vinny on a whole nother algebra than the Greeks could touch [Verse 2: D Maz] Let me tell you lil somthin bout a nigga named Maz Look in his eye you could see the evil if you high You could notice a little nigga that's eager for the sky Behind bars scarred like jesus when he died (when he died) Nigga I was in the hole for a whole 6 months gettin high off the reefer thinkin why I'm with the roachs and rats hopeless and [?] line and line and the hole in the crack Nigga I was in the hole tryin gettin my back, niggas snitchin and Ceo tryed gettin my bag But I don't give a fuck about a snake or a fag a hater id rather see Adolph paid off, laugh This is real life fuck gettin paid off rats And sellin my soul to the devil gettin paid off rappin Mozerade, Maz, Pazienza clap boys [?] back man you still screamin duffle bag boys [Verse 3: Jus Allah] I have lived a century I've tapped into my 6th sensery I am a potential enemy My entire inner chemistry, every inch of me, is divinity Unequivically supremacy I am undesired energy Sends friendly, sends empty Show the prince of peace no clemency Give him an extremety of insensitivity Let his kid and ministry witness his disassembly I just lost sufference, undestructive, unproductive, tussid Not much substance, thuggage Above judgement Unaware of any error of delt Where it counts I'm a fair amount of paramount I am body a monopoly of ungodly The [?] My apology, arrid, insencarity, carity, buried generic it's hilarity

Comw Together

oh yeah got a little sumthin to say baby yeah yeah check it well He come old flat top He come groovin' up slowly He got joo joo eyeball He one holy roller He got hair down to his knees Got to be a joker he just do what he please mmm baby i got a little sumthin to say yeah yeah wel come on u no what well huh He wear no shoeshine He got toe jam football He got monkey finger He shoot coca cola He say I know you and you know me One thing i can tell you is you got to be free Now come together, oh yeah right now, oh baby over me you gotta come together you gotta come together baby oh yeah yeah well check it He bad production He got walrus gumboot He got Ono sideboard He one spinal cracker He got feet down below his knees Hold you in his armchair you can feel his disease Now COME TOGETHER oh yeah RIGHT NOW Oh baby OVER ME Ooh slow it down...slow it down rap: yeah well yo yo ya'll kicking this flow your way so when i say turn up the mic turn up the whole p.a and i know that its real hard to try and say goodbye but it feels like yesterday still doesnt mean that we cant mean that we walk on the difference is some gonna let it out and some dont wanna let it show aint gonna play it on vcr's we no that heros are the real superstars and it funny to think that with his voice and the sound of guitars we gonna be bringin people together with ? ? (too fast to get) i know that it aint easy to look forward in this time of tragedy but hope is one day we'll all be free come together and be one big family so come on what i say come on i say come on baby oh oh yeah break it well he roller coaster he got early warning he got muddy waters he one mojo filter he say one and one and one is three got to be good lookin cause he's so hard to see NOW COME TOGETHER OH RIGHT NOW Oh baby OVER ME oh yeah well you know what This time we ain't goin nowhere... we ain't goin nowhere let's all come together and bring peace in our lives we ain't (what) goin nowhere... we ain't goin nowhere let's all come together and bring peace in our lives

Turn On Some Music

Gaye Marvin
Dreams of you my darling still Are so fine, so fine, baby Since I woke up So is my state of mind Since we've been apart Oh I miss you, miss you with all my heart Oh baby, what else can I say Put on three albums And let's fly baby I've got to know How much I love you so I'm gonna make you feel That my love is stronger for you tonight Baby, I'm gonna make it right Put three albums on baby We're gonna make it long, long, long Now when the music starts I'm gonna groove you slow and quiet And when the first side's through I'll still be into you I'm getting sober Let's get high and turn the record over 'Cos baby it's time for phase two, yeah That's how it is, yeah That's how it goes, hey Just why it is, yeah Nobody knows 'Cos music's been my therapy Taking the pain from all my anatomy Oh and my anatomy It's my symphony, always stay with me You know that the world ain't right Baby, lots of people stay uptight I'll go crazy If something ever happened to my musical thrill And darling your love is just like my music The second jam, girl is falling down We've been one hour, still I got the power Turn up the sounds Sounds drown out the screams Come rock with me Straight into Side B The time has passed An hour and a half I love you baby I'm strong enough to last You, you and your music Are more precious than gold baby Two albums later baby And I'm feeling great You said wait, let's take a break Before you play the last side Are you fit enough to ride I said yes, baby Just let me catch my breath, honey, honey, honey Oh baby, I'm not through yet This is one night honey, that you won't forget I love you darling, I'm gonna prove it tonight Put on some music (ad lib)

I'mma Break It Down

EAZY-E "Eazy-Duz-It"
[Eazy-E] My eternal jam is the juice of the radio takin' out profanity so they can play it though listen to a hell of a kick and the high hat going to the record store say ya gonna buy that the E is connected to the A and the Z ya say Y so that's how the beats stack it up on material made of hits takin' my time of Eastline to make sure it fit push play on the instrumental thats recorded step on stage and I'm suddenly awarded some sort of track appeared like a plaque and some hell of a screen from the girls in the back takin' a bow cause I got style never at the bottom of the ways on the top of the pile yo it's Eazy on top even though I'm short guarenteed to help when I walk on the court so get up make some noise for the gangsta clap gonna tip the laugh I'm not a pranksta I'm serious Dre my sounds so quit playin' around cause I'mma break it down [Eazy-E] Last time I was takin' my time with this but other suckaz were makin' a rhyme with this I had to change the tip or make it hyper but they was rotten, I was gettin' riper ready to go, like never before givin' you more because I'm ready to score Ren is my buddy you can tell I said often helpin' me destroy the suckaz that's softin' curin' diseases, my rhyme pleases, throw it a key balls havin' seasons, this is a doc trim and I'm locked in, and I made up my mind and I think I'm gonna rock then you got beaches chill and I'mma push ya to freeze after I'll cut ya cause I'mma butcher and say ya have pricin' and then out ya go cause a percentage on point bellys are very low messin' with a gun but once ya get hurt like a said before ya get rushed to the dirt I'm not a law man, but I'mma raw man M.C. Ren: But ya the dopest one I ever saw! I keep droppin' it pound for pound and when I'm on the mic I always throw down to keep y'all dancin' to my funky sound so listen cause I'mma break it down [Eazy-E] Now look at me and not the poster and you could see right off I got the most of the talent, experience or a trade and complements for the rhyme thats made talks over today if this one so pick another artist and dis one I got the ballet of the chosen vote cause I don't need water to clear my throat comin' from the rain the show is like dancin' nasty like and the girls are like glancin' wantin' to get wit me this routine keepin' it sprung still stayin' mean can ya dis this man I don't think so once I start writin' the way I let the ink go comin' out with songs like hit after hit cause this is legit and yours ain't shit makin' it sound so dope cause I'm a genius but your amazed with ya happy to see this brother go crazy on wax flowin' away like if I was on a sax doin' a solo in the shade I'm a spotlight relax and chill while your up tight pumpin' up the funky sounds yo you should know it's kinda persist that the E is gonna break it down

What Do I Do

Nyoy Volante
WHAT DO I DO Nyoy Volante Acoustics: Nyoy With Mannos [2003] INTRO What would you do if I told you that All that I do's think of what we had What would you do if I'm not the friend I used to be Well, at least, not to me REFRAIN 1 'Cause I can't get over all the times you stay Get crazy, jealous every time you're away Now I'm someone different from the one you knew Had nothing to feel for you, to feel for you CHORUS What do I do I keep calling out your name What do I do I got no one else to blame What do I do Every time I hold your hand, it's not the same What do I do I think I fell in love with you What can I do, what can I say Everything keeps changing every night, every day Every word so diff'rent, every touch so real Every glance and every look reveals the way I feel REFRAIN 2 No, it's never ever gonna be the same When we hug for warmth from the cold of the rain Yet I'm not gonna move on, not gonna change Though I find it hard to say, baby [Repeat CHORUS] BRIDGE I don't know what to do I'm fallin' more for you Baby, please tell me... [Repeat CHORUS] CODA Ooh oh What do I do

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