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MYSTIKAL lyrics - Tarantula

The Edge of the Blade

Original and similar lyrics
[Intro:] [Mystikal] Man I got something to tell you I don't know how to explain it But I'm different (crazy) Naaaaa....aight I'm, I'm, I'm not like you I'm not like others It's like I've been here before [Verse 1] 504 is the domain I don't sang My rhyme go bang Nigga, ain't in the place get a flame and ya act like propane No sweat, no blood, no pain, no gain (Blade) No cards, no deal, no dice, no game, no thangs I'm givin you bitches something vicious Now I'm partin the pieces like porcelain dishes I'm dirty I get all the way down in the ground witch WHAT Memorize, take a picture, nigga write a book, I don't give a fuck I'm blended bile, ground rip up Darem here They down to give up Nigga you underneath, me out my entrance Off by inches I can count a hundred thousand pennies Help me center Look at that, look at that, look at that, get back I get that respect like that gatlin bitch whats happen I rip tracks and pop tables I'm so popular they just got the rock I spread Time I got a blunt what I said (Blade) I gets pride cus I'm from round where the crocodiles play (singing) gonna be none that I make em' say Aww give it to me don't be that way I'm tellin ya from cuttin ya tellin what the music I've been doin this shit I'm highly trained on how to use it Start checkin somebody bout the prospective Passes are selective maximum effectiveness Brain celftic Brown completic It just don't get no I'll perfect it Yall niggas couldn't pop a rubber band on my parade Choppin and slicin with the edge of the blade [Chorus:] The blade [x 24] [clip from movie] [Blade:] There are worse things out tonight than vampires [Girl:] Like what [Blade:] Like me [Verse 2] I turn a sucka into supper Got suffer Mighta hada enough Thats why I cus (come on fucker) I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired They can't hide from the pain cus the noise don't stop They don't stand a ghost of a chance but the try One side of my mind tell me to get the other say let em' ride Even when a couple of hundred years gone by They still gonna bite and I'm still gonna fly Yes....five fingers around their necks I'll run through your back and come out your chest You movin to fast you forgot to pace your self Aww shit here it comes nigga brace your self Oh my goodness Don't worry I'ma getcha no matter how I put it Imitates, I'm limit, tall limit, tell it (Blade) Let me finish hedgehog and answer fella You would if you could but you dont get up off And I'm the hand on tha hammer on the nail in the coffin I'm marchin to a different drummer At the head of the parade I'm the edge of the blade [Chorus x32]


There's gonna be some shit you might not understand But, you may have to rewind this shit a few times Heaven, heaven Check it out I know tomorrow ain't a promise That's why I live one day at a time So when it's my turn, there be no crime I'm aware that when my number's called I'm punchin' the clock No need for screamin' at me momma Amhad And plus I wasn't really happy here to start with, let that be told My old homeboy was robbin' me, and that's 3 cold I said '3', It's all intentional, 'cause 2 don't count When your own bloods bitter and your homeboys bounce Who the fuck is you gonna trust when your road dog's is scheming? And every other corner, your passin' a different demon And now the clouds is open, I'm rememberin' this Your families your backbone, your friends ain't shit Now I believe it when Rhonda was sayin' “Back in the days...' When the homeboys left, she the only one stayed For that very reason, I'm a try and give her the world Found heaven in the form of a girl, everybody's sayin' (Chorus) My angel My sunshine That's the day that I found heaven in the form of a girl My best friend My good time That's the day that I found heaven in the form of a girl Listen to different scriptures, they teach on God And if you ain't never met him, don't speak on God I'm serious about religion, just ain't no song I'm hearin' niggas makin' up scriptures, and playin' along Probably sayin' I'm the hypocrit, for judgin' these folks But you can tell he ain't a Christian, by the way that he spoke I pray for everbody, hopin' that they hear that voice The one that paralyzes you from head down, boy Be aware of your surroundins, yet you still can't move Water shootin' outta your eyes when your head is through And the voice is much louder, than the voice that you thought was the voice of the holy spirit it'll changed your life, when you hear it? And the next morn', you wake up and the world look lighter The grass greener, and the sun brighter I know the feelin' first hand, I witnessed the sights When I allowed the Lord to come in my life And it was like (heaven, heaven...) But I'm a man, I ain't perfect That's a poor excuse, that ain't workin' I asked him for forgiveness, for every sin I could mend Hoping he gonna let me stay on his list And tryin' and get to heaven.. America the Beautiful, don't be so cold How do you expectin' our seeds gonna grow? When you trap us in the gutter And show love, to the other muthafuckers While we right here starvin' at home I'd cry, if I thought, that me sheddin' a tear might help Then again, me sheddin' tears don't help Wanna call up to the President, and see if he know help Let him know you up shit creek yourself We all sinners Facin' the winter, with no socks, and no shoes In a position, where we all gonn' loose instead of penatentiaries, we gonna need more schools Or what the fuck is we gonna do? Sit around and let the world pass us by? Waitin' on a message from the Revrand And he ain't but another man, tryin' to get to heaven...

You Could Be Blind

DMX "The Great Depression"
[Chorus 2x] You could be blind But you gon' see it when you need to see it You gon' be fine 'Cause you gon' be here when you need to be here One of a kind First free your mind, and then you'll free your spirit Go where I go, dog in my life [Verse 1] Now if you start with dirt, then you start with hurt You start with 'Oh, you ain't got' Well here, take my shirt Start with work, blood and tears over the years Goin' through whatever we go through, we stickin' it out here Pups turn into dogs, tadpoles into frogs I'm just eatin' what's in front of me, ain't thinking about yours But I'ma keep my paws on what's mine Beg 'til I find Strapped 'til I'm blind A nigga that whatever I do, still gon' be able to spit this I'm wit' this, 'cause this is mine, you scared shitless Rap niggas can't fuck with the dog Never, could be twenty below outside I'm built for the weather It could be hotter than lava, I wouldn't bother to sweat Some of you niggas, form a following, but you startin' to forget I paid my dues, not only did you not wear But you would really love it If you could meet that cat that made my shoes C'mon! [Chorus 2x] [Verse 2] Now see, what I do is peep shit, keep shit low Keep paying attention to what you trying to show me Livin', but you never know, we livin' Don't give me what you don't owe me Don't tell me that you love me Don't talk shit, don't kill me slowly 'Cause a dog like me, is an only Meaning, hit another like you, truth hurts, but I can't be phony You always looking for bad, look at you mad But you won't be satisfied 'til it took what you had (Aight) I'm a thoro nigga, I keep my word And anybody that's ever met me, got love for me So I keep a heard And that shit y'all niggas told me got me fucked up in the head Went from, 'Yo, that's my dog' To, 'Yeah, that nigga dead' What the fuck is all this News to me Dog it's like shit ain't what it used to be See some niggas choose to be on the other side of the fence Keep riding with this, get fried in the mix C'mon! [Chorus 2x] [Verse 3] Now if it ain't that, then don't say that 'Cause I don't play that, y'all play that But the poke ain't black, damn, why you say that I thought that...what Nevermind, I just thought it We supposed to keep it real I destroy what I was taught Misery, love, company Now you niggas talikin' 'bout jumpin' me, pumpin' me Full of slugs, blood, stud with the love Damn, I just gave, what a real, nigga does Don't listen to the buzz, don't get caught up in the hype You'll lose everything that you worked for Trying to take a nigga's stripes Live life through life, and so on and so on That's when the grow on, man, get your flow on You niggas gettin' too old for this kid shit On the real, we all done did shit to get shit Snake shit, right is better, wrong is wrong Mo'herfucker, listen to this song You see what shit I'm on C'mon! [Chorus 4x]


Capone -N- Noreaga "The Reunion"
(Primo mixing - Noreaga talking) (CNN, CNN, Capone and Noreaga, you know what I'm sayin) (The invincible, untouchable, CNN) For all the niggas who keep askin, when CNN gonna do a joint with Premier Ha, we did it, we here now, y'all niggas can stop askin Go cop the fuckin album, The Reunion (The invincible, untouchable, CNN) (The invincible, untouchable, CNN) But right now, CNN and Premier nigga, do it like this nigga (Noreaga) Yo, yo Melvin Flynt drop, my whole collasso stop I can't believe I fucked up and made a half-ass album My excuse is, my pops just died, and I ain't wanna make music My pops just died My fans stuck with me, my shit still went gold I got a habit just to drive, gettin head and I roam CNN, we like the Grand Royal, I write rhymes with the Coke oil Yo, Apollo heat See me, sell ??? right with ??? creep Got out the club, seen the police, ??? deep I'm like Frank Mathis, see me blow my dough And any bitch givin head, if she blow I know Oh no, we had to go see Premo Taped it up, The Reunion, a brand new cut Up in D D, stayin with some rats and some sluts From the projects, she know we need our welfare cut (Chorus - Primo mixing CNN) CNN, Network Channel 10 Yo, it's all reality I'm in it to win it, sit back picture that Yo respect it, the legacy'll never end CNN, Network Channel 10 Yo, it's all reality I'm in it to win it, sit back picture that Yo respect it, the legacy'll never end (Capone) Premo, what up man Yo, I'm not rowdy but I bang niggas and I pop collas I grind for the top dollars, fight rotweilers Put my hand on the Bible, tell it to the judge I'm a lie for my dunn, take it in blood I'm dot com, I drop bombs, kill ya squad Live like I'm still in the yard 'til I pop ya god For my niggas in the Bridge, with the 50 dollar Panasonics and the blank 8's Who rap chronic collab jake Whether we have not or have cake We got gas to get that straight, we movin at a fast rate My last case I got bail My first one, man did indicted, how I write it, sister can't stand it I smoke bud, get pissy, who could flow with me Staggerin, bang like the wild Aficans Spit gutter on a Premo beat, for the love of the street The only child, my little brother was he (Chorus) (Noreaga) Yo, yo, my thugs is bilingual You see my shit speak Spanish Disappearing acts make your whole team vanish From coast to coast I got them things Badda-boom-badda-bing, he the glorious king Another album, another plaque, another ounce and another mac Another chromed out gat Another place to face where I lace you at I put all type a wholes in ya face black (Capone) Yo, yo, who think I don't got it? I'm like workin with a bird, I got long product Give it to you raw, won't chop it New York niggas is foul, we body sling shit in the val' Them pregnant fiends, killin they child I'm the next best thing to X , oral sex Brand new tecs, food stamps and welfare checks I'm the messiah, recognize it, political prisoner From the projects, I send shots where the cops is, nigga (Chorus) The invincible, untouchable, CNN The invincible, untouchable, CNN

Ski Mask

PROJECT PAT "Mista Don't Play"
(feat. Crunchy Black) [Hook:(rpt.2x)] Ski Ski mask over my skull papers in my mouth cause i'm real bitch it's a house call glock nine wit no love killaz from the south gotta bill caps that make the shells fall [Verse 1: Project Pat] Yeah as you walk in the vally of a yuppa nigga betta watch your mufuckin zippa dont step in shit that you cant handle walkin in the dark man, so you need a candle can yo ass pay off what chu was runnin wanna sell weed but chu stay gettin blunted cross head cutters from the hood now you dont want it just like a man to the deer you the hunted when they catch you you prepare for the slaughta don't be surprised you done stepped in they're quater kick in your door, put the gun to your daughta bizness is shit like seal but it poppa reachin for your shit all you had was a glocka mad madness on yea dogg, mufuckin choppa ski mask on they're face wit uh banana ready man to take care of all this damn, anda [Hook:(rpt.2x)] [Verse 2: Crunchy Black] Nigga fuck them niggas I aint payin'em shit if them niggas wanna come and get me, then come and get me don't be actin like no bitch and sendin words from niggas nigga straight up come down here and get me nigga Imma stick anda move Imma do what I do thats my job damn fool nigga robbin you evrybody know the game so the game is cool evrybody know C.B cause C.B act a fool nigga talk alot of shit but they don't wanna die niggas talk alot of shit but watch they bitch act a tried nigga bitch is a bitch and a ho is a ho and when you see me comin then I'm kickin in dow's layin bitches on the flo they know what I came fo all I came fo is money not cha fuck ass ho's bitch chu betta know the game cause the game is sold in and out in and out your fuckin dow's [Hook:(rpt.2x)] [Verse 3: Project Pat] [on phone] If you knowin I got rep to protect in this shit cliental I done delt those who crossed in a ditch where they lay bullets spray when I kill I'm the word get a piece of the pie off a crum or a bird I done payed off my dews I done been in his shoes that was me put them dead bodies on the damn news I got eyes watchin you and your fam-i-ly too I got ears in the street and you know how I do taken me for a fool I'm the nigga that chu came holla'in at for some work now you take it as a game I'm the main nigga here they don't wanna fuck up all this bullshit I hear, playa you den fucked up you be dead before you know body neva be found boy you betta get my dough for I put chu in the ground. Oh he hung the phone up he done blew my damn high callin real playas up cause this boy gotta die [Hook:(rpt.2x)]

Streets Of Oakland

Ant Banks
Lets do know fresh hoe shit... For 94 shit, bitch...That Ant Banks shit... No, you can't fade it doe...Lets do this shit, Banks! Let these hoes know... A nigga smooth hit a lick And shit i came up quick With some bumpin' ass beats And a gang of dick for the hoes Ant Banks just lay that shit And for the way I hit it You gotta pay me to quit, hoe Cause I'm all about the cashflow Sittin' back on somethin' phat I know your ass know Nigga comin' kinda tight for 94 Eyes on the prize, leavin' marks behind me, yo I'm still kickin' it, rollin' in my Benzo Fly day at mall and a boatload of endo Just tossin' in the town with the Badass! Hey, baby! What's up? Not you, bitch, with your fat ass! Bumpin' bitches with my loced out tactics Straight pimpgame is all that I practice You can find me on the strip Just actin' a fool I got love in the town cause I'm so damn cool I make the hoes wanna kick it And drop'em drawls And throw'em jaws all on my balls I run some drama on your mama Make her think I'm a square Knowin' goddamn well hat i'm a mothafuckin' player bitch! You betta do your home work Cause the nigga Ant Banks Is known for doin' dirt So any hoes wanna swing that ass: you can bring that ass and get nuts by the... The big badass, I'm from the Dangerous Crew... I'm havin' so many hoes, I don't know what to do... The big badass, I'm from the Dangerous Crew... So just fire up the dank and pass the brew... The big dick gangsta's in the house! The big dick gangsta's in the house! The big dick gangsta's in the house! Bitch! You can get a fat dick in your mouth... Makin' funky beats is my thang you know And my lane to fame is just a gang of dough And to kick it in the hood and hang with the hustlers Spit game to the hoes and bust after busters Bring a gat to your lap, do it just like that With the strap I pack, I lay you flat on your back So don't front on a nigga, just because I'm rappin' I put a crome to your dome You never knew what happen, nigga Uuuuh! You can't fade the Big Badass nigga cause you might get sprayed! See cause everybody knows the banksta The big dick gangsta who's fuckin' wit dank And clockin' the bank But wait I had to let the dank go Shit so damn poky I couldn't keep up with my bankroll So now I drink drank till I'm drunk Drip drag on these bitches till my dick gets suckin' With the game I spit I'm rulin', my brotha Game so damn tight, I have'em doin' each other, yo Just ask any bitch who's the badass And she'll tell you ass, nigga... The big badass, I'm from the Dangerous Crew... I'm havin' so many hoes, I don't know what to do... The big badass, I'm from the Dangerous Crew... So just fire up the dank and pass the brew... The big dick gangsta's in the house! The big dick gangsta's in the house! The big dick gangsta's in the house! Bitch! You can get a fat dick in your mouth... All I got is nuts for sluts who think they all that Hit me on a beep, bitch, I bet I won't call back Cause my mack is too strong and my dick is too long for your ass to shit on so little bitch get on! And don't trip, I do you like my nigga Blink Fuck you in a cog And won't stop till your shit don't stink And you'd think I'm a mothafucka, bitch? That's right, fuckin' mamas so tight And do the shit all night The Big Badass, I'ma foolin' this Nigga so damn cold, shit I think I'm the coolest, yo You know what i'm sayin'?

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