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MUSHROOMHEAD lyrics - Superbuick

Idle Worship

Original and similar lyrics
I've Got A Great Choice Of Career Staring Endlessly Into The Mirror I've Got A Blank Look On My Face Never To Ever Disappear, Disappear This Is My Chance At The Mirror This Is My Chance At The Mirror I Find I See Myself In Your Eyes Feel Your Regret, Taste Your Despise I Am Immune Still Insecure I've Been Things That Never, Ever Were Never Were This Is My Chance At The Mirror Wanting What's Behind Inside The Outside There's No Time To Hide Curiosities Outcry To Have And To Hold To Bend And To Mold Determine A Price Prepare To Be Sold All Is Commodity Deformities Oddities Exploit The Prodigy To Amuse Us All

Don't Give Up On Love

Tommy Page "Paintings In My Mind"
You told me you loved me just yesterday Now you tell me you're leaving I beg you to stay Our love started growing when I looked in your eyes And now I feel like dying 'Cause we're saying goodbye Hold on, hold on We can make it happen if we try Chorus: Don't give up on love this time Don't give up on us 'Cause true love is so hard to find Let's remember how it always was A one in a million gift from above Don't give up on love When I look at your picture hanging on my wall The memories start flashing And tears start to fall 'Cause deep down inside I've been trying to hide This smile on my face Is just a disguise


ANATHEMA "Alternative 4"
The fragments of connection died Some things just won't fade with time Hide behind a transparent eye You can't see me but I can you... Betray withouta moment's thought Regret nothing but getting caught Your time has come and here I stand Why should I hold out my hand to you... I could never turn to you Silenced by that look in your eye Feel I'm slipping back again Black cold night I toss and turn I'm sinking, feel so ...drained Shroud me, blind me sick, week, empty, drag me ...into pain I tried so hard, don't drown me, bound to me, self indulgently ...crazed Black as coal, my sunken soul, will it ever be ...saved? Come on and twist that knife again Well I'd like to see you fucking try Never going back again An anwer won't come from me Confront your own worst enemy What does your mirror see Is it time to face up to me?

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