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MURDERDOLLS lyrics - Beyond The Valley Of The Murderdolls

Slit My Wrist

Original and similar lyrics
Paranormal chicken geek Drugged up superstar fiend Genderbending galactic freak Sci-fi lobotomy Exorcism, circumcision Horrifying gruesome scene Bloodsuckers, a motherfucking Brain dead neurotic fiend [chorus] Sick, get sick on this You motherfuckers make me Wanna slit my wrist Sick, so sick of this I wanna slit my wrists A basketcase stitched-up face Be all you can be Chiller, killer, monster thriller Trigger happy zombie Radiation, masturbation Infect the other human beings Supersonic, chronic, vomit Barbed wire cock ring [chorus] Murder, murder, yes indeed K.I.L.L.I.N.G. Murder, murder, yes indeed K.I.L.L.I.N.G. [chorus]

Ballad Of Tom Jones

[tommy:] what did I do wrong? [cerys:] oh you nearly drove me cuckoo [tommy:] am I really all that bad? [cerys:] you're worse than hannibal lecter, charlie manson, freddy Krueger [tommy:] why are we still together? [cerys:] oh I can't leave you till you're dead f [tommy:] you mean till death do us part [cerys:] I mean like cyanide, strangulation or an axe to your head [tommy:] it was lucky for us I turned the radio on [cerys:] they say that music soothes the savage [tommy:] there was something in that voice that stopped us seeing red [both]: the two of us would surely have ended up dead You stopped us from killing each other (tom jones, tom jones) You'll never know but you saved our lives (tom jones, tom jones) [cerys:] i've never thrown my knickers at you [tommy:] and I don't come from wales [tommy:] still haven't solved our problem [cerys:] you mean we hate each other's guts [tommy:] still wanna poison your [cerys:] and I still wanna cut off your [tommy:] i phoned the marriage guidance [cerys:] i tied the phone line round your [tommy:] i'm sick of all this hatred [cerys:] well that'll be the arsenic making you sick [tommy:] you were about to drive me over the edge of a cliff

Closer To Myself

Kendall Payne
Digging deep, I feel my conscience burn I need to know who and what I am This hunger jolts me from complacency It rocks me, makes me meet myself Jacob walked a limp to remind him Of the greater gift of the greater one But when I fell, I fell to my own resources How can I carry a truth, if I can't even crawl to you? Chorus: I wanna feel something sweeter than this sin Cover me in leaves and roll me over again I've been everybody else now I wanna be Something closer to myself Paint me in a different light Shed me yet another coat of skin Mark me with ash until I'm clean again Cause I'm so sick and tired Of being sick and tired I know I can love you, I know that I can

So Sick

[Bert] I'm sick! [Ernie] What's the matter Bert? [Bert] I'm sick! [Ernie] Oh yeah? [Bert] I'm sick Ernie! Can't you tell that? [Ernie] You're sick? [Bert] I'm sick! [Ernie] You're sick? [Bert] I'm sick! [Ernie] Then you caught it! [Ernie] Boy you must know who it is who's sick! [Benefit] As my verse disperses the worst curses a person hurts worse than the first virgin's privacy purse burstin I walk around the underground as a powerful thundersound Wearing the low down profound lyrical wonder crown Advanced listening wrestlin with pressure expressions And steppin in as a special specimen fresher than freshman Obvious overdosage coasted it over oceans With explosive posts flyer than your promotional posters Skillfully killing willfully drilling syllable spilling Feeling really upsettable biting is edible stealing Walking around the planet, rocking the ground like granite Cocking my sound cannon and topping the sound famine Deliberate inconsiderate etiquette, Benefit's belligerence Spitting shit like laxative excrement Dove in a frozen ocean fell low below boastin The one chosen who rose exposin the flow erosion [Chorus - repeat 4X] So nice that it's nasty, so bangin it's bustin So sweet that it's sick, so dope it's disgustin [Benefit] I lead an expedition in vision and competition In a prison when deliverin witherin rhyme litterin Givin and never endeavoring ever clever however bringin it whether together or on solo feathers Sicker than liquor and medicine burnin and blisterin Leave your lights flickering quicker than strobes you're trippin in The high appointed, style anointed with ill delivery ointment On point with this like jointed presidential appointments Flashin full fashionable rational lyrical passion Glow bashin skulls burnin trash flows and watch ash grow Belittling with little men livin in oblivion Try batteling imaginin that they're hyper than Ritalin Simply deranged brain exchanged pain for gain Rearrange your frame to strange plain pattern with slain Bigger badder and better than all of your gold and cheddar When spreadin wing like medicine Men with ancient tribal lettering [Chorus] [Ben] Sick, sick, so sick [Bert] I'm sick, sick, sick! [Ben] Sick, sick, so sick

Nobody Make A Sound

Mac "Shell Shocked"
[2-4-1 talking] Alright, we got Mac, Magic, Fiend And fa sho we got 2-4-1 up in this bitch You know what I'm saying? And if any of you motherfuckers move Y'all gon get your fuckin heads blown off Ya heard me? [Mac] Alright, nobody move, nobody die If you thinkin about breathin, then I'ma open fire Tonight everybody's gonna die tonight Mr. Magic, you pat em down 2-4-1 y'all duct tape em And if anybody move Fiend gon disenegrate em Startin with you and you, cuz I told y'all not to breathe Now I want the rest of y'all to watch them motherfuckers bleed Throw down your rollies, your Gucci's, your 'Sace's And your new Jays, and your cellphones And anything else that cost over a hundred bones [Magic] Alright, I'ma pat everybody down So keep your heads to the floor Whoever in charge of this bitch better point me to the door I'm lookin for the loot, so me and my people can leave But any dis-cooperation and one of you bitches gon bleed I'm bout that drama, ask my mama, she ain't raise no punk I'm bout that murder, you motherfuckers better smell my trunk They call me Magic cuz I'm known for makin my victims disappear Fear? Naw nigga that shit ain't happen round here [Chorus - Mac] X 2 Now everybody lay it down Nobody make a sound I got fifty fuckin rounds [2-4-1] Lights beamin, we screamin, we gonna get cha 2-4-1 we're dumpin in the clip with the triggers We gotta be bad, you better get ready We're gonna do your ass like Jason, or either like Freddy The time has come, the clock has ticked Man hold up, this is your last trick Off the hook, it's the way, let us reign Niggas better know this ain't no motherfuckin game [Fiend] Now what I got to get it done? The M-1, I borrowed from Big Ed My chopper got a spittin tongue And when it hums, it speaks ya to death I ain't got no problem with you, well maybe I do You got what I want And either till you give it up, I'ma split ya up And don't think that I won't Don't got much time to tell about the murder tale To each one of y'all But that last motherfucker that ain't really wanna give it up Just be here with y'all What cha mean that nigga Fiend ain't got the gall? My nigga Mac gave the call Murder, murder, kill, kill, burn up all y'all [Chorus] X 3 [Mac] I told you bitches lay it down, everybody made a sound So we shuttin this bitch down, ya heard me?

Kill Murder

TWISTA "Legit Ballin' - Vol.2"
(feat. Turtle Banxx) [Turtle Banxx] most of you motherfuckers is comical the rule like me is impossible verbally illogical I took the heat and then followed you to your residence and spread your molecules blood floods your follicles damn right we don't acknowledge you the streets got eyes of leopard for telling niggas to up weaponry when they see your ass blast and feed your ass to the fish life's a bitch that'll suck ya dick and tell them guys we hit that cash kick ass nigga they coming for the whole pie old time guys that wont be satisfied till you lay in a grave wont be satisfied till the location of the safe cave some were shining too much so I hide in the shade the minute you made this move gave him one to his brain [chorus] kill kill kill murder murder murder kill kill kill murder murder murder in every video its kill kill kill murder murder murder in every studio its kill kill kill murder murder murder and tell me who ya know that kill kill kill murder murder murder in every video its kill kill kill murder murder murder in every studio its kill kill kill murder murder murder and tell me who ya know that kill kill kill murder murder murder [Turtle Banxx] now I roll like minutes and foes with killers that fold idiotic motherfuckers smokin 'dro by the O's more by the box so whats this is how we rock it beats by Cayex and Toxic China White find a mic imagine you cant stop it enough of profit haters make me sick stay on the dick talking like they made me rich bitch please face it legit ballin gave me this and you cant take me cause you cant make it in this game you gotta hate it niggas kill me with that weak shit come around on street shit guns that don't reach shit in a talk of insanity deaths wanted at your ass blast your identity ain't no hoes over you ain't know we don't fold we monopolize and ostracize hoes bitch ass niggas that try to rise I'm sick of the die sick of the knives sick of the guy that say [chorus] [Twista] I had smoked three fillos falling on these spindles its Twist and T Bizzle when i blast heat metal he like like beat bittles we little niggas act like the heart and the heartless that still bust contrages that rip through cartilage turn these mortals into gods and godesses I bury ya slug in them haters claiming they veins pump up burying blood turns out y'all the scariest thug on my nutsac thats how I get into sack sorrow hollows I spit at ya jag if he don't die he gonna shit in a bag from K Town to V.I.P. ain't no V.I.P. ain't no three I.D.'s that'll get you to a place where we got keys and peas off our trees controversy wild niggas thats thirsty and bodily fluids smoking terror that'll smell bloody hands on your soul like mascara disciples of death you wont even hear fears in they cry don't you hear that cold in they throat and see they tears in they eyes my niggas rhyme thats all I love put a bullet to the sky but a nigga gotta die if he call my blood so watch it when you say [chorus] kill kill kill murder murder murder kill kill kill murder murder murder kill kill kill murder murder murder kill kill kill

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