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MURDERDOLLS lyrics - Beyond The Valley Of The Murderdolls

People Hate Me

Original and similar lyrics
I'm wretched, I'm infested, rejected and infected I'm a loser, I'm a winner, a born-again sinner Cut my throat and watch me bleed, addicted tragedy And I hate you and you hate me So stand in line motherfuckers don't waste my time [pre-chorus] See me in the headlines Manipulate your simple minds So put your hands up and praise I'm your god and you're my slave [chorus] And people hate me, cause I'm better than you And people hate me And that's the motherfucking truth People hate me and you can all fuck off I'm perfect, pissed off, beautiful, I'm God I'm a hooker, I'm your priest I'm you brand new disease I'm Satan with distortion, your overdue abortion And now I'm singing out of key, the God of your T.V. And all you children will worship me So give me drugs, your bitches, and your S.T.D's [pre-chorus/chorus] I'm wicked and addicted, middle-finger double-fisted I'm neurotic drug-induced and chemically abused Cut my throat and watch me bleed Addicted tragedy And I hate you and you hate me Wipe the snot onto my sleeve For I'm your new disease See me in the headlines Manipulate your simple minds So put your hands up and praise, I'm your God... I'm homicide on parade, a bloody nose, serenade I'm a human hand grenade I'll never rot and never go away [chorus]

Come As You Are

AUDIO PUSH "Come As You Are"
I go to sleep wide awake and I wake up tired You niggas go to sleep as rappers and wake up fired If this is the first thing you hearing then dammit you already late This is perfect, I start with all things I hate, like this I hate people that follow trends and wear the same fashion I don't like people that hear whack music and say it's classic I hate when people bring up, teach me how to jerk 'Cause now my lyrics merk and they just salty I'm amazing at it Bring it back, it's time for me to address stress over these niggas I'm having a hard time getting impressed over these niggas I think that you're gonna hear this and think that it's a negative song When you should just change and prove my negative's wrong Moving on, I hate people that don't rep their home town in fear of being lame Y'all said it, I hate people that don't rep their home town in fear of being lame The game don't change 'cause it's like so many people try to be whole in fear of being dame As these new boys wings get clipped by the new young guns of the game So don't crisscross my words, nigga, you don't hear this from California So I just we're just outcasts, now can you smell the stink on you? What the fuck is up? These niggas fucking nuts off of that endo, not even a little Nigga, this is the intro and your problems are stronger than your legs And you can't run very far so grab your sins and your friends and come as you are Heavenly Father, please keep Satan far from my path And keep these fake frauds and trifling broads away from my stash They say when you give, don't give to receive and give what you feel So if I'm gonna give y'all anything, I'm gonna give y'all everything Now close your eyes and picture this crib with no grass in the front With a Ford Taurus in the driveway with no gas so it putts All the way to school, momma asking if I'm a pass or gonna flunk 'Cause I sit in class writing raps all day 'cause I got the passion to stunt But I didn't need no class to pass 'cause I know the math Used to rock my Pro Clubs inside out just to show the tag Southern California where them light skin bitches know they bad From the era where niggas love their mommas but don't know they dads But momma raised me well, all by herself Even though we used to bump heads, I be pissed off on that bunk bed Slamming doors, talking slick, acting like I'm running shit Party jumping on the weekend but I'm stuck on punishment Get fed up and I move out, her pride high, she let me go So work with HT, my big homie, he help me grow Told me get to the music, be careful who you trust Two things you better not ever give that's up or a fuck, nigga, what So I teamed up with Oktane, seen the top we made, the plot to take the spot Like fucking not, we kicking doors and breaking locks Deep lockdown, Pete got so many styles, kissing bitches that look like Jada Pinkett She Gucci wow, wow, now Since we made it, jerk it, it's on the world, we repped in like white boy sign They can't rap, it's all these discussions, hoe you mean to tell me Since we dance our music ain't bumpy? 'Cause please, let's not forget, 2Pac was on stage humpty humping Back up dancing like like he was cooking, when in fact he was good at rapping that Just to say your judgment ain't best, just shooting gap I pray to Christ and wish my haters confusion, I eat nine on nine, forever lost in the music Come as you are

Old School Flow

Let me start off with the old school flow [x2] Snap back, backpack, rat-a-tat, go Swagger at the knapsack, who know I could rap that? Tell me where the cash at I'll tell you where the smash at Number one hits I got number one flicks and the number one kicks and number one chicks Fast like Gordan and my jams like Jordan and my Tims like Hortons and my jets all aboard in and my wheels are like a fortune and it feels like extortion Is it for the fame or for the fortune? Like this, mic this so I can re-sight this People in their basements say that I didn't write this People say I'm white so I couldn't do it like this Checks like Nike let me give you a good night kiss Well I'm a little bit sick of it, listening to bickering like picking on a little kid like taking all his licorice I hate it when they littering I hate to be illiterate I literally am doing deeds, riddling Cheese like Gouda and my soul like Buddha and Imma go right threw ya and I'm so much cooler and I don't need Luda to know that I'm the ruler and I'm so much cooler you should call me Ferris Bueller.

For The Dreamers

JON BELLION "Translations Through Speakers"
Ohhhhohhhohhhohhhh ladadadadada Ohhhhohhhohhhohhhh ladadadadada Ohhhhohhhohhhohhhh ladadadadada Ohhhhohhhohhhohhhh See it went from talking shit loud To graduating to whispers Still chilling painting pictures with the hipsters And since I produced the record Please hold while I insert A bassline dirtier than kissing on your sister (ew) Still clearing 30 racks, cigarrettes, and leather jackets Pimp coats, and feathered hats Lose the phone, never that My mother's cooking sauce I'm more Italian than Sinatra's kids Fashion is a chore to me I'm partying in moccasins Rocking with the scholars Then taking shots up with the college kids Please don't try and copy me You're cheating while I'm proctoring Positively optimistic Hopping on the opposite Of every single thing they ever told me to do So put the hate down and watch me spazz out To sounds Jon Lennon would be proud of Put the hate down and watch me spazz out To sounds Jon Lennon would be proud- [Hook:] Ohhh as I take off on an airplane I realize the dream that I'm chasing is true Yeah I'm afraid of heights But I'm not afraid to fly [x4:] Let me hear the dreamers yo Ohhhhohhhohhhohhhh ladadadadada [Blaque Keyz:] Yeah, for a proper introduction This is keys without the locksmith A new year, I'm tired of rapping on that nonchalant tip You scholars think you can roast my associate with hot shit You're hopeless, cause this bachelor is a master when a doc spits Work all day and laid back collecting bills at night We're fly enough to make the sell see us, still we're fearing heights Waiting to blow, getting impatient, I've been chasing Mister myers with a knife Flipping the script because I'm killing mic's My entourage is a bunch of guys Who walk around mauling all the moms in every mall With that sharpened claws Not talking santa or a certain type of grammar I'm a standout Not handing handouts to all your open paws So put the hate down watch me spazz out To sounds Kurtis Blow would be proud of Put the hate down and watch me spazz out Yo sounds Kurtis Blow would be proud- [Hook] [x5:] Never wake up from your dreams (your dreams)

Contaminated Minds

UB40 "UB40"
Some people search for the holy grail Run round in circles and chase their own tails But you can't really blame them for clutching at straws For weeding some truth in our morals and laws Some people say that revolution will descend On this madness end this confusion But we've all heard the privileged boast and preach And the promised land we want is still out of reach I once knew a man who wore self-righteousness Like a medal on his inflated chest He hated all people for breaking his rules Looked down with distaste on the cowards and fools He lived like a king in his castle of stone And sneered at the man who worked hard for his home He knew all the right words and who to defend And would be with conviction the working mans friend Contaminated minds play judge and jury too But contaminated minds are blind to truth Contaminated minds speak with loudest voice But not everybody has the luxury of choice

The Game

Ice Station Zero "For President"
Who do you know - knowing who to trust Walking the walk - putting up with the fuss Seeing through lies - learning the game Connecting the people - to carry the name Constantly waiting - never know what to expect Avoid allowing - your ride to wreck It's all a game anyway you say it It's all a game anyway you play it It's all a game It's how to convince - control an audience What's cool - and what they should do 'Cause it's a simple language - for those simple minds Repetition is crucial - and universal appeal It's reaching a wide - vast amount of people Learning what works - having tricks are a plus Too much soul to please Determined like a disease, as we seize The license to achieve, that's where we are climbing, Always nickel diming, just trying, soon we'll be flying to a beat.... of a different song. ICE STATION ZERO'S what's going on. Questions, we got all the answers, get in your veins like a cancer. Run with this, but feeling overwhelmed, well, court's dismissed. It's all a game This game is brutal - the reward is sweet Always watch your back - so they don't chop off your feet Have your inner circle - woven be strong 'Cause one moment you're a hit - the next you're gone Would you care to play - you know the rules Checkmates on your pawn - out the door with the fools

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