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MS. JADE lyrics - Girl Interrupted

Damn Rightt

Original and similar lyrics
(feat. Bubba Sparxxx) [Intro Ms. Jade] Uh, Ms. Jade, yeah It's like that old 'back in the day' house party Dance contest shit right here [Verse 1 Ms. Jade] They got me, watcin' my back, looking over my shoulder I'm the best part of wakin' up, like a cup of Folgers I'm the oldest and the youngest at the same time Assitent to the beat, like we both got the same mind I got the feelin' for the flava of the figgas Ya'll dont know what ya'll done triggered Squad'll ride and turn big whipper, they love me From block niggas that shot cracks, college boys Them niggas with dreads and knapsacks I spit greasy like an S curl I don't just get 'em naucious I make them muthafuckas hurl Step it up, next level once I get involved Back flip, kick, then I spit like I'm Lara Croft The game is off, I made every shot, from every block Hydro to the ready rock, I semi pop like I got beef wit ya Dem things gonna get cha, better bring ya peeps wit ya [Chorus Bubba (Ms. Jade)] Is you a problem for them faggot boys (Damn right) Would you finish off this bottle wit me (Damn right) Could you lose it all to get some more (Damn right) Do you eat, sleep and shit Philly (Damn right) [2x] [Verse 2 Ms. Jade] Since I was suckin' on bottles, and playin' wit my rattles Cocky wit the flow, plus I'm itchin' for a battle Grab you and choke you up, toss you in the corner Flows make you drown when you sinkin' in the water Callin' for the coroner, funeral in Florida Ya'll don't wanna deal with this broad, nigga i'm warnin' ya Hot like Timmy, push ya buttons like I'm Jimmy Peep shit, street shit, Broady game in me It's a gimmick, fuck the house, I'll take it to the limit Turn ugly like a gremlin, if you messin' wit my spinach Smoke green in them Bonaville seats, lean Ms. Jade, need an army to beat me I gotta stuff you, one time you'll get it A little talent but you don't know what to do with it I'm through wit it, all that other shit is minor Key element, right next to water, sun and fire I'm from the 215, so ya'll guys better recognize Handle half and leave the rest to God Nothin' to lose and somethin' to prove I save the bender for the suckas, shit I'm breakin' the rules [Chorus 2x] [Verse 3 Ms. Jade] Ain't no way ya'll folks don't smell what I'm preparin' I ain't carin' 'bout ya mom, pop or aunt Karen I do damage on a daily basis Words boil you like hot soup and I'll let you taste it I'm the bang bang, minus the chitty cocksucka Born like 16th Street to the damn Ruckas I'm dumb nice, ruin ya dumb lives See a watch but you broke, look at ya dumb ice Sometimes I feel outta place cuz I stick out like a sore thumb Wild out so I can't wait 'til the tour come I'm like Gladys without them damn Pips Plus I smoke on them L's til my fingernails is black tips I'm so hip, ya'll see the shit that I be on Talk tough, niggas be like plastic like neons I'm disgusting, known for ball bustin' Crushin', bluffin', dustin', it's nothin' [Chorus 5x]


[50 Cent] Yo, yo we can't stay alive forever So if shit hit the fan then we might as well die together I'm high as ever, more holes and more cheddar G-Unit move around wit them pounds and berreta's Yea faggot, if I want it I'm gon' have it Regardless if it's handed to me or I gotta grab it Don't make a ass outta yaself tryin to stop me I'm cocky, raps rocky, nigga you sloppy You know that I'm, 8 levels above you nigga I'll club you nigga, I never heard of you nigga, ugly nigga I'm the wrong one to provoke You rattin on niggas is only gon' leave you smoke So the only thing left now is tools for these cowrads I got no friends, fuck most of these cowards They pop shit 'till we start approaching these cowards While we lay around dollars, they lay around flowers [Lloyd Banks] I got a intergangstress who argue and steams wit reefer And who flip when I call a bitch like she Queen Latifah Not all the vehicle's is long enough to stash the streetsweeper This shit can get uglier than the Master P sneaker We slidin through the ruckus, wit prada on the chuckus Soon as spring break ho's home from college wanna fuck us I ain't here to drop knowledge on you suckas I'll sick rottweiler's on you fuckas, cops followin to cuff us Top dollars to discuss this, whole lotta zeros When it comes to paper I blow a soul outta aero I'ma break before I lay floor berry Besides, every rapper ain't a star, nigga plad ain't bulbary You can't tame Lloyd, smokin by the big screen You changin the channel looks like I'm playin the game boy I know to watch botherin ya vision You reach and I'll put a dot on ya head like its part of yo religion Why party wit a pigeon? I'm blowin a 10 cuz Bush handin flyers for a party in a prison I'm in the gucci vest wit the green and red straps I'm the last rapper to scare niggas since Craig Mack Now every morning's a fast start And there aint problem gettin dressed cuz my closet got more aisles than pathmark Run, move startin a wave and leave wit 12 shells in ya mouth like a carton of eggs I'm the young pimp pardon my age I don't got long hair but if I did she be puttin my braids Niggas find what club they at take 'em wit us, and run a train on 'em like a subway mac get advances from grey agra see these record labels got most artists gettin fucked like the gay rappa' i go the college on the tour I'm goin down in history nigga, next to Wallace and Shakur I keep ya ammo clean, text polished in the drawer Camera's by the hamper that mine into the floor by now, you probably heard of me fresh outta surgery, flashy as a fuck, you gon' have to murder me Burglary, I'm leavin wit cha nike's bergendy, White T, bergendy you match now, back down niggas love to hate you, but love you when you disappear catch me on the boat wit weed smoke and official gear heavy when I toke, C notes from different years Besly in the robe, re-motes for liftin chairs You ain't rich, but we glad to snatch ya I send cars to crib like I'm a cab dispatcha you better off wit ya stupid guys, lookin for a coupe to drive you ain't gettin nuttin but ya french fries supersized it's a damn shame y'all still local I'm in a million dollar studio layin my vocals Nigga [50 Cent] Still in the projects nigga, you ain't goin nowhere you gon' fuckin be there for the rest of yo muthafuckin life and yo momma said, I'm supposed to tell you somethin..... to encourage you, somethin positive aight well I ain't gon' lie to you muthafucka, he ain't goin nowhere get yaself a beer, get on the fuckin curve fuckin dirtbag

Stack Your Grip

Doja Clik "Speed Kills"
But they ain't knowin' no What you talkin' bout you fumblin' game out your mouth Better put some stick on your grip and get on a paper route Cause cream ain't to be fucked with and that's the truth this gamology Better soak it up and be a hundred proof Cause you can't be the shit slangin' woof tickets You better buy you some stick with it cause game is unlimited Flippin' shit rippin' shit Young Ren is so versitile, you heard my style is buck wild But in the meanwhile, motherfuckers in my city want to do what I do But they P-H me behind my back, why don't you do that, raps are through Talkin' loud is sayin' nothin', your ass is bluffin' Just cause everyone is ?, rappin' don't mean that you gonna be slumpin' I only fuck with the infederal, individuals gettin' pulled Them player hater searches are makin' Young Ren a criminal Really though, you don't know shit, I put that on my dick Fuck a bitch and a snitch, It's all about my grip Surrender to my will, submit to my game My daddy just like you want it, broke down like dank Doja sticky who's with me, yo you ain't no That this the mackaholic straight lacin' you hoes Day to day I'm forced to deal with this bullshit Motherfuckers runnin' around with a hole in they lip Just a talkin' loud but ain't sayin' a damn Then when I come around smilin' in my face like we pals Nigga.. fuck you, suck my dick, I gives a damn, that's how I am And if you want lets trip, with this some serious, curious Niggas get fucked, I grap my dick, cock, then bust a nut Dear Lord forgive me but my future's lookin' dirty and plain I don't see shit but the motherfuckin' paper I make My daughter's older and now she talkin' to me And she makin' more sense than these punks on the street Daddy get paid is what she say, so I do it that way Be about my paper fuck I hate to win if I play This game ain't no joke, how can I be broke When I on the streets 24-7 and mo' I wamp stack in ? by spittin' it real, movin' the crowd Niggas say they do, but don't do, they just talk loud Why you loud talkin' when you should be stackin' mayo Recognize this hustle not erdayo Your game is frail, smash you like play dough Say hoe, have you ever met Mr. fo'- fo' Cause your mouth is runnin', and it's time for gunnin' Your brain is numbin', off them hot slugs that are hummin' Suckas loud mouth, fakin' all the funk Loud mouth mre for a cent, and I'm tearin' shit up No mercy, you heard me, bitches ain't shit I don't play, go the wrong way, I'm flippin' yo' script I'm from Stockton, Cali, E-D-C, so killa Young Ren, the D-O-G With the mackaholic, spittin' game Never loud talk in the mouth for money, pushin' your fame You got a big mouth like Jimmy Heart, but you don't got Nuts to back it up, I slap you, and you won't give a fuck Where do we go from here, that be, I got me towed down It's a new brand year Everybody love my flow now, all you hoes goin' wild Wanna fuck with the kid AKA Omen Child, I'm terrible Oh no I thought you knew, don't be surprised I fucked with the foundation nation true Who's to blame, when your brain dead stuck in a ditch Inside out with your mouth full of dick So take caution, when you see me slide through the crowd With my evil grin, I mack a bitch while you get loud Yeah Motherfuckers bout be runnin' faster than Luis and shit You know what I'm talkin' about Shit Talkin' loud but sayin' nothin' I ain't sayin' shit I don't know Motherfuckers just so lame in the game Better just recognize Trick ass bitch better listen Soaks ya like a spunge Do shit my way And get hung, biyatch Hoes get hung Motherfuckers wanna know Doja sticky Clickin' when it's finished And mackaholic and we out

Scream Double R

EVE "Scorpion"
(feat. DMX) [The chorus is drowned out and in the back round] [Chorus (x2)] [Eve (DMX)] Get that ass up and Scream Double R (What!) We ain't going nowhere we made it this far (Uh -1st time come on - 2nd) Let me see my, my dogs [growls] Let me hear my, my dogs [Barks] [DMX (Over Chorus)] Uh, What, Uh, My Baby, My, Baby, That's my baby COME ON! [DMX] Time to hit y'all cats with another joint from Eve and the dog And you know how we do baby creep in the fog Now hold it down for the fellas, hold it down for the girls Keep motherfuckers knowing this rap shit is our world (WHAT!) Been there and done that (UH), had fun where the run at (UH) Don't got to shoot a motherfucker no more so put the gun back (UH) Pay niggas to do that, cause they a lot better at it Keep the burner in the truck cause well you got to have it (aight) It's an unwritten law (uh huh) Let a faggot open that unwritten door (uh huh) Hit 'em with four (uh) hairline to the jaw (WHAT!) That's what I'm aiming at We going to get that nigga X aight well keep saying that Eve I wish you the best and I'll always love you (what) Never hear me say FUCK YOU because I love you (what) Always here for you when somebody else is not (uh) A dog and his bitch blowing up the spot Come on [Chorus sounding regular] [Chorus (x2)] [Eve] It should be against the law, me and the dog like a brawl And the only thing that can help you is God and you should call on him Weak sight, the streets like, creep like Cause they got each other's she bark and he bite It ain't strange you cats know the name Double R scream it bubble hard it's a shame Realest niggas doing it, them clowns they ruin it Shut 'em down give 'em pounds cause palms go glue in it Sticky finger niggas steal each other's style Claiming how they started things not original Cats they get caught up in the glitter and glam If that's the case you should be considered a fan I'm like tired of the same beats that claim streets Doing nothing but ducking from the hood got the same speech Only one you feeling is you niggas know the deal Industry, fuck it, in the streets keep it real, nigga [Chorus (x2)] [DMX] Since the beginning we both knew we was winning Cause we been in all type of shit (uh) but kept on spitting, hitting Niggas in the head with that shit that let 'em know it was the truth So they feel that cause it's real black (WHAT!) We never going to stop (uh), no matter what they say (uh) No matter what they do (uh) they'll never take it away (Come On) What the Lord give you let no man curse E-V-E and DMX from the birth to the earth [Eve] Why they sick cause we still close thought that it was over Cats trying to tear us apart dogs got closer All the shit we deal with only make us stronger Try to do a lot of shit but they can't belong to For real niggas scared us, steady catching them bluffing What you say shut up nigga saying much of nothing Act like they don't want it but they demand it Double R keep it hard and niggas can't stand it [Chorus (x3)]

What You Want

P. DIDDY "Forever"
[Intro] Ladies and gentlemen We are gathered here today To join I see it, yeah Yeah, yeah I like this right here Yeah, yeah One-Two, One-Two, in the place to be As you can see I am the crush groovin' There's a whole lot of stars be groovin' in here tonight The record breaking and the record making Yeah, yeah, turn this up From the states to over seas Every city in between I hit the scene Catch fire like kerosene Geting paid for more then a decade We been blazing, y'all wasn't ready for the PD invasion Caught you off guard, got bitches, got cars Healin' war scars, puff smoke out of the jar Catch flights to and fro, nigga who you know No one important, just another nigga flossing Gotta seal, what I'm touching is real You just a clone wit' a production deal I sailed the seven seas and kept my head above the water Sorry I left you, but now I am back for ya But it's like we never bounced, platinum from word of mouth Hottest niggas out Alot better, the shit's too strong I'm home now, daddy's been gone too long 1 - [Lil' Kim] What you niggas want Wanna talk slick Wanna do shit, try shit, new shit Who you fucking wit' You and your weak clique Bitch you creep wit' got you in some deep shit You coppin' pleas now, it ain't a secret Trying to be niggas you can't even speak with You can't run, you can't hide Bad Boy 'till the day we die Tell they all like Jordan in the fall On top of the hill like Lauren, Killing 'Em Soft' What you grillin' me for Kept my name good, we from the same hood Made some change, put the range wit' the stained wood Now chicks, they keep they eyes on me Wanna grind on me Haters plotting so I keep my nine on me You can't stop 'em when them shells is popping Look good to the public eye, your streets is watching At all times, put it all on the line Without a care dreams of cream turn to nightmares No one to talk to, don't know who to trust Got your gun out and don't know who to bust It get like that though, when you stack that dough Can't run from it yo, that's when they get close So put up you guards, keep faith in God I promise y'all the world'll be ours Repeat 1 Your games amaze, but alot of ways, many choices Can't sleep, when I do I hear voices Speakin' loud and clear, wait 'till you come out this year So I listen back cause the street is missing that What a world we live in So cold I'm shivering, slipping Gotta work with what I'm given, shit Bitches is trifling, hands out grabbin' Niggas hating, scheming and back stabbin' That's why they hang around you, just to be seen Type to leave a gun fight wit' a full magazine No blood, not hit, chamber ain't warm What part of the game is this And who's side you on Can't be out for wealth and out for self, won't work Find yourself tucked and surrounded by dirt In a verse I show the whole earth my work It got to get better because it can't get no worse Repeat 1 Repeat 1

My Enemies

J-KWON "Hood Hop"
(feat. Jermaine Dupri) [Jermaine Dupri chorus] They my enemies Dressed in my friends clothes Dick ridin thinkin I don't know They my enemies Dressed in my friends clothes Smile in my face but pop shit behind door [J.D Bridge] I wake up, knowin' I'm bout to see em' all in my face Like what up, these mutha fuckers all over the place I'm fed up, Homie I'm angry and I need me my space And good luck, wit all that thinkin' you goin take my place It's alot of niggas in this club popin' bub thats foney Actin like they got nothing but love for the homie Straight 2 faced like them niggas at Sony (now ain't you the mayor) I'm the one and only For the longest me and my niggas Been hittin this town like a storm And now you gotta see me and Penny arm to arm One day you'll get it Keep tryin nigga Yeah right you ballin, keep tryin nigga I know alot of ballers Half of em' hate me Bankrupt, bitch you must ain't see my moms lately Be damned if you like me Give a fuck what you rate me I only know 2 words And nigga thats pay me Now we finna stop talkin shit about J.D Cuz he been doin' this shit since yall was babies How you goin' try to degrade me Yall aint my friends nigga I ain't crazy [J.D Chorus] [J.D Bridge] [J-kwon] Now I'm what can chill Till the moment I lose mine And when I lose mines Gun stores gone lose nines I thought you knew Kwon keep 8 on the waist line I'm from the Lou Kwon flip H to waist time I spit it, for niggas who don't fee my shit She a whore I don't like her You can get on my bitch She want a war, what for I'll peel this bitch Body lifted gun wit it I don't need this shit You my enemie Dressed in my friends clothes But when I shoot I do better Than Shaq doin free throws A bunch of niggas trippin That got the game wrong A bunch of niggas fealin like me who bumpin' the same song I'm evil, why you think you goin take my spot Waitin till my album drop quit thinkin you pop And you rappin hard core When oyu knowin you pop And you sayin you a realla when you knowin you not [J.D chorus] [J.D Bridge]

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