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MORCHEEBA lyrics - Charango

Way Beyond

Original and similar lyrics
Driving with your Handbrake on But you can't smell the burning Colliding with oblivion Just to keep heads turning Man i want some, pretty cash It's ugly all that saving Cause we could get so fabulous When we're out Rolex raving No craving Oh we're way beyond our means To buy these crazy things Oh we're wasting our whole lives In the struggle to survive Get yourself in Debt for me The grass don't get no greener Have it all so far upfront It doesn't take a dreamer A beamer Oh we're way beyond our means We love these spending sprees Oh we're wasting all our time On some production line But diving down the web we chute We'll be ok if we uproot Cause i don't mean no heavy family Holding me Oh we're way beyond our means To buy these crazy things Oh we're making them Swiss Francs To burst there private banks Oh we're way beyond our means We love these spending sprees Oh we're wasting our whole lives In a struggle to survive

Crazy Games

MARY J BLIGE "No More Drama"
Verse 1: Once he seen you get so comfortable Never wantin to commit fo sho Always lying bout the girl next door That's how all these things began You let you gaurd down and he does you in All you secrets hes been holdin that in To throw back at you when it benifits him So he can go and play with all his chickens Chorus: Tell me where the lyin and the front begun Why you playin wit me cuz it ain't fun How can it be two if I'm your only one That's how crazy this game is Workin so hard to complete ourselves Never thinkin that our love was on the shelf Livin our life like there was no one else That's how crazy this game is Verse 2: Who you messin with cuz all the games you play Oh you didn't know my name was Mary J All the chicks you hear that heard they all look slave tryin ta gas me sayin things have changed Now your like the furthest thing from my brain Never thought I had to say it to you this way All these years I been with you boy I feel so played Now I need to go jump in my blazer (chorus) Marys say: 'This is one thing I will not tolerate' I'm not........... for this.......... abusive........relation..........reclusive... excuses...........for evolution. When you play.........with games.......its starts.......possessive.......obsession..........statement. (chorus)

When In Love

MC LYTE "Act Like You Know"
[only vocal parts feat. MC Lyte are shown] When in Love (3X) When in love you might cuss and fuss and fight But at the end of the night, everything is alright Drips of tears turn into drops of sweat It'll only get as wet as I let it baby I love hard, I've done some effed up things from kicking them in the Nerfs, to throwin away his ring So if you love me, love me and stay with me But you can walk if your plan is to play me I'm not embarassed, nor am I ashamed To say once in the past, I've been gamed But that was then, and this is now And there's no way damn it, there's no how Although you gotta go through the good and the bad Pray to the one up above it's not a fad You'll do some crazy things when in love Those in love know what I'm speakin of When in Love When in love you do things that are strange Look back and say, I must have been deranged! I'm talkin like pickin your lover's nose cooking his food and washing his clothes And if you thought that was goin too far What about givin him the keys to your car? You could be partyin and havin a ball but you stop and check your messages to see if he called How about sittin in the house all night waitin for the phone to ring -- that ain't right! But you do it anyway cause you love him to death And if he was dyin, you'd give your last breath You gotta go through the good and the bad Pray to the one up above it's not a fad You'll do some crazy things when in love Those in love know what I'm speakin of When in Love (2X) When in love you go out your way to please him Wait outside his job, hope that you see him And guys buy girls some serious things like two-seater cars and diamond rings I know what happens, she got you strung Guess it doesn't matter long as you're having fun Love'll make you do some crazy things Meet a married man and then have a fling Like Babyface said, Love makes things happen It's most important, to hear what I'm rappin Someone in love better take your time Cause love sometimes make one commit crimes Although you gotta go through the good and the bad Pray to the one up above it's not a fad You'll do some crazy things when in love Those in love know what I'm speakin of When in Love (6X)


I love this Oh my god Oops Uh Uh Who Oops [Chorus:] Who Yeah who, I do I be lovin' who Yeah who Ask who cares about you I care about you My love for you has got me goin' crazy I thought we could possibly maybe Get together and start something No other person in this world Could make me feel like a little shy girl There's nothing I won't do for you [Bridge:] I'll comfort you, be kind to you And I'll be strength to you I'll sing to you, won't cling to you In everything you do I'll pamper you, won't hamper you From all the things you wanna do I'll care for you, make love to you And I'll be good to you I'll brighten you, enlighten you With every silly mood I'll fight for you, what's right for you But all you really gotta know is [Chorus] When I'm around you become such a mess Your tongue is tied, your weak confess And it makes my spirit fly every time Your love for me, I don't wanna change Even though you can do and say some crazy things There's nothing in this I wouldn't do for you [Bridge] [Chorus 2x] [Bridge] [Chorus 3x (Bridge In Background Second Time)]

Crazy On You

(chorus) tell myself that i was doin' alright there's nothin' left to do at night, but to go crazy on you crazy on, let me go crazy crazy on you. (1st verse) cant yuu see what you do to me baby you make me crazy you make me act like a maniac./i'm like a lunatic, you make me sick you're truly the only one who can do this to me you just make me get so crazy./ i go schizo, i get so insane i go schizophrenic, one minute i wanna slit your throat the next i wanna sex./ you make me crazy the way we act like two maniacs in the sack we fuck like two jack rabbits/ and maybe thats a bad habit/ 'cause the next day we're right back at it/ in the exact same pattern./ what the fuck is the matter with us/ we cant figure out if its lust/ or its love that is attracting us to each other/ they say that everyman grows up to marry his own mother/ which would explain why you're such a motherfucking bitch but i stay and stick with you even though i just hit you today/ but you deserved it you hit me first and provoked me to choke you/ just cause i came home late last night crawled in bed and i woke you/ but if there's one thing about you that i admire/ its baby because you stay with me maybe cause you're as crazy as i am/ cause when i look at you i can see an angel in your eyes/ but if i look deeper inside i see a freakish little side./ like a devil in disguise you're always full of surprises/ always pulling devices out your purse little vibrators/ and dildos you fucked yourself so much you baely feel those anymore/ you're only 24 but you're plenty more mature/ than those other little hoes who just act like little girls/ like they're in middleschool/ still/ you're crazy sexy cool chill you play your position, you never step out of line/ even though i stay in your business you've always kept out of mine./ i wonder what's on your mind sometimes they say love is blind/ maybe that's why the first time i dotted your eye you didnt see the sign/ or maybe you did/ maybe you like being shoved/ maybe cause we're crazy in love. (chorus) (2nd verse) you are the ink to my paper, what my pen is to my pad,/ the moral, the very fiber the whole substance to my rap./ you are my reason for being the meaning of my existence/ if it wasnt for you i would never be able to spit as this intense as i do and the irony is you rely on me as much as i rely on you/ to inspire me like you do./ you provide me the lighter fluid the fuel to my fire/ you're my entire supply gas match and igniter. the only way that im able to stay so stable is you're the legs to my table, if you were to break id fall on my face/ but im always gonna make you feel i dont need you as much as i really need you so you dont use it to your advantage./ but you're essential to me you're the air that i breathe i believe if you ever leave me id probably have no reason to be./ you are the kim to marshall, you're the slim to my shady, the dre to my eminem, the alaina to my hailie./ you are the word that im looking for when im trying to describe how i feel inside and the right one just wont come to my mind./ you're like the pllar that props me up, the beam that supports me/ the bitch who never took half, the wife who never divorced me./ you're like the root to my evil, you let my devil come out me, you let be beat the shit out you before you beat the shit out me/ and no matter how much, too much is never enough, maybe cause we're crazy in love. (chorus)

Living My Dream

KING LIL G "AK47 Boyz"
[Verse 1 - King Lil G:] People say they love The way I do my hustle They love the way I treat my people How I'm stayin' humble This is to my fans I never told you this I never got a chance to tell you But I owe you this I hope I get a chance to meet you We could smoke to this And we could talk about life And where to go from this You going through some drama We got things in common My success is the reflection Of negative comments And negative people Who say I don't deserve it I guess I gotta break it down On how the fuck I earned it I never paid to get on songs With a famous person Recorded songs in my garage Even on my birthday Late nights I had no help No record label I told you I it did by myself Recognition On a independent scale I wish freedom To my homies in jail [Hook - Carolyn Rodriguez:] Smoke the finest of trees I'm flyin' so free And feeling the breeze And finally I'm.. Living my dream This is what I prayed for Living my dream I'm so grateful [Verse 2 - ISuppose:] Yo, I was 19 strugglin Thinkin' bout givin' up Thinkin' life as a shorty Shouldn't be so rough Mama said get a job Daddy said he needed funds for the rent Move forward Haven't looked back since I remember back then Everybody said I was dope Then time pass & I was broke And everybody lost hope Now its back to the block Dealin' coke Chillin' with the hustlas Lost faith in my dreams I knew that I was fucking up Pockets had a hundred bucks My heart had a lot of pain Told the world my story And it hasn't been the same Now I'm travelin' the world Breakin' bread with my team Woke up from a nightmare Now I'm livin' my dream So here's a middle finger For the ones who said I couldn't do it And a toast for my fans worldwide That bump my music Without you I'm useless Always know what's you're worth I don't sign record deals Cause I rather sign a shirt [Hook - Carolyn Rodriguez] [Verse 3 - Self Provoked:] Yo, myspace, myspace When my face was first seen And heard music player Playing my verse I learned many things in the game And dick riding wasn't one Seen the fan base grow My haters learned to love But not all I write on the flaws that I have done Commit to staying true Never glorify the gun If sidetracked My fans remind me to drop something Reminiscent bout the shows And the other fun things A crowd full of people could make A different city feel like home Especially, when I hear them chant On a high note Can't be an idol but an example Of all the obstacles We got yet to trample I'm planting all my seeds Along this game never wrote The outcome is all these ears That allow me to grow And as the number keep growing I swear to you That I won't ever fall victim Of losing sight of my conscious mind [Hook - Carolyn Rodriguez]

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