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Moonstar88 lyrics - Press To Play

Ang Pag-ibig Kong Ito

Original and similar lyrics
1st verse: umiiyak ang aking pusong nagdurusa ngunit ayokong may makakita kahit anong sakit ang aking naranasan yan ay ayokong kanyang malaman Refrain mga araw na nagdaan kailan may hindi malilimutan kay tamis na araw ng pagmamahalan ang akala ko'y walang hangganan chorus ang pig-ibig kong ito luha ang tanging nakamit buhat sa yo kaya't sa maykapal twina'y dalangin ko sana... (kapalaran ko ay magbago) 1st verse refrain chorus

Gun Rule

La the Darkman "Heist of the Century"
Yo, yo, yo Once, once again Know what I'm saying? Chorus: Darkman stay on the street with a tool For these devil worshippers wit' gats and these ignorant fools Find yourself in the hustle rocking free mint shoes Middle week, Michigan brand rap and gun rule Verse 1: Me and my man contemplating on these future operations For night clubs two four shit packed like cases I'm nineteen paid young can only get better Got cheese in the war trying to be enormous cheddar Fuck a Fugees sweater stay Wu-Wear fly polo Pepe jeans new boots kid labelled in solo Rolled my dolo, killed from the east Me and Reef left them twenty hour stole four bricks 100 G's Twenty-five a piece straight in they mind that's what it's like Peace to my man Ted who got hit on New Jersey's turnpike I send a kite, wit a hundred in your money order Hol' it down in your cage see you back at headquarters Everything is fine LA blow spots like landmines Do the knowledge as I kick seven deadly signs From the glock that'll make city streets boom dock The industry is calling me like Cookie wit' rocks And I can't stop, cocoa plants grow in large crops Darkman east coast hip hop pad lock I'm determined to kill the mic like Jews and Germans Shoot a shell through your chest and leave your rib-cage burnin' While you smiling I got forty-five to life on Rapper's Island 49507 what you dialling, fight faster pushing up deluxe Dutchmaster Enter my potential of script it might flash you, Wit impact, of a two hundred pound wind, See you chased by Wu-wolves wit' no way to escape Do it from the mouth, crush bones cause this is my house And I'm prejudice give Mark Clayman like whiteys down south Chorus Verse 2: Aiyyo, I'm hungry like 3 lions starving in a crack house Wid guns galore taking Jakes to war Don't challenge the score from here to Van Couver I stand wit' this Lex Luger stashed in the Couger Going through you like needles from Phd's On any demon, drunken wit' 41 thieves, Crack fiends drug dealers and killers run the block 3 thieves wid' binoculars surveillance to drop A credit dot little Nookie got hit wid' a shot From a 4-4 calibre government glock in front of the shop Equivalent to gun galleries I better keep the eye locked Show and prove I'm doing Gs trying to teach these 100 Gs If I hol' nines I freaked it, To getting all this money is a ancient Chinese secret The liquid, LA can sit down like a precint I'm flippin' on you MCs for no fucking reason Chorus Yeah, You know what time it is Gun Rules, You know what I'm sayin'? Yo, Word Up, Yo, yo Verse 3: I spent about 20 Gs on weed as I proceed To grow up fill my weight 100 Gs Stacking loot, known to kept blood on my boots Trapacane burning blazing outta fifth hundred coupes So what you stupe?, I freezin' ya blind to sub-zero And kept all devil killers like Robert Shapiro The LA brings action packed heat like De Niro I'm ancient in this rap shit king like a Pharoah A terror, terminatin' false niggas style Kill a man, his woman, MC and his child Shit is wild I hold niggas hostage like Riker's Isle Gotta deceptive, murderous money gettin' smile I'm the judge while you on trial supreme, Killa Bee A serpent LA can bite the whole industry ..Motherfucker Darkman stay on the streets wit' a tool For these devil worshipping gat slingers and ignorant fools Find yourself in the hustle rocking free mint shoes Middle week, Michigan brand rap and gun rule Gun rule, Gun rule Chorus Triple Darkness Sing-sing

Lifestyles Of The Rich And Shameless

LOST BOYZ "Legal Drug Money"
Freaky Tah verses Mr. Cheeks Intro: [Freaky Tah] Everybody's buckin, don't give it a damn everbody...everbody(echo) Verse 1 [Mr.Cheeks] Straight from cop killer Queens a juvenile named Jack Jack at the age of 17 uh huh yo this kid Jack started slingin crack started slingin crack he's on the road to riches riches baggin bitches bitches he's in clubs takin pitchers drink your finger always into sess his lifestyles buckwild honey child yeah got a shorty named Val Val she stays on the Isle ahhh he started slingin at the age of 17 uhh huh his hearts made of steel eh yo kid his minds full of green full of green he got his first ounce made a grand 400 hundred 3 bills to get fresh he other bills to get blunted to be blunted and wit the letter G G he bought the letter O O next thing you know man he's rakin in the dough rakin in the dough he put his people down cuz say thats only right aight for dem to get keys dem and dem is mad tight is mad tight set-up organation organize on the block organize...block nobody's slingin on the block eh yo we got this block on lock and it's the.... huh Chorus Lifestyles of the rich shameless shameless some die wit the name wit the name some die nameless some die nameless it's all the same game It's on it's all the same pain It's on it's all the same pain It's On it's all the same game It's On Verse 2 The verse 2's about this girl named Yvette Vette she lived out in Queens pushed the red Corvette Corvette she's pumpin weight uh huh in and outta state in and outta state outta state license plate eh yo see her lifestyle is straight weight hah she's into lickin shots yeah stickin blocks gotta shorty on the team uhh huh shortie's into pickin locks makin G's takin trips cross seas seas just enough to be flashin cash they be stashin hah she's wit the cats huh huh they love packin gats huh bulletproof vest bulletproof baseball hats her and the queens stay right gettin high too Lex, Coups and Jeeps ahh got beeps can lai brew brew it's all the same shame huh just a diffrent name huh shorty's sniffin cane huh just to maintain huh to a nice shorty rock O-D'd shorty what who O-D's bring me the chorus shoulda chilled pass me the weed I would pass the weed Chorus Verse 3 I used to hustle up on Linden in the van me and my man did that thing hand in hand 20 bills up huhhuh but verse itt time to rap but the fiends kept commin back Im tryin to put my lifestyle in order aight the games mad deep I keep my feet above the water above the water caught a bid got a wife and kid huh the name just burned in the flame huh so out the game I slid slid so now Im into makin hits wit my men huh I hustle wit my style huh cook up works wit my pen true Mr. Cheeks represent in the gutter gutter Freaky Tah gettin lai thats my brudda thats my brudda In the game huh and hit you in the brain huh and if I was cocaine huh believe it Im your main huh Tally up it's the Lost Boyz crew an Freaky Tah, Spigg Nice and Pretty Lou an.. Chorus/Outr

When I Rap

Keith Murray "It's a Beautiful Thing"
Verse 1 When I rap competition perform disappearing acts I jam suckers like smuckers My squad is funky like a six pack of motherfuckers With conversation my creations will collider nations into confrontation Competition couldn't stand a chance I'll wear you out like if I had one pair of pants Murray emphasises cadarac poetry meaning you blind bats can't see me Throughout my career I rip year to year sucessfully Dragging debree in my vicinity My symbol is the sickle like the Grim Reaper My style is the greatest invention since the speaker A pyschopath with a knife in my voice The lyrical homocidal madman is top choice The scene I scope it first because I'm homophobic And then I rope-a-dope it And dominate the sight of bloody red Coming out my head leaving rappers brain dead I come through like POW! and BAM! Reppin' like the lyrical version of Shazaam (Damn!....) When I rap Chorus(2x) [L.L. Cool J sample] Watch your mouth better yet hold your tongue [DMX sample] Believe what I say! [Keith Murray] When I rap Verse 2 When I rap one hand can't clap So lets squash the beef cook it and we all can get fat Try to swallow a line and you'll find I'm one hard act to follow rollow in my vibe Swallow and your throat will explode Sending you through schizophrenic episodes My style is so well off on it's own I leave it unattended and go see my dog about a bone When I'm the microphone ( When I rap ) And biting niggas will leave it alone I go together with the rythm like a sentence and some verbs And herbs so check out every word I kicked a verse for Father Time He put the world on pause cause I fucked his head up with a rhyme Diamond studded rough and rugged fuck it There's nothing left for you to do now but kick the bucket Dummy who's ever flipping It better be a round-off back hand-spring arabian summy With more concentration then an acrobat When I rap Chorus Verse 3 When I kick the gift of gab and I'm grim and I'll be god damned If any mortal or immortal man can withstand And not slam my jams cause I take them on a trip And flip the script with legit manuscripts Fogging up the mic with real legit compounds Mass mic Murray man flurries in the bound Oh what the fuck you fall and can't get up when I erupt So pass the buck cause you've been struck With the will I learn will I burn Off carbon dioxide cause I'm on the flip side Word conducter emcee destructer Millions be saying That Murray's a motherfucker! I dip and dive punch you in your eye In a battle if you try to lie in your rhymes when we socialize I'm beating Mother Nature down to her knees While making more papers than trees You can't be serious that's impossible I leave niggas laid up in the hospital Bandaged from head to toe and hat My shit is intact when I rap Chorus(4x)

De War Na Dun/4 Star

Intro: Timeless... Yo Birch! Dem neva kno seh wi ah di real war scientist weh do di war research.....eeeehhh...HEY! Verse 1: Di war nuh done till di whole ah dem dead Mac ninety rifle buss off yuh head A murder! So bwoy ah beg... Gunshot dash di slow foot like orange weh peg Mi hand nuh slippery like butta pon ah bread So mi squeeze di trigga release di hammerhead Di bwoy dem a try mek ah fled But teflon mek him neck pop like dress mek ah thread Chorus: Wi a di general fi di army an' di navy Dem is bitch wi have bravery Wi control di air force war Di chief of staff from Portmore star, 4 star! Di general fi di army an' di navy Dem is bitch wi have bravery! Wi control di air force war Di chief of staff from Portmore star, 4 star! Verse 2: Roach.....tell dem watch dem approach Wi war first class wi nuh go inna di coach A girl alone pop off broach Tellaviv war nuh fight wit rachette and battle torch Bwoy see mi K and tink a light post Wait yuh nuh thugs ah girl yuh fight most Point blank range strike force Copper change him skin color turn him inna white ghost Chorus Verse 2 Chorus End

Dreams Of The Funky Towel

[Featuring Teenage Fanclub] Intro Travellinnnnnnnnnnnnnn' at the speeeeeeeed...of thought... Verse 1 Hey yo kids! (What's up!) Remember when I used to be dope? (Yeah...) I owned a pocketful of fame... (But look what you're doin' now!) I know well I know I lost touch with reality now my personality Is an unwanted commodity (believe it!) Can't believe I used to be Mr Steve Austin on the mic Six million ways I used to run it I guess Oscar Goldman got mad Cos I got loose circuits (so loose, sigga-sigga so loose...) I be the Mother Goose with the eggs That seem to be... [Fallin'...] Chorus You played yourself x4 Verse 2 A-yo, pack my bags cos I'm outta here Mama don't love me and my mama don't care Read the papers the headlines say Washed up Rapper Got Some [Buck-kawk!] Lingo's busted while the guitar sways B-side copy for the radio plays for somethin' I knew I blew the whole fandango When the drum programmer wore a Kangol Never could be light, great fish won't bite Fake, realise that I'm over like clover No good luckin' so Mase beep the f(Hey!)ckin' beat While the Teenage fan the heat I bring it to the glues, paid all my dues So what's gone's dead, let me use my forehead Easy, pack it up, man, let me stop stallin' Cos everything I do is like Fallin' [Fallin'...] Repeat chorus (many times)

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