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Monkees lyrics

Mommy And Daddy

Original and similar lyrics
Mommy and Daddy Ask your mommy and daddy, 'What happened to the Indian? How come they're all living in places With too much snow or too much sand?' Tell your mommy, 'I got a funny feeling deep inside of me' Ask your daddy, 'Is it really as bad as people make it seem?' Wa ta tick it ta too too.. Ask your mommy why everybody swallows all those little pills Ask your daddy why that soldier doesn't care who he kills After they've put you to sleep and tucked you safely down in your bed Whisper, 'Mommy and Daddy would you rather that I learned it from my friends, instead? Do you think I'm to young to know, to see, to feel, or hear My questions need an answer or a vaccuum will appear' Don't be surprised if they turn and walk away And tell your mommy and daddy that you love them anyway That you love them anyway... Give them a kiss Love will set you free Kings of EMI

What Is Love?

PETER ANDRE "The Long Road Back"
It's the way you're nervous when you speak It's the way I know just what you mean It's the kind of thing that's bitter sweet It's the funny feeling deep inside So many different sides Still so easy to define Coz you know that every time Not just in your mind You can feel the butterflies, sending chills down your spine [Chorus:] What is love but a kiss on a rainy day, a smile that won't go away A safe place to run What is love but a complicated simple truth, a bond between me and you The number one All that's love You do things that never crossed your mind Like you're doing all of the time Coz with someone special it's all right It's like dancing when you walk And singing when you talk And you're happy just to be alive Live in the moment don't be sad Just let it go and take care You don't have to understand, the how, why and when [Chorus] So take off your hat and stay for a minute Love is a precious thing if you let it in You'll never know what you find till you give it Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes [Chorus x2] I've been searching long yeah Let me sing it to you baby

Footprints In The Snow

Emerson Lake And Palmer "Black Moon"
(Greg Lake) First time when you looked at me You tried to hide but I could see A special beauty in your eyes Passion flying like a spark Like an arrow to the mark I feel it sting my jealousy Before you know there's footprints in the snow Desire like a river flows Where it comes from no one knows Love just like a flower grows And then God only knows It comes down like guillotine Now I feel the rain of love torn by a hurricane One night eclipsed the sun How deep still waters run How deep they go like footprints in the snow Take my love into your brest Commit my spirit to the test You wwill see him like a knight His armour gleams We'll fly upon his angel's wings Above the clouds in rainbow rings We can sail a ship of dreams CHORUS If you will take my hand We can cross this desert made of sand We can break in through the ice And feel the wind of paradise We'll feel it blow our footprints in the snow Anytime you feel alone Just raise your hand, pick up the phone Take in my number, there I'll be If one day your stars won't shine I will give you some of mine Cause they could fall so easily We both know there's footprints in the snow

Know Why The Nightingale Sings?

NIGHTWISH "Angels Fall First"
What does the free fall feel like Asks the boy with a spark in his eye Know why the nightingale sings Is the answer to everything Taking a step to the world unbound Spinning my fantasies all around Freed from the gravital leash I swear the heaven's in my reach Dancing with the spirit of the air In this ocean so so open and fair Making love to the gods above On my maiden voyage so bold Landing safely to the blue lagoon Don't know if this is the earth or the moon Joy of living is no more a mask The Eden I found will forever last Migrating with the geese My soul has finally found peace Doesn't matter that man has no wings As long as I hear the nightingale sing...


Let me take you back to the time when we were chasing all the girls. Two maniacs indulging in the pleasures of this world. So much to see, so much to live for, questions to answer,places to go. So much to be, so much to care for, deep down inside I think you know, you are free, come back to me... Look you had and see there's still so many borders we could cross. Just you and me, making up for all the time that we had lost. So much to see, he may be right, I got to fight, I will go through, take me with you. I will not break. I must wake. I think I know. I am free. Come back to me ahh ahh aaahahh come back to me There's no way out, my whole world is loved come back to me I tried to shout something's holding me back

Red Room

Jude "King of Yesterday"
Red room Bedroom Clean sheets Dark night Star light Heat... First kiss Near-miss Holding breath Her tongue So young Dead I know this is wrong I have been silent for too long I know this is wrong I have been silent for too long Mommy Sorry Had no choice Daddy At me Hear my voice And I know this wrong I have been silent for too long I know this is wrong I have been silent for too long Love has so many faces I don't know what they all mean They take me many places But not all of them are clean Day now I vow Never more I will Kill This is war This is war This is war And I know this wrong I have been silent for too long I know this is wrong I have been silent for too long

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