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MONICA lyrics

That's My Man

Original and similar lyrics
He's my man, and i know it, Cause i got a trembling deep in my soul that i can't ingore it and i can control it what a man He's my fortess, I'm safe from harm when everything is all wrong my Man he is strong, ain't trippen about my record deal, but still he gives me amazing thrill He's my man and i'm proud about it ima shout about it ain't no doubt about it Thats my man, ain't gonna let no one say nothing bad about my baby Thats my man, i spend to many night on my knees praying to Jesus, I'm he's lady Thats my man, ladies you know a good man is hard to find, but now i got mines you better believe it Thats my man, he's the only one for me Slow your role see how you going to talk about my man when you ain't got a mine of your own see i already know you can't stand that my man really loves me he won't cheat, beat, or sleep around on me and he cares about my needs we fuss and fight but he knows when it's over, and every night i'm positive my man is coming home to me, he's my man and i'm proud about it, ima shout about it, ain't no doubt about it Thats my man ain't gonna let no one say nothing bad about my baby Thats my man willing to fight, keep it right, and keep it tight, I'm his lady Thats my man you say he cheat i did'nt see it so i don't believe he's my baby Thats my man he's the only one for me

Dont Keep Me Wonderin

Allman Brothers Band
(Gregg Allman) Oh, tell me 'bout the car I saw Parked outside your door Tell me what you left me waiting Two or three hours for Tell me why when the phone rings baby You're up and across the floor Please don't keep me wonderin' no longer I think about the bad times Lord I think about yours and mine You were lost in the silver spoon Thought I pulled you out in time And I hope that you got reasons For the way that you've been lyin' Please don't keep me wonderin' no longer I think I'm gonna go now But you know that I'll be back Now you can think it over baby Tell me how you're gonna act I'm gonna keep on holding on But I don't get no stronger Please don't keep me wonderin' no longer

Good Daddy

ATMOSPHERE "Sad Clown Bad Spring #12"
He gave his baby boy a bath Tub full of bubbles and toys for him to splash Look at daddy, soapsuds moustache Funny faces and voices, it makes the baby belly laugh Dry him off, now you squeaky clean And watch the water spiral down that drain Wrap him in a towel so he doesn't get the shivers Brush his hair, it seems to help it dry it quicker Laid him on mommy and daddy's bed now that he's dry And put a diaper on him, gave him his pacifier Superman pyjamas, so tough Innocent face full of unconditional love Daddy picked him up and rocked him slow Never takes long for little guy's eyes to close Dad's technique is different than your mother's Never learned any lullabies, he sings Stevie Wonder's There it is, steady breathing, sleep rhythm Daddy sits and holds him just to listen for a minute Daddy's hands are the meaning of security And baby's hands are the evidence of purity Thinking back to the day baby came And how it changed the whole game, things ain't the same Daddy had to stop running it crazy Keep his ass in the home with the son and his lady He was there for the birth and the first breath Not gonna miss the first words or the first steps Gonna keep the boy healthy and safe And do his best to try to keep those tears off his face Gave him a kiss, laid him in his crib Turned out the lights, goodnight my little prince That's how good daddy takes care of him And then that good daddy goes downstairs to package heroin

Saturday Night At The Movies

Drifters "Sixteen Greatest Hits"
Well Saturday night about 8 o'clock I know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna pick my baby up And take her to the picture show Everybody in the neighbourhood Is dressing up to be there too And we're gonna have a ball Just like we always do Chorus: Saturday night at the movies Who cares what picture you see When you're hugging with your baby in last row in the balcony Well there's technicolor and cinemascope Just out of Hollywood And the popcorn from the candy stand Is all tasting twice as good There's always lots of pretty girls With figures they don't try to hide But they never can compare To the girl sittin' by my side (repeat chorus till fade)

My Dream Is Gone

MIKAILA "Mikaila"
Late at night when you're all alone I'll be there for you After dark when you're on your own I'll be your dream come true When I lay my head to sleep You're here with me I wanna do it all over again But your love is hard to keep I'm in too deep Forever praying this night will never stop Get up, it's eight o'clock And I'm still at home, all alone My dream is gone I just can't get you off my mind And the nights we share I can wait for you one more time Cause baby I know you'll be there [Chorus] But you're still here I'll always keep you in my heart Baby you'll be there for me Every time when I go to sleep Oooh No matter if I'm all alone I can tell you how I feel Almost like you are here for real [Chorus]

Hot To Death

Everlast "Whitey Ford Sings The Blues"
We're gonna be breakin' it down (Yeah!) You gotta know the feel You gotta know the life You know what I'm sayin' (Hey!) I said what's goin' wrong You know it just ain't right Tell me who be loud When the spark ignite Now from the break daylight To the fall of the sun You gotta pick your fight It's time to choose your gun CHORUS Front to back Right to left Keep it live all night Make it hot to death Get your heart pumpin' like some crystal meth Keep it live all night Make it hot to death Well... Hey... Tell me who's your God Does he make a lotta dough I'm gonna take you higher Or to the fire below CHORUS Guns to roses Abraham to Moses Daylight exposes what the night conceals Let's break these seals And get this thing started Some be out classed Some be out smarted Some be over bound by the blindin' rays I hear the whisper in the night Get trapped in the maze See back in the days When I was juvenile I dreamed of rockin' on the mic In a brand new style Now I'm shakin' these bones Tryin' to get these shoes Outbidded major crews I'm paid crazy dues Now I'm speakin' on you They just slept on me And rumors start spreadin' Just like a disease I'll have you down on your knees Below the spot ground zero Turn brown and burn down Rome just like Nero A hero ain't nothing but a Don't make me say it again Legend Don't make me say it CHORUS That's what I'm sayin' That's what I'm sayin'...

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