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Moffatts lyrics - Submodalities

Always In My Heart

Original and similar lyrics
One day I'll finally get the nerve to say How I feel, I hide away all the pain I wish you'd stay Cause I can't stop my world from crying I'll hold on and I'll keep on trying [CHORUS] I believe there's a way to show you Even when we are apart Though the times we're not together You're always in my heart Words come a little too late Now you're gone but I'm still here and I sing this song all alone Something's wrong Cause I can't stop my world from crying I'll hold on and I'll keep on trying [CHORUS] Off all the things that I regret Sometimes I forget to say I love you

Wil U Hold Me

Guns' N' Roses
Sometimes I wonder what you think of me and it is plane to see that you dont really care how I feel or even if our loves real you seem to only care about my outlook around you what I look like and the things I do I try to make you smile and show you all my love in hopes you mght stay awhile will you hold my hand when I cry or sing me one last song goodbye this is how you broke my heart right from the very start this is my heart to you it breaks just take it and dont break it

He Can't Love You (Remix)

JAGGED EDGE "Jagged Little Thrill"
(feat. Jermaine Dupri & Mr. Black) [JD] Oh this thing right here is So So Def [1] - [JD] Tell me what you like Can you tell me what you like Tell me what you like about him Tell me what he does for you [Repeat 1 (3x)] [JE (JD)] As the clock strikes twelve I'm sitting here wondering how the hell Did I let you leave (Uh-huh, uh) And baby I know that I did my share (Yo) Of things to deceive you And I'm just trying to get an understanding of what to do And I'm half way going crazy (Yo) [2] - He can't love you baby He can't love you like I do He can't touch you baby Tell me what you like about him Tell me what he does for you (Baby oh) Think about it, think about it (He can't love) Tell me what you like about him Tell me what he does for you [JE (JD)] Stop (Wait) think That I never met someone to make me feel Like I'm ready to love And I gotta do what I gotta do Just to keep you here with me Now I feel it's time for me to say That I need you and I can't go oh yeah [Repeat 1] [JE] You know that I ain't one to brag But it makes me mad when I see you Falling for a nigga fronting like it's all about you Better than the things I do And baby before you start to hold back I hold back you Remember that [Mr. Black] You're fooling We know it's me that you're choosing You likes the way I give that ass a good bruising But he's keeping you But he's straight lacing you But there still ain't no replacement boo It's like he the one you take home to mom But you wanna keep a thug, your late night fun Ya see I'm a real 'g' so it's all good for me I'm from the hood so maybe this thing ain't meant to be [Repeat 2 till end]

What Have I Got

Henry Rollins "Hard Volume"
I've got a wantless need I've got a thoughtless mind I've got a needless want I can't unwind I've got a heart that aches I've got hands that like to break They tell me to hold on They never let me go I am a clenched fist Looking for a wall to kiss I am a looked door looking For a foot to kick me to the floor What have I got I've got everything What have I got nothing much at all Self rejected well protected Too looked up inside myself to over get free Frustrated self hatred my hands turn to fists Violence so hard to resist I get so mad I do things that I regret So stupid but not stupid enough To ever forget Got no name got no brain It's alright I feel no pain I've got music pounding in my head Stop looking start looking You better look out I'm not feeling too nice today Can't be late can't relate Don't take my time Don't give me your hate I've got enough of my own I can't stop I can't start It holds me together While it tears me apart

She's Waiting

ERIC CLAPTON "Behind The Sun"
by Eric Clapton and Peter Robinson She's waiting for another love. She's waiting for another love. She's been waiting for another love, Someone that she can show into her heart. And when she finally finds a stronger love, Your whole world's gonna fall apart. Chorus You've been abusing her for far too long; Think you're a king and she's your pawn. Get ready now, 'cause pretty soon She'll be gone and you'll be on your own. Chorus I see the hunger burning in her eye; Any fool could see there's something wrong. You keep pretending not to care, But I will hear you sing a different song. Chorus Waiting for another lover, Hoping for the time that she'll find another...

Three Times A Lady

Thanks for the times That you've given me The memories are All in my mind And now that We've come to the End of our rainbow There's something I must say out loud You're once, twice Three times a lady And I love you Yes, you're once, twice Three times a lady And I love you I love you When we are together The moments I cherish With every beat of my heart To touch you, to hold you To feel you, to need you There's nothing to Keep us apart You're once, twice Three times a lady And I love you I love you

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