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MODEST MOUSE lyrics - Sad Sappy Sucker

Classy Plastic Lumber

Original and similar lyrics
Buh duh buh buh buh Bud duh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh You go right through me I go right through but I'm about to Go on reminding you I am about to see you through it Buh duh buh buh buh Bud duh buh buh buh buh duh buh buh Buh duh buh buh buh Your mouth not mind is open wide You don't have a clue I I am a reminder You've got a voice so talk to yourself Lift the bad weight off your mullet And let the thoughts fall off your tongue Cause I'm callin' callin' callin' I've never written to anyone So this is about ugly lovers And this is about pretty songs Cause I'm a bastard bastard bastard In my lipstick I'm so much fun Connect your wood feet to a motor And the chrome dance trophy is won A little classy plastic lumber I'm embarassed but I ain't that stunned Looks like the humans' days are numbered That's a sitcom that was number one Cause we're a past tense late rate (?) I must've thouroughly convinced us not to mess this place up (Shameful shameful shameful)

January On Lake Street

ATMOSPHERE "SouthSiders"
[Verse 1:] The doors open My left foot sitting on the driveway You lookin’ at me sideways You tryna predict what I might say But my mind ain’t here now, I’m thinking ‘bout the highway Gone with the gust Sing songs for the bombs that fall in the dusk We all want a little too much Tryna clutch anything close enough to touch And if I had the means I would never be the mascot of y’ll team Y’ll judging trials I’m shoveling miles Wanna go home and try to grow a couple of smiles So I shift to the capital N It happened before and it’ll happen again Roll backwards into the street Now talk amongst yourselves but try to keep it on beat I got at least ten minutes to live You not a thief just simulative There’s no need to be a difficult finish You can see you ain’t the only one considering getting it in Claim that you ain’t afraid to die Then why are you afraid to fly? You better face the heights Get your bravery stripes or get your name denied Cause you was waiting for a safer ride God bless I set up the bricks Step through the mess didn't wreck the kicks Dreamt that I lept off the edge of the ciff Came back said the bodies up in heaven were thick Changing lanes and re-arranging life I ain’t tryna chase a trail of tail-lights Manage pain to get the placement right Stand up straight when you say goodnight [Verse 2:] And each broken glass shows a different view I deal the truth y’ll pick and choose This ain’t a game for you to win or lose But I, never been in your shoes But I, never make supper with suckers It ain’t nothing if it ain’t about hunger You think you cuttin’ the lumber And I would love to be a fly on the cupboard Whenever that bubble ruptures And even when we save the day We never do it believing that we don’t make mistakes You don’t need to recognize my face I’m trying to fly through time and space Too late to erase me With the windows down, January on Lake Street Poppa got a brand new can of paint Put your hands in the air like you work at the bank

Inam Naudemina

Count Raven
Won't You listen all You pretty boys in magazines You look like plastic toys Superstars of rock You just pretend a blasphemy that never seems to end Ugly bastard, You think You look good but there are things You never understood with lipstick and mascara in your hand 'bet You're not even sure You're a man now listen; Hairdryer soldiers marching out to war can't you see Yourself, You're such a bore Why don't You all just lie down and die? The world's a mess and You're the reason why

Twenty Years

AUGUSTANA "Can't Love, Can't Hurt"
Well I've been running from something Twenty years in my car Down a road that's leading me nowhere Yeah we drive through the farmland No one knows where we're from Could I kiss you and make you a queen? Or something in between Do you want to see it? The place where I am free? Cos in my mind I need it But you're nowhere near to me Move to New York City Take your woman by the hand Leave her there with your things on the doorstep And there's no way around it Could this be our last dance? Just fall asleep with the TV darling I'll be back again Do you want to see it? The place where I was free? Cos in my mind I've been there And there's no one here but me In the morning it'll find you Let the light shine away Down a road that's leading me nowhere And there's no way around it Could this be our last dance? Just fall asleep with the TV darling I'll be back again

Mrs. Interpret

ATMOSPHERE "SouthSiders"
[Hook:] J'ai faim J'ai soif J'ai besoin de toi de toi [Verse 1:] I could look you in the face for all time And even if I fall blind I'll still see you in my mind You got the grace of a raven It ain't no misbehaving if I tell you that you're the taste that I'm cravin' You can't imagine all the time and dedication Trying to find a way to obtain your validation And sometimes we stayed up untill the sunrise Talking about nothing but that love jive And if we're gonna keep it legit I got a little secret that I need to admit You see, ever since I was a teenage mess I've had a hard time interpreting the opposite sex But I need you, girl, that's my word Now could you please repeat your last few words? Most beautiful voice I've ever heard But you might as well have a mouth full of baby birds [Hook] [Verse 2:] And then she asked me if I caught a singe thing she said I involuntarily nodded my head Honestly I did hear your actual voice But the words blended with the background noise I must've got lost in my mind somehow And now I'm too far behind to try and figure it out The fact is I don't know what you're talking about And I'm distracted by the gymnastics up in your mouth Truthfully it's not you, it's me Cause you're the moon that moves the sea See, I guess there's a limit to my listening And then I get dissmissive and treat it as if it's gibberish And I don't mean to be blunt Cause I know we'll probably talk about this for the rest of the month But my life wouldn't be complete If I didn't get to misread the shit you speak [Hook] [Bridge:] So what you need? Yeah, maybe I never knew how to communicate So what you need? Nah, I never learned how to ice skate So what you need? Go ahead finish your thought, I'll wait So what you need? [Hook]


JANELLE MONÁE "The Audition"
As I search for a home And a place to belong I find it hard to fit in I meet lots of pretty girls In this fantasy world Waiting for their turn to shine So I try to be Cindi, in hopes that they'd notice But I wasn't their cup of tea Its so lonely, when I'm only being me Who's that girl in the mirror With hair like a rock star She wants to dance but she has cold feet Her confidence is low So much talent but who'll know When she's afraid to follow her dreams So I talk to her heart and made up her mind That I gotta except her for me But its so lonely, when I'm only being me Ooooooohhh You gotta be you and I've gotta be me Only, only be me

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