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Run On

Original and similar lyrics
Lord God Almighty let me tell the news my head got wet in midnight dew great God i been down on my bended knees talking to a man from galilee michael spoke and he sound so sweet i thought i heard the shuffle of angels' feet He put one hand upon my head great God Almighty let me tell you what He said [bridge:] go tell that lonesome liar go tell that midnight rider tell the gamblin', ramblin' backslider tell them God Almighty gonna cut 'em down [chorus:] you might run on for a long time run on, ducking and dodging run on, children (), for a long time let me tell you God Almighty gonna cut you down you might throw your rock, hide your head work in the dark with your fellow men sure as God made you rich and poor you're gonna reap just what you sow [chorus x3] (you might run what is the real thing run what is the real thing come on) some people go to church just to sit in the fire trying to make a date with a neighbor's wife brother let me tell you just as sure as you're born you better leave that woman alone [bridge] [chorus x8]


HARRY CHAPIN "Portrait Gallery"
His mama was a midnight woman His daddy was a drifter drummer One night they put it together Nine months later came the little black bummer He was a laid back lump in the cradle Chewing the paint chips that fell from the ceiling Whenever he cried he got a fist in his face So he learned not to show his feelings He was a pig-tail puller in grammer school Left back twice by the seventh grade Sniffing glue in Junior High And the first one in school to get laid He was a weed-speed pusher at fifteen He was mainlining skag a year later He'd started pimping when they put him away In jail he changed from a junkie to a hater And just like the man from the precinct said: Put him away, you better kill him instead. A bummer like that is better of dead Someday they're gonna have to put a bullet in his head. They threw him back on the street, he robbed an A P He didn't blink at the buddy that he shafted And just about the time they would have caught him too He had the damn good fortune to get drafted He was A-One bait for Vietnam, you see they needed more bodies in a hurry He was a cinch to train cause all they had to do Was to figure how to funnel his fury They put him in a tank near the D M Z To catch the gooks slipping over the border They said his mission was to Search and Destroy And for once he followed and order One sweat-soaked day in the Yung-Po Valley With the ground still steaming from the rain There was a bloody little battle that didn't mean nothing Except to the few that remained You see a couple hundred slants had trapped the other five tanks And had started to pick off the crews When he came on the scene and it really did seem This is why he'd paid those dues It was something like a butcher going berserk Or a sane man acting like a fool Or the bravest thing that a man had ever done Or a madman blowing his cool Well he came on through like a knife through butter Or a scythe sweeping through the grass Or to say it like the man would have said it himself: Just a big black bastard kicking ass! And just like the man from the precinct said: Put him away, you better kill him instead. A bummer like that is better of dead Someday they're gonna have to put a bullet in his head. When it was over and the smoke had cleared There were a lot of V C bodies in the mud And when the rescued men came over for the very first time They found him smiling as he lay in his blood They picked up the pieces and they stitched him back together He pulled through though they thought he was a goner And it force them to give him what they said they would Six purple hearts and the Medal of Honor Of course he slouched as the chief white honkey said: Service beyond the call of duty But the first soft thought was passing through his mind My medal is a Mother of a beauty! He got a couple of jobs with the ribbon on his chest And though he tried he really couldn't do 'em There was only a couple of things that he was really trained for And he found himself drifting back to 'em Just about the time he was ready to break The V A stopped sending him his checks Just a matter of time 'cause there was no doubt About what he was going to do next It ended up one night in a grocery store Gun in hand and nine cops at the door And when his last battle was over He lay crumpled and broken on the floor And just like the man from the precinct said: Put him away, you better kill him instead. A bummer like that is better of dead Someday they're gonna have to put a bullet in his head. Well he'd breathed his last, but ten minutes past Before they dared to enter the place And when they flipped his riddled body over they found His second smile frozen on his face They found his gun where he'd thrown it There was something else clenched in his fist And when they pried his fingers open they found the Medal of Honor And the Sergeant said: Where in the hell he get this? There was a stew about burying him in Arlington So they shipped him in box to Fayette And they kind of stashed him in a grave in the county plot The kind we remember to forget And just like the man from the precinct said: Put him away, you better kill him instead. A bummer like that is better of dead Someday they're gonna have to put a bullet in his head.


ANDRE NICKATINA "Andre Nickatina"
[Verse 1: Andre Nickatina] Shoot you like a free throw, don't be no hero Turnt into a zero, I'm hard to find like Nemo Pour wine on you like Nino, to the format Walk on you like a doormat I made a bet, did they score that? Man money I fold that, dice I roll that Tell a freak to HO'LAT Oh you decided, money you gon' hide it And not divide it, never split the pie And then you're gonna lie and straight deny it? Hell's where your souls at, freak you's a polecat And I'ma let you know that, and you can't control that Straight expose that, until you HO'LAT Straight to the abyss, with a death wish Pasta and fish, and cannabis, and a bucket list That's bucket list, and stuck in this, like a Stucky Fish And you know that, snap quick like a Kodak Homie where is that dro at? Yea you need to roll that It's time to blow that Fillmoe, HO'LAT [Verse 2: Krazyie Bone] Every time I come through, I sit her down what you wan' do? Knockout a nigga with the 1, 2/ I don't need a gun dude And tryna run up was a dumb move, you niggas broke the number 1 rule Now I gotta show that, lil nigga where the doe at You gotta reap what you sow jack, homie now you know that Ain't no thang to throw a couple of blows and tell 'em HO'LAT You niggas dealin with a monster, get in ya veins like ganja I been (raised[?]) like a doctor, crooked like a copper Bomb like Osama, Bin Laden drama And you don't really want that, the flow clean pullin' kojax Dope fiends call it cold crack, sippin on the (bozac[?]) Tell ya girl to come here so I can see if she a HO'LAT If not back up off me unless (she tryna boss me)? Wake em up like caffeine and coffee You're gonna need an army to disarm me 'Cus I'm never ever heated softly, I keep a fo' fo' gat Bodies on it call it throw back, Made nigga killin mo' raps I'm the typa man [?] toss you a hand grenade and say here [?] HO'LAT [Verse 3: Andre Nickatina] Being caught up in the aftermath, is like a Magic Johnson pass Black bag fulla filthy cash Now you flip the Steve Nash, how long will that last 'cus time goes real fast Gonna think you stole that, then you resold that Had to get that dough back Now its time to show that, quick control that Word life HOLD THAT This is a film mix, like Stanley Kubrik Nothing to fool with, get ya poolstick Hit the Que ball, floss my white wall My rise and my fall I know you know that, Fillmoe don't hold back San Francisco that Now where's the hope at where's the dope at, Homeboy HO'LAT [Verses 4: Krayzie Bone] Don't gimme that shit, you niggas want a little bit of that fix You know the Krayzie (gassin[?]) really got hits You gotta be really swift if you really wanna catch my drift (Then I come with a slow rap[?]) peace love hate mo rap When I spit it on a dope track Everybody clone that, and get to thinking that they own that, they better HO'LAT Tell em all look, real, recognize real Recognize steal and I recon you live Just with the skills, you can be killed Especially when they tryna short stop my (meals/mills) [?] niggas where the dope at, give it to me let me roll that Blaze up, lemme smoke that And I'm toked, and I'm loaded, inhale through the throat, HOL'AT

1000 Yard Stare

Double Drive
The hidden - undiscovered, It was the last stone to be turned, A needle scratched the surface, I don't know where it's gonna go. I don't care, Gotta lose myself to get somewhere, But if i'm gone too long then I might be a victim of that superstar 1000 yard stare. (Cover my eyes and move, and we're still coming clear) Well I have no direction, No talking it out, So what if I'm dead and shooting when I hear the sound? Looming far from home... light years... I'm deep in the stare and it comes back, I never had the strength to let it go... And it's taken some time... taken some time. I figure I may never come back, until I have a faith so long and sure... And's it's taking some time.... taking some time. There ain't nobody gonna wait too long, There ain't nobody gonna wait .... So long, so long, so long. I don't care, Gotta loose myself to get somewhere, But if I'm gone too long then I might be a victim of that superstar 1000 yard stare... (Cover my eyes) I wish they'd know... (I don't care what's going on...) I wish they'd know... (Yeah the same thing's going on...)

Hole In The Head

CYPRESS HILL "Cypress Hill"
[Sen Dog] Gangster Red, whassup yo [Gst Red] It's a Tribe thang Verse One: B-Real Madman gonna get cha, quick with the cuente See a gang, no there ain't no jugete Rollin like a pyscho with the windows rolled down Who you lookin at, you tryin to fade me clown Plato, si mon, you want static When you reach for your gat to load your automatic (Boo-yaa!!) Spittin out buckshots Homey say blood claat, so you can call a pig Cause no one could handle, I wind up, and loco Insane in the brain, you get the bullet and Chorus: B-Real, Sen Dog A hole in your head A hole in your fuckin head/A fuckin hole in your head In your head! A hole in the/your head, a hole in the/your head You get a hole in the head (a hole in the head) in your motherfuckin head Huh!/In your head A hole in the head, a hole in the head Verse Two: B-Real Eight barrel pumpin, system thumpin See a fine heina, c'mon baby jump in I stop to cop, here let me tell you somethin Me and you, bruca, we should be humpin Honey likes the mack, homey's got her in the bag But there's vato's rollin out, and they're stickin up the flag He jumps out with the sag, hey where ya from homes It's on... he sees him reachin for his chrome Buckshot to the dome, jumps in the Brome Honey's in the back but she just wants to go home But he trips to the store homeboy needs a forty White boy at the counter's thinkin oh lordy lordy! Pushin on the button, panickin for nuttin Pigs on the way, aiyyo I smells bacon Dips out the store, one-time hits the corner And he hits the fuckin alley like his homes was Pop Warner Still had the forty, comin at the alley Seen the chief's son, pig Officer O'Malley, oink In the black and white thinkin he's gonna check him right Wrong, hah, it's gonna be on That pig better suck a la chrome (P.D. 187) A to the motherfuckin K! (You know whassup Sen) Get your ass down! And by the way Chorus A Scooby Doo y'all, a Scooby Doo y'all Scooby Doo! A Scooby Doo y'all, a doobie doobie doo y'all Doobie doo! A Scooby Doo y'all, Scooby Doo y'all! Scooby Doo! A Scooby Doo y'all, a Scooby doobie Doo y'all Verse Three: B-Real Six rollin up and now he's really baffled Brother's thinkin Damn I never got this gaffled (to' up) Beat down (down) on the way to the station Gaffled up from a false accusation Oink to the pen, you know homes the one that's where the attitudes apply and where the punks'll be dined Made a comb to a shank, I'm gonna stick ya Wet ya, you know homes the picture (Yeah you never been to jail boy!) Broomstick up your ass And by the way, you get Chorus 2X [Sen Dog] Yeah South Central and the Westside teamed up This is hell boy [Gst Red] It's a Tribe thang... straight up! It's a Tribe thang [Sen Dog] What side is that Red [B-Real] Can they kick it Can they kick it Yeah, can they kick it I'm Sirnose and they cannot kick it


TAPROOT "...Something More Than Nothing"
corrupt errupting authority watchin over me all the time rhyme after rhyme i'm keepin' it real w/ that spat out flow of steele, those lyrics promote a unity of the real people, but still sometimes i feel like a walkin conspiracy theory to all of the motherfuckers around who got a problem w/ my ways it's ok i'll keep my head up w/ my chin down bull forward head on collision, w/ those who ain't got no faith in the cause that i feel i need to get across in my lifetime the clock's tickin' time's winding down so make it all worthwile stop blamin' me, i'll be your scapegoat..... these psychotic tendencies you have for me just comin' out of nowhere, nah, if you spoke your mind more often you'd see it's not me, cause i'm your teacher your preacher a creature willing to take on my own responsibilities though, i'll be your scapegoat blamed by your ego's unwillingness to be confronted and true, lackin' respect you choose to spit in the wind, but Karmas' chasin' you blamin' me, I'll be your.... Blamed black sheep I stray, ostracised for being me...

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