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Hot Boyz (Remix)

Original and similar lyrics
(feat. Eve, Lil' Mo, Nas, Q-Tip) [Missy] This is for my ghetto motherfuckers, uh [Nas] Uh, forty side felony Felony, misdemeanor The charge is murder Escobar CB on bikes I'm switching gears Headlights, shine so bright Bitches freeze like deers Them fiends want that deep boy Feds send in a decoy, pack that heat boy Push ya where ya rest in peace boy Get your mama's house shot up Bodies all chopped up When them bodies pop up, I ain't getting' locked up My Bentley cruise the block, with the sun roof top Hood rats jumpin' on my jock cause I blew up the spot Crushin' your Benz, crushin' your Navigator system My QB piece make y'all niggas tuck you're shit in It's Nas in your area, Queens 'bout to tear it up Braveheart y'all scared of us, real niggas, they be us [Missy & Lil' Mo] What's your name, cause I'm impressed Can you treat me good, I won't settle for less You a hot boy, a rock boy A fun toy, tote a glock boy Where you live, is it by yourself Can I move with you, do you need some help I cook boy, I'll give you more I'm a fly girl, and I like those [1] -[Missy & Lil' Mo] Hot boyz Baby you got what I want See cause y'all be driving Lexus jeeps And the Benz jeeps, and the Lincoln jeeps Nothin' cheaper, got them Platinum Visa's Hot boyz Baby you got what I want See cause y'all be driving' Jaguars And the Bentley's, and the Rolls Royce Playin' hardballs with them Platinum Visa's [Missy & Lil' Mo] Is that your car, the SK-8 Are you riding alone, can I be your date Come get me, get me, don't diss me, don't trick me Got some friends, can they come too Can you hook them up wit' some boyz like you A hot boy, a rock boy, on top boy And I like those [Repeat 1] [Eve] Yo only take 'em thugged out Slightly bugged out, fuck with his tongue out Know the job ain't getting done, until the body getting drugged out Hot boy, keep me right Play your part and I'll keep it tight Where else you gonna be in the middle of the night But up in the sheets with me aiight Gangsta, true to your gang, street master You the one I need when there's beef, street blaster Ain't afraid to stop a cat, plus pop a cat, huh Soldier, cash money, rule your world What's topping that Huh, S-4-3-0 keep me on my toes Get a tingle in my spine, wet spot only he knows He's a hot boy, Missy sing it out and I'm gon' spit it Ruff Ryders scream it loud, daddy is you with it If your team can't handle my bitches then we gon' ride Brickhouse stallions, keep thugs open wide, huh 'Illadelph's best E-V-E stay committed Mess with many, but if he ain't the realer I ain't with it, with it [Q-Tip] Yo, mommy what the deal Ain't no heat fuckin' hotter than the heat a nigga hold I think you really should be told that I deal with long shafts That keep a long blast (blast) Now look at a nigga and peel off fast (come on) Word you got your girlfriend Word, she can get it too Fuck it though, I'm honest yo I'm saying though, let's play it through Getting cinematic with it Niggas if you got it, hit it Fuck the dumbness Hit it till its numbness [Missy & Lil' Mo'] Hot boy Baby you got what I want Won't you really come and satisfy me I be lovin' you like endlessly (Everyday all day) Hot boy Baby you got what I want Won't you really come and satisfy me


XZIBIT "Man Vs Machine"
Enemies Yeah!!! AOWWWW, AOWWWW! [Chorus: repeat 2X] Sometimes I'm my own worst ENEMY With friends like y'all, the fuck needs ENEMIES? I beat, I stab, I kill my ENEMIES Refuse to let you waste my ENERGY [Xzibit] I heard they callin me a immigrant; well this motherfuckin immigrant came to yo' city and started runnin shit X is like the government, taxin that ass Been harassed to the point that I'm ready to blast And spend the rest of my life behind metal and glass Never seen a nigga move so fast, cut you in half Sick of all these threats, these bitches with no action Hog-tie, watch you die and start laughin And no longer will I sit back and let you disrespect the fact that we elevated West coast rap And bring shit back to the point 'X' is all that they checkin for In the clubs, the streets, the shows and the record stores What more can you ask for, eat your heart out Fall out with bitch niggaz constantly callin my name out I'm really not givin a fuck, you're pressin your luck I'm a walkin warhead ready to self-destruct, so WHAT?! [Chorus] [Xzibit] My name feel like a slap in the face My name feel like a gat in yo' waist My name is all over the place Erasin all misconceptions I live my whole life with aggression bitch; and I'm not stressin Your words ain't workin I feel so much pressure Padlock, chain around, neck no lesser Sick of niggaz runnin they mouth It don't take much to get knocked out, round these parts when I start Shit full clips get emptied, revenge WE move like the Secret Service, I ain't nervous I just wanna tell the truth.. the whole truth When I'm on the stand explainin how I had to shoot Absolute domination, extreme mutilation No hesitation, I'm a movin violation So don't get hit in the street Used to have friends and family, now I got nothin but beef WHAT THE FUCK?!?! [Chorus] [Xzibit] So-and-so hate me, blah-blah gon' get me If I gotta go, y'all niggaz comin wit me I'ma walk like a soldier, talk like a soldier Cinderblock stock, shootin straight from the shoulder Just too much shit in the air Burn bridges you could never repair I slap box with a bear I can speak from experience, you speak from ignorance I remove you, have your whole family feelin it Y'all hate the fact that X-Man got hustle 'Man vs Machine,' mind vs. muscle I drop concoctions, you leave me no options Have your bitch screamin out, 'SOMEBODY STOP HIM!!' No more Mr. Nice Guy, I'm a tyrant L.A.'s finest, Open Bar behind us Don't look hard, it ain't too hard to find us From here to infinity, FUCK MY ENEMIES! [Chorus] - repeat 2X

I Know You Know

JUVENILE "Reality Check"
[Trey Songz - singing] Oh, Oh, Oh, Ooh, Oh, Oh Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Oh, Oh put ya feet up in my shoes for a minute shawty peep the way I do how I'm living you steadily trippin, say I'm trickin with the women girl don't make me get to trippin everything is what I'm givin, I know [Juvenile] I know I'm comin home to big fine after my day done all concerned about how I'm feelin and if I ate somethin you always hear the bullshit stories and never say nothin cause all of 'em in search for a man that's why they stay sufferin though you may think I'm from this bitch to the next a nigga be out here tryna get him a check, but I prefer cash for me and you so don't even much get ya nerves bad they want attention and they don't even deserve that girl you miss Juv-E what you think I don't care What you think I'm bout to go sacrifice this shit for that there they wanna catch the biggest fish in the sea-but he ain't swimmin cause he satisfied and ain't lookin forward to other women [Chorus: Trey Songz] I know, you know (I know, you know) just cause they shakin-don't mean I'm takin I know, you know (you know, yeah) just cause they holla-don't mean I follow I know, you know (you know, baby) just cause they throw it-don't mean I'm catchin I know, you know (you know) no matter how long I'm gone-I'm always comin home to you [Juvenile] You gotta believe me, you don't have to police me I be up in the streets makin sure that me and you eat see women try to tease me but I tell 'em be easy my family needs me so I'm goin where my seeds be I can sign ya poster but I cannot intercourse ya they really wanna solider that's why the bendin it over holla at big daddy I'm comin home like I 'ppose ta with a big ole bag of groceries and somethin that we can smoke up we don't need a passion cause me and you is what's happenin they thought we wasn't adaptin now everybody congratin forget all of that yappin as long as we keep interactin and we keep on attractin to each other with a passion [Chorus] [Juvenile] When the big dog is in ya they gon'wanna bother a G wanna leave way at night and come tomorrow with me yup so they can put a nigga business all in the streets out here tellin folks she gotta problem recordin for keeps she got big ?? tryna get me to the place hopin I reconize her curve but I can't even relate now they be at the red light flashin me with they head lights I know how to play it like tell 'em to get they head right I'm not tryna touch her so you can keep ya lil'rubber you too young for me why ya tryna get me in trouble she know that I love her-look we was meant for each other and she gon' act a fool when she with me under the cover [Chorus - repeat to end]

The Hit

SHYNE "Shyne"
The Hit [Shyne] Look at this nigga, stuntin in front of Justin's, actin silly If it wasn't cops all over, I'd smack him with this milli You hoe niggaz move a brick and think they rich Get a few guns and a click and wanna take over shit Ain't that the same kid that shot Reg in the head? Turned him into a carrot, he might as well have been dead Just came home from doin ten up in the Feds Be extortin kingpins for they horse and they bread Had the whole Brooklyn under pressure, I'm surprised he ain't test ya Mad niggaz know better I ain't comin up offa, no cheddar, no bricks, no nothin I'll kick that motherfucker, FUCK HIM, yeah I'll pay him somethin Pay his ass a visit, blow his brains on the sidewalk Let him collect his thoughts.. .. I'm the strongest force in New York til I'm a corpse, and even then, I'll be buried with bricks and money-filled vaults, seventeen shots and two weeks later I'm in the spot, takin it light Watchin the Tyson fight it's packed, uh with killers and rats Dope dealers, money hungry bitches, malicious Cars pilin up the block for blocks nigga, Bentleys and 6's This the place to be, where all the - gangsters meet As I pick up my drink, I see my man Fat Pete But before I could walk over, two niggaz tapped him on the shoulder and unloaded in his face, bullets flyin all over the place Mirrors shatterin, people scatterin, his bodyguards shot back Missed one but hit the other, in the abdomen, they both fled But who the fuck would do somethin so - brazen and reckless? Had to be some niggaz tryin to send a message {*phone ringing*} Next day I got a call from uptown to, come have a meetin with The Council bout the shit that's been goin down Word is, same kid that killed Fat Pete shot Reg in the head Bottom line he's out of control, he got to be dead He's startin to be a real problem Extortin niggaz, Brooklyn through Harlem But he fucked around and crossed the margin, touched one of ours He got to go, he from your hood, handle it Poe Say no mo', I'm out the do' Went back to the spot to grab the guns Semi-auto check, AK-40 check, shotgun check, revolver - that's perfect Called Tiz and told him meet me in an hour Bring the caravan, you know the plan Ski-masks and stockings, seen him down the ave. boppin Him and a friend, just hopped in a Benz Twenty inches on the rims, let's follow 'em slow, keep 'em in sight Wait til he stop at a red light, then roll the window down and kiss them bitches goodnight - they musta saw somethin cause the Benz busted U and came at us firin shots I threw the revolver, grabbed the tec and left the driver's side wet The Benz ran in a store window and got wrecked I hopped out the van, ran up to the scene, still holdin the tec One nigga's body was split in half, the other nigga still movin Heard sirens comin closer, as I'm bout to shoot him But fuck it, I opened his mouth, and let the tec spray and told him tell Satan I'm on my way - die bitch

Tell Me Why (Feat Mary J. Blige)

WILL SMITH "Lost And Found"
[Mary J. Blige] Whyyyyyy, whyyyyyy Whyyyyyy, whyyyyyy [Chorus: Will Smith - while Mary repeats in background] I really wish I could explain it baby It's just the world is kinda crazy baby Ain't no pretty way to paint it baby Don't cry, dry your eyes [Verse One: Will Smith] September 11th I woke up about 7 AM West coast time, french toast and my turkey bacon Takin my time awakin, turnin my TV on To my surprise, saw what everybody in the world saw Me and my children, images were chillin My son said - daddy were there people in that building? A cold sweat, frozen with a lump in my chest I heard his question, couldn't bring my lips to say yes to him That night at my son's side, he cried And prayed for the ones who died in the World Trade His palms to God, seeds of qualms with God He just, kept on pressin me, wanna know why Then one week later our bombs were dropped We seein them, on CNN, they just won't stop The infrared, images of brutal attack He said 'Daddy now we killin 'em back,' right right [Chorus] - repeat 2X + (Mary J. Blige ad lib crooning) [Interlude: Mary J. Blige] Souls are captured (souls are captured) Dreams are stolen (dreams are stolen) Hearts are broken (hearts are broken) Evil plaguin he rewardin Hate surrender (hate surrender) Love exaulted! (Love exaulted!) HOPE ELATED! (HOPE ELATED!) Negativity DESTROYED AND.. [Verse Two: Will Smith] Honest to God, why is the bomb always gettin the last word and why, did her uncles have to molest her and why, did all them cops have to be shootin to kill? And why, did all them priests have to act so ill? Tell me why did James Byrd Jr. have to be touched? Tell my why did Malcolm and Martin depart from us Tell me why did the sniper make that little boy shoot And why, is human life always denied for loot? Tell me WHY did MANDELA have to live in a cage Why did my brother Sterling have to die at that age Tell me why did Reginald Denny deserve his fate And why the {*BLEEP*} can't love, seem to defeat hate? Tell me why is it so hard for all the children to eat? Why did 'Pac and Biggie Smalls have to fall in the street? Tell me why did Jam Master Jay have to go that way? Please, what am I supposed to say my kids when they say [Chorus] - repeat 2X as before [Verse Three: Will Smith] Can't explain it baby life is just really crazy I mean if it's world wars or the life of a little baby We got more stores than they got rice under buddha lazy You live four scores and still it be drivin you crazy But for me I try to see the button side Sometimes it be like the goodness be tryin to hide or tryin to flee, but it can't, it's deep inside Sweetie you be the light for others, make 'em believe in God [Interlude]

So Right

THE LOX "Money, Power Respect"
[Styles] Catch me in the dirt ?? In the ?? porche burning out Head across seas, bout to turn it out Coming back home to a furnish house We three deep, What?, and we ain't get no sleep We on the next flight, 25 a night, damn right Plan is to keep the fam tight Copping the Vipe and I ain't stopping at the light Can't see the dice, ice to bright Heard he with a pretty chick, you a idiot Get a record deal and not take it serious Plan to make hits for a long period Hell of a living, shit being on television Ball i'ma score everytime there's an inning I once had had a mill and it's just the beginning Everybody want a pool, I need an ocean to swim in Chorus: [Kelly Price] ?Your fault?, So right (so right) It makes me want more (it makes me want more) ?Your fault?, So tight (so tight) You need an encore (give me an encore) [Sheek] yeah, yeah, yeah, what up, yo, hey yo, hey yo Hey yo before I rock a show I pray to God in a huddle Sheek laid back, you know I'm bout to bubble All ya'll hate that, tryin to keep me in trouble We take things serious, ya'll do it for fun Cuz when we hit we stick like noodles when then done International despite thee, Westcoast beef I blew it down on Keenen Ivory Wayans, got the all with a grain for the pain So if we conflict you get all in yo brain You gonna play this like little kids play hoolahoop From day til it's dark with the fat man scoop Now you spook, you heard Lox about to drop Pop the top, we got this in a can like Pringle Heard one song, now you changing up your single While I mingle, Sheek the black man gingle In a club with two mommies, that's bilangual Chorus [Jadakiss] Yeah, wha?, wha?, yo yo yo yo Now what ya'll think we here for? aight then Get this money, keep it tightened, right when All ya'll thought ya'll was coming to get us Cuz we lost B.I.G., but he still wit us Fooled ya'll ass, ya'll tools don't blast All we do is make hot songs and use ya'll cash I hang my plaques in the bathroom Cuz I'm sill thinking bout making a hit While I'm taking a shit Playa Haters be scraping the 6 For no reason, that don't even make no sense I'm happy they made them with bullet prrof glass tints If you want beef, see you at the Bad Boy cook out Get a new look out, pull your black book out Who you know pal for enough to distribute 2.5 and that's just the tribute Anything envolved with Benji's we with that With the good comes the bad never forget that Chorus to fade

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