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MIKE JONES lyrics - The Day Hell Broke Loose 2

Still Tippin'

Original and similar lyrics
Still tippin on 44's wrapped in 44's(6x)Pimpin 4 hoes and I'm packing 44's ~Slim Thug~ Now look who creepin look who crawlin still ballin in da mix is that 6'6 long dick slim nigga stickin yo chick pullin tricks lookin slick at all times when im flippin bar sippin, car dippin grant wood grain grippin still tippin on 44's wrapped in 4 pimpin' fo hoes, and i'm packing 44's blowin on that endo, game cube nintendo 5 % tint so you can't see up in my window these ni**as don't understand me cuz im boss hogg on candy top down at Max's with a big Glock 9 handy pieced up creased up, stayin dressed to impress big boss belt buckle under my under my mitchell and Ness ,oh Gucci shades up on my brades when i escalade when im ridin spreewhells slidin like an escapade i got it made the big boss of da north, aint shit change i still represent Swisha House Ha! (chorus) Still tippin on 4,4's wrapped in 44's (3x)Pimpin 4 hoes and I'm packing 44's ~Mike Jones~ 44's im tippin wood grain im grippin catch me lane switchin with tha paint drippin turn your neck and your dank missin me and Slim we aint trippin im figure flippin and syrup sippin like Do Or Die im po pimpin car stop rims keep spinnin im flippin drops with invisible tops hoes bop when my drop steps out i'm shakin the block with four 18's candy green, wood leather and screens my gasoline always surpreme got do do da brown wit a pint of lean it takes Grindin to be a king (x2) first round draft picks comin who is mike jones comin Slab shining with the grill and woman (x2) Im mike jones...who mike jones the one and only you can't clone me got alot of haters and alot homies some friends and some phony back then hoes didn't want me now im hot hoes all on me(3x) i said back then hoes didnt want me now im hot hoes all on me (chorus) Still tippin on 4,4's wrapped in 44's (3x)Pimpin 4 hoes and I'm packing 44's ~Paul Wall~ What it do? Its Paul Wall im the people's champ my chain light up like a lamp cuz now im back with the camp im Crawlin' similar to an ant cuz im low to da earth people's feelings get hurt when they figure out what im worth i got 84's pokin out at tha club im showing out ima playa aint no doubt hoes wanna know what im bout biggest diamonds off in my mouth princess cuts on in my chain wood grain all in my range drippin stains when i switch lanes Switch the name it still the same Swisha House or Swisha blast mike jones he runnin the game and magnificent about his cash Michael Watts he made me hott hard work got me to the top G Dash took me to the lot he wrote a check and bought a Drop i got the internet going nuts but T.Farris has got my back so now im holding my nuts its Paul Wall baby what u know bout me im on that 5-9 South Lead baby holla at me (chorus) Still tippin on 4,4's wrapped in 44's (3x)Pimpin 4 hoes and I'm packing 44's

Can't Stop Pimpin

Lil' Jon & The East Side Boyz "Put Yo Hood Up"
(feat. Eightball & MJG, Oobie) [Lil Jon] Lil Jon, East Side Boyz, Ballin-G, shit we pimpin bitch [Hook] Baby I just want you to know That I don't trust you but I need you And I can't let you go no And baby I just need you to promise me That you won't hurt me or desert me and the everything I need [Chorus (2x)] But I can't stop this pimpin I just can't stop this pimpin But I can't stop this pimpin I just can't stop this pimpin [MJG] Ain't no way I can control my P.I See why women hit the strip and wanna be my bitch (bitch) Break them heels off and make me rich Now which one of these old tramps you gonna pick I'm the M-J-G I be rollin in big classics Caddilacs, top drop back, hoe its a habit Ain't no rabbits in my hat No drinks on my allie Let's stay spendin some money to fuck challie I'm a pimps baby Cut me I bet ya I please bitches Ain't no shame in my game I needs bitches to increase my dividends I'm livin in shit that looks like i'm makin the killin in I'm a plan maker I'm the man that can break a school girl down to be in the grand shaker In a strip club somewhere near you I makes it happen M-J-G slash breakin these bitches slash rapper [Chorus (2x)] But I can't stop this pimpin I just can't stop this pimpin But I can't stop this pimpin I just can't stop this pimpin [8 Ball] I'm a dawg bitch You ain't in love with me at all Got ya hand out tryin to get something from big ball Look I told you I hang with niggaz that pimp hoes Shakin every trap and collectin from strip shows I'm a fat playa with a mouth full of gold I be smokin plenty dro But I don't put none up my nose Qualification for any selection I'm makin Fast talkin, street walkin, non-stop trip breakin They don't keep nothin dough They bring it straight to daddy You catch them stealin dawg You beat that ass badly If you not a pimp or broad on the strip You might not understand this pimpin fallin off my lips Just don't fake it playa cause it ain't hard to spot You think you ballin you square like a match box See I can't help baby I was born with it Real hustler have to beat the street and go and get it [Hook 2 (2x)] See I don't want to I do need to Cause I know I can't trust you I can't be you So I'm hopin that one day that you can be true Cause all of my plans involve you [Chorus (2x)] But I can't stop this pimpin I just can't stop this pimpin But I can't stop this pimpin I just can't stop this pimpin [Big Sam] Well I'm Big Sam, got bitches galore You may have alot of bitches But I got much more Short hair, long hair in them fitted suits Prada boots and hoes that think they cute But bitch come short with my cheese Hoe you ain't seen in me You bets go get me my cheese or you can limp for me Cause I'm a breaker man and I'm a pimp you see And I ain't got time for you chickenhead, tricks you fleas Cause I P-I-M to the P Pimpin these hoes ain't a thang to me Been breakin these bitches since '79 Pimpin they ass for them nickles and dimes And don't give me no excuses When it come to my money Cause I'm Nino Brown and you G-Money And I'm a motherfucker nigga you will never try Fuck you hoes cause I'm a pimp 'till I die [Chorus (2x)] But I can't stop this pimpin I just can't stop this pimpin But I can't stop this pimpin I just can't stop this pimpin [Hook 3] Tell me why (tell me why) Why you won't stop (why you won't stop) Your pimpin baby Cause I need you baby (baby) See ya won't stop ya pimpin See ya just won't stop ya pimpin Ya won't stop ya pimpin See ya just won't stop.... [Lil Jon] Won't stop, can't stop this pimpin, know what I'm sayin its ya boy Lil Jon, Lil Jon them East Side Boyz, Ballin-G, my girl Oobie doin this shit for Memphis to H-town to the ATL this pimpin ain't goin never stop, no matter what a motherfucker do like my boy Big Ball say 'spades ace pimpin fo' ever' Bi-itch!!

Pimp Of The Nation

KID ROCK "Grits Sandwiches For Breakfast"
There's only two types of men Pimps and John's There's one type of bitch And that's a hoe God damn holly hooker this is my world God damn time to go Where's my dough It's startin to snow All I want is the dollas I've been a pimp so long I knew gahndi when he had an afro Pimp, hold my dick like a holster All the girls want a Kid Rock poster And be able to both stay looked at The number one pimp with the number one rap What's up with that Well I'm a cool cat With the rap That's harder than a pimp slap And because I do so much pimpin One day I'll probably walk with a limp And drive a big Lincoln Wearin an unbuttoned shirt And be a fifty-five year old pervert But for now rap's the occupation But one day watch I'll be Pimp Of The Nation Hoes are rustlic Daddy's in the house We got hoes and hoes and hoes Prices so low We pratically given the coochie coo away Shake that booty, Shake that booty Its not a bake sell, its a cake sell God Damn It Pimp of the Nation, I could be it As a matter of a fact, I for see it But only pimpin hoes with the big tush While you be left pimpin Barbra Bush What's up granny First name Annie Dried up cunt and a saggin fanny The highlight of your sex adventures You wanna suck this take out your denchers A show of life is all I'm givin Old pimp young hoes is how I'm livin But for now rap's the occupation But watch one day I'll be Pimp Of The Nation I got all the hookers, God Damn It I got Sensational Sherry, Juicy Lucy, Nasty Nancy, and Tammy Toe Jam All of them ready, willing, and able to give the mack daddy all the dollas And all the coochie coo till death do we part Hahahaha I have hoes like horses in a stable Rich, famous, willing, and able First off Ja Ja Kubore and tiffer gore Is my highest paid whore And for some hot booty waxin Fake ass Latoya Jackson Rosanne Barr is my newest trick While on the beach I prune her with the dick And the bitch who fucks with my cash Robin Givens I'll whip your ass Yeah Kid Rock, Kid Rock Don't you fuck with me I'll be Pimp of the Nation Bitc...bit...bitc...bit...bitch One nation under a pimp Gettin paid cause suckers is pussy whipped One nation under a pimp Gettin paid cause suckers is pussy whipped One nation under a pimp Gettin paid cause suckers is pussy whipped One nation under a pimp Gettin paid cause suckers is pussy whipped Ah yeah who's pimpin out there Uh huh The Midwest is pimpin Detroit is pimpin Mt. Clemens is pimpin Romeo is pimpin The black man he pimpin KDC he's pimpin Bo your pimpin I said Tom he's pimpin Chuck and Murph their pimpin D he's pimpin Boner is pimpin Ben he pimpin Ralph C is pimpin The young brothers are pimpin Eli your pimpin I said Tony your pimpin Hey Chicago your pimpin Mr. Lee your pimpin My pops is pimpin My bro D he's pimpin Jay C he's pimpin Dice Sound is pimpin Dougie Doug is pimpin D-Nice he's pimpin Chuck Nice is pimpin Barry White he's pimpin New York's pimpin I said Philly is pimpin Oakland your pimpin Too Short your pimpin Arseno Hall your pimp...pimp...pimpin Eddie Murphy your pimpin Jive Records your pimpin RCA is pimpin Top Dogg is pimpin Michael Jackson, Ah you ain't pimpin shit Ah hah hah Word em up Word em up Kid Rock Kid...Kid Rock Kid...Kid Rock And I'm Pimp of the Nation Hah hah haha Word You stay on third base I'm goin home with the bacon baby Hahahaha Peace

Bitch Betta Have My Money

JA RULE "Pain Is Love"
What up love You thought I wouldn't recognize ho like stats I peep you at the strip joint You and that little black chick Acting like you so innocent When you in the six Usually that bring the freak right out of a bitch I knew something was wrong Lesbian I go on Ain't nothing wrong with bump n' grinding right I like mines tight You like yours licked And we both like bitches to get high high wit You opted to leave a nigga with no options You freak hoe dance topless baby What's ya sitcho You ride dildo Plastic nympho Only see dick in porno Hun lidten I can make your life a world of difference Throw me in the mix of your sexual experiences See what happens In like two weeks These hoes is freaking Making about two g's a piece a weekend That's what I'm saying [Chorus x2:] It ain't easy pimped out Flossing furs Diamonds Matching sets his and hers Keep ya hoes on point Tell them watch the fuzz Cause Bitch better have my money Keep my ones on top My tens on lock My hoe in the drop Got a hot little co-op Prestigous Rock a cuban link with Jesus Lord have mercy Let me touch this Tease it For reasons I can't explain to you lord Cause you know my actions are censored Don't diss chips to fuck with no broad This one can get it Damn near split it Yeah picture me paying for some pussy I ain't even smelled yet Let alone got wet But I'm willing to make a bet That the next time we riding If she ain't riding On the turnpike you you bobbing While I'm weaving Getting weede Believe me This pimp shit ain't easy baby I tell you ain't no hoes like the ones I got They make you fiend for that pussy coming up out ya pockets [Chorus x2:] It ain't easy pimped out Flossing furs Diamonds Matching sets his and hers Keep ya hoes on point Tell them watch the fuzz Cause Bitch better have my money Baby girl you so hot I feel like Iceberg Slim I pimp plenty women Got to tip my hat to a ten Just been in too many run ins with dead ends Comparisions range from thick ones to thin Explosive sex thoughts coming from this young work horse I spend hard times like D.A.'s in criminal courts Fro the love of my life I'll cut down on the sport For the jewels with ice and creep to never get caught You know the game You and I is one in the same But you got my name tatooed on ya leg Shit is serious Now you caling me acting delirious Used to be my best bitch Now somewhat resistant Street life got you hot like Heather Hunter Worn out and don't nobody want ya First time i met ya you played me out of pocket I ain't know no better bitch Now stop it Game is the topic And what's between your legs is the product Use it properly And you'll make dollars biatch [Chorus x2:] It ain't easy pimped out Flossing furs Diamonds Matching sets his and hers Keep ya hoes on point Tell them watch the fuzz Cause Bitch better have my money

Parking Lot Pimpin'

JAY-Z "The Dynasty Roc La Familia"
[Jay-Z] Yeh, it's that knock right here You fuck around not have the right speakers in your system your shit be soundin like this {*funny sounds*} Big thangs, thick chains, ain't shit changed Get brain in the four-dot-six Range Shit mayn, switch lanes Every town I hit you switch lames, bitch flip big 'caine I givin 'em whiplash when I'm whippin the whip fast Which one? Pick one nigga, I got a six stashed Continental T's, no tense like I got a thick stab Big cigar, old money, when I drop it it's so funny Six-four switches, slam doors on 6's Big trucks when I wanna fuck and it's time to get ass I turn automobiles to hotels on wheels I got money for a room it's just the fact that I'm trill Bitches love when I cruise up the boulevard They have contests to guess which car I'ma pull out the yard They know I, come for dolo and pull off with a broad Spin away, spend a day tryin to pull menage Just Mac (??) God, the sunlight hit the ice it's flawless Run lights like I'm the king of New York, I'm lawless Bitches, they wanna hang like plaques in the office Cause I push black Porsches, Benz's and Jaguars-es When the rag's off it, gat on my lap, I'm that cautious Never trust grimy-ass New Yorkers 'Specially when you're sittin on 20's they get nauseous Standin in the Azure with white air forces [Chorus: sung] You can catch me in the parkin lot Hollerin at bitches, parkin lot pimpin' Everyday we be off the chains Workin with grain, sittin on them thangs Tryin to find out where dem dollars at (dollars at) So when I holla at you, holla back (holla back) Everyday we be off the chains Ain't nuttin different, parkin lot pimpin' [Beanie Sigel] Holla at me mami! Sigel.. You can catch Mac in the parkin lot, pimpin crazy S-5, Navy 'Cedes, sittin on 80 That's four dubs, not S-4 dub Stash box, push out Will like Matchbox Bitches wanna push my world, they flash box 160, push my wheel, mash cops Cause 160 took my wheel to cash drop Run 60, you Big Will, match cop Lookin through the rearview and Mac was wylin New driver, screwdriver, the cracked steering column Pushin somethin stolen, blastin, picture me rollin Baghdad, couldn't picture me ?? Now the truth different, Mac come through Coupe roof missin I'm the truth til my fuckin roof missin Mac stay stuck in the Coupe to school pigeons Feathers gettin plucked in the truck from loose chickens, listen [Chorus] [Memphis Bleek] Yo, aiyyo I dip dip dive, what can I say? I can't fit 'em all inside the Escalade So I pulled up, murder to further my parkin lot pimpin Told 'em get the Impala so I can start dippin Lay back, seat recline, they notice the hand Car movin slow, driven by the invisible man Everything on the dash, digital and I got a fast stashbox don't make me spit at you man In the parkin lot, where I spark a lot I come to show my new feet, slide off with a few freaks Bleek, turn up the beats.. .. turn up the heat then we burn up the streets, bitch! [Chorus 2X]


JA RULE "Rule 3:36"
[Ja Rule] Yeah.. yeah.. Uhh, uhh, you don't want it You one of them jokers there Split it in half nigga Gimme that vodka water too.. yeah.. World get on one, if you not afraid to fly You need to get on a flight and fly tonight Run up in the hottest clubs so high That tonight for these hoes is nuttin but love I'm feelin extra extraordinary freaky And I know you hoes wanna roll with me I shoot by the bar - place my order Big baller orderin all that damn water I head up to VIP thug-style like WOW; nobody sippin on cristal They all got a Evian or OJ And shorty that I just met name was Candy Said she let this true candy to bring it up I said that's cool with me as ya ass I touch She said rule you scandalous lick the lips Popped another one and grabbed my nuts I said i fuck so fabulous on ex' all night Nothin but sweat and rough sex Now ya know what's next We up to high noonin Schlep Yed and girls its so good [Hook] I don't wanna control ya Just wanna make ya mine And when your life's outta order Just have a good time [Chorus] And ex-ta-sy I wanna fly And bring ya sex-in me I feel right Ex-ta-sy I'm whirrin high When ya sex-in me i feel right Ex-ta-sy I'm gonna fly And when ya sex-in me i feel right Ex-ta-sy I'm flyin high And when ya sex-in me its so right Yea yea bitch c'mon We fly high baby Just you and I baby Gotta flight that leaves At a quarter to nine Anybody boardin c'mon then We ballin WOW and full of 'ribean Hard to keep my balance So when I'm in mo all of you hoes got the talent High feelin like its all love and no valin Full of sweat, bloodshot eyes, and large pupils, X-men This is some shit that i could get used to I usually blow weed with intentions to OD Drink 'evian' slowly when I'm on E And only those who feel me Are gonna hear me Especially hoes -n- extasy We got the murder man that's the spot to chill Got bitches pop the pill feelin hot for real Take that shirt off take that skirt off Cuz my dick is hard and your ass is soft Now that's a freaky combination And freaky conversations Lead into freaky situations Like me tastin your sexuality Sexy you ever took extasy And have you wildin in a club Smilin at a thug Express your hugs With one fuckin all of us That's right we freakin off for life Pass the OJ we gettin high tonight, On [Chorus] Deutsche Deutsche Before i start the Porsche I keep them pumpin off the Calvin Kleins, Boodo's And the Nike swoosh And party saggin like two loose socks Invest the money in stocks We gettin the orange juice crops We ready to get outta hear Disappear The bitch get like David Copperfield When she pop a pill Wanna do it in the high heels On top of a high hill Cause my nigga ain't tryin to run up then i will Hit it from behind that's how i polly wit mines Man we up all night fuckin by the Hollywood sign Yea got smacked up Everytime she backed up Didn't know there was room in the back Of the lack truck I pass her the job then he Passed it back Hope my girl to find a magnum raps You need a shoe shine job The way you polish a knob Backstage panties down eat dick Good-bye Biotch!! [Hook] [Chorus] Yea bitch c'mon!!

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