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MIKE JONES lyrics - Ballin' Underground

Pac Man

Original and similar lyrics
First Round, First Round Draft Picks comin', "Who Is Mike Jones" First Round, First Round Draft Picks comin', "Who Is Mike Jones" First Round, First Round Draft Picks comin', "Who Is Mike Jones" (Mike Jones) Might see me flippin' in with the top pushed back Took off my Roc-A-Wear and threw on my throw-back Do'Do I blow dat cuz I'm who? Mike Jones Who-Who Mike Jones, Who-Who Mike Jones I come threw ya hood and I'm bouta rock the block When I add 22's and subtract the rag-top I got the candy paint shinin' on the 5 or 6 hundred 4-8-4-18's dumpin' so I know you hear me comin' My album, Who Is Mike Jones comin' soon My album, Who Is-Who Is Mike Jones comin' soon I chill with G-Dash, Big Watts and Magno T-Fast right behind me in a candy lambo' Rambo is who I act like, on a dude I get's like Now I'm in the spot-light, platinum teeth shinin' bright When I speak, hoes weap Haters know they can't compete With Mike Jones, Who?, Mike Jones I got love for all my fans that's jammin' my shit DJ's don't stop, keep playin' my shit In the club, keep em'-keep em' crunked up Don't step in the club if you ain't gettin' fucked up I'm talkin' bout gettin throw'd Ridin-ridin' 84's Bustin-bustin' threw ya kit cuz I got suicide do's Lil mama spread ya legs Before that gimme head Before I let you fuck you gotta suck my 3rd leg Cuz Mike Jones is the one and only Yall niggaz can't clone me Get off my dick, get ya own style and quit being phony Hoes on me cuz I'm real When I smile platinum grill Candy paint wood-wheel Spreewell's on my 5th wheel I'm the don, you the son You number 2, I'm #1 With 23's sittin' under me In plushed seats, poke'mon seats First Round-First Round Draft Picks comin', Who Is Mike Jones First Round-First Round Draft Picks comin', Who Is Mike Jones comin' Now I got that off my mind Barba-kit watch it fall down SwishaHouse we platinum bound It's to late try and stop us now Lemme get back up on the flow Had a fro' but cut it low To the wood, fo' bust fo' Is what I claim until I go Got much love for Boss Hogg Chamillionaire and Paul Wall Like Yao Ming I stand tall You got screens well let em' fall You got drank well po' it up You claim a set then throw it up You got dank let's blow it up When my album come I'ma sow it up Mike Jones-Jones, Mike-Mike Jones-Jones Mike-Mike Jones-Jones, Mike-Mike Jones [Repeat til' the end of song]

Huggin' And Chalkin'

JERRY REED "Jerry Reed"
Boogie boogie boogie I gotta gal that's mighty mighty sweet Got big blue eyes and tiny little feet Her name is Rose she's sweet as she can be But she tips them scales at three o three Oh but ain't it nice to have a gal so fat That when you hug her you don't know where you're at You have to take a piece of chalk in your hand Then you hug away and chalk away to see where you began One day while I was a huggin' and a chalkin' And a chalkin' and a huggin' away I met another fella with some chalk in his hand Comin' round from the other way Comin' round the mountain through the hills and the valleys Well I never been sick and I never been weak My bones don't ache and my joints don't creak But I get a little dizzy and I get a little limp Every time I lay a kiss on my baby blimp Oh but ain't it nice to have a gal so fat... One day while I was a huggin' and a chalkin'... Lookin’ kinda funny One day while I was a huggin' and a chalkin' And a beggin' her to be my bride I seen another feller with some chalk in his hand Comin' round from the other side Sneakin' up easy ha ha ha ha Now honey I ain't sayin' you fat But when you sit down you sit down all over the place Ha ha ha ha keep me shady in the summer Keep me warm in the winter time Honey hand me the chalk I think I love ya You're on my foot honey

In My Life

JUVENILE "Juve The Great"
[Mannie Talking:] Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls lil children, dogs and cats right now, you are listening to the incredible drum patterns of DJ Mannie Fresh LADIES AND GENTLEMEN ! [Chorus (X2)] Mannie: I'm a buy cars, I'm a get clothes, I'm a rock jewels, I'm a fuck ho's, I'm a smoke weeds, Got alot of drinks, steppin out, gators, coca-cola mink Juvenile: I Need it in my life, I want it in my life come put it in my life, I'm a keep it in my life [Verse 1 (Juvenile)] Its ya nigga Juve, from the magnolia, still loakin, You ho's gon' know whats up with me Bust the pussy open Loose titty, loose booty, round down and up, if a gangsta can't touch it, what you bouncin it fo' Now give me leway, watch how a G play Watch how my name get caught up in the he and she say Its UTP day, we with the streets may They represent us when they hear us at the DJs Break bread with me nigga, demand with me though we was beefin , your supposed to spend your cash with me I'm in here last with me, hold me down, give me a whip, give me a bitch and let her blow me down, I'm so gutter, I'm so slick, i'm so grimey I promise you something, I bet you gon find me I'm a eat, purchase, whatever I please CO, give me the keys, aww please, I need two of these [Chorus (X1)] [Verse 2 (Juvenile)] I'm a be so courageous, and so contagious, Until my fucking rap sheets gonna recieve mo' pages, Listen to Juve cuz this my year mon' (my year mon') Invision I'm bout to kick it in here mon' (in here mon') Don't you see the Soldiers and Bauds when I appear mon' (appear mon') About being written on my face cuz I don't fear none (don't fear none) Me and my team got a scheme to go light the block up, Skip, Smoove put in work and wacko poppin the chopper I Scream the 'U' cuz I mean it, the only difference is you be throwing your set up when you screamin I Seen it, Man all of the obstacles that I been through, what make you think i'm a be scared of a bitch like you, I'm ya dog, let me get it all consign me, you ain't paid them last people yet, dog don't even remind me, I gain knowlege, my game polished, and it is obvious you can't block it, you can't knock it, this is profit [Chorus (X1)] [Verse 3 (Juvenile)] Can I untape the clips and chill Show my niggers its real, Can my people shop in Beverly Hills, I got alot of work I know thats gonna be ahead of me still, But my peace mentality gon' keep me ahead in the field Pardon me, but I got paper to chase, Now cut thru the talking and bring me straight to the safe, I know where the cameras at and I'm destroying the tape, I'm not leaving no evidence for the forensics to trace, I had a problem on my hand, a few bills I had been payin', I figured about a lil'bit less than 75 grand, and my dog Rocky, caught a nickel for a pistol, Its serious when the federales comin' to get you, Life is at a standstill, all change in this damn field, What you say, can get you and ya mans killed, This my last chance to come up, this gotta be it, Juve comin up, the first round' lottery pick [Chorus (X1)]

Everybody Jones

And then this one time I tried to talk to him and these other girls, They totally got in my way. Can you believe that their shoes weren't even as exspensive as mine. The Tray, Fly boy Lifestyle. You Heard me Drippin from my head to my feet, Splashin Everything New, You Heard me If its vintage its new, Real Nigga Shit, You heard me catch me in soho getting stupid flies or catch me uptown getting super fly, can heard me? or catch me just riding my coupe’s fly the beast, Trend setter(her), never been better, yeah I love my bags, but the bank better Killin half of you you niggas is a vendetta (Bang Bang) she saw the car when your girl start getting wetter and she was hot but I didn’t sweat her cause I’m way too cool you could get a sweater I’m in the club with a Two-Thousand Dollar leather and they say birds of a feather flock together (Well Fly Away) so you and you get in drop together it was cool outside not the hottest weather but a nigga still stuntin, dropped it on em' Hefers and we pull into the tele knockin salt n' peppa funky fresh, Dress to impress, We at the party funky fresh, Dress to impress, We at the party funky fresh, Dress to impress, ready to party everybody Jones, everybody Jones Like oh my god, you guys isn’t that like Jim Jones he’s totally amazing, do you know how he did that song Like, what it’s called, Um popping Champagne? I got more kicks then Jack Chan (Check the closet) in the face, Imma wash it like black sand (Check The Watch Box) and I used to sell smack like a back hand (X-15 Sharif) and I see through you niggas like a Cat scan (Get Em') and fuckers getting fax like a lap dance (Fuck that) they say I’m a rock star like the gap Band (Aye Now) it’s new whips, I pull into the night club I got them jordan number 6 outta flight club sway still in seats all piped up, and we ain’t leave the club until the lights out (one more bottle) everyday I stay splashy like it’s easter (Werd) that’s why they say I’m something like a fashionista whoa some, burn some, pass the reefer I turn the shit black and yellow, tape Like Khalifa (Black And Yellow) I’m so fly, tell me where I’m landing I hope the summer hot nigga, where we tanning funky fresh, Dress to impress, We at the party funky fresh, Dress to impress, We at the party funky fresh, Dress to impress, Ready to party everybody Jones, everybody Jones how many pairs of Louis Vuittons do I have to have before Jim Jones is gonna fucking talk to me I like, I wanna give him his own hashtag or something like Jim Jones problems, Like I can't even. (Everybody Jones) They say diamonds are a girl's bestfriend (BFF) Well, I don't want the girl, I got her bestfriend (Hey Baby) She all around my neck, I'm talkin precious gems (Woo) I Caught her body in my 'rari they arrested Gem (Camera) Bitch breathe like carbon minoxide (Clear) I was speedin had the car lookin lopside (Speedin) I told em' come take a walk on the dark side I'm from New york, where the motherfuckin sparks fly (boom) My Nigga Sell Drugs, All the cars fly (Ayeee) Well, black and white stones like apartheid (Segregation) Its Unanimous, them bitches still love a thug (Werd) No Ceilin, All she was seein was stars up above I say girl im tryna cut like a laceration (Deep) Body Right I'm having all types of fascinations She got a nigga takin nasty on a mobile phone I hopped out lookin splashy in my Kobe Foam (So Fly) Brand New, athletic feet wear (And) Brand New car, Shit we get em' each year (Werd) I Pave Stones in my watch, like the drive way And Imma clone to the cops, like the highway She Had The ass shakin like a aftershock (drop it) And I kept the weed low as I passed the cops (who watchin) But the music so loud, we was blastin Pac (Knock it) and I ran outta dutches so I had to stop Whoa And I don't know what to say to him, I mean, Do you think he blondes? I guess I could be blonder I mean, Do you think Jim Jones needs me to be blonder? Maybe I just need to lose weight, I'm already down to like 20 pounds, but I could totally go lower because he is just so freaking unbelievably adorable Like Popsicle Hot, Like Need to cry, Ok, Where are my friends, I need to talk to them about this right away Maybe we can invent some sort of like twitter situations that everybody decides that Jim Jones Should talk to me (Everybody Jones, Everybody Jones) Oh my God, Oh my God He's Coming over Here.

May Sunshine Rain

Mary won't be comin' 'round no more I won't touch her violet hair That fell like rain and filled the air With roses Mary won't be comin' 'round no more She won't look into my eyes And tell me I'm the only one Who knows her Mary won't be changing me no more She won't reach into my mind And fill those gutters with red wine And reason Mary won't be changing me no more I guess that I knew all along That she'd be leaving with the song Of season Sunshine rain Mary won't be comin' 'round no more She won't reach into my mind And fill those gutters with red wine And reason Mary won't be comin' 'round no more She won't look into my eyes And tell me I'm the only one Who knows her Sunshine rain Sunshine rain Sunshine rain

Farewell Summer

JOELL ORTIZ "Farewell Summer"
[Joell Ortiz] Yaowa! Lot been goin on these past three months If you don't mind, I'd like to share it with you Let's see, summer of oh-ten Well right before it kicked off I lost a really close friend Last time we kicked it was at a show in Coney Island Fucked with some bitches, I swear I miss my homie whylin That was bad enough news, like I needed to hear more Mr. Marshall Mathers is interested in us four "Us four" being Crooked I, Joe Budden Royce and myself, but I swear it's always somethin When the talks got real, E-1 started frontin Tryin to cockblock but we handled that, it's nothin Listen close, hear it from the horse's mouth, it's crazy The deal ain't finalized but yeah, Slaughterhouse and Shady Shows been gettin better, Highline was retarded When Fat Joe came out New York City went bonkers Styles P came out and put it down for all of Yonkers Even Sean Paul ripped it after twistin up the ganja Closed the show with Jim Jones, you know "Nissan, Honda, Chevy" had the fans Andretti, that's a monster Wish I coulda spit that on the stage at Summer Jam Can't complain though, that verse helped me scoop a couple grand Aside from the music, yeah, copped a new apartment Two bedroom joint, nothin fancy, lil' carpet Marble in the kitchen, cool walk-in closet A paintin here and there, somethin simple for an artist If you havin girl problems I feel bad for you son Well then feel sorry for me cause I had more than one Like E-1 and Slaughterhouse single, I lost +The One+ Before the us and Pharoahe Monch Canada tour was done I argue with her like, "Bein insecure is dumb The only thing that I could get from all these whores is cum" We did the Skype thing in my bunk on late nights Always started cool but ended in the same fight Why I ain't pickin up the phone once again It only takes a second to reply to BBM Baby I don't know what to say Maybe it was the 20-hour drive from Montréal to Thunder Bay Maybe my phone died, maybe I'm sound checkin Maybe I'm on stage goin in for the crowd sweatin Either way it's over, you failed to understand You was dealin with a star, not your average brother man On another note, I got to kick it with my sons Up in Dave & Buster's winnin tickets, it was fun Did Rockaway Beach, played some frisbee in the sun At summer camp they had a Track and Field Olympics and they won I took it down to Miami on the 4th Wobbled out a mansion and did cameo of course Shit I brought to the telly looked like panties on a horse Freak brain, this bitch said "Nigga, ram me 'til I cough!" I gotta call the bitch but yeah, Flex see that I'm focused Droppin bombs like I did to get rid of the roaches Feels good bein Puerto Rican from the pro-jects And countries overseas havin a ball like my cojones This summer I did well settin up for oh-eleven Comin up on a year my granny said hello to Heaven My moms still goin through it, e'ry now and then she cries I'm tryin to bring a different set of tears into her eyes "Free Agent" is FIRE! The world gon' see it's tough I'ma drop the "Yaowa" mixtape with Green to heat it up Shout to ICU, the documentary is nuts Some people on there gone, a lot of memories, but yup Gotta keep it pushin though the ride gets bumpy I'ma keep whippin until I get money Hate to be so blunt, but I came up extra poor Borrowed from next door, couldn't get ketchup from the store The butt of all the jokes cause of the rejects that I wore Matching perfectly with all the V-necks that I tore But nope, not no more, my feet keep the sickest kicks Still doin V-necks but nowadays my shit is crisp I'm comin for the title boys, hope you niggaz rhyme I'm treatin this like high school, "A" game every time Let you niggaz party, go on vaca', I'ma grind 'Til e'ry verse I kick is like Pele in his prime Y'all don't want a war, be screamin mayday with a nine Your thought caliber's no MATCH for this AK in my mind Don't get clapped, like sex with a dirty slut When I'm done with rap, they gon' hang your boy jersey up Cause I done been an all-star on all bars My dad left, and the apple never falls far So I'm gone like a sports car Anyone who think they better is just +Wild+, Draw Four card I did this by myself, no help brother No more sag, I'm comin for that belt fuckers Said my prayers, and God called Joell's number So stay tuned in the Fall, "Farewell Summer"

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