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MIKE JONES lyrics - Ballin' Underground

Don't Fail Me Now

Original and similar lyrics
[talking] Mike Jones (Who), Mike Jones (Who) Mike Jones, Ballin Underground From H-Town, to Funky Town [Hook: Thyra - 2x] Dick, don't fail me now I gotta turn shorty out She don't want, nobody else But me, and only me [Mike Jones] I fuck a slut get my dick sucked, then I (slide out) I hit the cut maybe some bucks, then I (ride out) I'm hot now, so hoes trail me now So my dick gotta stay hard, it can't fail me now I blew up quick up in the game, now these sluts chasing I fuck 'em leave 'em and send 'em home, with some fuck faces Mike Jones and my boy Thyra, ain't nobody liver When my dick hard, all I need girl is your hot saliva I never claim the pussy mine, cause it ain't mine to claim But for some reason when I'm in it, they scream out my name Mike Jones (Who), Mike Jones (Who), Mike Jones-Jones-Jones [Hook - 2x] [Mike Jones] How you want it, from the front or the back I love a sexy freak bitch, that's so quick to attack When she hear my name at home, or work she fiending Wishing time passing, so she can suck on my semen Like Red I'm a misfit, love to get my dick licked Sex is so good, when I'm twisted Gone off X-O, let yourself go To a world, that only Mike Jones know [Hook - 2x] [Mike Jones] I know you doubt a man, but why should I complain (Cause I don't give a fuck about your maaaaaan, yeah) I'm Mike Jones (Who), Mike Jones and (I don't give a fuck about your maaaaaan, yeah) We run trains, on other niggaz dames cause (We don't give a fuck about your maaaaaan, yeah) Mike Jones, Thyra and Cocaine we (Never gave a fuck about your maaaaaan, ooooh) [Hook - 2x] [talking] "Who is Mike Jones" coming soon baby, yeah My boy Thyra, Cocaine, Mike Jones uh Yeah, I fuck hoes everyday nigga cause (I don't give a fuck about your maaaaaan, yeah) I run train, on other niggaz dames cause I don't give a fuck about your maaaaaan, oooh)

Get On The Mic

BEASTIE BOYS "Paul's Boutique"
Get on the mic Mike let's be real and don't cloud the issue The rhymes are rope an M.C. you must listen to People say that they been missin' me and missin' you Get on the mic and let's show them like we used to You say fuck that I say fuck this The king Ad-Whammy has never been limp Dick Butkus One half science and the other half soul His name's Mike D. not Fat Morton Jelly Roll M.C. Busy Le Disco fooled around in Fresno Got over on your girl'cause you know she never says no Get on the mic Well Mike D. is a special individual Pulling out knots pulling in residuals Go to the movies get the Rolos the cholos riding slow and low Mike on the mic and bust with the solo Mike my stromy don't be so selfish Get on the mic'cause you know you eat shellfish

All My Life (In The Ghetto)

JAY ROCK "Follow Me Home"
[Verse 1: Jay Rock] I was on the block right, wasn't in my right mind Just a young nigga, hustlin', tryna get mines Movin' with the 9 double m Niggas like "You don't really wanna fuck with him" Yeah, young teenager, 'fatuated with paper Yeah I had to get it, cause momma, she wasn't able Black and white TV set, no cable Forties in the fridge, chicken noodles on the table I wasn't born with a silver spoon Child of the ghetto, raised off a different tune Watchin' Bob Barker in my living room If "The Price Was Right", I could get you a whole living room Yeah, them was my gutter ways back in the gutter days No education, but the gutter pays Through it all came a long way From sellin' the yay', fist fights to gun play Back then [Chorus:] Sittin' on the block and I'm doin' bad Dreaming about the things that I never had Got me thinking to myself "I gotta get it man" You can play if you want, I'm gon' get it man I say, all my life I've known One day eventually I'll blow [Verse 2: Lil Wayne] Yeah Times is torn as it is That's why I got guns, and my guns got kids That's why I be goin' so tough on them hoes I play my own hand, I don't shuffle or fold Fuck with a nigga, let go fuck with some hoes Hear them bitches screamin' like they stuck in a hole I am not a deamon, but was once a lost soul 'Til I found myself a block away from the cross road I have, outgrown the fishbowl And I'm on my feet like a fuckin insole Yeah it may hurt like a fuckin' left no But it's "fuck the world", like a fuckin nympho And we spend dough, cause we make more And I make sure, when I say so It's Jay Rock and Weezy, need I say more Closeline the beat tear, DB I say flow Yeah [Chorus:] Sittin' on the block and I'm doin' bad Dreaming about the things that I never had Got me thinking to myself "I gotta get it man" You can play if you want, I'm gon' get it man I say, all my life I've known One day eventually I'll blow [Verse 3: Jay Rock] Jay Rock, still that same O.G. I ain't tryna see the grave or the penitentary Everyday living, tryna stay on my feet Even though a nigga paid, but my heart in the streets See my dogs I'm a beast, so hard on these beats So my family can eat, I'll be damned if I see No income, here come Jay Rock, they know crack music Drug kingpin flow, oh [Lil Wayne:] Kingpin hoe, need I say more Your family could die, when I say go (go) Green light green light, whatcha green like? Before ya size me up, get the seam right And I just hop in the phantom when I'm being nice Cause drivin' slow in the Lam', it doesn't seem right Yeah, and I remember them long nights Livin' the wrong life, but I made that wrong right Weezy! [Bridge:] All the struggling All it does is keep my hustling, oh my [Chorus:] Sittin' on the block and I'm doin' bad Dreaming about the things that I never had Got me thinking to myself "I gotta get it man" You can play if you want, I'm gon' get it man I say, all my life I've known One day eventually I'll blow

Lovely Daze / Memory Lane

JIM JONES "On My Way To Church"
[Intro / Chorus fading in and out in background] Ok, ok, (heeeyyyy) yeah We back in this bitch (Lovely Daze like this...) Jim Jones nigga (you know!), Capo Status (COOFIE SMACKA!) A.k.a Jim Caso (lovely painter), and I jus love it man (Lovely Daze like this...) I love paintin' these pictures for the hood, you dig (that's where I'm at Eastside) Its Dip-Set, Eastside (come on!), lets ride [Verse 1] They got me livin' like (what!), I aint worried 'bout my well being I used to hurry up and sell fee (2 for 5!) Like I aint worried for the jail scene (fuck cops) 'Til I got knocked, yeah observed in my cell C (ya honor) I was young and was restless Run around wit' my gun and my vestes Yeah I'm hungry and reckless (what) But no one better test us (no way) Cause I got nuttin to lose, suttin to prove, I'm screamin' EASTSIDE (EASTSIDE!!!) While I dump on you dudes (Dip-Set!) And what we live by (yeah), what we gon' die by (Dip-Set) So these rules I abide by I'm duckin' shots on a driveby, finger the cops, yeah when they ride by (Byrdgang!) Squally, is what they scream, fuck it As I polly wit' my team puff it We on the scene rugged Yeah, we get our green thuggin' Fuck it, I scream out, yo I'm uh G, fuck it [Chorus: As well as Jones speaking in between] Lovely Daze like this, I miss I miss (Lovely Daze man. When I say Lovely Daze I'm talkin' bout.) Lovely Daze like this, I miss I miss (Fresh in High School, fresh with that freedom. You know explorin' the streets nigga) Lovely Daze like this, I miss I miss (You know, takin' no prisoners man, ready to do whatever whenever) Lovely Daze like this, I miss I miss (Fuck what they talkin' bout man, you jus doin you man. Find yaself!) [Verse 2] You know how kids scheme (how they shceme?), we had big dreams (yeah!) Of coppin' them Benzez up on big scene (bling bling) All glittered in jewels just like Liberraci (mmm!) Look at my dipped posse (yeah!) Look how this shit done got me (Crazy!) I'm some paranoid shit (yop!) Its kinda scary I carry the 4 fifth (who want it!) Its kinda brazy that it be like that Aint no play me and you be right back You better blaze me if it be like that (get me nigga!) They got some issues with views I got (uh huh) I carry pistols when I cruise my block (lets ride!) Its uh issue if I cruise ya block My dogs 'ill get you, know the rules or not (wut up now fool!) Uh, yeah, we will cruise ya parameters (where they at?) You caught slippin', no rules or parameters (where they at?) Fuck the crews, fuck the cameras (fuck police) I tell you now, aint no dudes that can handle us (bllllddddaat!) [Chorus] Lovely Daze like this, I miss I miss (Ok, now it done got lovlier, you know. We done did the hustlin' thing) Lovely Daze like this, I miss I miss (We done had fun on the streets. Now we entered the game and we gettin millions) Lovely Daze like this, I miss I miss (What's more lovlier than that? I'm tellin you I'm loving this shit. It aint no taking me back man) Lovely Daze like this, I miss.. (I'm tellin you man. Its Lovely Daze from here on end, you hear me.) [Verse 3] Can't forget about my born pos' (Nope!) Can't forget about my night gangs Bet it all to the dice game (yea) Bet I brawl wit' my light frame (Fo' sho) I get it on like I'm Ty-sane (Lets Brawl!) And every year more niggaz deceased (R.I.P.) I shed a tear and pour liquor on streets (jus 4 u) And burn a fear to raw spliffs of the leaf (and get high) And say a prayer, Lord where's the relief (my dudes) I'm burnin' purple jus' watchin my ghetto birds (ok) And peep the circle Ill tell you its several birds (peep game) We gettin' guac, we hustlin' peddle birds (that yae) And fuck the cops, we bustin' our metal birds (Desert Eag'z) We from the block we love our Stiletto birds (hey baby!) That's why we hustle and grind So we can pluck us a dime And feed her some game and fuck up her mind And she give me brain, I'm puffin' my lime So lovely (Dip-Set!) [Chorus] Lovely Daze like this, wit my Dips, with my Dips Fuckin wit my Dips, wit my Dips, gettin' chips Fuckin wit my Dips, my Dips, buyin' whips Jus fuckin' wit Dips, my Dips... [Outro and fades into next song Memory Lane] Haha ha, yeah, its Lovely Daze man (that's right). Jim Jones, fuck it shit, Capo Status. What's fuckin wit that man (Coofie smacka). For my Dip-Set, from hear on end its Lovely Daze. That's what this song is about. For my riders, ride out................................. Fireman [Chorus (repeat 2x)] 'Cuse me ma, we cruise around this strip down Memory Lane Lets take this time to rekindle Puffin on this purple, sippin Hennessy, thats trippin like Dame Pour out ya liquor, light ya candles [Verse] I was rippin and runnin while I'm grippin my gun (outdoors) And I use to, play wit my heat I was waitin to bust (fuck that) And I say, fuck the police they better take me in cuffs (til I go) Cause I'm in, love wit the streets yea I'm shakin my nuts (hold it tight) And it was, regular shit havin fun wit my troops (uhh huh) Yeah, get in the party have our guns in boots (stash that) And, New Years 'ill come we bustin guns off the roof (you got that) Cause, we pissy drunk up off that 100 proof (twisted) Plus, we pitchin packs jus to get us some sneakers (paper) While, we sippin yak and we twistin up reefa (gettin right) Youthful offenders on the stoop gettin bent up dodging police in them juvenile centers, my life is brazy (ooooo!) Teenagers are wild, they charged like adults we pray it loud "Dear God we in Hell", Lord can you save me One of the pictures that he stuck in my brain As I'm cruisin down the strip of ghettos Memory Lane [Chorus until it fades out] 'Cuse me ma, we cruise around this strip down Memory Lane Lets take this time to rekindle Puffin on this purple, sippin Hennessy, thats trippin like Dame Pour out ya, liquor light candles

All The Time

[Hook: Natasha Mosley] Early in the mornings when I think about you Yeah - I hit you like “what you sayin'?” In the mornings when I wanna fuck you Yeah - I hit you like “what you sayin'?” I-I-I-I could fuck you all the ti-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-ime I-i-i-i-i-i-i-ime, i-i-i-i-i-i-i-ime I-I-I-I could fuck you all the ti-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-ime I-i-i-i-i-i-i-ime, i-i-i-i-i-i-i-ime [Jeremih] M-O-Ë-T, that's the fuck we sippin' (sippin') That's the fuck we drippin' (drippin'), trap house still tippin' Facetime when I'm gone, she give me dome from a distance And she love to climb on top, she love to walk off limpin' Pimps up, hoes down, legs up or toes down Why she jock me? ‘Cause she knocked knees and we got trees, so Mary go around Gotta know I ate it, she so sweet, now and later I want that all the time, all the time, I’mma give you all of mine when it’s… [Hook - Lil Wayne (Jeremih)] Uhh, p-p-p-pussy for breakfast, that’s how I start my day My dick is a pen, it’s written all over her face I put my tongue in her mouth, I make them pussy lips drool She got that junk in her trunk, you know I like junk food I tell her like this, life is good (good), your pussy better (better) I put on a magnum (magnum), like a gold medal (medal) And if it’s sweet then I’mma eat it ‘til I get sugar diabetes I’m a blood and she anemic – we perfect Tunechi… oh yeah, I make her say... YOUNG MULA BABY! [Hook] [Jeremih] Damn, damn lil’ mama, you’re sticky, icky, icky, got a nigga out here feelin’ picky, icky, icky Every time you put it on, man, it leave me real trippy, every time we on it we keep it 50-50, uh Don’t let the time ticky, icky, icky while I’m snappin’ off your bra, and bitin’ on your Vickie's (HEAD, SHOTS) feelin’ real tipsy, gettin’ real freaky and it’s gettin’ real frisky She never say, “no” – damn, she’s so, cold Up and down, that pole – she go, go… (go, go and) Fuck me like you hate me (yeah), kiss me like you miss me (yeah) Anything I want to (yeah), that’s what she always lets me

Animal Rap

JEDI MIND TRICKS "Visions Of Gandhi"
Kool G Rap You know the Don's armed wit sixteen And I go hard for the big cream, the whips and the carriage Ball like the Knicks and the Mavericks, switchin' the fabrics Pull up wit some big shit, lieutenant shit, hittin' the hazards Spot a bitch wit that Cris habit, I gotta have it Fuck shorty and send her OT wit a brick in her baggage Roll where the clubs at she liquored up lavish She only lick dick status to get cabbage Dick get lathered to the thick baptist Who back on the map? Giancana wit a vengeance It's drama to the finish, but the llama to your appendix (aiight) And squeezing the slugs, gun powder season your blood I'm a legend breathing, the reason you thug (nigga) This where the buck stops, fuck props Buck shots at the top money, what the fuck you forgot? Thought I was done and wasn't thuggin' the block? Still real, bustin' the glock Put it where you could see it (blao) what up now? (Chorus) Mike Tyson Mike Tyson People always talkin' bout I'm being loud and ruckus I'm talkin' rogus because I'm angry, you know? I'm angry about my experiences and all the things that I been through See everyone else has the right to be angry But this is just the way I express myself (So, you ready to fight?) Vinnie Paz Yo, bust a motherfuckin' gat to this Y'all believe lies like y'all was Catholics I rap in Arabic, so my message is just immaculate My rap a lab-a-rynth, drink a forty and blaze a sack to it My aim is accurate, take your brain and blow out the back of it I'm surly, miserable cat that slap shorties Looks kinda resemble that of fat Pauly I don't even clap, young boy, he claps for me Chain hang down to my dick, I'm that gaudy I don't even fuck wit you cats, you rap poorly I don't even buck at you cats, you that corny Wit a wack army, we barkin' at you And Vinnie Paz holds a hammer like a carpenter do you should understand that I ain't really fuckin' around and if you don't, you gonna find your body stuffed in the ground We buckin' em down, cuz that's how wrong my life is Y'all don't understand how fuckin' strong my wife is I'm from a time where every song was righteous Before rap was just a swarm of white kids And y'all a witness to the dawn of hypeness, or just another victim to the pawns and sheisters I'll feed your corpse to a swarm of vipers And let em suck the blood till your form is lifeless What!!! Fuckin' Vinnie Paz daddy!!!! (Yeah!!!) (Chorus) Mike Tyson And I'm not afraid to die, I'm not afraid to waist my life Cause when I die I'm going to paradise So I'm not worried, and I'm in a hurry to die Cause I'm not gonna let nobody disrespect me and make comments about me without me retaliating

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