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MICK JENKINS lyrics - The Water[s]

Black Sheep

Original and similar lyrics
Young Mozart with more keys Black sheep with a gang of wolves before me They think we homies But keep hearts and shoulders colder than Loki I be no Thor, just bring 'em more of this halitosis Got everybody asking is it hot in here? I ain't no polka dot man, I ain't tryna find no spot in here I ain't no guinea pig Just know that he drop hot lines that all in my linage The process is linen the wrinkles definitive So what all the hate for? Her premise is primitive, her promise is tentative Better pay attention, so polish the penmanship I been late to mention the fact that it's free This is for all the niggas bastard as me Food for your soul, Harold's chicken Statik Selektah battered the beat Assault and battery on your mind, can't see how this world be? It won't be to long before you need a battery pack But I'm better than that A freshman on varsity nigga where yo Letterman at? Ginger ale on the rocks where yo gentleman at? Boy my pinky in the air, I just crush a lot I ain't never been a playa Niggas throwing shade they could holla at me later You might catch a fade, give a fuck about a fader And I do it for the love Praying that my people get to see the one above show me love And know that I'm speaking the truth I never had no problem being transparent Remember I was younger wishing that I had my friends parents Back when they lied to us better, I'm on this water now Funny how these other niggas thirsty but they watered down They oughta drown, watching niggas run for the boat when the rain drops How many lies can you tell yourself before the pain stops Out here harvesting the same crop, woe is me I'm out here Sewing seeds, blowing trees, writing all this poetry Every freaking night peep the Jodeci 'Till the people quoting me, or at least peep the potency And profess a nigga artistry openly Black sheep but I know you see the GOAT in me [Clark:] What do you think can be done to change, to use your term, the moral fiber of America? [Baldwin:] I think that one has got to find some way of putting the present administration of this country on the spot. One has got to force, somehow, from Washington, a moral commitment, not to the Negro people, but to the life of this country. It doesn't matter any longer, and I'm speaking for myself, for Jimmy Baldwin, and I think I'm speaking for a great many other Negroes too. It doesn't matter any longer what you do to me; you can put me in jail, you can kill me. By the time I was 17, you'd done everything that you could do to me. The problem now is: how are you going to save yourselves?

Ready 4 War

Maje$ty: Ridin' with death. Layzie: We niggas rappin', but still we actin' like criminals. Bizzy: No more. Layzie: My nigga now, Maje$ty, these niggas is after me, murder redrum, redrum, redrum. You niggas better expect retaliation, feel the playa hation, yeah, you the next to get dropped, glock-glock, real niggas don't stop. Pop, pop, put 'em in the mud, nigga, and your body rott. Top closin' down on your caskets, wanna make these bastards think we got mercy, puttin' in work since a nigga thirteen, sendin' niggas like yourself off in a hearse, see and I won't hesitate to kill ya when I fill ya with a couple of my slugs, fuckin' with my thugs, and I'm needin' my love, nigga what? Bone niggas fin to do a little damage, take over the planet with my daily tortures, of course, I'm that nigga that's takin' no shorts, smokin' on the Newport. Your ghetto resource, and bitch, you wanna dig your own ditch, and hit you with levels beyond your control. My mama never raised no punks or hoes, just realer niggas, comin' up, snatchin' souls for dough. I know y'all muthafuckas out there somewhere, ain't nowhere to hide, makin' muthafuckas feel the vibe for life, in the midst of the twist, I be down to ride, ye ah. Bizzy: So I'm ready for more. Maje$ty: Ridin' with death. Layzie: We niggas rappin', but still we actin' like criminals. Bizzy: No more. Bizzy: I'm a relent and infuriated that you hate me and the pap pap, can't fade it, we stay heavily sedated, comin', now back up, I'm a buck, get shakin', deeply dreamin' about this dream when my daddy told me he was comin', trapped in the form of a bad omen, it's wicked, it was written, I'll be runnin' while turnin' around, and blastin' back to buck 'em, fuck it, then came back, them fools didn't like that I'm ready for more. Is that all you got? Heard the Mack was talkin' this and that about some of my incidents, said I smoke and snatchin' purses, you heard this and a (?) told me bitch clonin' little Eazy's niggas, so fuck you, you weren't original, mono y mono ain't no subliminal. Hey, with a regime in fatigues, we ready to bleed even when they sleepin', catch me, caught me, must have seen. Then, gonna catch your ass next weekend. Bizzy: So, I'm ready for more. Maje$ty: Ridin' with death. Layzie: We niggas rappin', but still we actin' like criminals. Bizzy: No more. Maje$ty: My mental seduction run your whole sound suction. Abduction of lyrics is the loss of life, love and spirits, capital offense, four generics lost in a prison, lieutenant overseein' the barracks, checkin' in. Mark-ass copycat, incoherence is crucial, smokin' hay with conflicts that bite shit like microchips. I watched you ride the rodeo straight to the bottom, when your fate rottin', bitch, when I spot 'em I'm a drop 'em. Layzie: Surrounded by violence, my nigga, I'm bound to just live a lifetime. The shrink wanna get in my head, 'cause I'm amongst the walkin' dead. All I really said: if you niggas dont fled, you gonna bleed bloody red, and you shoot the spot and got ghosts, fuckin' with the mastermind of all time. Let a nigga know we off in our prime, and it be that way 'til 1999--criminal minded. Niggas been blinded, lookin' for a style like Bone, but can't see me, and just like Mike, everybody wanna be me, study every move a nigga makin' on T.V. Eazy duz it, do it easy, what it is, #1 better check the score. Here we go, nigga don't wanna fight no more, when I'm ready for you hoes, and that's for sure. Bizzy: When the ghetto need me, I'll be readin' to the scripture, picture little Ripsta kickin' get critical, and I'm seldom seen in the Hennessy, (...?...) zero, one of my heroes, Jesus, blessed me to be lethal with my automatic, let you have it, you don't want to see any evil. Muthafucka, I'll take it to the people, then I will meet you at the funeral. Get 'em up. Bizzy Mafioso. No witness is the usual, furthermore, murda mo, ready with guns, I'll serve you hoes. When they call, niggas hit the road and when they get killed, I'm a get your soul. Krayzie: You thinkin' I'm slippin' when niggas is itchin' to rob me. Yes, they want to give me bloody body by pumpin' a couple of slugs inside me. But I'll be damned, we won if it comes to guns, and a, stackin' them thangs, so you gets none. Static's automatic fun, want some? Come, come, come, execution, redrum,-rum. See what you see in my eyes--murder, murder, death defied, burnt alive, fried, when they die. No one was able to find them, 'cause their bodies went up in a fire. Fuck they family, try to creep, but you think I'm asleep, 'cause I'm pumpin' beats. Nigga, better believe we keep much heat up under my seat, yeah. Shoot 'em up quick in a minute and within a minute, you already suckas, I bet that you bent it. We sent it. We'll attest for the murder--we should, we dealt it. You thought you was flippin', you got KO'd. Ring-a-ling-a-ling, get that ass up outta there. The undisputed thugs-n-harmony, proved it, kicked a couple a niggas asses, gotta take off and stay still blastin', locked in the state penetentary, but dog, that ain't shit, better make your money baby, and pick up a couple of guns on the side, so when you ride, and you get high, don't let them haters run up.

Supposed To Do

[Hook:] What am I supposed to do, now Now I know it’s you, that I love? (Tell me, tell me) What am I supposed to do, now Now I know it’s you, that I love? (Tell me, tell me) [Verse 1: Ace Hood] Still in the make and I wanna be great but they tell me be patient Don't compare me to none of these niggas in the game Cause they way too basic And I'm just that amazing, I reach them stages In the league with the majors Nigga fuck your blogs, nigga fuck your statements The fuck you thinkin' Nah, ain't doing no more favors Never hit a nigga just to make me famous Little nigga, flows go crazy And them other nigga's can't tame me Flame me, blame me All the nigga's that doubt it All ya'll nigga's some cowards All ya'll nigga's step up and get devoured Six feet deep with bouquet of flowers Tell me what, what am I supposed to do Cause respect for mine is so overdue I'm the best in it, just pay attention, take a closer view Cause ain't nothing like them and ain't nothing like you These niggas changed like Clark in the booth Can't trust ho's, I don't trust dudes I buy your bitch like pay per view I set the standards, I dare you to What's competition, come show me proof This God flow, this Jesus Christ That's say a prayer before I sleep at night I'm still sinnin', don't be offended My dick intended for a Spanish wife This chess homie, not checkers niggas Ain't playin' with ya, no action figures What am I supposed to do? [Hook] [Verse 2: Skepta] They keep telling me I'm the best in the country And I like how that sounds You think you Superman, I get the Kryptonite, and bring you right back down Yeah, you know the drill, I kill MC's til it's overkill But how many more am I supposed to kill Til niggas stop putting my name Next to these just come rappers, I'm so embarrassed I'm in the booth working my magic My nigga in the studio, heard my lyrics and put his hands on his head like Khaled These other MC's need practice Cause when I heat up, it's a madness Hundred degrees, niggas melt like plastic Lyrical war, yeah that's my language I turn Super Saiyan, bitch Just so you know I ain't playin', bitch I heard nigga's like you before You got a good flow, but you ain't sayin' shit Just a bunch of words with no meaning, no heart, no feeling But when I lay it down, I lay it down so nice It's my name everybody screamin' And we don't care what it cost Me and my nigga's, we all gotta floss Don't give a shit how you talk round' here Better talk properly when you talk to the boss You amateur, say you got fans online, few shows, and a manager Think you've got the game on lock I press start, here comes new challenger (challenger) Skepta [Hook] [Verse 3: Ace Hood] There are some serious rumors around There's a new sheriff in town Fuck your apologies, back up his arteries Bury him deep in the ground Tell him keep sleepin', I'm never defeated I will not repeat it, you follow me now? Look in my eyes, you can tell that I'm ready You rappers are puppets, then tell them I said it Don't give a fuck and this shit is embedded My flow is infected, I may need a medic Tell me who better, I make you regret it It's in my genetics, your shit is pathetic What am I posed' to do but be great Never let a thing stand in my way Never let a Devil ruin my faith And there ain't a such thing as "I can't" You looking at a rare breed, a new species I walk right through hell in my sneak's Show me the devil, I show you the rebel I show you my heart when it come to the medal Tell me who better, I never will settle My nigga's just told me don't let off the pedal Keep my Jordan 5's on their neck Fuck whoever got next, fuck your fame dog and respect You don't know what life was like in the projects Ever seen the look in his face before death I seen my granny before her last breath Ain't no calm down on my compound There's no contest cause I'm bomb threat No conscience shit on my mindset I bought two choppers for my sound check Say, 'who wanna war' and I'm coming alone Spray at you haters like fuckin' cologne Starvation 3 outta let out the beast So it's bone appetit and I'm ready to feast

Bring It On

GETO BOYS "Till Death Do Us Part"
Cover your dome or feel a motherfucking glock The rugged child is in the house, I'm letting off shots Biggity bang biggity bang, hit the motherfucking deck I'm down on this track and I'm abouts to get wreck I'm coming like a hustler, never coming buster Blasting on you hoes screaming Die motherfucker Never showing mercy cause that shit is for the weak I rhyme with my glock and knock a nigga off his feet A young nigga, shorts as I figure Step up with that bullshit, I'm a greet you with this trigger Blasting on you hoes and let you know how it feels Bucking with the 5th ward will get your motherfucking dome peeled Motherfucker bring it on It's the Seagster, the major leagster Bitch deceiver, nigga lie and leave her Oakland hustler, never been a busta Make way for the nine-trey, I'm coming motherfucka Straight from the 6-9, the final line village Doing more damage than the Exxon spillage Uh, coward, and that's that I'm known to pack a gat and put heads on flat No rehabilitatin, take the nigga out the ghetto But you can't take the ghetto out the nigga Ain't nothing changed since the 70's I'm hellbound nigga, my life ain't never been heavenly Never slippin punk no, a nigga don't lag Game tight replace a nigga's Nikes with a toe tag His zoom, his ass, his zigga I'm the founder Stacking up bodies like Jeffery Dahlmer Oh, here comes the flow, watch me as I tip toe To a nigga's window, with my M 6-0 Putting motherfuckers out their misery And watching the murders reenacted on Unsolved Mysteries Trick, coward lame pussy ass faggot Six feet deep is where you sleep with the worms and the maggots Nigga's can't harm me, Rap-A-Lot army Coming like Desert Storm, you've been warned But if you still want some, nigga bring it on Too Much Trouble done sewed up the tracks Bitches not playing like they win or get smacked By some young niggas that's down to break a bitch The Nickel Nut and the Band-Aid Bandit Yes the Nickel Nut pimping ten different sluts You've encountered slavery bitch I don't give a fuck That petal turn tricks, a suck a lotta dicks And come with my money or they get their ass kicked Geto got hoes on the stroll making my bank roll But when we tangle bitch, I run with foes Cause all about the pen, ain't talking about the pussy I'm talking about the paper, so bitch shake your money maker It's the pimp pimp pimpin, you're simp simp simpin Your bitch chose me now you're wimp wimp wimpin Nigga you was wrong when you reached for your chrome A slug to your dome, bad news done beat you home You think we was acting about making but you're wrong We in a pizzimping and its on so bitches bring it on Bring it on, huh, bring it on, yeah (Repeat 2x) Bring it oooooooooooooon! Bring it on motherfucker, here I come with this damn thang Boom boom boom, and I'm about to make freedom ring 5th Ward Boys coming hard for the nine tre I'm down with them Geto Boys so make my motherfucking day The 5th Ward Boys on the motherfucking set Putting a slug off in your chest Cause you didn't wear the bulletproof vest Nigga ratta tat tat to your temple Shit is real simple, busting up domes like a pimple Jump if you want, nigga, and I'm a half to hunt ya Murder after murder after goddamn murder Yo I'm taking niggas to the promised land With little Bushwick, Scarface, and the goddamn peter man lets rock stupid fuck is fucking it up with Double O, life is stuck up For the ten flow, so what you wanna do, ho Yeah, cause we're checking mo motherfuckers, parking mo motherfuckers And killing more motherfuckers than any one of you motherfuckers While your ho sleeping let's get it on And get your fucking wig split, fool-ass nigga, now bring it on I can't see your ass bitch, so you'd better watch your bust or Take that from a blind handicapped motherfucker Smoking weed and steadily downing that Schlitz Malt Liquor If you wanna step and get done, cause I'm that nigga Well it's me that nigga D (Who?) That fat square twister, the one who fucked your sister I made her pussy blister, got a did in the side of my pearl white Lac Keep my weed in the front and my brew in the back And my heat up under the seat ready to put the lead on ya So punk motherfuckers try to test me if you wanna Cause we're smoking that weed, feeling fine Got me a 40 and a fat-ass dime (Repeat 2x) A weed-smoking motherfucker, plus I kick doobies I'm the one that told that nigga to go insane in that Lobbies Ganksta NIP is fucking your daughter, G I wake up every morning screaming Somebody slaughter me! Step in my path, your ass is void Cause I'm an aerodynamic, satanic, schizophrenic android Your mind ain't deep enough, claws can't keep enough Dead bodies complaining we too loud, they can't sleep enough Attempted murder, I didn't mean to hurt her I hadn't ate in two years, I just wanted a cheeseburger A bulletproof vest won't protect your chest A whole body is hard to digest Once I flex, count the next The hardest I won like the recreation of Malcolm X So bring it on, I'm ready to slaughter Sickness change quick, a 40 of holy water Bring it on, huh, bring it on, yeah (Repeat 2x) Bring it oooooooooooooon! DMG bring it on I've been a victim of society They got me fucked in this whole shit Niggas running up with M11's and some mo shit It seems to me they wanna start something But I'm a let this motherfucking 9 break em off something My homie panicked cause he never thought it'd come to that Miggity Mike serving em soft from these niggas gats I guess it's like guerilla warfare Now grab your gat and load your clip and go for deaf until you make it there And if you don't then grab your nuts, duke Cause that's the only way these niggas living in the 9-deuce More murder by killing and slaying some shit You fake on the two, you find your homie dead in a ditch Now the fucking water's getting hot Homie after homie after homie's getting shot And niggas are overlookin the joys of life .357 with them hollow point shells in the midnight Check it, first I walk up on him like I know him Then, I let me conversation start to ho him Yo, I never debates the way I handle my business Cause niggas always be fucking shit up well it's time to handle they business He's peeping out my missile as I stand straight So now it's time to make his ass like a crushed grape Come check a nigga gun for his get sound get click Yo, you shoulda brought it on 3-2 comin at ya, comin at ya Don't make me pull my shit and have to cap ya With my glock, I make it go pop, it's a 17 shot So a nigga gon drop, a nigga gon drop You heard me roll a fatty Now I'm at the window of your cocksucking caddy So what you wanna do? It's about that time Pop pop pop goes the weasel in my nine Uh, where your nuts at nigga? You'd better let em hang Cause we can get it on ho, it ain't no thang, uh Mo murder mo motherfucking merrier Cause I be one of the roughest niggas from the hardcore area So quit running your mouth, bitch, you know you can't fade this Rap-A-Lot south shit It's the 3 the motherfucking 2 So bring on your motherfucking crew bitch, we can get it on Strapped assassin, ghetto gladiator Leaving a path of destruction like the motherfucking Terminator Lurking the streets of hardcore, stalking like a predator 17 shots to the chest made his clothes wetter than mine Cause the nine'll hit your ass every time Got my motherfucking b-mo, going straight for the dome Wig-splitting nigga with the finger on the trigger Sinister, symptoms of a motherfucking killer B-I-G to the motherfucking M-E Double L O's not a motherfucking ho But a cutthroat, smiggity smoking niggas like dope Now bitch don't choke, cause the dick's down your throat Getting my blast on, nigga get your ass on Riggy run your ass home cause I'm a bring it on It's the return of the motherfucking dreadlock Putting fools in headlocks, giving niggas headshots You don't wanna fuck with me, I ain't that motherfucka I mean that average run-of-the-mill ass nigga You hoes better recognize that nigga that you up against Mista mista Scarface ain't that nigga to be fucking with So lay it down niggas, bump it down or feel the pressure Cause I'm the type of nigga that's known for taking drastic measures Quick to rip shit and leave a motherfucker twitching So niggas make a run once the rifle starts spittin Round after round after motherfuckin round So bitches lay it down, I shut em down I shut em down I shut em down Screaming for vengeance I swear that I meant this descended Surrender suspended cause niggas I meant it Calm like an Islamic brother from the Nation Still got the mind of a motherfuckin mental patient I got the chrome to my own dome But I'm a give you one before I take it home motherfucka so, uh Bring it on, huh, bring it on, yeah (Repeat 3x) Bring it oooooooooooooon!

I Am

G-DEP "Child Of The Ghetto"
(feat. Kool G. Rap, Rakim) [Kool G Rap] G Rap with my nigga G-Dep We about to do it Gorilla style, u heard It's a Igloo-Badboy collabo thing u know Y'all niggaz ain't ready for it Coming rambo style nigga 2 guns up Y'all niggaz better duck down I'll get your cap lifted off Thats how we doing it for the new millennium u heard [G Dep] Regardless of the wait i'm gonna stay straight ghetto Everybody high, don't nobody say hello Even when the sunshining it ain't yellow Get out of the borough If u know it ain't thorough Niggas play ball, AWOL, on the furlow Still came down on the furl and pumped hero Red and grey Macs Keep it clean as Ajax Ghettos sling cracks While u niggas pay tax Now how ghetto is this u can catch me in your hallway taking a piss One hand on my dick one hand on a spliff Burnt lips from the roach clip, yellow tips If we aint closed it I get ferocious Know this whole shit will leave me in them roaches In your car motion I cause commotion And i probably need some lotion But i don't get fucked [CHORUS] [G Dep (sung)] I am (a ghetto nigga) A ghetto nigga you can tell in a talk On the corner selling the snort It's hell in New York Won't stop for a minute cops telling you hawk Fake guards telling you pork Settle for shorts Running from court New ports, criminal thoughts On the blocks bodies acourt Nobody supports [Rakim] It's a ghetto nigga thorough niggas that get cake Five boroughs of niggaz do his a flip weight Change garments to trick Jake, u dis jake I want it yo I got warrants in six states They come in a stolen whip with switched plates Stickers hate I never leave a bread to trace Only evidence I leave is hickies on chicks' face In the corner with the crooked niggas But yo shit's straight We start war to leave with these seven revolvers Sell case never test the floor Sticky yank slicking enough y'all I'm a man enough to put on a dress To creep up like grand-moma and bust y'all Get close enough to part your vest and tux off Who would have thought the lady with the car would crush y'all Too smart to get caught But I got fam up north So if they put me in coughs I'll call fuck y'all [CHORUS] [Kool G Rap] Knock back the hammer smell the Pop that cantelope For the venom in my python spit It ain't no antidote Jackpot from crack blocks I was a man of dope Snapshots to get your camera broke You hoes used to plan a gross With the hands toast Close and stand opposed Rubber bands she knows Grams of the coke Razor blade tuck the side the line The banter of the coke Watching niggas die with my hand on their doe Singing with the bass And wash up the land when they float Choking on your own words Should have watched the ground when u spoke One last final approach Make your whole family ghost Bust bottles of cham and and we toast Till your photo stamped in the post Sex gland cut off jammed in ur throat Man are u gross Bitch hanging from the lampost We shoot from up close Blow canners the most Catch an overdose Nigga we own the coast [G Dep (sung)] I am (a ghetto nigga) [X2] [Fade Out]


Fatal "In the Line of Fire"
[Fatal - talking] O.N.S. in this mother fucker We got The Plague in this mother fucker The Pentagon in this mother fucker [Verse 1 - Fatal] Around these blocks You know these hot glocks Cock till you drop All you wanna-be cops You don't wanna see shots I beef deep with the police Beat what the streets do to me Actin all new to me I'll creep on you like puberty You don't wanna see the bad image Of this primace From here to East Crems Through every state with a sentence Frozen weight in a couther Six plates to soup ya On due we always cruise Right by the state troopers When I'm drinkin with Sal I start thinkin 'bout Al Ricardi coverin my body At the rink when I wow I bag a hotty or two This but a shotty for you I got more bodies than Drew I drink mine naughty or new Fuck your crew This type of shit we do for a petty hobby Fuck the whole world This Fatal dawg against everybody (It's on) Better be twenty-five once this shit you never fuckin heard Outlaw, Outlaw, we rate these breaks That shit we don't got be that shit we gotta take [Verse 2 - Merciless X] It's the merciless X Like Malcolm Black as a falcon How many shots I left depressed in your chest I wasn't countin But your back exploded (blaw!) I episoded, with the weapon loaded Let the next opponent Get possessed with this merciless omen The coldest crome to your dome Sewn and holdin it's own Let the barrel announce my ferocity Twist spacious velocities For haters watchin me Make your block an atrocity Break you down microscopic Only doctors see, what the topic be Drama through your armor Bustin my two through your school of piranhas My soldiers disapprove of your honor We close captives, no conclusions Let the revolver solve it Evolve in this evolution We shootin and pollutin [Chorus - Fatal] Pass the heat And let me wave it in the air (air) Guns bust, cowards fall Niggaz just don't care (care) To my Lord I swear We ain't never playin fair (fair) On the streets you can't sleep When the Outlawz there I know it's rainin on your block nigga (nigga) You can't quit it And you're prayin for it to stop nigga (nigga) You shouldn't of did it On a crash course chase of death (yeah, death) Still thuggin on the streets (yeah) Cause we the last ones left [Verse 3 - Mac Mall] I take this thug shit seriously Bought dirty gats with dope money ATF can't fuck with me My soldiers be All there quiet I'm holdin my crotch Sippin henne nigga You're life or you're not Thug Life my life It don't stop It's never too hot And when I die I greet haze with glocks Young Crazy Californians Postin bout six in the mornin On a quest to take the breath of my opponent Them alls can't live My cousins invite guns in they crib Honey I'm home Now nigga you're gone Your bitch sing them songs Like baritones to the rollers When I saw her, I dumped on her Like I supposed to Now tell me what's funk without a mob year And tell me what's a shrow without a witness I only fuck with savages, soldiers, and hogs From C.A. to N.J. Mac Mall be outlaws [Verse 4 - Fatal] Vocally undestructible Your crew ain't got enough To go clip to clip When we shootin out on the strip Cause I'm untouchable I'll blast your Chest through your back with Kastro Oh you ain't scared? What the fuck you walkin so fast for? Is you with me or against me Don't run up on me and tempt me To have your faggot ass bagged Like a mother fuckin empty And simply vengeance of dogs We gets a real nigga Let me borrow your bitch And watch me go and chill with her On a rise no lie Go against me and die Baby gated like a hive On the side of me with a nine Believe me This shit makes circumstances much more devious My murderous material Got shorties livin mischievous Smokin em is the easiest The hard part is dealin with the fact That I made it through rap And gotta go back to killin Cause broke niggaz be illin Wantin money for a shoot or somethin But you get nothin but murder when I be shootin somethin Chorus [Fatal - Talking] Yeah, we doubt y'all cause we Outlaws You better know breakin it all Tappin your pocket and your jaw In one swing nigga Merciless X, Fatal Hussein, nigga This ain't no game We re-arrange your whole frame Word is born, all y'all niggaz better maintain I leave a chain of blood stains Represent, never hesitant All we out for is fuckin dead presidents What? Hah, what? Yeah, it ain't hard to find Out with Nicco Storm and it's on Droppin bombs like Vietnam What you niggaz want? Fatal Hussein all seven You niggaz better know we pledgin And that's my word, Pentagon And I'm in this on

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