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FreeNation Rebel Soldier Pt. 2

Original and similar lyrics
I promise you the waters is coming Saying it everyday got me feeling like Noah They say I'll blow up My aunts and uncles see me rapping They say I'll grow up Some stop and stare like how he still a vegetarian with all this good meat that he throw up? Trust I'm a Show up when it's show time Running threw the field like dion sannders with four primes We need mo primes Where the fuck is megatron when you fighting lions? Tellem whatever they selling nigga I ain't buying! The world been coming to an end and I ain't need no Mayan calendar to feel that Got the people rooting for the waters like Phil back with a younger Kobe Young shin obi Nigga moving through the shadows of the city got no hittaz but the youngins know me Took some good advice from a couple og's Shared the knowledge with my homies we ain't talking for the hell of it It was always bout the growth and development Never to big Elephant in the room how could you not notice?! Can't you smell when I'm cooking this rock?! Dwayne Johnson with the raw Stuff the cash in my sock! Ain't tryna live life to BIG it might stop Stay Ready to die am I PAC?! Holograms of the southside I be blessed just to make it back to my spot! Steppin over squares like hopscotch I'm top notch Got hands like doc OC It's a wonder that he don't write more More fire for the water to be boiled get impurities out Make sure he sure what he bout Betta know what yo security bout I'm here to cure any doubt that you may have had bout the kid in the leather boots Bottle water and a ginger root hella vegetables Tommy bag full of Cole/coal and you know what pressure do A flawed diamond still impeccable A flawed diamond still impeccable Why is it so hard to grasp that concept Why the simple shit on the cover of complex? Nigga look around! Can't elevate If you keep looking down Don't let the pennies ever make you proud Keep it Blunt with how he break it down Bring it to you naked how can you hate on that Ring the alarm everybody slept late on that Next best out the chi and I ain't really leaving room for debate on that

400 Degreez

JUVENILE "400 Degreez"
[Robotic Voice] : 400 degreez [Verse 1:] Ya see me I eat sleep shit and talk rap Ya seen that 98 mercedes on t.v. I bought that I had some felony charges I fought that Been sent to no return but still was bought back Nigga threw some slangs at me woodie I caught that I punished them lil bitches before they can car jack Now I'm lookin for they family and pile up the war bat If I aint a hotboy then what do you call that Nigga disrespect me I'ma be in all black Companied by some niggas bout killin' and all that Me Cory and mercy gettin' dunked on Ride top down so we let the trucks pause In the jepp ridin' four deep I booted up at these nigga claimin' they know me [Chorus] [Robotic Voice] You don't want to fuck wit me Hot, Hot, Hot Boyz Hot, Hot, Hot Boyz [repeat 2x] [Verse 2] Bitch what I'll bust yo ass up Don't even go there woodie cuz I'm ready to mas up I heard about the money thats some nice change For the right price I'll bust the right frame Why must a nigga try I can't do the right thing Only God knows what the future might bring Nigga might be shot, nigga might be triffling Nigga might survive if he bout that right flame Whats up that'll stop a nigga from playin' Sumin like a chopper or a grenade in his hand Boy look nigga don't play no games no mo Nigga'll bust ya head if you bang his hoe Attitude adjustments we all need Don't call the enforcements nigga call me I bet cha I'll get them niggas off yo block I bet cha I'll show them niggas this boy hot [Chorus] Alright stop it cuz I done had enough When it comes to my partners I'm ready to bust Baby let me get the keys to the roover truck Man let me get this beef shit over bro Aint no bit this year I'm from the 'nolia bro Whats yo beef plan cuz it was told to us How I'ma be runnin' with these killas and backin' down How I'ma look in front of my people, like a clown The G code what we live by and we die by The book is what we will never abide by Niggas drive by, gettin loose Keep'em with each other like a checker board in use Come in compton or the watts nigga Up in New York ya keep'em open watch nigga Foe ya played by a hit or retalion All fine young black females stallions Give me the keys to ya car and ya medallion You far away from ya home yous a alien [Chorus]

Heads Up

(feat. The D Boys) [Chorus (Baby)] I hear them people coming daddy (Heads up!) You better get to running daddy (Heads up!) They walking through the court man (Heads up!) You better stash your dope man (Heads up!) [Lac] I hear them people coming daddy (Heads up!) You better get to running daddy (Heads up!) They walking through the court man (Heads up!) You better stash your dope man (Heads up!) [Baby] Aye, I heard it was a murder (murder) Robbing and kidnapping Lil one with that jaw jacking Saying that he stacking - ain't packing That tool go to clapping You hear that 'click:pow' Move out before the 'click, click:pow' [Stone] Man I don't like that nigga anyway I heard he been ratting [Lac] We can drag him to the river Stone [Stone] Nah, leave him for Atrice [Lac] Look, I'm a gangsta, hustler, hoodlum (slow down) I came with the four pounds (pounds) So fucking let it go down (go down) I'm tired of them niggas talking I'm letting the trigga sparker Bull dog barking - Cadillac done did em' awful [Baby] He ratting, stooping, bitching, and busting balls Say Lac, I'ma send this nigga to the mall (It is what it is) Its one way in dog - Heads up! Grab on them K-9 dogs [Chorus] [Stone] Stunna a street nigga, straight up Make him act as money And I don't sleep nigga I stay up in a black 600 I play for keeps nigga (so pay up, ain't jacking nothing) The price is cheap nigga (Heads up! Crackers coming) [Baby] See I'm a known D Boy so they hits my spot Put my homies on they knees and they check for rocks So we change stash spots cause the blocks is hot On the rag-less cars so they can't clip my spots [Lac] The Caprice's on the block moving slow-ly (slow-ly) That's the mother fucking po-lice Here come the laws nigga heads up (heads up) Better raise up (raise up) Big chips if ya made something [Baby] Move, move out nigga They coming through (what about the traffic daddy) Nigga, fuck you! Heads up you know what to do You best to break, run, cause nigga they coming through [Chorus] [Lac] They told me put my hands on the car and show me your hands I had some raw in my draws so I broke out and ran I can't afford to be busted til my money advance But I'm running with the Birdman - so I'm straight nigga [Baby] I'm on the block with the rocks and the 44 Its hot and we still burn a pound of dro' Million stashed in the trunk or compartment doors A hundred birds stashed in a Bentley four door [Stone] I'm sticking to Tha G-Code - Tees and Bauts Break it up () covered in rocks Got a bitch on every exit that's holding my blocks And I drive a () but keep my Lexus by my older shops Streets watching - I know that's why I'm on my shit When them people riding with four doors - up my click Showing them off to rookie cops to watch out for me And I know this from crooked cops that get blocks from me [Chorus (Fades to Baby talking)]


Yea check it out uh yo Yo I was sittin on the block wit the deuce deuce the bubble goose nigga popped up the blue cupe nigga moose this nigga fishy he stay pisy run u behind niggaz the blizy n get busy. I seen niggaz resent some nigga wrist be broke ova dis coke or pocket fulla crispy dolla billz make nigga swallow the steal but most nigga cant swallow a pill. Know how that feel? But back to the skit nigga in back of the whip with the widows have way down bout to clap on some shit n im rappin n shit to this platinum chick n what's fucked up I got shorty in back of the whip im paraniod but I still got the gat n the clip if them niggaz spit I got spit back at the whip if it goes down shorty whole back will get ripped n dast low down real theatrical shit so I grabbed shorty hand took a couple a paces said some Hail Mary maintain my patience. O shit this nigga spit full quick I threw shorty down n let off the whole clip then reloaded but hold in the whole whip n broad day so niggaz done witnessed the whole shit. Had to flee this shit is blast for me I took a couple a steps n nigga blasted me. This nigga moose got loose from caboose aint think bout a truths try to knock my dick loose my deuce deuce aint fuc'n wit moose 40 I try to save the chick but the nigga done lose shorty. Two to her gut 1 to her chest 1 to her head now shorty layin in puddles in red fuck it im fed im tryna figure if its somthinin I said that got this dumb nigga bustin out lead discussion is dead. I understand this man he got a canon in his hand the sound of loon the shit is bananas my one plan was to hit n run fam but god saved my life when he made his gun jam time to leave but he still tryna squeeze stead of tryna buy some time on his knees nigga please you got know reason to buck up knowin u bout to get shot the fuck up duke was brave but his stupid ways the reason why im bout to twist duke twopay n ima squeezing but the gun wouldn't shot no strays now we even but the nigga like 6'2. What would you do? Im bout to out fox dis nigga son at 165 ima box but what he don't know loon bout to ox dis nigga hit his dead in his fuc'n neck when I chop dis nigga but thoughts in my mind telling me let it slide so ima get in my ride n catch duke another time just circle the block smoke a purple n chok this nigga heart stop nigga died right on the stop. No bullshit collapse right on the block crack heads went in slacks hit his right in his knot save me the trouble now my phone on bubble feds tap on my line like nigga condone the trouble walk out my motha fuc'n hole is a struggle fuck the pigs I don't own no shovel. What the fuck? Now all that bullshit I done been through wit this nigga I ain't lay a single solitary motha fuc'n hand on this nigga this nigga drop dead these motha fuc'n is on my ass like I did somthin to this nigga word to my motha this shit is some real bull shit man this nigga fuc'n killed my motha fuc'n bitch now I'm runnin around like motha fuc'n Harrison Ford like I'm some motha fuc'n fugitive or somthin man this is some real bullshit man but Ima ride this shit out man cuz I'm a motha fuc'n bad boy.

Clock Strikes

TIMBALAND & MAGOO "Welcome To Our World"
[Magoo] See, them other crews could not figure me It's the Mag and double-ooh, got that fat CD Buck a crystal, hit a nigga with my blunt Philly Fake MC's getting assed like they eatin chili Only way they seem to rap is if they got a Philly Maybe I'm Nicole Brown, cause you really kill me Got away with hittin me, but you ain't O.J. I'm bout to shake up the world like Cassius Clay When I bumble watch your back cause I sting like bee This ain't the Wild Wild West and you ain't Kool Moe Dee Watch a movie now you think that you really Joe Pesci You don't want beef with me, like a diaper I'm messy [Timbaland] I'm that laid back brother they call Timbaland I drive a 850 sometimes a 3-2 Mazda van You can catch me standin in my b-boy stance Or catch me at home watchin Who's the Man They call robber, cause I pack much heat Don't call me now, because they dig the way I speaks I'm like a genie, because I've been trapped in a bottle I've got more stunts, than that nigga Desperado Come follow, a mad brother where'll there be no sun no sun tomorrow, you be sayin, when can we meet Uhh uhh My offices hours are nine to five Ain't that right Maganoo, Maganoo Right... right [Chorus: Magoo] When the clock strikes, half past two, yeah They'll be dancin, through the night Da-da-da, da, da (HEY!) Da-da-da, da, da (AHH!) Da-da-da, da, da (HEY!) Da da daahhhhhh! (AHH!) [repeat with hey's and ahh's added in regularly throughout] [Timbaland] Now gimme that... And run with the... (AHH) Party people are you ready for Tim and Maganoo As we come, rum & coke, won't you kick a verse too [Magoo] Yo I'm bout to get it started like I'm Hammer then I farted You retarded if you thinkin Brandy really broken hearted I departed doin dirt, lookin up your girl's skirt Keep it Steve Martin style, bustin loose like jerk I get Up like -town, gimme don't say no more Got them scars on my face cause my health be poor You Milli Vanilli, I'm Kurtis Blow like eighty-fo' No I don't want your girl she be suckin my big toe You get death like row, I take a beanie then I jet Peace to Tupac, cause he was dope as it get Twisted but you ain't Keith Sweat and shit got hot Make a block then make a circle then I rock that spot The rappin Don, I make a dyke go straight If you think I'm cute, then you up too late Make no mistake, I'm a question with no answer Riddle me like the Joker get burnt like JoJo dancer [Chorus 2X] [hey's and ahh's continue for a bit without Magoo] [Chorus 1/2]

No VMA's

JIM JONES "Vampire Life: We Own The Night"
I could've did it like West Coast and all that This won't be seen on your VMA's Real nigga hustle in my DNA Fly nigga, number three MJ's And I drop the top, nigga Let 'em see the waves! Check my rear view, speed away Seats are sway, I keep a bay (I Keep a dime!) Matters fact, I hope that you wore ya ski's today Cause we sellin' snowballs called keys and yay And this the type of life they try to keep away With due respect bow your head so we could pray (A salam) Seven hail marys like a priest would say Then drop a bomb on your block maintain geez a day You better duck when the heaters spray Word to the mother, cause you'll never get to see the stray I thought I'd never get to see the day And this the type of life I get the breath and say! So who blood and who bluffing? And I ain't acting, so it really ain't nothing (at all) Get you held captive, niggas just bustin You need more than pro active if these bullets do touch em I've could've did LA and tossed it upwith the big shots You know pull the roaster up with the wig popped (for real) Still loaded up I'll get your wig popped Bitches lose focus when the kid let the lid drop A hundred forty cool, thirty for the cane And use the shit so I dropped it on the chain Don't mind me, just some shit on my brain She on stage toss it up like fingers when they bang And like if we get pulled over Is she gonna cry that it's all over Burn money in this bitch to the mall close up Hit-wonder call the next one over Ooooohhhhhhhhhh (#VAMPIRELIFE)

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