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Original and similar lyrics
SHOUT Michael Jackson Verse Ignorance of people purchasing diamonds and necklaces, And barely able to keep the payments up on their lessons, And enrolled in a class and don't know who the professor is, How low people go for the dough and make a mess of things, Kids are murdering other kids for the fun of it, Instead of using their mind or their fist, they put a gun in it Wanna be a part of a clique, don't know who's running it, Tragedy on top of tragedy you know it's killing me. So many people in agony, this shouldn't have to be, Too busy focusing on ourselves and not His Majesty, There has to be some type of change for this day and age, We gotta rearrange and flip the page, Living encaged like animals and cannibals, Eating each other alive just to survive the nine to five, Every single day is trouble while we struggle and strive Peace of mind's so hard to find. Chorus I wanna shout, throw my hands up and shout What's this madness all about All this makes me wanna shout You know it makes me wanna shout, Throw my hands up and shout What's this madness all about All this makes me wanna shout, c'mon now Verse 2 Problems, complications and accusations Dividing the nations and races of empty faces A war is taking place. No substitution for restitution, the only solution for peace Is increasing the height of your spirituality. Masses of minds are shrouded, clouded visions Deceptions and indecision, no faith or religion, how we're living. The clock is ticking, the end is coming, there'll be no warning, But we live to see the dawn. Bridge How can we preach, when all we make this world to be Is a living hell torturing our minds. We all must unite, to turn darkness to light, And the love in our hearts will shine. Verse 3 We're disconnected from love, we're disrespecting each other Whatever happened to protecting each other Poisoned your body and your soul for a minute of pleasure, But the damage that you've done is gonna last forever. Babies being born in the world already drug addicted and afflicted, Family values are contradicted. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, the pressure is building and I've had enough. Chorus...

The End

Writers: Leo Sayer David Courtney he says he doesn't care to the girl with the painted hair and staggers through the angry crowd like it isn't there feels like a wall of sound as he crashes down no one stops to look when he hits the ground we're the nouveau rich on a one way trip living out on a razor's edge just to get our kicks we're gonna take a stand till the world is in our hands and if we win or lose we don't give a damn hollow people living empty lives looking vacant in the neon lights who needs the truth when you can live a lie? can't stop now, it's too late 'cos we're running blind till the end comes like a thunder and we all fall under no one gives a damn come on now, let's meet the end he tries to make it home head like a block of stone his eyes are so closed up now his arm so full of dope there is nowhere to run he cries out but no one comes in the back of some dark alley he dies alone hollow people living empty lives hearts feel nothing in the neon lights feelings here are so cheap these days they don't mean a thing no one really cares whether we lose or if we win yeah -- we're the angry youth don't wanna be like you yeah -- we're the nouveau riche yeah -- we gotcha in our grip there's no escape for you 'cos we're running blind yeah, we're the angry youth don't wanna be like you we've got your bridges crossed we won -- you lost it's the end

Forgot About Dre

(Dr.Dre) Ya'll know me,still the same O.G.but I been low key Hated on by most these niggaz wit no cheese,no deals and no G's No wheels and no keys,no boats no snowmobiles,and no ski's Mad at me cause I can finally afford to provide my family wit groceries Got a crib wit a studio and it's all full of tracks to add to the wall full of plaques Hangin up in the office in back of my house like trophies Did y'all think I'ma let my dough freeze? Hoe please You better bow down on both knees Who you think taught you to smoke trees? Who you think brought you the oldies? Eazy-E's,Ice bube's,and D.O.C's The snoop D-O-double-G's and the group that said mother-''Fuck Tha Police'' Gave you a tape full of dope beats to bump when you stroll through in your hood And when your album sales wasn't doin too good who's the doctor they told you to go see? Y'all better listen up closely All you niggaz that said that I turned pop,or The Firm flopped Y'all are the reason that Dre ain't been gettin no sleep so FUCK Y'ALL,all of y'all;if you don't like me,BLOW ME Y'all are keep fuckin around wit me and turn me back to the old me Chorus:Eminem (repeat 2x) Nowadays everbody wanna talk like they got something to say but nothin comes out when they move their lips; just a bunch of gibberish And motherfuckers act like they forgot about Dre (Eminem) So what do you say to somebody you hate(What?) Or anyone tryin to bring trouble your way? Wanna resolve things in a bloodier way?(YUP) Then just study a tape of N.W.A.! One day I was walkin by,wit a Walkman on,when I caught a guy give me an awkward eye(What you lookin at?) And strangled himoff in the parkin lot,wit his Karl Kani I don't give a fuck if it's dark or not I'm harder than me tryin to park a Dodge when I'm drunk as fuck Right next to a humungous truck in a two-car garage{*CRUNCH*} Hoppin out wit two broken legs, tryin to walk it off ''Fuck you to bitch,call the cops!'' I'ma kill you and them loud ass motherfuckin barkin dogs And when the cops came through me and Dre stood next to a burnt down houde Wit a can full of gas and a hand full of matches And still weren't found out(RIGHT HERE) From here on out it's the Chronic 2 Startin today and tomorrow's the new And I'm still loco enough To choke you to death wit a Charleston Chew {*Eminem's vocal turntable*} Slim shady-hotter then a set of twin babies in a Mercedes Benz wit the windows up when the temp goes up to the mid 80's Callin men ladies;sorry Doc but I been crazy There's no way that you can save me It's okay.go with him Hailey(Da-da?) Chorus (Dr.Dre) If it was up to me, you muh'fuckers would stop comin up to me wit your hands out lookin up to you want somethin free When my last CD was out,you wasn't bumpin me But know that I got this little company Everbody wanna come to me like it was some disease But you won't get a crump from me Cause I'm from the streets of (Compton,Compton) I told em all-all them little gangstas Who you think helped mold'em all? Now you wanna run around talkin bout guns like I ain't got none What you think I sold 'em all? Cause I stay well off Now I get is hate mail all day sayin Dre fell off What cause I been in the lab wit a pen and a pad tryin to get this damn label off? I ain't havin that;this is the millenium of Aftermath It ain't gon' be nothin after that So give me one more platinum plaque and fuck rap!You can have it back So where's all the mad rappers at? It's like a jungle in this habitat But all you savage cats,know that I was strapped wit gats when you were cuddlin a Cabbage Patch Chorus Chorus 1/2 (after music ends)


Verse 1: The televisions have eyes Your modern religion is live Plotting a collision world wide Watch the hour glass the power class Showing currency for world supremacy Burroughs is burned down deliberately son We ain't about whats devil level Smell the gun metal King to mo' man I read mouths Satan Feel the foul taste that run on my tongue Burn a L for everyone of my sons There so much more than just herb in my lungs Similar to spilt Mercury, With enough force They could've killed Hercules This whole nation was built Virtually, from capital to captivity The earth could be the modest ?? You not listening It's cold outside They got the whole South side Using bar codes, Military blocks on all the state roads And worse, somebody's chold got hung They took his pants off, Covered his whole body with ants, and cut his hands off The type of shit that have your brain bleedin' They about to start scanning the back of niggas hands And get your vein readin' They call it New World Order But, son, this game is in the fourth quarter World War 3, don't drink the water Because... Chorus: These are the times that try a nigga sole Population control, We wasting time chasing gold They after more than your mind They want your nation as a whole It's time to take of the blindfold(I know) x2 (A thousand men, a thousand sorrows) Verse 2: These are the times that try my thug sole White collar crime Deaf tones, gold, and drug sold The truth is never told I call it black Holocaust Some say all is lost But in the end Your life is all it costs Pronounce counter ?? Global 2000 ??, what they plan to do In case of emergency They building mad prisons with urgency Son, I solemnly swear They keep them slugs in the air Until they murder me Shut down the government Revelutionaries be lovin' it Clinton flee the country in a bubblejet Trouble is yet to come, For each crime, they tryin' niggas three times Then probably prosecute me for this rhyme International nickel and dime hustlers Move weight and muscle us around But my army bustin' rounds Shells covered the ground for miles Street ?? from here to Capitol Hill And you can read it on a dollar bill Chorus I know(I know) The time(the time) They trying to take this world(world) Of mine(Yeah) x2 Verse 3: They breakin' windows out with canisters of tear gas Put out the cannabis We fighting canibals with silver badges I feel the madness in the wind Like a premonition Dee got the ammunition Puffin' reefer while we cleaning pieces None of my niggas don't believe in Jesus We fight a war against the ?? Chevrolet Caprices Whatever way we find feasible Sometime shit be unbelievable I'm seeing skeletons in parked vehicles Put all the terrible types behind sandbags My philosophy is much more than snatch your handbag I'm talkin' shit like hand-to-hand, Man-to-man, clan-for-clan What side you stand? Some of us will breakdown mentally Some of us will pass away Overwhelmed by injuries But our victory is meant to be I studied the signs for twenty-two years And this is what it meant to me Chorus x2 I know(I know) The time(the time) They tryin to take this world(world) Of mine x2

Nolia Clap (Remix)

[Juvenile:] uh huh Remix...Remix.... Wacko, Juvenile, Skip! Hollaback.... Where H-town at..ATL at..Miami, Lil Haiti, Lauderdale at... [Chorus] Ya'll hear dat Nolia clap? Ya'll hear dat Nolia clap? I say da U gon do dey thing wodie please believe If not we'll make it hard for u cowards to breave One thing about a ghost, keeps sh* up a sleeve Juve and skip attack the boards, while I plug em wit 3's Every stash spot i got, I stuff it wit g's don't need a chain or a whip to snatch me a freak.. I'd rather ride around in my hooptie blowin on trees With two heaters in my lap..bumpin 400 degreez I 'on rock wit juvenile. what clown? datz my dawg.. Say dat sh* again I'll wack all ya'll. Get on some bo? sh*...smack all ya'll Prolly get on dat rob sh*...crack all ya'll I neva talk sideways I put ya on da highway Have ya sweatin in da chicken coop like smokey off Friday Catch ya in da nolia have ya runnin down da driveway Tryna bring ya down ? Yippe Ka Yay Where da Bay dat 'lay at where dem teks, where dem 9's, where dem k's at [Chorus] west coast whats up, west side whats up where NY at..., NJ at, Philly philly, DC, VA at [Chorus] east coast whassup, east side whassup [Skip:] I'm straight hollygrove ya know dat But I'm ol' skool, fisher projek like a throwback Now I told you now you know dat You ain't welcome here, you ain't see I'm Gone on my doormat So stupid ain't abide by dat If I catch you on my porch, you gon die by dat Right there, by them can lie by dat On side of dat dog doo doo, you can dry like dat Cause this is payback for anyone who eva said dat Look, I'm safe wit this vest...Gon get his head packed Or get his face slashed, get his neck jooked Look in my face...this how death look If ya deaf look, I won't play witcha Gun talk is all I'm gonna say to ya So learn to read lips...cause see we tripz Every time dat alk and dem trees mix Where da Row at, Interscope at... Choppa City, Universal, Cut Throat at... [Chorus] where my pimps wassup, all my playaz wassup where UTP at, Crime Lab at, Rap A Lot, DTP, Aftermath at [Chorus] all my souljas wassup, all my gangstas wassup [Juvenile] we from the dirrty dirrty ya heard me ya shoot and get shot from under the department line we bout as long as ya block i travel all over the states been in some serious spots carzy not knowing if them people gon' kill me or not all that booting up and stunnin and gon get u no where if u aint bout shooting them subs dont even go there if u scared show u scraed and put ur sets down we aint got a way lookin for beef u can go away now gotta holla at ?? survival these people be my people hook me up with some prada clap for a PM calp for a bbenz and if u clap right here ill give u twenties and tens 3rd ward got money we got plenty to spend quit spending on transportation we got plenty of them YEA THIS IS BIG BUISNES RIGHT HERE RAP-A-LOT UTP 2004 PUT UR U'S UP [Chorus]

All About It

HOODIE ALLEN "People Keep Talking"
[Hook - Hoodie Allen:] Cause I got soul and I won't quit And your dad don't like it when I talk my shit Cause I'm all about it baby I'm all about it baby Staying up late just to pass the time And your parents don't like it when you're out getting high But I'm all about it baby I'm all about it baby [Verse 1 - Ed Sheeran:] I'm not a rapper just a singer with a game plan I play guitar no need to worry 'bout my Drake hand 80,000 people in front of the stage, damn Waiting for the sun to shine just to rock these Ray Bans I just wanna leak shit (what?) Not literally leak shit Wanna push the music through the speakers Double shot glass, I'm in the back of the pub My mate Jason at the bar screaming "Who want what?" Now, please be warned That every song I feature on has capacity to be reborn I said that anything can happen when I pick up a pen But now I'm all about love so won't you say it again I said I used to be the shy type Backpack on my back on public transport sort of guy type Now I'm in the lime light Tryna get my mind right Body clock is in the clouds so often guess it's high time Hoodie sing the line like [Hook - Hoodie Allen] [Verse 2 - Hoodie Allen:] I'm not a singer, I just rap pretty So now my fan base is full of Megan's and Ashley's And they're wondering if there's room for them to get in my bus And I'm like, "Naturally, baby, let me find a spot in the front" For you, and for your friends You can be mine, we can pretend Oh, typical rapper actin' a typical fashion I'm doing something that's different I'm tryin' to Paula my patent Young prince of Manhattan, now everybody believe it Adrien Broner the way I'm ducking and weaving We go together like interceptions and Revis She said the only rapper she lovin' is Yeezus One for the money Two people since the beginning Three million records get sold, not everybody is winning I'm Larry David plus Miles Davis So, everybody hating and fuck it, I hardly blame 'em [Hook - Hoodie Allen] [Outro - Ed Sheeran (x2):] And they don't know anything about us Or anything about us Or anything about it No, no, no

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