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MICHAEL BOLTON lyrics - The Hunger

Wait On Love

Original and similar lyrics
Now she's gone, from my life And it nearly drove me out of my mind Always thinking what she meant to me All we left behind Can't be afraid, startin' over Gotta get up, start livin' again When you're drownin' in your loneliness The hurtin' never ends.... And the night rolls on I search for some piece of mind No, I can't be wrong Won't get burned by desire this time CHORUS: Gonna wait on love, holdin' on till I find the one Wait on love, won't hold back I promised myself, till it comes... Gonna wait on love Wanna get close with somebody When a voice says I'm movin' too fast It's hard to know when to walk away Or try to make it last...... Still the night rolls on Secrets are safe in the dark And I stayed too long I'm not gonna lie to my heart CHORUS: Someone I can run to Just know that it's right Trust my heart and soul to For the rest of my life....

The Power Of Love

Chorus: The power of love, will take us tonight And hearts made of gold, they sing in delight Emotions for real, we dance to the beat The power of love is all that we need! I've been waiting for this night so long I can't take in much longer And the tought of getting close to you Oh, it makes me losing my mind In the heat of the night you and I, wrote the light I ever needed to survive this night And I know You been giving it all, you been loving me more Cause all we need is : CHORUS: ...... There were times I didn't understand I was praying for someone Couse I've never been this sure before You're the reason, the man that I am Angels sing in the sky for us now And we share all lucky love, all lucky time I know, That tonight, I'll be giving it all I'll be loving you more Couse all we need is: CHORUS: ..... come near me closer -And hold me tight My heart's on fire - I need you tonight! CHORUS: ....... Will take us tonight They sing in delight Emotions for real, we dance to the night The power of love, the power of love!

Heart Of Chrome

KISS "Revenge"
You better listen up, since you screwed me you've been on my mind Yeah, 'til the day we met, I was cruisin', I was doin' fine Ooh, but now my world's gone crazy and I think about you all the time I'm gonna tell it to ya baby, it ain't like it was There'll be no ifs ands or maybes, only justice because Chorus: Hey, baby (I got an angry soul, I got a broken home) I'm gonna stick it in your heart of chrome (I got no self-control, you gotta heart of chrome) Yeah, sugar (and now you're gonna see, that since you messed with me) I'm gonna stick it in your heart of chrome (You'll pay eternally, for your heart of chrome) For your heart of chrome Yeah, you really made a fool outta me Everybody knew you used me, but I was just too blind to see You taped our sexy conversations and you sold 'em to the BBC You told me people can't be trusted, you gotta watch the things they do But if you still believe in justice, I'm gonna give it to ya, give it to ya Ooh! chorus (Instrumental break) You told me lies about all that you feel I realize now that nothing was real You took everything you could beg borrow steal chorus repeats 2x

This Island Earth

KENNY LOGGINS "Unimaginable Life"
I know we were born to be here again In the kind of love that you die for Somethin' in the innocent wind's Been callin' out to me Over 'n over I would build a castle upon our dreams Or leave it all behind us in ashes Just to feel your heart in my heart A promise and a prayer To lead 'n to follow Voices that call From an ancient dream Remind me of a world I've never known Chorus: We are the bridge We are the fire 'N I burn in a river of love And now I can sing with all my heart Oh I believe All that I've seen in your eyes An Unimaginable Life Something in the way that you say hello Even to the sound of your heart beat All seems so familiar to me My soul-memory of love Leading me homeward Voices that call from an ancient dream The promise of a life I've never known We are the bridge We are the fire And I burn in a river of love I know I can sing With all my heart Here it begins Freedom is in your eyes An Unimaginable Life Chorus 'N I know I can sing With all my heart Oh I believe Darlin' that we've arrived An Unimaginable Life Our Unimaginable Life

You're Not Alone

BOYZ II MEN "Christmas Interpretations"
Girl you're so sad He was the very first love you had But he hurt your heart real bad He just let your feelings a stray And on a holiday Go ahead and cry Let me clear each tear from your eye And maybe sing you a lullaby Let my heart beat be your guide To a cure inside I know that it's oh so hard to let go Give yourself time to heal take it slow Let's talk as the rainbow colored lights make the tree glow I'm your friend I will be here for you till the end 'Cause I don't want wanna see you hurt again I can be the key for your heart to mend Chorus: 'Cause baby you're not alone The pain in your heart is strong Baby let me hold you in my arms Let me be your protector from harm 'Cause no one should be alone On Christmas How could he do Such a thing to one as good as you? Gave him your all And I know that it's true Had a gem and didn't know what to do But baby I'm here to tell you that I'm yours if you want me These feelings I've held in too long You've been on my mind Girl you know I'll never lie Love is so kind I opened a prayer That by the Lord's grace you would come my way And receive love that won't go away Celebrate this occasion With gifts of joy on his birthday On this night I'll fill all your empty spaces inside As the snow falls I'll make it alright 'Cause this day is for sharing And no one should be without some one caring Chorus Mike's monolauge: Girl this Christmas you won't be alone You don't have to cry You don't have to worry about a thing All the gifts that you wanted this year Are your's You don't have to worry about him no more 'Cause he's gone Don't live in the past baby I'm your future All the feelings that I have Are here for you Anything that I can do To take away any problem That you may have or have had I'm here Just say Michael And this Christmas is your's Chorus (repeats three times)

Crashin A Party

[DJ Tedsmooth] Yea Yea uh huh And when we come in da club wit 2 stepin like [DJ Tedsmooth] Hands in da air like [N.O.R.E] What What [DJ Tedsmooth] Uptowns up in here like [N.O.R.E] What What [DJ Tedsmooth] We tear up da club and we dont wait all nighters V.I.P insighters [Repeat From Begining] [1st Verse:] Baby its saturday night and im feelin hype dont wanna let this weekend pass me by so I called up my girls Like Yo lets meet a 12 cuz we out to night I've been waitin for this night all day me and my girls gonna show this boys how to play cuz I know its gonna be tight but I aint waitin on no damn lines tonight. [Chorus:] I feel like crashin a party V.I.P dont try to stop you can like my stlye but dont copy Ladys let me know if you got me. [2x] [2nd Verse:] Im up in the club the whole hood is there all eyes on my yes im aware so you kno I loves my thugs Remember mike show some love now the croud is jumpin so I make my way to the floor were gonna rock it in every way cuz I dont do this all the time but im feelin the whole vibe tonight [Chorus: 2x] [N.O.R.E:] You see its summa sunshine its summa rain its some love and some joy and some pain Yo some get lucky really make it in the game while others get locked up for --- my slain see when we come through see they gotta check us You and your lil tetas I'm in my chanchletas and shit my mami chulo love me like menudo who need a pillow Ima sleep on her coolo shit pop that rock that who wore my socks hat yea my own J.LO who could top that im smokin --- still feelin on your --- if it aint a private jet least be first class and uh im always chillin with my lady and dem I got them living hood rich like baby and dem the go woah woah we still together baby we gotta hit up da clubs thats like forever baby [Chorus: 2x]

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