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METHOD MAN lyrics - Tical 2000 Judgementday

This Is What We Do

Original and similar lyrics
Yeah, baby, hey yeah, yeah And you know, said you know Said you know, said you know babe, yeah So you say your ish is it And you say your ish is hot You want me to touch your spot Cuz that's how we do it Now I watch your earrings jingle And I watch you work your middle Cuz your handle bars ain't little Makes me wanna (Y'all ain't ready) [1] - If you wanna dance If you wanna move If you wanna dance Yeah show me what to do I keep it movin', givin' it to you Cuz this is what we do This is what we do, yeah [Repeat 1] Said East Side, where you at, yo what the deally And to my ladies over West can you feel me Tell me what the deal with the South And tell me Master P got it all figured out But if you say you with me, show you with me You're so pretty, you stay shitty, Ain't no shorty over 40 chillin' in the VIP with me Damn right, game tight, cuz that's how we do it tonight [Repeat 1] [Repeat 1] [Method Man] Yo, yo Who got the best body on the planet I take advantage, then skate like the kissin' bandit Leave of hearts Got these shorties out after dark We're lady killers Then blow back apart, raw dealers Tical! Dru Hiller, strange love, seven thirty I'm like Herbie with a Love Bug Then skip town like a Casanova Brown Mrs. You look delicious like a two piece with a biscuit What's goin' down In my mind I'm rippin' your clothes Playing with your feet girl suckin your toes Go round with the Ghetto Sarano', mello, Romeo, who like his women on the same level Pay my bills that were due, all accounts settled Now I'm relaxing like Pa now with Ma Kettle Baby laughing, earrings in both nipples Like Janet Jackson, busting out her latest fashion Or the smashin' Honey come on over here, I **** feet cold Throw them panties over there, you won't need those You talk like sex You walk like sex Ya smell like sex Ya yell like sex And all ya want is Mr. Meth, hell of a man That can sell an Eskimo a fan I come equipped for any spot that you want hit Or want licked, when my dick get the fuck outta here, ahh, shit I start to think back on how I go hump In seven minutes to heaven at the age of eleven Couldn't tell me nuthin' then, can't tell me nuthin' now Honey child, milkin' the cow, lovin' my style This is what we do kid, me and them Dru kids Take 'em blind, crimpin' them crazy, even toothless Lastly, if you know me don't ask me Call me Method, Mr. Meth if ya nasty [Repeat 1] [Repeat 1] If I move it on the left, will it be hot to death If I move it on the right, will you make it last all night (Woody) If I move it up and down, will you make a freaky sound, come on If I move it in and out, will it make you scream and shout Come on [Repeat 1 until fade]

Ghetto Love

DA BRAT "Anuthatantrum"
[Featuring T Boz] T Boz: I had some problems That no one could seem to solve them But you had the answer You told me to take a chance And learn the ways of love my baby And all that it has to offer.. You told me your secret love won't let you down Ohh allll my love baby... Da Brat: Hey nigga ain't shit gonna ever change Between you and your boo. Put a hold on me ever since I held you What compelled you to be my nigga Besides passion and love You ran up on a real bitch with understanding and trust Fuck the others, none of them compare to us And under covers you my muthafucka nigga, When you stickin my stuff You laid pipe unlike any other plumber Took me shoppin all day and at night, you kept me cummin. Made dinner, collard greens, candied yams and steak. Taught me how to measure grams, cook rocks, and chop weights Caught a case, cuz you're boy ran his mouth too much. And it's a disgrace how the pain felt to miss your touch But as the days keep passin, keep it actin with stacks of letters Hit you so you don't forget us When you'd rather not be livin in the cella Hella muthafuckas want your occupation But they can keep pacin, cuz I'm gonna be waitin on my Baby... CHORUS: T-Boz: And all this love, is waiting for you My baby... Sweet Darling... And all this love is waiting for you Da Brat: Don't worry bout a thing, nigga stay down As long as you can hang, I'm-a be around Da Brat: Ran into your boy, had heard he'd spread the word That you was soft, braggin he collecting your cheese, And pissing me the fuck off. The first thought of committing a felony never left I missed the big breaths you took when we waz puffin an L, Just the little things you do with the bigger ones I Saw better SL 500s colorful Gucci sweaters and leathers Diamond letters girl you broke, I saved the sugar for you Keep the business runnin, droppin off keys in Cancun Cash rules, and you remain to be the King of my throne Position taken, flippin calender pages till you get home Wanna blast your boy for snatchin up my happiness But I regret what'll happen to this dollar foundation If I'm incarcerated Too you can make it through, we bail on the Jealous Who tell us the opposite of that, Forever you and Brat I tried to take the blame, but you prefered to handle my fame So i'm waitin with open arms to rekindle the flame... CHORUS (x3)

Don't You Wanna Go?

Crabb Family
There's a building program going on in Heaven construction carried out by God's on hand fifteen hundred miles wide mansions standing side by side the streets are paved with gold throughout the land Now they say they'll be no dying in that city no sickness and no sorrow will be known the feeble will be young no division all is one eternal celebrating going on CHORUS Don't you wanna go with me to God's new city Don't you wanna hear that heavenly choir sing Don't you wanna touch the nail scarred hands that brought this great salvation plan Can't you feel it stirrin' in your soul Don't you wanna go You know I have many loved ones waiting over yonder and how I long to see my precious father there All the saints will gather in immortal bodies free from sin as we praise the Lamb of God who's joy we'll share

She Made Me Love You More

she was all lips and eyes touching me now you say you realise you can't trust me you're mad,you're hurt baby,I don't blame you I can't resist a flirt even when I am to don't be upset baby,please don't fret chorus: she made me love you more I forgot her the minute she walked out the door you wanna know what she did to me she made me love you more she made me love you more she was all hips and thighs lusting me I'll make no alibis,honestly deep in my heart you're the only one you say you've thorn apart by what I have done I learned a lot believe it or not chorus she was fake where you are real I learned a lot about the way I feel don't wanna lose you over something like this baby forgive me chorus 3x

Is Love Enough

SISQO "Unleash The Dragon"
Yeah yeah Whoo Oooh Oohhh Girl I see ya cryin And I know it's cuz of me Ya say ya caught me cheatin And lyin constantly but I know you don't believe me Baby when I say I will always love you Say that you love me Is love enough To make you stay with me Is love enough To make you stop crying Is love enough Make you understand Is love enough Enough Oooh Chinky Brown Eyes: You know I caught you cheatin Heard that you were catchin thrills I heard you're spendin money Heard that you been payin bills but (That's a lie that's a lie) Boy I won't be petty You will never hear me say her name You coulda kept it from me Boy you ought to be ashamed Is love enough You disrespected me Is love enough Make me stop crying Is love enough How will I understand Is love enough Is it Is it Sisqo [Sisqo]: Baby I'm sorry Is it enough Is it enough now baby Want ya to know that you're drivin me crazy [Chinky]: No no na na nonono [Sisqo]: My baby [Chinky]: I don't wanna let you go [Sisqo]: No don't let me go baby [Chinky]: Just show me ya love me [Sisqo]: You know that I love you baby [Chinky]: You hear me cryin [Sisqo]: I'm so sorry baby Sorry yeah Is love enough To make ya stay with me Is love enough To make ya stop crying Is love enough [LovHer]: I don't want to cry no more [Sisqo]: I don't wanna see ya cry no more Is love enough Enough Sing Is it enough Is it enough my baby Wantcha to know that you're drivin me crazy Don't approve of anything I do Wasn't enough for stoppin me from lovin you [LovHer]: Hands up I can't lie I'm gon' love ya till I die It's hard as hell to leave But no matter how I try But if I heard You're back with her Love won't be enough [Sisqo]: Is it enough baby Enough baby Enough baby Enough baby [Both]: Enough baby Enough baby Enough baby

If You Really Wanna Go

NO QUESTION "No Question (Ruffnation)"
[Thomas Blackwell] [No Question] Ooh...yeah, yes Oh, oh, oh yeah Tell me why you're trippin' Wildin' out acting a fool You don't have to want for nothing 'Cuz I made sure that you're cool The only thing that matters that you stay honest with me (If I had your heart, then who the hell is he) Last night you didn't even come home I sat out on your steps and called you all night long Still good from the depths of my soul I can't hold you if you wanna let go...oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh [No Question] [Thomas Blackwell] If you really wanna go, so long, don't stay (oh yeah, ungh...ungh, oh) If you really wanna take your love away (it's gonna be alright) (I can't make you stay hey yea) If you really wanna go, so long, it's okay (it's your life, well) Baby it's your life, oooh....ooh (do what you wanna do) [Thomas Blackwell] Remember when I met you, your life was a life of love I gave your life a reason, you should thank the Lord above You've found someone to take your rest and sometimes understand Who would hold you next to God and would never raise a hand I could've sworn that I made everything alright You've gotta man who comes home to you each and every night I'm so mad, I just wanna John Blaze But if you want it boo, then I can't make you stay, go on and leave me baby [No Question] [Thomas Blackwell] If you really wanna go, so long, don't stay (walk out the door, hey, it's gonna be alright) If you really wanna take your love away (take your love, take your love away hey yeah) If you really wanna go, so long, it's okay (I'm goin' out of my mind baby, but it's gonna be okay, it's your life) Baby it's your life, oooh...ooh (tell me why, break it down, break it down, break it down, down, down) [No Question] [Thomas Blackwell] Tell me what I'm suppose to do now, {now} I wish that it could work out somehow, {somehow} I laced you up, gave you all my love Showed you the game and I raised you up Now you say you just wanna bounce (yeah, yeah...yeah) [No Question] [Thomas Blackwell] If you really wanna go, so long, don't stay (oh tell me why) If you really wanna take your love away If you really wanna go, so long, it's okay Baby it's your life, oooh...ooh [repeat to fade]

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