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METHOD MAN lyrics - Tical 2000 Judgementday

Dog In Heat

Original and similar lyrics
[Missy] Gimme that funk, mmm.. Funk, mmm.. yo gimme that Funk.. sho' nuff that Funk.. [Redman] Yo, yo Beware of the dogs, off the chain Fuck your whips at the club we piss in the parkin lanes Blow it up ten frames so you see it wide If your broad ain't fuckin she don't need to ride (beat it) She can crawl in the trunk with her knees inside by the spare, she hungry I'll feed her fries Cause I'ma, dog nigga, shot-call nigga My shotgun talk with a lecture hall scripture Applaud {*ahh*} bitch, shake that ass I getcha, drunk and high and duct tape that ass fast Then leave you on your daddy front lawn (ding dong) with your hair all fucked up, with one pump on Get stomped on, I take the money and run I'm a dog, shit I fuck right in front of your son If you ain't got Missy and Meth want me to spit the hot shit for you Nigga, write your check [Missy] When you come home from work, I'm gon' make you do more work Pour some wine in the cup, sip sippin on sizz-urp Ohhh.. ohhh.. now we gon' make love to and in ya SLIDE, wanna take a ride When you with me oh so right, tell them boys not tonight Say you chillin witcho bitch and this is one y'don't wanna miss Uhh uhh.. cause this love right here is on fire (fire) SLIDE, wanna take a ride [Chorus: repeat 2X] I love it boy when you play this song Dead wrong, you know this record be turnin me on You keep me growlin like a dog in heat Hey wodie put it down make me sleep for weeks [Missy] You on the block layin low, from the cops layin low When you done let me know cause my love make you be like WHOA Ohhh.. ohhh.. cause I got yo' mind in the trenches SLIDE, let's take a ride Baby come give me some HEY WODIE ain't no other one can shine on my life and make me wanna stay the night Mmmm mmmm.. cause you put butterflies on my stomach SLIDE, baby won't you slide [Chorus] [Method Man] Yo yo I wanna gangsta BOOGIE with my GANGSTA BITCH Love it when the pussy talk back thanks to dick All my dogs (woof) playin the wall, get at these broads You ain't got no-ass-at'all, we ain't fuckin wit y'all I'm not your smooth lovin, see me at Casbah thuggin Hands where your Stove Top be stuffin Never catch Tical hand-cuffin, I'm in your party puffin Smellin like that Wu-Tang production Cousin tried to tell me pussy come a dime a dozen And when it come around I'll beat it down like percussion Missy come and get me, I'm bout to call Doc We can all meet up at Peanut's, I heard it was the spot Somebody roll the weed up, push the car lighter, kick your feet up Saturday Night, who got the Fever Brought the flavor, of indonesia Puff puff give type procedures and this joint bumpin out your speakers [Chorus] [Missy] I'm gonna take you high to the top and let your body not reject me babe I'm gonna make you really love me I'm gonna make you scream don't stop But you must first respect his lady You must respect this lady

Where Fugees At

WYCLEF JEAN "The Ecleftic * 2 Sides II A Book"
Where Fugees At? INTRO: Uh huh, uh huh Feels good to be back at the essence where it all started you know Uh huh, uh huh What up Uh huh, uh huh Turn up my headphones man, uh huh uh huh I got a few things I wanna tell the people out there Yo, yo, yo HOOK: All I hear is Fugee this, Fugee that Where Fugee At? I need Fugees to spit up on this track Lauryn if you're listenin, Pras if you're listenin Gimme a call I'm in the lab in the Booga Basement Y'all know my style, I'm still *mini, money, mini, mini, It aint all about the money* [Verse 1] When I was hustla, two dogs by my side plus a black pistola Loud MCs, feel the silencer Y'all still rhymin, y'all cuckoo, I send cycles to Belvue This aint a sequel son, but I have you Scream 2 [AHHH!] Real live cinema of the streets produced a junkie Put back on your shirt man you lookin like ET You're cracked out, for dough, some blow on saxophone You're rhymin off beat even with help from my metronomes See, y'all aint MCs, you a CM Common Motherfucker rhymin about Lexus and Benz The same Benz you got jacked in, drunk off of Gin You woke up in hell gettin sexed by Marilyn Manson You lie, you deny, pass me the microphone I guess like Eddie Murphy you was givin 'em a ride home Yeah right, 25 mics, material in The Source While your rap crew's on steroids lookin like Full Force Your girl she's buffed, puffed, in daytime don't play rough The freaks come out at night so that's when I bring out the cuffs Grandma yell, CD player number two Shadae's in my bedroom singin sweetest taboo HOOK [Verse 2] We used to rap, now y'all wanna come and get me with a bat? Y'all must be smokin crack, with Pookie from New Jack How could y'all forget, I'm the reason y'all MC But y'all flip like Pharisees and charge me for blasphemy You know who you are, eight bar superstar Karate cars, buy up the bars with the credit cards You wanna impress, I'm young chick, you just met First thing she say, I used to run with Wyclef Look surprised, see your flesh outside your vest Yeah you could fight, in the WWF Cuz in this arena aint nothin but gladiators and haters Hopin they kill me and roll and feed me to the tigers Oh Lord, protect me from the devil They open the book of life, y'all readin like the anti christ Your weak kid, stop lyin to the public You wanted it so bad that you took all the production credits Some MCs in the underground, mad at me cuz I'm above ground Counting English pounds I tell ya what, success don't come overnight I was in Noah's Ark for Forty days and Forty nights Contemplatin what should I write, what should I recite Cuz aint nobody here but thugs and chicks wit ice That's when I daydream into the twilight Girls wit they man, screamin I hate life Baby girl look in the opposite direction Cuz my class is the *Misedu...* HOOK

Retro Electro

JAY ELECTRONICA "Attack Of The Clones"
I wanna thank ya For bein so fly (so fly) You didn't know (didn't know) That it was my time They shoulda told ya I am for the people And on my shoulders Carrying the world Say it sir victory is mine oh yeah I tumble like the dice do Stay on the humble like christ do Piss stanzas and shite haikus Since I was a young tyke-u Tried to moonwalk like michael I understood the universal cycles Positive negative neutral Impoverished kids on sedativesll live mutual Where reverends, presidents movies stars cinema-togra-phers And producers, so standardized eduacation in it's current state Is useful, I'm mean useless Pardon the slippage The deadll probably target the jargon as gibberish Meanwhile I'm off in the stars war'n with iblis You see them atoms spinnin You see them waves shimmering You see them wisdoms grinning The masculine energy make em feel feminine I transformed and start assemblin From moab to mendin Sittin bull is twistin sittin ducks like dutches Victory is in my clutches Motherfuckers You can't touch this like hamm and them I'm on auto pilot Sippin pen noir Eatin sal-a-mon Brother with foul in them The son of marilyn Chancellor of hope Sharp like razor Clean like soap The simplest metaphors be the dope They stumblin outta focus I spit that hocus pocus Man these niggas absolutely bogus The cockroach flow is hopeless I'm on they ass like locust In and out the studio The flows unruly so My attack level is way higher than yugiohs My defence level is in the trillions So if you wanna duel Ya rocket better be filled with fuel Cause when you get here, I'll be on the stool crackin booze And you'll be tired from the journey So how you think that you could ever burn me Man these wack niggas don't concern me Bring out the gurneys and summon my attorneys

Street Corner

GOODIE MOB "World Party"
hook Don't know why I'm folding Illegal substance controlling, still outdoors rolling(x2) (T-Mo) Enhance the game, but give me the benz While I send my word It's lightly packed giving a fuck Bitch I gots to eat too While I catch up like Heinz On the hook for my family tree East to West to South is booted in this red clay And everyday I get up and work my ass to the bone So I can pay for me a home, in the ghetto or the woods,to build I'm packing my steel too (Khujo) Slow rolling, everybody in this clique holding Anything we riding in is stolen And you can tell when a nigga on round' here His neck and his wrists be all frozen You wanna go bust because some fool caught you dozing Out on the ave posing But you ain't no more good, like a used up trojan You horsing around, now your spot finna' be closing down We brang them guns, you tote them roses Indecent exposure, beat you till' you're swollen Now here, put some ice on that Work with, reject heavy crack now pick up pick up pick up hook (Big Gipp) Hold up, wait up, Gipp swolled in here My eyes getting little and its hard to steer Reverse safe, can't wait, communicate next tale Kept my money in the floor so I can chalk bail And anything you got for me, just hold Cause I'll be back one day to get them folds Take a second to regroup, get back in the loop See the veins never change, only part is in the name I ain't that old, wanna play me cold Wanna treat me like a wrangler wanna snatch my gold See I was raised by a man, so a man you see Came up in the trailors of Fulton County Hard top for the winter, soft top for the summer If we caught roaming the streets, we some runners gt;From the street corners (Cee-Lo) Well when you looking at me make sure that I'm trapping and slowed down Still suffer from sunrise till' the sun done gone down Before I go any further, fool let me break it on down Get blasting with the best and get brutally blown down YES SIRE! COLLAPSE AND GET CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIRE Talking shit at one time, but nowadays your cause higher From the hatred, hunger, hopelessness, yes I kill So I guess I'm no better than the rest But I try to be Somehow these streets feel so fly to me I'm a get it right Lord Cee-Lo, Don't you lie to me! I hope this work here work me a way up out this Hey, don't wanna die the same way my buddy did the other day Damn hook

Why Don't We Fall in Love (Remix)

[Intro: Cam'Ron] Yo this is the Roc-a-Fella remix Killa Cam man you what it is, Dipset [Verse 1: Amerie (Cam'Ron)] So many things I'm goin through (What you goin through?) So much that I wanna do (What?) It's startin to become so clear to me (Uh huh) Tomorrow ain't really guaranteed (Right) So many days I've thought of you, It's about time you knew the truth (Holla then) Got to act quickly you and I (Uh huh) And fall in love so many reasons why [Chorus: Amerie (Cam'Ron)] Why don't we (So why don't we) don't we Why don't we, why don't we, why don't we fall in love (Slow down ma) Why don't we fall in love (I got to get to know you first you know) It's so many reason (It's alot of reasons) It's the only thing that matters to me Why don't we fall in love (Holla at me though!) [Verse 2: Amerie (Cam'Ron)] It takes such a load off to let you know That your the only one I never want to go Things I never did now I want to do (That's sweet) A love I never felt now I feel for you (How cute) Why dont I just swallow each and every ounce of my pride (You know what you gettin into right?) Everything you do I wanna feel again, ain't no use for us to pretend (Ok) [Chorus: Amerie (Cam'Ron)] Why don't we, don't we, why don't we (You asked for it) Why don't we Why don't we fall in love (You know what you dealin with right?) We, we can't we fall Why don't we, why don't we (Yeah, yeah) Why don't we fall in love Oh! Fall in love......Yeah Come with me, tomorrow we're guaranteed, love, baby let's be Baby, let's be Why don't we, why don't we, why don't we fall in love (Killa, Uh, Holla, Uh, Uh) Why don't we, why don't we (Oh!) why don't we fall in love (Fall in love, I don't even know you, what's your name?) [Verse 3: Cam'Ron (Amerie)] Fall in love why cause you see the Florida plates? Explorin the states, seven forty five a quarter to eight Nah, not that Accord to the race Enough malt liquor I'm cordial with grapes You still get slaughtered and raped, camcorded and taped Come uptown see the dogs and the apes All the nasty little heffers with sores on they face We keep the base in the Ford's and the safe But everything will pour into place, forget your tour and your dates Hit Greyhound with raw on your waist Now your seemin leary, but your jeans are theory Sweatsuit juciy ma your mean ya hear me Wanna fall in love, well install the plug Dope, I sold all them drugs Hollows, cop killers, seen all those slugs East, west, south, seen all those thugs (Why don't we why don't we) Just slow down a bit, hit the town and split And dealin with Killa that mean you dealin with killers My hooks are bananas the team is gorillas, holla! [Outro: Cam'Ron] Dipset, Killa Cam, Amerie, Taliban, R-O-C, get your boy man


G. Love And Special Sauce "Yeah, It's That Easy"
Katman: 65 25 Parkline Drive And like always I'm kicking it live Wanna call the fellas to see if they is with this Gonna get down with the sounds of big breakfast Start off the day with some Bob Marley Back to the woods for that fresh parlay Maybe even spark a little Nicki J. And then it's off to center city in the fastest way Cause if you've gotta get downtown real quick Then the only way to go is I-76 Unless of course you wanna take that scenic view Then East or West River Drive is right for you But if you ain't got any time to lose Put the pedal to the metal for that voyage cruise And get on down to I-76 Because in 1996 there ain't no Tricks in the mix G. Love: Back in 1982 Man it was real cool and in school If we got good grades And straight up A's Our parents would take us to a 76ers game I got my game and there ain't no shame Big shots for Mo Cheeks And Moses Malone Julius Erving called Philly his home Bobby Jones, Daryl Dawkins Andrew Toney sinking threes Rocky Balboa comes from south Philly But if you want to make it On time to the show There's only one road that you really have to know So get to Fishtown without all that jive I suggest that you drive on I-95 Wanna get downtown but feeling in a fix Get on the road they call 676 The most expensive expansive piece of interstate they ever made The fellas ain't famous but They got good game Get along 76ers Charles Barkley dissed Larry Bird Get along 76ers Charles Barkley dissed Larry Bird Smiles: Shh-Hoops the middle man Now disguised as the Joy Valentine Smiles to the Katman play Loungin' leather seats 76 gettin' nice Cadillac D.B.L. Kristopher pulled the heist Expressway expression Soda Pop is pressin' up another piece baby new year painted session I'm guessin' the answer to the question All the Philly Fellas livin' life as a profession Destined to escape a la Spector Ah Wilderness yea prep jetta boy Friday night rap Broncos and Pepper Shakers In the city Ice Dogs Love show I the skyscraper The route man it's I-76 I'm loungin' Otto Shoup singin' Davey Quickness Li Li of the Va Li love a ligum everyday I'm givin' praise from High Hill Juice to Philly Katman: But if you've gotta get downtown real quick Then the only way to go is I-76 Unless of course you wanna take that scenic view Then East or West River Drive is right for you But if you ain't got any time to lose Put the pedal to the metal for that voyage cruise and get on down to I-76 Because in 1996 there ain't no Tricks in the mix Get along 76ers Charles Barkley dissed Larry Bird Get along 76ers Dr. J! Moses Malone Get along 76ers Jerry Stackhouse and Iverson

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