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METHOD MAN lyrics - Tical 0: The Prequel

Who Ya Rollin Wit

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[Intro: Method Man] Uh... what's really good? Yo, yo, yo.. [Method Man] It's the unstoppable, over come any obstacle Ya'll know my flavor, pack more punch than Tropical Any mission possible, do what I gots to do Labels gettin' butterfingers, and next they droppin' you You think you know, but you have no idea The Diary of a Meth Man, what's this I hear? Somebody told ya'll, steppin' in shit was good luck? I got the hood stuck, chh-chh, now give the goods up Ya'll done pushed up, past the point of no return It's Meth's turn, so roll that shit up and let's burn I heard Philly got the best 'scherm, out in Cali, they got the best perms Now that we know, when will the rest learn? Come on, each one, teach one, hear no evil, and I don't speak none Everything cool until that heat come Just call my name, and I'll be there Ya'll kids is slum, like the jewelry in Albi Square [Chorus: Streetlife (Shawnna)] We drinkin' Henny til we flip, poppin' bottles til we sick All ya'll haters eat a dick (yeah, uh) Let's throw a party in this bitch, all my niggaz and my chicks Tell me who ya'll rollin' with (yeah) [Hook 2X: Streetlife (Method Man)] Method spits fire (Fire!) The roof's on (Fire!) My crew's on (Fire!) [Streetlife] M-E-T, H-O-D.. [Method Man] Man, I'm in the house like foreclosures Talk sober, until some dog gets forced over New York soldiers, be at ease, fall back Never ever, I'm the New Era, like ball caps Kid, whenever, whoever, whatever, ya'll want it Ya'll can have it, the problem and answer, I'm all that While we at it, let's tighten up our grips around that cabbage Silly rabbit, how many kid's done tricked you on your carrots The product of a bad package, like Bishop Don Juan it's Magic How I break 'em like a bad habit, hit tracks like it's target practice Then let these darts take a stab at it Niggaz ain't got it, ain't never had it I jam like L.A. traffic, Jellyroll behind the wheel And the passenger seat behind the field It's your boy, physically fit, mentally sick Get dirty money, told you honey, I'm filthy rich [Chorus] [Hook 2X w/o 'fire' the second time] [Interlude: Method Man] Yeah, ya'll niggaz don't know it's a game Until it starts again, let's do it, haha! [Method Man] Six minutes, Method Man, you're on If you thinkin' you gon' slip and be alright, you're wrong You can see me lightin' the bong, while writin' the songs That the crowd, is either singin' to or fightin' along, fightin' along I'm try'nna tell you drugs is not your friends And girlfriend, don't try and front like you got your friend I'm at the hotel, motel, Holiday Inn And my chick's a man-eater, she be swallowin' men Aight, live from New York, it's Saturday night I got pipes that drain your confidence, and battery light Aight, mami tight, but she ain't really my type If ya'll don't see me treat her right, then she ain't really my wife When I was young, I was stayin' in school, obeyin' rules Play with my food, what makes you think I'm playin' with you? This is it, ya'll better come on in, the water's fine Jump on in, let's do it to 'em one more 'gain [Chorus] [Hook 2X] [Chorus] [Outro: Method Man] Yeah, Ladies Love Big John Studd No doubt, dick up in your mouth We do this shit everyday, I'm in the cut With my main shit stain, Ray-Ray Gutter Butt And we holdin' it down for the whole Staten Island, man Nothin' else but Staten Island, man Ya'll stand up, man, Stapleton, the Wild West, Park Hill Port Richmond, Now Born, Jungle Nilz, hah... Peace!

Soul Of A Coke Dealer

ANDRE NICKATINA "Conversation With A Devil: Cocaine Raps, Vol. 3"
[Andre Nickatina] You say you want it all You say forget the law And everything you saw, you copped it from the raw You gon' be like the ones in sky And for a sec I was bout to ask why But we was broke It's 83' with a street gleam And young cats is rockin up and gettin' street teams And motherfuckers that hate me and want me to die Man they can see that I'm broke in my eye I need to do it, I need to talk to Twinky, he'd probably front me somethin He made 20 g's, outta straight nothin' And Pee Wee bought a 69' cutty That niggaz mackin bitches makin money That shit ain't funny Cuz I'm a go get her and makin thangs iller It's like a pain killer, but it's much realer And in my callin' I could see the scrilla Playboy just said coke dealer, man I'ma try We had a lunch date, in 1988 And from your sad face, you said you caught a case But besides that the money was pilin' up, business was doin good You movin' on thru the hood Got you a house no doubt in Vallejo For $700 ounce you gon' drop straight yayo Niggaz be talkin bad, sometimes I be gettin' mad I just gotta gun, yo my mother said don't call And like paper I was ripped apart Because you know that my mother is my heart I feel ashamed, cuz im'a blast first up in the game It ain't a mystery to me, money close at range Cuz these bitches be talkin shit I live by the crucifix Because of my pathways, party my last day Praise to the double glock I've smoken so much pot I don't know if I like it or not I got beef wit the Barry brothers They started hearin' my name up in the game And told the undercovers Yeah so here we go round and round The streets don't make a sound Don't they come uptown, nigga we cut em' down And thats the mind state for all those niggaz Rats bitin' cheese yeah all those squeelers Till the devil come and get us yeah they all gon' feel us Don't make it hard for coke dealers Word life.. Ok it's 92', now what you gonna do? I heard you killed a guard, in ya fightin squad He said Nicky man you know the street theory I can't let the competition near me I hate em' dearly I'm so out of control in my life Live by the sword and die by the knife My mother called to give her best The police picked up the phone started to laugh And said he's under arrest I felt pain in my heart from a thousand whips Man, I wish I had never learned to bag a zip You should have seen they face when I payed my bail It was the look of the devil thats gon' send me to hell I made a call and I got a plot Cuz when it comes to this lawyer He wants the money man there ain't no disguise And these bitches with these cold hearts Man they be tellin' they friends That I'm a give em' a gang of ends and then My misery is legendary And I could hear the old coke dealers cryin at the cemetary I'm in the fast lane with no brakes And when it comes to this money I need a bakery to cook these cakes Man I'm goin to hell Or I'm a die in jail Or these bullets gon' rain And I'm gonna get nailed Cut cut cut me down Nicky It make me wanna shiver The lost soul of a coke dealer Word life.. The lost soul of a coke dealer Word life... [x2]

You Don't Hear Me Doe

SCARFACE "The World Is Yours"
(feat. DMG) [DMG] Call me psychotive but I'm bad, nigga yo! And I'ma do ya bad, black And when I come, I'm bustin up niggas to hear me, black Ya should of never let a nigga see if there was niggas and bitches and bitches and niggas that hated me Huh, I waited for my date to come-of-age and now I'm of-age I can't escape the fuckin front page So I guess that nigga D is up to hit again I kicks the funky shit and coke, and stupid like I'm Gilligan I'm P, supposed to hit a lick for a jack The only thing I gained is the pain of niggas comin back Nigga lookin for they shit, aggravated and pissed Niggas they can't fuck with my clique I'm here to break em off for chunk A D-E-A-T-H-L-Y, a motherfuckin punk And I be rollin with the brass Don't answer with the ziggers in your hood, he break your neck to roll a pass, nigga Don't even stop to say 'Whattup' cos I bust for the fuck And pay some quick to light a motherfucker up Next time you stop me on your block, I hope you leave the place or be the next to meet the Lord face-to-face Nigga, I ain't the one to take no bullshit Cos see a nigga like the D is game to empty out the full clip So when I come for ya, act like ya know Sittin motherfuckin smooth to the curb but you don't hear do' [Chorus:] I'ma bring ya to ya asshole (uh) Do it like the G-to-O (yeah) Bustin on that ass but still I see that you don't hear me do' (But you don't hear me do') Bring ya to ya asshole (uh) Do it like the G-to-O (yeah) Bustin on that ass but still I see that you don't hear me do' [DMG] It's time to fuck em up, here it comes, BLAST, nigga! Thump to your chest and they comin out your ass, nigga I grew apart, livin my life as a criminal Niggas G to kill but still I see that you don't hear me do' So I'ma serve it to ya fat, hit the deck, mate Hit the deck mate, call me Flipper when I checkmate D-um divertin nine, Tre-9, full Glock, Glock My Glock makin sounds and it don't stop So nigga pass the swisha quick and I'ma blaze til the motherfucker burn me off my fingertips Cos, see a nigga gotta saty high I try to smoke til I can't smoke and then I won't smoke But still I got my fingers on my shit and click, click, click, ya die, die, die, ya dead, bitch! You tried to test the wrong nigga, be a tested Straight from St.Paul but clockin G's down in Texas Some think I'm talk cos I play it cool but I ain't the average motherfucker, I do the shit that niggas won't do Huh, like pistol whip a woodie for his bank Then after that I gate and grab his bitch and do the same thang And I will pain up the asshole Collectin grips on my drips as I stroll but you don't hear me do' [Chorus] [DMG] Ain't no mistakin what I'm bringin, you motherfuckers still ain't had enough So I'ma continue to break you off for proper ass chunk May it be 9, may it be a gauge, may it be a shank Any way you come I'm in your motherfuckin shit, mate! Huh, a nigga bustin caps, smokin fires quick to bring it to your ass and keep on goin til your ass die And it ain't no runnin down dem backstreets cos I got slugs to catch em with Carl Lewis on the track meet Huh, and still you wanna test a nigga so Audi 5, nigga, hate to see ya go but you don't hear me do' [Chorus] Yeah, check it!


AESOP ROCK "Appleseed"
On a sunny afternoon in lower east side New York... You about ready? (Yeah) Good morning my sweet vision of morbid disorder And Good evening wonderful riddance and such Maybe today I'll touch the burgundy halo Trimming the tunnels and of in with tenants Spangled cross a more tangible premise ?? it needs splinters all up in day-tripper visuals Take it easy man, fuck it I'll take it any way I can My palms are generous When I witness fury scurry past my window Model city in a bottle plugged hostile Its bliss kissin pollutin And a billion suckers pucker in a bind Maybe the sunken ship is the treasure No, but they insist it man I try to Spin me dizzy spongin Up to giving dungeons functions As opposed to art historians absorbed inside assumptions Everybody pop your knuckles when the style divorces vertical Marveling at the spite with which it curdled Outside my tenement grows a little warmth From out the mugs of masons wasted Laying bricks for days to later find they owned the lot adjacent Mark the blasphemy elements of elogance and savagery Murder the gossip, fuck it run off happily The broken spoke cyclers chokin open doctors they as born fetus In a matchbox conveniently padlocked to the hammer base Now these impurities embedded in five illiterates textiles Shedded in the hell tale to motivate blind suspended leverage Now I'm drowning in a pool of why are you here Sabotage with my beats the burden pertainance of if I die this year My name is Dryspell My name is pillar My name's allegiance My name is flagrant My name's a thousand steps from patience But I'm sick and tired of waiting My name's Polaris My name is canvas My name is lowlife My name's intention My name is every imperfection that plays a part in my descension My name is carnival My name is posture My name is polarized My name is evidence My name is delicate approach from symetricating my fellowship My name's Possessive My name is cordial My name is Igloo My name is captivate My name is contaminate the rich And clock the profits for the captain's sake Let us hope that the horrors of evil No longer loiter on the doorstep of your past Circle of sandbags drag the shield a meal the meaty hand grabs I'm splitting hopes at your local Acropolis Opulence in a cockpit not the pocket for them born with a ?? Sunk to rest while they've exhausted the art of drunken address Exhibit fracture lines that converge towards where the hackers whine Where trappers slack the traps Unlatch the catch then cover up his trackers line That will make his majesty furious Oh bury his head and how could I have been so dense If only, yeah but I'm lonely My days graze normalcy then morbidly crash My years breathe honesty then sardonically laugh Alas, I dig my toes in to the sand and spit foliage out my lips Personifying mankind's end all aspirations Hope floats... No, hope sinks like broken boats and most harassed before provoked I'm tossing darts at a map of the arts to pick up where you choked And when the last leaf falls off the branches of resonance I'll be waiting with my butterfly net to collect the evidence Well I am a room with poison oak scaling the sides Arachnids on the celing, rugged thumb tacks, bones and rusty pipes If you can squeeze between the bars Enjoy my space employ my waste In case the hand dealt by a stolen grace Do you ever wish the circle wasn't square So when landsharks start circling the borders You could just cut them off at the corners There's a ghost in the basket of values Pertinent to, which cayak pilot succeeded in serving him proof Now I'm surfin it through So if you need me spread your wings to spell my name Above the mess near the other funny requests See bow to tolerant mannerisms of higher to win To assist in a meticulous pick a part of cobweb skins Of innocence A child of timid instinct with that ten step ahead premise Supply dust bowls before the zephyr was requested Violent humble shoes ten shades of blues come off the difference I grimace, took me one hours blink to conclude that sickly innocence My name is Dryspell My name is pillar My name's allegiance My name is flagrant My name's a thousand steps from patience But I'm sick and tired of waitin My name's Polaris My name is canvas My name is lowlife My name's intention My name is every imperfection that plays a part in my descension My name is carnival My name is posture My name is polarized My name is evidence My name is delicate approach from symetricating my fellowship My name's Possessive My name is cordial My name is Igloo My name is captivate My name is contaminate the rich And clock the profits for the captain's sake My name is vagabond My name is angel My name is century My name is hunter My name is sunburst My name is wildfire My name is scrutinize My name is basic My name is consequence My name is cigarettes My name is cynical My name is tolerance My name is hallucinogen My name is waterfall My name is runaway My name is alarm clock My name is...


COMMON "One Day It'll All Make Sense"
[Common] Yo, niggaz don't want none of this Niggaz know they can't fuck with this Turn this shit up just a little more I walk the night in rhymin armor, bomb a nigga like a winter coat Have him on Death Row searchin for an Interscope Yet I sparkle like Irene Cara Symbolize dope, like sirens do terror Mariel just had a baby someone else decapitated Flashbacks of past raps make me so glad I made it Players is gettin traded I drop a gem off, them who's style is jaded My juice is grated Shit is so bangin niggaz say it's gang related On philosopher's rink of thought, I've skated with precision Crews is gettin split like decisions Com will let it ride in collision Vision like Coleco or tele, I battle stars in stellar... Regions, my thought scheme was my like my offspring Now, it's teethin My reason of rhyme applies to season and time Season of mind, body and regions divine In mom's cookouts, I'm leavin the swine Verbal vegeterian, squashed beef with Ice Cube Came in this rap life nude Now I'm fully clothed with flows You tricks can't hide behind expensive cars and clothes Old niggaz I expose like Luke does hoes in videos With classic material, imperial and rugged like Got mag, but my slugs a mic You fake like a smile, like a hug, I'm tight Skip ladies, this is rip a muthafucka night Oracle arouse, niggaz don't even run for cover right Downtown interracial lovers hold hands I breathe heavy like an old man, with a cold can of Old Style Hold a Stone Isle profile Mix between Malcolm X and Sef when I go wild Hold mics like a second nut until the second comin Hummin comin towards you with power like forwards do Hip hop, you my bitch and like a Ford, I'm Explorin you So, wack niggaz be cool, with them, I stay cordial Flowin room temperature, cats is presumed miniature Like golf. Soft like Tiger Woods And real nigga angles I've stood with ways that's geometric Don't need to rob banks with dike broads to Set it I levitate to the occasion, lounge like a lyricist Rhyme wise, you a rest haven You sat by the door spooked like I was Wes Craven You need to do more deletin and less savin A praise in hell, raisin heaven Like the bill on my pager leavens What you should have known from day one You will on day seven Hungry hip hop junkie in the city (*scratched 3X*)


(feat. G-Dep) [Puff Daddy In Child's Voice] Uncle Puffy Can you read us a bedtime story, please Huh Please [Puff Daddy] Alright check this out right here Woke up smoked up, broked up What I had left and rolled up, lit it Had a shorty that I brought home, hit it Sent her on her way, I got no time today (Yo, I'mma call you next week, aight) With all this work I got no time to play (OK) Cash come and go, and I want mine to stay Alot of these fake cats won't mind the day I get an unfair play, then the stairway That's why I'm like TWA, the airway Niggas wantin' to believe what they heard through hear-say Hopin', but forget it Check the mail, it's a letter from jail, from Hoboken I open and I read it, it said [G-Dep] What da deal son It's ya nigga Teals in the field, and it's real son I'mma have to steal one Caught up on the run with a gun Can't walk with it down then you can't conceal one What to do I dont' know if ya knew, that kid, True Up in 1-2-2, he plottin' to get you I hear he's due You just do what need doin' Let's not forget these niggas could bleed too , one [Puffy] OK, good Those cats don't keep it real as they should Heard they don't pay good Stand around all day wishin' they could But this green fufills they dreams They ain't a team Answering machine on screen Phone rings, it was Arlene from Queens Head was mean, had a head for schemes Told her she get head to see me But she play her hand proper, nothin' can stop her [Female] Hey yo, what up Playboy I'm out in Saint Croix With sun cats that say they real But they toys I heard ya doin' it though And you in the flow Some niggas wanna ruin ya show What up, yo Whathchu want a rich shot up on his block Or I could leave him in his bed dead, with his dick robbed [Puffy] Na Boo, I'mma show you how I do Just hit me when you get up top But come on through (Aight) Now I'm doin' inventory Guns, clips, vest, bullets So when I pull it, it's the end of story Leadin' my men to glory Then get shorty to hold a pound for me I know she down for me Yeah, sneak up on 'em like a car thief These niggas mad cause it's my party And my Benz is wide-bodied Despise me, like the feds despise Ghotti That I kill for a hobby and lay in your lobby So try me, go 'head and take a bite Might as well say good night Try to put me in the dark, I don't take it light Now if it's wrong, make it right Not tommorow, tonight They barkin', I know the bite Jumped in the B-N-Z Niggas gonna see the E-N-D fuckin' with me See, I knew he was a snake out the ground Make me wanna call my man rock and break out the hounds Take it to the pier where you can't make out the sounds Thoughts in my head goin' 'round, it's goin' down Pull up to his block, I'mma put it to his knock But, I don't see him, wouldn't wanna be in town Ride around for a minute Thinkin' 'bout the pain that Hell brings Interrupted by a cell ring Yeah yeah [Female] Hey Boo come and get me, I'm here [Puffy] Where [Female] Teterboro Give me a few It was like I flew But it felt kinda strange, it was like I knew Pulled up around 2, late like I do With the urge to bug She gave me a nervous hug And when I heard the slugs What I saw in the blur was thugs Tryin' to soak my fur with blood Dropped to the curb and ducked Pulled out the fifth, duck behind a car Like 'How I'm gon' get out this shit' These niggas don't know what they about to get A one way ticket to Hell in my gun jail Bust my gun at three and one fell The other two, waitin' to see what I'mma do [G-Dep] Hope you brought your arms Cuz you're gonna need 'em to hold me [Puffy] Peeped around the car slowly Then I let 'em have the whole wheat Man there's six million ways to die And you chose me, but I'm an OG And in the distance is police I'm still bustin', tryin' to kill something And I can't hide the fact that I peeled something I feel this thing, like in a minute I won't feel a thing The two cats jumped in the blue Ac' I fired one shot, they fired two back They murked off in the night I get them fools back, man they ain't seen the last of me But I'm bleeding rapidly Shot up in the stomach and that wasn't how it had to be Heartbeat failin', car alarm wailin' Couldn't walk straight then the firearm failed Now I'm thinkin' how this bitch played me Then I faded

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