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MEN AT WORK lyrics - Cargo

Blue For You

Original and similar lyrics
Sometimes the sun shines And I close the blinds 'Cos I can't stand to see the light of day I have no use for pain But I don't mind the rain 'Cos I can stare outside and hear the sound Today I looked right down to the ground With nothing in between to break my fall I'm blue for you, blue for you I don't know what to do Gotta form a plan of attack Can't stop to look back I know You are so far from here Gotta be strong in my mind Not encroach on your time I know that That would be wrong for sure I must get out and about Of that I have no doubt There surely must be new places to go Sights I've never seen All with pastures green 'Cos the old ones are making me blue for you 'Cos I'm blue for you, blue for you I don't know what to do And I'm blue for you, blue for you I don't know what to do Gotta form a plan of attack Climb back on the track I know Bid my devil friend good-bye Hope I'm still in the race But I don't know whaat to chase oh no And you're still so far from here The sun it still shines in And I shall close the blinds 'Cos I know I won't see you anymore, see you anymore And I'm blue for you, blue for you I don't know what to do 'Cos I'm blue for you, blue for you I don't know what to do I don't know I could take a big jump

Color Blind

ICE CUBE "Death Certificate"
(feat. Threat, KAM, WC, Coolio, King Tee, J-Dee) [Ice Cube] Here's another day at the stoplight I'm lookin in my mirror so I can see who can see me South Central is puttin Ice Cube to the test With four brothas in the SS I can't go around and can't back up So I gotta peep game layin in the cut Is this a jack or a kidnap Since I'm never ever slippin I fully strapped I grab my gat out the glove Now, do these fools got a problem with me Or do they got love So when the light turns green, I don't bone out I wanna see what these black men are all about Cuz if it's my time, I'm just short If not, I'm pluggin they Super Sport First they get behind my ride... Then they switch lanes to the left side I'm scopin out the one smokin indo Comin up fast, rollin down his window He threw up a sign, I put away my nine Fool, cuz I'm color blind [Threat] Killa Cali, the state where they kill Over colors cuz brothas don't know the deal And they'll cap you, not if they have to But if they want to, first they might confront you But every nigga on my block can't stop And he won't stop and he don't stop Not to the bang bang boogie, but they like to gangbang And rookies ain't the only ones that drop Some say the little locs are gettin a little too loc'ed And when it comes to dust, they kick up the most Say the wrong word then whistle down the street to your homies like a bird Bust a u-turn, come back and get served nigga For the women, it don't matter how loud they blouse get But men, the wrong color outfit, could get your mouth split It's a shame, but it ain't no thang to me Cuz I slang these thangs like a G It's on, is anybody killin for the summertime I gotta get another nine, even though I'm colorblind [KAM] I'm fresh outta county on bail And no sooner do I get out, seems like I'm right back in jail For some gang related activity Cuz everyday, different fools try to get with me For no more than a color, or territory Can't rehabilitate 'em, that's the sheriff's story So what's left, the judge goes deaf When you try to tell your side And you ain't blue eyed Boy you better duck cuz the book is comin' And just hand your car keys over to your woman Because it aint no sunshine where you headed And the shit'll drive you crazy if you let it But now, I got time to think Because they hit me with everything but the kitchen sink And I ain't even shed a tear Cuz believe it or not, they got more love for me here Now picture that, but on a black and white photograph Cuz brothas, you don't know the half On the streets I was damn near outta my mind But ever since I've been down I'm colorblind [WC] Now here's the game plan, yo, at a quarter to nine I was told to peel a cap on the other side Yo, young and dumb, full of come up, a baby loc I gotta put in work for the hood and that ain't no joke [Coolio] Stable and able but I'm not ready and willin Cuz I'm only 13 and I ain't never did a killin Grabbed the A.K. and jumped in the G ride Started up the bucket and headed for the other side [WC] Yo, spotted the enemies, now I'm on a creep tip Hit the 5 dollar stick and then I put in my clip [Coolio] So, I jumped out the car and no matter what the cost I had my mind set on sendin niggaz to Harrison Ross [WC] Caught one from the back and I looked in eyes Thinkin should I peel his cap, or should I let him survive Yo, I'm trapped in the plan designed by another side [Coolio] I ain't contributin to genocide (why) Cuz I'm colorblind [King Tee] Niggaz in the hood ain't changed And I've finally figure out that we're not in the same gang Cuz, I walk the alleys of Compton with nowhere to turn Every which way I get burned baby Lou wears blue, Big Fred wears red Put 'em together and we color 'em dead Dead, dyin, gettin smoked like part of the fun They get smoked just to show how many come to the funeral [J-Dee (Lench Mob)] I understand how all my homeboys feel Cuz I was shot and to this day, I pack my steel Cuz I was born in a certain territory Where you don't talk only the streets tell stories With blue and red bandanas on the street And if you slippin, you'll be six feet deep Cuz me and T-bone, we pay it no mind And for the rest of the mob, we stay color blind. . .

Blue Lines

[Tricky] Can't be with the one you love then love the one you're with Spliff in the ashtray, red stripe I pull the lid Her touch tickles, especially when she's gentle But I don't hear her words 'cause I slide the instrumental Keep the girl in the distance, moves are very hazy No sunshine in my life the way I deal is shady [3D] Skip hip data to get the anti-matter Blue lines are the reason why the temple had to shatter To the sound of silence surrounded by the mass Her face is on the paper not the strangers that I pass The ones that looking back to see if they are looking back at me [Daddy G] Are you predator or do you fear me [3D] Yeah while I'm doing this I know The place I really wanna go The one I love but never gets near me [Tricky] It's a beautiful day, well it seems as such Beautiful thoughts means I dream too much Even if I told you, you still would not know me Tricky never does, adrian mostly gets lonely How we live in this existence, just being English upbringing, background carribean [3D] It's the way that we bility Sharing a soliloquy We cut the broken thread from flexibility Mi chiamo 3D si sono Inglese No sunshine in my life 'cause the way I deal is hazy And everyday's a daisy 'cause I'm on my toes While contemporaries of mine remaining comatose [Tricky] There's a looking glass she's looking through She hated me, but then she loved me too I'd lie not try so I lost faith Then turn to her to keep the faith She told me take an occupation or you lose your mind And on a nine to five lemon, looking for the lime [3D] Box clever, watch your system come together Crazy weather at the end of my tether [Daddy G] Massive in the area, murderer Attack inna the area, murderer [3D] Some go softly softly round the habitat Ratchet in the right hand They got no one to stab it at Take a walk billy, don't be a hero Effort's on minimal though almost touch zero Excommunicated from the brotherhood of man To wander lonely as a puzzled anagram Car paint blue, green, primer and zinc Take it to extremities my purple and pink I feel the colours fill my room beneath the patter of the rain I can't stand the drops they're dripping down my windowpane They wash away my shadow and don't even leave a spark upon my soul They leave the rainbows in the dark [Tricky] Blues get big, massive are even larger Save nuff space into the tricky tardis We'd trawl what I saw from down in darren's hall People laying their claim In stormy weather it's rain [3D] But you're living on a see-saw [Tricky] I try to see more [3D] Somebody da-ditty, nobody Walking on sunshine, but still we're treading water The son of many reasons searching for the daughter Seeking knowledge, not acknowledging the jetset Silver papers of the sound within my budakon headset The solar system watches in wisdom The children dance as the moonlight kissed them [Tricky] To Massive attack Matt Black appear wearing beads Two hours traveling so I wrote this on repeat Always living fast, people getting jumpy Where on gruggy falls I do the walter crumpy Microphones held close, crouching far apart Take my piece of mind and sign my name across your heart

Evil Freestyle

life flashes before you and then its taken away and then there so much that u never got to say but its okay you just gotta hold on to faith never look up and say gods name in vein just say grace and know that your loved one is safe buried away floating up into a better place it's like a race you just gotta learn how to pace and save face because you dont wanna be the disgrace a bitter taste like your mind is starting to decay accept the case know that the persons there to stay from my heart up to my spine all the way to my mind i need a sanctuary where my thoughts can unwind a wound like this can only be binded by time but i see something gods giving me a sign he says stand tall be tough stop all the cryin i look through you and i can see your inner lining i can see that your heart is about to break but why god why for heavens sake why did you take that person away couldnt you wait now it's too late but he has a bigger plan all my views and beliefs this is where i stand im so down im strayin from the topic at hand

In An Open Sea

as far as the eye can see heat is rising off the sand somewhere out on this holy land time once was held in their hands but it bleeds now down the mountain red to the river bank where they burn their dead and it sinks deep in the blackest sea to a bed of ancient memory- the incense is sweet fills the air this night: lulls you to sleep the past and the future are here in this fever from the cold star that makes no sound a cruel poison comes down as we bathe nude in the wind, metallic blue becomes our skin strange is the magic the waters make no sound strange is the magic we lay our bodies down love dark and tragic we lay upon the ground love is the magic now we spiral round we drink the waters filled with delight the past and the future closed to our sight no need for the wisdom words from the sages for here is oblivion come down through the ages you don't come to this place on your own you're born to this pain it's your home it's useless they say to run and hide you know it's useless they pay who stay and fight we didn't come here of our own volition it's prophesy, apathetic contrition and we didn't come here of a free will to grip a silent unknown fear then lay quite still we close our eyes, turn our face close our mind now go away shut your eyes and turn away you've closed your mind but it's here to stay in the flickering blue century the blue eternity blue bombs explode on the screen blue arms outstretched as they plead see the cold star, it makes no sound, poison comes down it sinks in the black sea: a bed of ancient memory

Panic Attack (The P.A.)

ATMOSPHERE "You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having"
Little momma got a little pill to swallow A little water to follow it down the tunnel Gotta lotta walls but the house is hollow Got a lot of holes, never found the shovel Panic attack, so what's the plan of attack? You had to be had. You cut in half. You had to react You battle with your shadow from front to back Stack up the stats. Handle the math, and that'll be that Hold your head up. I know your fed up But don't let it get up to the top of them steps love Instead of playin' with the pieces that got messed up get dressed up, we goin' out to catch the best buzz Self-medicated, spirit on elevated Help take the self-made self-hate and celebrate it And I could tell you hated it when you felt naked but the poison tastes great, wanna know how the hell they made it? And if the dizzy don't kill you, the city will Simply for the thrill of wiping up a sticky spill Little tricky get busy of a fifty bill So take the little pill straight to your pretty grill [Chorus] Here it comes, there it goes again. Panic attack. [x8] So what you drinking? So what you popping? So what you eating? So what you dropping? So what you smoking? So what you sniffing? So how you coping? So what's the difference? Contagious, it runs like the paint does Sedate the sober and over anxious The pages of pain that make the songs on the playlist The renegade rain that jumped just to flood the bassment Look honey everbody needs a help-up buddy No body's drug-free, the streets would be hella bloody Do you call yourself a patient of a junky? The only thing that separates is who takes your money All smile like we're gonna go buck wild Order up a shot, prescription filled up now Pop another (what?) distracted by the rush while we fight all night about what to name the love child I'm on that go nuts life that got that gold touch Fresh fly wild bold what like the cold crush No luck, don't hold much, just an old flush made up of hearts Queen high off the faux-blush Freak outs, leak out, and bleed out, and speak out and reroute and seak out the weak crowd And we doubt, but when I see it keep out the beast I'll believe for now, it's all "peace, I gotta be out." [Chorus] Here it comes, there it goes again. Panic attack. [x8] [Sound clips of advertisements and quotes over beat to create nervous, panicky feeling]

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