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Megan Devlin lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
Alone Verse 1: This feeling inside I can't control I'm pushing it deeper Inside of my soul Verse 2: I cannot find myself I'm already dead I can't wake up I just feel like I'm dreaming again… (I just can't wake up) Chorus: When I turned to you, You turned away I cried myself to sleep And when I woke again I cried again But I could never walk away I was so alone Verse 3: When you were here It felt like home You never made me cry You took my hand We walked away And left me there to die (I still can't wake up) Chorus: When I turned to you, You turned away I cried myself to sleep And when I woke again I cried again But I could never walk away I was so alone Middle 8: When I needed you the most I ran to you through thick and thin I had a friend in you I trusted you You only let me down again I'm back on my feet and I'm alive I'm glad to say I'm happier than ever And I wouldn't have it any other way Chorus: When I turned to you, You turned away I cried myself to sleep And when I woke again I cried again But I could never walk away Yeah… Chorus: When I turned to you, You turned away I cried myself to sleep And when I woke again I cried…alone

Did I Ever Know You

Paul Ellis "Translucent Soul"
So you found yourself a corner apartment With a view of the town all your own All your friends say The city's gonna kill you or cure you Five flights of stairs to your home And even now, It's changed how you walk in the street Past cabbies and chimney sweeps Be careful with whom you should speak to (chorus) What has this city done to you? Has it taken the small town out of you and turned you into someone I never knew? When we were kids In the warmth of a porch light You'd smuggle out twin cigarettes blowin' smoke in the air With typical hometown flair Two futures we could not predict And look at you now, When'd you lose sight of our plans For the writer and the music man Our faces on magazine stands (chorus) What has this city done to you? Don't let it take the small town out of you and turned you into someone I never knew? Did I ever know you? Do you know how you light up these buildings? You can turn the head of a man whose grown old You're a candle when the streets grow cold I can hear a cricket in your fifth floor apartment It's 3 AM Back home he'd put me to sleep But he's fighting to be heard He can't get in a word 'Cause there's a fool Laughing outside in the street Where are you now? I lost you outside on Montague Street To the city that never will sleep Is it the sideshow in you That it speaks to? (chorus) Hey did I ever know you? Did I ever know you?

Only The Song Survives

JOHN HIATT "Crossing Muddy Waters"
I woke her up twice in the middle of the night To ask what her name is and where she might live To ask how many fingers she saw in this light To ask if she might know what gives She said we rolled that Camaro like a cowboy cigarette Out on the highway in a puddle of beer That's just about how close to death you're gonna get Till the only thing standing is fear CHORUS: Singing, oh darling, faces were changed The names of the innocent, the story at five Oh darling, faces get strange But only the song survives She said, now don't you remember they put a patch on your eye Like Dread Pirate Roberts, you looked so unplanned They cut off my wedding ring and you started to cry A one-eyed Niagara Falls man CHORUS I said, but I never married - I said with surprise And is this the diamond you said that you lost It was under my eyelids when they flushed out my eyes Hell and I don't know what the thing cost CHORUS TWICE But I woke up sweating to breakfast in bed And there were my children, and there was my wife Post-traumatic stress, of just a bump on the head Or maybe the ride of my life CHORUS TWICE

Sunday Morning After

AMANDA MARSHALL "Everybody's Got A Story"
I woke up with a killer hangover Hope it was worth all this pain (I'd do it all over again) By the time the party was over Tequila was my claim to fame (I couldn't remember my name) I was dancing with Jake when I last saw my keys That was my first mistake 'Cause, what happened to me? I look down at my arm, baby And something's lookin' back at me And I cannot believe it CHORUS: Oh my God!-- I woke up with a snake tattoo Oh my God!-- and I think that my tongue's pierced, too Oh my God!-- Oh my God! It's the Sunday morning after And baby, who the hell are you? I remember yelling, 'Hey, DJ!' 'Jack the volume, I love this song!' (And then it all gets hazy) And my clothes are selling on e-bay And I don't know what I'm gonna put on (Where were my friends to save me?) I blacked out I came to And it's all such a blur Had a blast, I assume But I'm really not sure Exactly where am I now, baby? Wake up and tell me your name 'Cause this is insane CHORUS Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! My alter ego took over and took me on a fantasy ride You can take me anywhere twice But the second time will be to apologize CHORUS x 2 Where am I...?, What am I...?, Who am I...?, How am I...?, How did I...?... 2x


Fixx "Ink"
Every time I wear this shirt I think of you. All the dreams I have are always dreamt in blue Every place I find myself I've been there with you Abandoned loneliness I ask why, why, why? CHORUS: Why did you crucify me? Strung up for your love Was I so blind to see? Pushed aside, sterilized, crucified. Looking back I see my faults, was I so wring To lock you up inside my arms? I thought I was being strong. Now I see you built the walls that keep me in You turned my world around, and still I cry, cry, cry. CHORUS Brutalized, immortalized, crucified. Abandoned loneliness You turned my world around, words were never said...

The Day

JAY ELECTRONICA "The Jay Electronica Project"
[Intro:] Whack niggas sleep rappin' and woke up in trouble Whack niggas with that sleep rap and then woke up in trouble You were cool ten years ago, you fucking lex bubble [Verse 1: Curren$y] Brand new tires, Rollin down the same old strip New party same old chicks I'm so sorry If I don't look happy to be here In your label office but they said I can't smoke weed here Man fuck it I'm out black on And I'm bout it fool I got a studio in my house Along with some the perks That come with my work Pretty twenty something sleeping in my Diamond Supply shirt There is not a adjective to describe how I work Hard is not enough brother I'm tougher Whack niggas with that sleep rappin' and woke up in trouble You was cool ten years ago you fucking lex bubbles, bubble You gotta know when to hold em', know when to fold em' Learn how to roll with the punches Take em' to school give these niggas brown bag lunches If it ain't the jets then it ain't nothing [Hook: Yasiin Bey] Yo the king closed his cloak the set was overfull Such a excellent moment, so emotional He rushed out on the field, so devoted for Final victory clutch they went postal cold Glory overload, hold up hold my coat Please remember this day This changes everything we can do anything Until you show anyway [Verse 2: Jay Electronica] My momma told me, "Son, always call a spade a spade" Be like Chuck D never be like Flavor Flav But that clock around his neck is so fly And the way he complimenting Chuckie with that bow tie flow Make me feel high so I'm gon' spit it my way Excuse me as I do me cruisin' rudely down the high way I'm young, black, intelligent, elegant, blasé Back to the thesis Back to to shooting kraps and talking smack to the polices Back to black and gold ballys Dickes with the creases Pulling youngins by the coattails Schoolin' em' who the beast is I pray this flow is dumb enough ugh I pray my heart is DMC and Reverend Run enough Cause I'm a throw my number up I'm a throw some chicken bones and feathers on a hundred bucks And summon up the thunder what? The voodoo man is coming bruh Can't see the forest for the trees It's okay, I got my jigsaw and my lumber truck Tell them boys their run is up [Hook]

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