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Mavericks lyrics

Grind On Me

Original and similar lyrics
(Chorus: Prettie Rickie x2) Baby grind on me, relax yo mind take yo time on me, Let me get deeper shawty ride on me, Now come and sex me till yo body gets weak, We slow grindin babe. (Verse one:Maverick) When I hit 'em I make um say,oh sex be ma day,job I hit 'em in da back of my, car Make 'em ride like a see, saw I make um laugh and giggle cuddle a little suck on the nipple lick the whip cream from the middle, Girlfriend I neva go, raw I rip off panties and pop off bras Yea U.S.B.A. ask around the block how freaky we, are I drink Red Bull so I keep stamina your on of your belly and bust yo brains Whats my name Prettie Rick or Pretty boy doing pretty good Thangs makeing pretty good change, get pretty good breaks from the pretty Pretty chicks Get pretty damn rich, pretty Ricky,Ricky,Ricky and The Mavericks. (Chorus: Prettie Rickie x2) (Verse 2) Lay on ur back, let me rub this cream on ya baby slow motion bout to put this thing on ya baby starin in ur eyes, bout to lick them thighs, got cha hypnotized, do you feel the vibe? (oooooooooooooooooooooooooooh) starin in ur eyes, bout to lick them thighs, got cha hypnotized, do you feel the vibe? step 1.....ya kissin on me step 2.....girl im caressin ur body step im lickin off the whip cream step 4.....n Ooooo ur grindin on me (Chrous 2 X's) (Verse 3) Slick got more game than a little bit baby girl 5'5 brown eyes with them thicky lips thick thighs wit dem slim hips, sugar hunny ice tea baby, babygirl is tha shhhhh and a bag of chips i like to catch her when she commin home like side with a cherry thong, eat her up like a sunday cone orgasm, moanin, u got me open, ur tounge is choakin no jokin coochie swollen, the bedroom smokin, GET SUM AIR UP IN THIS ROOM GIRL (breathes heavily) if lovin u is wrong i dont wanna be right so imma take my time, n do it right cuz we got all night...cuz we got all night baby girl jus (chorus 1x)

The Crazy Things I Do

SAMMIE "From The Bottom To The Top"
(chorus) Ill put you in the flyest gear makin sure you're tight perpitratin' makin' you think everythings allright call you on my cell phone baby even long beach time the crazy things I do for love flossin baby actin like the money aint a thing only if you promise girl that tryin to game kiss me girl and Ill spend every dollar to my name the crazy things I do for love (verse 1) Movies hangin out spendin time anything my girl wants phone calls I love you cards shopping malls, nothings ever too much I know I can't afford it baby but I do the best I can lady cause your my everything one day youll wear my ring, Ill do it all for you Oh baby (chorus) (verse 2) in the park, havin fun then what's up, my baby gotta look good roses, 'cause I care then Ill be there, cross my heart I swear I know I can't afford it baby, but I do the best I can lady 'cause you're my everything one day you'll wear my ring Ill do it all for you oh baby (chorus) girl I'm so open, and I'm hopein that you know just all the crazy things I do for love. (chorus til fade)

Terra N Ya Era

Big Daddy Kane "Veteranz Day"
You looking in the mouth of madness, skilled out since I had this I'm talking bout nothing but pure D badness My acceleration is compatible to a bima My pockets looking greener, from the funky cold medina Don't tell me bout the things that you done did cause I done did it Don't tell me bout the skins that you done hit, cause I done hit it And once I rock these, with a style that's cock deis Good God, I get the crowd together like knock knees Now, I don't act hard, I just mack hard Baggin' video looking honeys with the big back yard Yes lord, girls I'm gamin' leaving the microphone flamin' Throwing up hip-hop signs cause that's the set that I be claimin' Guerilla war fares for those who love to pull your card Grimies from Fort Green to Malcolm X Boulevard Now, if that's what you're hoping then it's the wrong things you're scopin' I may not rap bout slittin no throats but trust me kid I'll get you open Verse 2 Here comes a taste of the rawness, like you never saw this Once I grip the cordless, my victory is flawless Chaos and havoc, lyrically psychopathic At times get pornographic, lord man I gots to have it Then I commit to hit you with this composite that's ultimate Too legit splendid come get wit' it for your comfort But then sloppily, rappers try to copy me Take pieces of my property, and use it all unproperly And probably, been focusing a while to copy my style But child what I'll compile is too versatile I'm too superior, it's sort of like comparing a Spanking new Desert Eagle to a rusty little derringer But skip the tool, let's try to deal here with the jewel That I'm droppin on you, now let me take you all to school You see, to graduate in hip-hop you must be smart And no you don't have to know how to paint to make your rhymes a form of art Poetry and literature is what makes this English fanatic Now dig this, I drop science but still deal with mathematics And since I don't be dealing with what's considered a mystery I learned the dead presidents to pass American History Got my degree in rapology Hip-hop had to set me free, look mom, a real emcee So you want yours now, well don't get caught with your drawers down Cause word life, this industry is half corrupt just like the Dogg Pound Verse 3 Rap godfather Oh goodness gracious, you better make it spacious For the vivacious, ostentatious, who feel courageous I put it on them using my tongue as a sword But at times get broader than broad for those who insist to get floored Whatever it takes to see your nerve gone, and word born Black Caesar gonna get his swerve on My name should be referred to in medical terms Cause I get way up in the cut and I'm talking way worse than germs You like to chase it playin catch like Tom amp; Jerry But on the contrary, I'd rather sip the Dom Peri Lay back in harmony, because it's so bizarre to see That all the hard core rappers are slowly turning R amp;B Well pardon me, you contradict yo'self, I see you not perfect yo'self You like that type music yo'self, stick yo'self What happened to black men of pride ‘nuff men have died Nowadays what's been applied, in hip-hop is genocide That's when the rappers go get the clappers Can't you see they trying to strap us just to trap us, good god it's backwards One nation under a groove, that's how we move It's time to teach the youth get it together show and prove Me no run with the gun or speak of none for action When you get done scream I'm the one, it looks like an illusion I deal with equality so never call my brethren son Yes mon, me got mad flava just like jerk chicken


JT Money "Blood Sweat and Years"
[Verse 1] She's a hustler, get it off the muscler, raw motherfucker Other hoes can't touch her Fly bitch, do or die bitch, my bitch don't play, baby Doin' every damn thing for J, baby And she luv to see a nigga on top Even though she know there's other bitches wantin' the spot But they can't fuck wit Slim, cuz baby be the real Got nerves of steel, feds can't make her squeal She's a freak in bed, love gettin' head Keep a nigga welfare wit plenty of bread Call her Superbitch, love nice shit All the high price shit, the golden ice shit Wit the game to mack, no strings attached Type of bitch only rich niggas dream they had All the money that she make, it be comin' to me And that's the version of the ideal woman to me Oh, you don't know? [Chorus] She's a Superbitch, a Superho 'Bout chasin' flow, and always good to go She's a Superbitch, a Superho 'Bout chasin' flow, and always good to go I say, now where J's babies at (Hey) Huh? Where my hustlin' ladies at (Right here) Huh? And if you freaks start makin' stacks (You know it) Huh? You a female mack, You a (I'm a female mack) That's right [Verse 2] She's a hood thang wit some good thangs Good looks and brains, bout makin' some change Talkin' fine as fuck, for all eyes to see Might blow a lil' weed and be on the grind like me And the next for the playa, but I know ho's shit Cuz that's slowin' down the money that she can go get She's a polite assassin, always classy Exotic, erotic, far beyond trashy Female rider, keep the heat inside Down with gangsta shit and my getaway driver She is J's baby, number one lady Luv the way she play me and drive these niggas crazy She's a ??? Swiss, and I'm her pimp Know how to work these hoes and how to break these ??? All the money that she make, be comin' to me And that's the version of the ideal woman to me Oh, you don't know? [Chorus] [Verse 3] Who dat chick? Down to do that shit A Superbitch, I ride wit a crew that's sick Shorty keep it off the chains, I don't fuck wit lames If I'm pushin' my nigga whip, better send my name I'm the one wit the keys to the cribs and the cars So I ain't worried at all bout y'all other broads Shit, a nigga gon' flirt, for whatever it's worth You the fool if you twerk and let him get in your skirt But until he done testified up in the court session And answered every question wit not to my recollection Now shorty gettin' steppin', a Superbitch don't snitch If you insist, I show you how real it can get Shit, I ride for my nigga, grab the heat and aim Do time for my nigga, won't speak a name You don't know another chick can keep it realer than this Man, all y'all niggas gotta feel me on this Cuz I'm... [Chorus] [repeat until fade]

If U Were My Man

SARAH CONNOR "Green Eyed Soul"
Chorus: If you were my man, I could be your fantasy And if you were my man, I'd give you sweet ecstasy Yes if you were my man, what I'd od If you were my man, if you were my man Verse 1: Boy I see you lookin' at my body With that look in your eyes And even though you're standing with your girl You've got me on your mind B-section: If we spent one night, boy I'd love to touch your heaven And do you right, just sit back Enjoy the ride Baby close your eyes, there's so many things that I want to do Baby with you, oooh baby baby Chorus Verse 2: I'm not into stealin' other lovers But we both know this game And lookin' at the way you want me baby I know you feel the same oooh baby B-section Chorus 2x B-section Chorus 2x

Good As She Could Be

Well she was a millionaire Before she was fourteen But there was an emptiness there That to practically everyone else could be seen She hit up on the drug of love Though there was no hole in her arm There was a hole some place else About as big as dady 10.000 acre farm CHORUS: Oh, she was dying for it For all the world to see Ah, she was as good as she could be Well she had a baby at eighteen Never finished high school Her husband beat her for money and sex Till that cadillac finally ran out of fuel One disaster led to another Down to her and her baby son Born with a silver spoon in her mouth Headed south now Cause she was never born to run CHORUS TWICE Well her momma died last year And her daddy he called her back home But when he opened the door He could not recognize This spectre of hair and bone But it was his own baby child Though she looked like an old woman now Well she lived ten lifetimes in five years Anywhere that the law would allow CHORUS TWICE Yeah, she was good as she could be Ah, she was good as she could be

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