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Heart Of Every Man

Original and similar lyrics
To a world turning cold as stone To a world spinning out of control See the sigh of the times Feel the emptiness inside To try to hide the pain inside CHORUS May the love of Jesus fll the heart of every man May the hope of heaven touch a life with healing hands And may all who seek him find grace enough to stand May the love of Jesus fill the heart of every man To a soul that's too tired to fight To a heart that's too weary to try When all faith is taken away by the trials of the day When there's nothing left to say CHORUS BRIDGE For God so loved the world that He gave his Son and Whoever believes will know His love CHORUS

Heavy Artillery

JEDI MIND TRICKS "A History Of Violence"
[Vinnie Paz:] Ayo I'm quiet calm, write my greatest shit when the light gon' My hand fast like Ramadan when the night dawn I'm the physical of Tsunami, you a slight storm This is a spiritual anomaly, a fight song To guard you now directly in my right palm Nuffin' new about it, keep the ratchet with me lifelong I come thru polar caps melt, ice gon' My mother cryin' to my brother why is his life wrong? Concrete God's school - Allahu Akbar! Crooked D's in front of the crib inside a parked car Gumar-Oz-Dubar inside the shot bar Darts fly inside you and severe you like a shark star If we ain't livin' in hell I'm tellin' you it's hot Ba Masonic manifestation of God is not far In reality the sun is just a star The Earth is just a bowl of shit is where I stop Ba [Hook x2: Samples] "This blood spill fo'real" "Heavy artillery in my facility" "Betta call security, it's bout to be on" "Your whole team is gettin' blown to smithereens" [Jus Allah:] I am cyber, I'm hundred miles of fiber I am the proprietor of fire I do not perspire, I fire as I so desire I'm a stry as a fire, endire I have tried the possible I have gotten lightning in a bottle My logic is not inside a novel I am unconventional, incomprehensible It's intentional, it's in general It's in principle, I'm the sensitize to the cries Blind eye to the mice I'm despised by the skies, likewise I am sand and stone, I stand alone I'm a candle blown, I have hands and bone I'm smart and old, I am dark and cold I have a pawn shop apart; I have a heart of gold I'm a heartless soul, it's my heart for stone Death for all, let the closes star explode [Hook x2: Samples] [Outro: Paz] Brrrrrrrtt... Rrrrrrrttt... Osama Vin Laden The God Jus Allah, Yo Kwestion where you at baby? Frank Sinatra, Enemy of Mankind, whadup cuzo?


BEE GEES "High Civilization"
Hindsight, don't make it right She give me trouble enough And she's a ball of light I'm in the tunnel of love With the American dream And I was born too soon A little good luck, never stuck She got me climbing the walls Got me hard as a rock Within a city of sin, she got a city block And she was barkin' at the moon She likes to show So many sides to her And I'd be the one to know (CHORUS) When am I gonna go to your dimension When am I gonna go to where you are When am I gonna go to your dimension Dimensions of each other keep us goin' strong Black knight, take a bite She can double it up And she's a way of life And whether dead or alive She got a fix on me And I was dancin' in the fire White steam, never seen In every muscle and bone She was a love machine And she could wrestle me down And get a taste of me In her web of desire She changed my world How can the body know It's touchin' me or her (CHORUS)

Broken Record

Ted Wulfers "Upstream"
Broken Record Dillon/Wulfers Yeah you treat me like a broken record Yeah you yank me around like a ball and chain Yeah you act like a broken record How can you cause so much pain Take me to the west coast Don't you know I love it the most Love it the most Take me for a free ride Don't you know how hard I try How hard I try Oh it's plain to see that I'm in misery And I don't know where to begin I'm not tryin to be mean But it's time for you to leave I'm on the right track So I'll just help you pack I'll help you pack 'Cause you and I have been Where love can never win And I never ever knew Chorus Don't come knockin' on my door I don't want to see you no more See you no more I'll raise up my whiskey glass And lend a toast to the past A toast to the past Oh honey when you're gone My life it can move on But I never thought I'd say Chorus I enjoy bein' with you But I need somethin' new I need somethin' new Thank God that you're finally gone It's clearly been way too long It's been too long I love you too much And I will miss your touch 'Cause you just keep spinnin' around and around Chorus

Love Always Find A Way

We've said it all a thousand times before been to the wall and always found somewhere to turn there was always room to learn We've reached the end and almost closed the door and someone went in I never can remember who All I know is that we found the strength to make it through CHORUS: Love always finds a way when the clouds have no silver lining He comes through shining Love always sees the light through the darkest night in a small way Love always finds a way Holding you near After the storm has passed It becomes clear when all our tears have finally dried that no matter how we fools may try to turn the tide REPEAT CHORUS And when those moments when the magic seems to fade We must remember then that's the time to keep on believing and not be afraid If we both trust in what we really feel The two of us can hold tomorrow in our hands all it takes is just the faith to truly understand REPEAT CHORUS

More Than Ever

Gaither Vocal Band
When I starte my journey in fresh child like trust, I believed that the Lord's way was best. I would read in his word how he mothered the bird, and grieved when it fell from its nest. How I felt his delight when I chose to do right, and prayed I would not make him sad. We would meet on the way in the cool of the day. What a pure sweet comunion we had. Chorus: Oh, But now more than ever I cherish the cross. More than ever I sit at his feet. All the miles of my journey have proved my Lord true, and he is so precious to me. Oh, the road I have traveled has sometimes been steep, through the wild, jagged places of life. And sometimes I stumbled and fallen so hard that the stones cut my soul like a knife, but the staff of my sheperd would reach out for me and lift me to cool pastures green. With the oil of the Spirit anointing my wounds, there I'd rest by the clear, healing stream. (Repeat Chorus) Is love's old sweet story too good to be true? Do you find all this hard to believe? Has the cruel world we live in so battered your heart, that the hurt child inside you can't grieve? I can't say I blame you I've been where you are, and all I can say is, 'It's true!' You're wanted. You're precious. You're the love of His heart, and the old rugged cross was for you. (Repeat Chorus x2) Ending: Oh, he is so precious to me...yes! He is so precious to me.

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