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MASTER P lyrics - Gameface

6 'n Tha Mornin'

Original and similar lyrics
[Verse One:] 6 'n tha mornin' police at my do' *door knocking* Fresh Nike's squeak across my bathroom flo' Out my back window, I made my escape Didn't even get a chance to grab my Bout It, Bout It tape Man with no music but I'm happy cause I'm free In the streets is a place for a playa to be Got a knot in my pocket when I unleashed the green Gold tank around my neck, my pistol's close at hand I'm a self made millionaire in these silly streets Remotely controlled by hard hip-hop beats But just livin in tha city is a serious task Didn't know what cops wanted, din't have time to ask [drum break followed by gunshot 3X] Unnnnnnggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh [Verse Two:] See my homeboys coolin way way out Told them bout my mornin, cold bugged em out Shot a lil dice til my knees got sore Kicked around some stories bout the night befo' TRU to the corner where the fly girls chill TRU action to some freak until one bitch got ill She started actin silly, simply would not quit Called us all punk pussy said we all wasn't shit As we walked over to her hoe continued to speak So we beat the bitch down in the back of the street *screams* But just livin in the city is a serious task Tha bitch didn't know what hit her didn't have time to ask [drum break followed by gunshot 3X] Unnnnnnngggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh [Verse Three:] Continued clockin freaks with a nice posterior Roll in an Expedition with the leather interior Would bring tha teekies but tha ride was rough Bust a left turn, was on South Broad Silkk the Shocker was the driver known to get free tell Had the beepe going off like a high school bell *beeper sounds* Looked in the mirror, what did we see Fuckin blue lights, N.O.P.D. Pig searched our car cause they day was made Found an uzi, fo'-fo', and a hand grenade They t-rew us in the county house, power with lock No more freaks to see, no more shows to rock Didn't want no trouble but the shit must fly Squabble with this fuckin hater, shanked him in the eye But just livin in the county is a serious task Nigga didn't know what happened didn't have time to ask [drum break followed by gunshot 3X] UnnnnnnnnggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhH! We bout it bout it Now I say 'Wus up to Ice-T' This from tha old to tha new generation This is what hip-hop's all about We represent baby From tha south to tha north to the east coast mid-west It ain't nutin but luv I want to say whats up to Bobby Brown, Andrew Shack For hookin this & we outty outty Like 6 'n tha Mornin, you heard me I told y'all we're no limit Represent baby Unnnnggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Money On Tha Couch

JUVENILE "Solja Rags"
[First Verse:] I went through with the plan, now the man sendin' me grams, My coke organization still infestin' the land, No joke, built my Mama an estate in the Bahamas, Crops of marijuana protected by Big Timers, Hand, full of ice, it's gangsta's paradise, Expensive merchandise, I had to sacrifice for the glamourous life, Don P. for breakfast, Benz, stretches, and Lexus, Distribution of coke from Louisiana to Texas, Some fabricated, but fascinated by the way that I made it, Now my name is implicated with the greatest Wearin' the latest, leather fatigues and B.B.H., Brand new Mercedes, parked in front of my new estate, Twelve o' clock we gave him, caviar, is what we ate, Party with killas, paraphrenalia full of projects, Dope snorters or prospects, the rob your shop necks, But I gets pissed and send hits, don't fuck with my shit Wig split, the heel, whoever he roll with, Admit it, you did it, tongue too tied? Well say somethin' Nine's bustin', bringin' your platoon to destruction, Continue to hustlin', givin' up nothin' where the dope at? Crackers can get the Bauds at, because I'm pro Black, Think I'm a foreigner, he wasn't holdin' up his side of his deal, Alien gotta be killed, sent to the coroner, I'm sure he would have gone before the judge With somethin' concrete, to send me, cuz He was holdin' a grudge, fuckin' over a thug, Told my bitch I want him dead, Bring me his head, fill him with lead, Heard what I said? Don't betray me, I'll put you on the streets and make you weak, With carrots and stones up on fingers and your teeth, And built you a home next to the beach, And luxury cars we creep Here's the nine, I don't have time, make it discreet [Chorus:] Money on the couch, nigga Gimme everything, I'll pay your house, nigga Shut'cha mouth, nigga Put the money on the couch, nigga Gimme everything, I'll pay your house, nigga Shut'cha mouth, nigga Put the money on the couch shut'cha mouth, nigga [Second Verse:] I know that my cousin Lil' Kerzaw, He sold up outta his backyard, And sold up shit, from the seventeen all the way up to the Ninth Ward, You know he rolls up in the caddy, It's about that time to go roasts and vogue, I'ma go on the passenger side, fuckin' with every last hoe, Nigga Russ was up in that car shop, Ready to get all the seats fixed, Let me go scope me a kneefit, so I can go out to the Freaknik, Shit, I'm the lyrical genius, Drop down on your knees to the penis, The nigga be talkin' the shit about my family, but I never did seen it I'm larger than large, if you came home with two heroin charges, And I still got somethin' stashed in the garages, Y'all is petty, it's gone take two to fill my stamina, When I pass the camera, flash, fuck the amateurs, Ya better be top notch, or I'ma cock my rhyme glock, To wound ya, and paint your death with my autograph on your tumor, [Chorus] [Third Verse:] I'm straight from the ghetto, the Mac they make the foes shake, Then I left that spot and I went to the T, where the triflin' hoes play, They comin' to me and, they blowin' that funky fire, I'm grabbin' a beer and, them blunts be gettin' me higher, Due to my clique I walked to the front door, Hope it ain't them po-po's, I looked through the blinds, it went through my mind, "What I have to run for?", Nobody would want to test me, Especially comin' to arrest me, Old body and soul, it's a must I leave you cold, Keep it chilly chilly, when I'm jigglin' jigglin' money, Some niggas say okay, but you can say no way, I'm drinkin' for honey, If I wouldn't be kickin' these rhymes so funky, You and your crew would never have bought my shit like junkies, A part of a "ki" is all that I need, To get on my feet, up outta the weed, The capital "C", I do it for weed, and even a "G" for slangin' them kis, I'm puttin' in it your face, Juvenile lookin' for a bitch now, Don't have no time for no foreplay, I'm simply gonna lay this dick down Niggas be comin' with dope lines, Gimme the chance I'ma flow mine, I'm tearin' this bitch up in no time, No fuckin' ya up cuz you know I'm, Funky like a club that's filled up with fat men fartin', And never a bad thought in my mind, cuz I'm steadily plottin' [Chorus]

Welcome To Atlanta

JERMAINE DUPRI (JD) "Instructions"
[Ludacris] Yeah, Welcome to Atlanta, jack and hammer and vogues' Back to the mackin' and jackin' the clothes, adolescent packin a fo' A knock on the do', who is it? I would happen to know, the one with the flow Who did it?, it was me I suppose J-D in the Rollz and Luda's in the Cutt Supreme Skatin down old Nat, Gat tooked and lean I split ya spleen, as matter' fact I split ya team No blood on the sneak's, gotta keep it so my kicks is clean I get the cream, cops see me flick my beams Im allergic to 'doc perscribed anti-histemines Oink Oink, Pig Pig, do away with the pork Only silverware I need is a steak knife and a fork. Did you forget your fuckin manners, I'm Bruce with banners, Ludacris, Johnny Rockets when i shoot the cannon The Wooley mammoth saber-tooth, bitch bite your tounge I wont stop until Im rich as them white-boy come I pull up in the black Lotus, you're plaque's are bogus So I stripped them off the wall Waiting for my cue to corner pocket eight balls You rackin' 'em up, Im big paper like pancakes, stackin' 'em up In fact Im slappin' 'em up, Cadallacin' the truck I cant loose with 22"s, Bitch thats whats up Runnin in the back the fuck, runnin better than aquaduct chil-li-li-li-li-n.. what [Chorus] [JD] Yo, Yo.. Yo..Yo, Yo, Welcome to Atlanta where the playas play And we ride on them things like every day Big beats, hit streets, see gangsta's roamin' And parties dont stop til' eight in the mornin' [Ludacris] Welcome to Atlanta where the playas play And we ride on them things like every day Big beats, hit streets, see gangsta's roamin' And parties dont stop til' eight in the mornin' [JD] Now the party dont start 'til I walk in And I usually dont leave until the thing ends But in the mean-time, in between time You work yo thing, I'll work mine I been puttin' it down here since 83' Since the late show MD rivalry More froze than bad ice, with a place to be If you was ridin, you was bumpin' your homie Shadi Im the MBP, Most Ballernous Player Make my own rules, bitch call me the mayor Monday night, Gentlemen's Club Tuesday night, Im up in the velvet room, gettin fucked up Wednesday, Im at strokers on lean Thursday, jump clean, and I fall up in cream Friday, Shark Bar, Kaya with Frank Skeem, right on the floor is where you can find me Saturday, is off the heezy fo' sheezy, you can find me up in one-tweezy Sunday, is when i get my sleepin' Cause on Monday we be at it again, Holla! [Chorus 2x]

Why You Mad At Me

SHAGGY "Hotshot"
Intro Now, when I'm trying to tell the truth, they always think that I'm lying When I be trying to tell my girl that... her friend's trying to make moves on me (Cause they probably are) Straight offa that you think I'm trying to hit that Yow girl, you know that ain't my steelo (Whatever) SHAGGY laugh What's wrong yo?...ugh...ugh... SHAGGY First of all, give me a break (Why??) That's not my style that ain't how I operate She's the one who had step to me Tell me that she wanna do me She's your friend and she didn't hesitate Honey dip be dropping' mad game in my ear Even telling me she be with out underwear (No WHAT????) I don't know even know why you trippin' It's your girl who is kickin' Tryin' to get me in a one night affair That's what you get for runnin' out your mouth Talkin' to your friends lettin all my secrets out How I put it on in the' morn Work you over till dawn **WE NEED HIS LINE RIGHT HERE!!!!** Don't even stand there looking all surprised Didn't take long for them all to realize Boo, that you needed a hand Takin' care of your man You should be happy that I didn't hit the prize (No you didn't!?!?) Chorus Your friend made a pass at me No matter what I say, you just don't believe You know she'd be with it in a minute if I did decide to hit it But I didn't, now you mad at me Why? (I can't believe this) Wahhh, Your girlfriend step to me No matter what I say, you just don't believe You know she'd be with it in a minute if I did decide to hit it Now you mad at me SHAGGY Probably thought she was your friend (My best friend, dammn) Childhood buddies from the tender age of ten Seems swapping dolls was a game that you both used to play She probably thinks the same applies to men (Not my man) See girl, you need to know what's goin' on Cause I do believe that you got it all wrong You will have no one to blame Cause you didn't stake your claim You never know what you got til it's gone That's what you get for runnin' out your mouth (So now it's my fault?!?!) Talkin' to your friends lettin' all my secrets out How I put it on in the morn Work you over till dawn **WE NEED HIS LINE RIGHT HERE, Still!!!!** Don't even stand there looking all surprised Didn't take long for them all to realize Boo, that you needed a hand Takin' care of your man You should be happy that I didn't hit the fan (Whatever!!!!) Why? SHAGGY laugh CHORUS Here SHAGGY I know you think you really know her (Well I did) Maybe now is the time you should try and think it over Hey I ain't no cassanova But your friend is the one who be tryin' to win me over Though you think you really know her Maybe now is the time you should try and think it over Yo, I ain't no cassanova (Yeah Right) But your friend is the one who be tryin' to win me over CHORUS Here **Third time Girl says (I don't believe this)

2 Bitches

Too Short
Hook: Pimp niggas don't pay a dime, I'm fuckin 2 bitches at the same time Then I hit the studio and I write a rhyme, I Call it 'Tramp Hoes Aint Hard to Find' Verse 1: I took 2 bitches to a hotel I told em both 'you know I won't tell' Bitch, curiosity killed the cat you gotta lick the clit while I hit it from the back Don't be stingy girl, lick my balls too You was talkin big shit when I called you You said you never fucked another girl before And you wanted me to help you so Bitch, I took you down to the strip club I told you 'look around, who you wanna fuck?' You picked thick chocolate, big booty, big tits I told her she could have you, and this dick She got so excited she got off work early Jumped in the back and started lickin on my girlie I couldn't get home fast enough Now its time to fuck Hook Verse 2: When we got to my room she started actin nervous Sat down and said 'lets order room service' I said 'bitch, what are ya smokin? A big fat dick comin from East Oakland' I stuck it in her mouth she started moanin I said 'hang up, get off my telephone, bitch' I put the game down immediately I'm a vet from the town started freakin them freaks And once they started, they couldn't stop I fuck em for awhile then I kick back and watch Two bitches at the same time And neither one of these hoes is mine I don't give a fuck I'm a player I been doin this for years, I got bitches everywhere You think I'm payin hoes? You got the game distorted You a trick, mad cause you can't afford it Hook Verse 3: Them bitches kissed 20 minutes straight non-stop Strip girl on the bottom, lil momma on top It was beautiful, you know what happened next Spent 20 more minutes lickin each others breasts Two titty suckin hoes, navels and toes Bitch rolled her on her stomach, licked her asshole I was smokin on a fat one, layin in the cut After seein this shit, I aint wanna fuck I wanna see how long they can keep goin I don't know, I fell asleep on 'em When I woke up I was gettin my dick sucked These hoes horny as fuck, they can't get enough I was fuckin them sluts till the sun came up Nut in both their mouths, you ever done that stuff? Dog baby, this shit aint really nuthin to me You better handcuff your ho or I'll be fuckin your freak, nigga Hook Sing it, pimp niggas don't pay a dime I'm fuckin 2 bitches at the same time, Fuckin 2 bitches at the same time Let em know pimp niggas dont pay a dime, bitch Hit the studio and write a rhyme These tramps aint hard to find nigga Bitch 2 Bitches 2 of em

Battle Cry

JOELL ORTIZ "Farewell Summer"
How many times I gotta tell y'all I'm second to none. No magazine's top ten cause I'm negative one. So I don't pay attention to them dumb folk Cause I'm a always be in first like the clutch broke I'm from where the cut-throats cut coke Cause school ain't cut it, they cut out the puff smoke And guess what? That's who I hang with, so when you speak INDUSTRY - I don't know the language But play the beat and I'll show you why I'm head honcho Ya'll gettin' away with murder like the white bronco Bunch of trash inbetween hooks Bars too cute to be gettin' all these mean looks Put the hottest rappers all on one stage together See who'll hold their arm up like Che Guevera I rhyme hotter and I say it better I'm a winter cold war I'm a product of the Regan Era Day thinkin till the page inkin' My 16 free ya'll I'm hip-hop's Abe Lincoln. Fam I don't know what they thinkin These niggas got me fucked up like I spent all day drinkin I'm a boss not a loss yet You're little lemons in a race with a souped up corvette I'm so hot I could stand still and pour sweat in the North Pole fully naked with my balls wet I'm a monster, these other niggas small pets Claim they sick but they get cured by your dog's vet I'm thorough from my Yank' to my gourtex You're bluffin, I play Poker I'm callin all bets Local boy, when's the last time you all left? I don't even know where the FUCK I'm goin' on tour next Last month Canada, before that? Europe I had Waffles out in Belguim, you ain't had Syrup Every time I write it's another flight Another whore with my kids on her underbite Another "YAOWA!" chant when I touch the Mic Another Magazine spread, yeah you fuckin right I'm on my grind like a pair of in-line skates Get on tracks and go banana's like a Primate Baboon, Gorilla, Chimpanzee, I'm Wild Ape King Kong under your skin, I'm bout to Sky-Scrape But the sky ain't the limit I could teleport through my mind any minute Take you to a place where the Lions go "ribbit" All the frogs "roar" and the fire is frigid I'm outta this world - don't belong here What heir'ing the thrown if I taught you from a small chair? Family, you niggas got it twisted Flow out of the box, yours chicken and a biscuit Gave me chicken pox when I listen, I be itchin' to cripple your career like a ligament is missin Dawg I'm on a mission like an intimate position When I swing it's Knock Out's I ain't gettin' a decision From here on it's locked ya'll a prisoner to spittin Can't escape my bars no visitor's permitted Welcome to Hell where Joell holds a pitch-fork And you burn in eternal flames for your bitch talk Dick in my hand I'm pissed off But I ain't bucklin', 'Everyday I'm Hustlin' - Rick Ross One day the whole globe will know I'm Clark Kent Underneath the shades on a Project park bench Superman when I grip the Mic The only way I'm slowin down is if I blow a pound of Kryptonite From now on I'm a bully I'm a pick the fight Let them pick you up off the ground when I check ya bite You'll become a little memory, gigabyte Me and these beats got married, I'm Mr. Right Little man you spit aight, I'm on fire You gotta little buzz - Miller Lite Man there's so many words runnin' round my brain If I don't put them on a track I would go insane Maybe that's why everything I say is crazy And everyday I wake up, with a naked lady With a V.I.P. band on my right wrist Pants on the flow, J.D. with a slight sip Left in the bottle tele-key on the night stand I go to the bathroom to pee and then I scram I live the life of a rock-star They ain't wanna let me through so I became a Cop Car Put the Sirens on every time I touch a pen Everybody move like dope - that's a fuckin '10' My peers know I'm gonna win. This music's like my first crush, for years I wanted in I'm here. Oh boy will you taste the wrath I'm a make it ugly like what's underneath Jason's mask I listen to alot of mixtapes and laugh All Ya'll nigga do is whine like Jamaican ass Every night I celebrate, we take a glass of Champagne to the brain Sometimes we take a bath Victory feels far better Than Defeat, you niggas weak, Solar's Letter I'm harder than a fonz-lebber My worst rhyme's 30 times rougher than your hottest bars ever I could front like a car fender Cause everything I'm on DJ's pull up like the bar tenders New York I'm the answer to your prayers Head Nod music, leave the dancin over there Project Shit, ain't no Mansion over here Just Murder on the strings, Charles Manson on the Snare I'm hungry the game's like a Food Court I just gave ya'll a loose hundred, Newports. Chea Joell Ortiz Who feel they... Who feel they better?

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