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Mase lyrics - Harlem World

Wanna Hurt Mase?

Original and similar lyrics
[1] - Do you really wanna hurt Mase? Or do you really wanna make me cry? Or is it really that you envy Mase? Or you don't really wanna see me fly? Do you really wanna hurt Mase? Or do you really wanna make me cry? Or is it really that you envy Mase? Or you don't really wanna see me fly? Now you don't wanna see me angry Ain't enough cops or cuffs to chain me Days to arraign me, KKK's to hang me, insane me Ya need ice picks to bang me Need more than a straight jacket to restrain me Or more guns with my prints for you to frame me and mame me Nigga, look at you and look at us My duns don't fuss, Harlem win you with a thrush Nigga you better hush, I can mess out the cave Niggas still get touched And them little ones you bust ain't enough for us Listen here, Mase'll make you disappear And yo' mouth'll be the reason that you missed this year Man who needs ya? You don't need me, I don't need you neither That's why my next Lex gon' be a two seater And the things I do to you won't leave you beautiful And though yo' feelin' fuck me, I'm feelin' mutual [Repeat 1] From the M to the A nigga dollar sign E Come around money if you ever tryin' to find me I was murder for six years, seen no clean from it Drop murder off, Mase woke up at Teen Summit My niggas joke, niggas broke, kill a laugh I got power, make a call, get a mil' in cash Like my money and ya ain't cuz they don't tax me Actually, anything you got to ask me, fax me I'm no Beamer dreamer, I'm a Bentley man Car totally smashed threw out 50 grand How ya figure ya bigger when Mase that nigga And every style I deliver come with much charisma Knock it off, now will ya , I'm the one that bitches live for Don't get me wrong you niggas make it hot I make it sizzler And I don't know you cats, so don't you get familiar And if you violate me and mine I guarentee I peel ya [Repeat 1] If I ever whisper on a remix, I got C-chips Time is money, when you talk gotta be quick I don't see how ya'll hang or even be wit Niggas ridin' in the Benz with only one V-6 But I know how it is when ya go into the bar Got girls overreact, they thowin' you a star Got niggas player hatin' don't even know who you are And go as far as leavin' bullet holes in yo' car When you're from Harlem World niggas never see yo' views They wait for you to flop or be on BET News All they see the G's and jewels, V's that ya cruise Being the underdogs, they can't wait to see us lose Don't hate me, thank me I don't get mad when nigga's bitches prank me Make you cranky to see me places that you can't be I'm too pretty to let you niggas shank me And frankly, know you probably hate me cause you ain't me [Repeat 1]

None Tonight

LIL' ZANE "Young World: The Future"
[Lil' Zane] A yo check this out I'm sayin We been on this dance floor all night Man a nigga sweatin I'm tired And I'm just sayin my next question is Are you comin home wit a nigga or what A [chorus (Lil' Zane) & a female] (I just wanna have some fun tonight) Sorry baby but you aint gettin none tonight (Tell me can you make me feel like I'm the one tonight, gimme some tonight) Sorry you aint gettin none tonight [Lil' Zane] Now its the middle of the night boo And I met a lot of girls just like you And then I really start to like 'em too I keep 'em iced out words on I need a hot girl wit curves on And a diamond thong, wit platinum tongue And I know when to keep it on And I push my own whip I'm the nigga that you need to go home wit I'm the nigga that you need to go bone wit Cause Lil' Z be the nigga that dont owe shit That shit you kick aint game to me I got money to bitch who you came to see You came here in a see through just so I can peep you Circle around the club all night 'till I beeped you And like a trick I'm a treat you Take a cheese bitch FREEZE!! then I cheat you When you shit off in the club Smokin shit off in the club Poke a bitch off in the club I bare ice and a dice game Role snake eyes twice wit them pinky rangs Them weed niggas bitch when they see the chain How the platinum hangs Dont slip cause a nigga still packin them thangs And the game we can show like Ice-T And aint no tellin how old a nigga might be Long as I got my own B and I'm icy I cant see no reason you dont like me Cant name one nigga thats like me I dont blame no nigga dont like me I put the Gators on and tell them haters on And if you see me outside the raid is on [chorus - 2x] [Lil' Zane] [Scene two] I bet that you hot up in my drop top I got the block locked Tell your freinds to play the war, cause they like to cock block Ballin on these niggas hard You should'a seen us in that shit, I swear to God She grab my hands to the dance floor The way she shake it got me bout to take my pants off I ask her for the numbers then she glance off I saw a man in the corner slowly backed off I got my hands off Wit my hormones ragin I ran into this asian mixed she was half caucasion Got into a conversation But me bein impatient You know I got into the dazin Put up the 'Don't Disturb' sign Wanna see if she was even worth my time Wanna see if this bitch can work for mine See if she could cock and bust my nine inches This is for all them fine bitches out to get my thugs riches And all clown in the club Coochie down in the club Shoot you down in the club Talkin shit off in the club And startin shit off in the club Its hot as shit off in the club All these bitches and I cant hit off in the club Damn [chorus] [Lil' Zane] A check this out A check this out baby We gone take this one to the parking lot I spit that thug game For them ones that love game And they'll be your best freind And find what you restin And gone blow your chest in That thang is weapon And young niggas be ballin hard Wit they squad Everybody iced out jumpin cars Scratchin whips We all got chips who you fuckin wit Who you know get money and they know they the shit We get down if I ask and my niggas get hit Do you know how many millions you sittin wit Do you know how mani diamonds my wrist can fit Ice the bandana wit the thug to match Y'all niggas gone need help to match Matter fact you need help wit that Point me to the bra strap look baby gotta plane to catch [chorus - 3x]

Ghetto Symphony

ASAP ROCKY "Long.Live.A$ap"
[Intro] Do just what I tell you Don't come in any closer And no one will get hurt Cause I dunno how long I can hold my heart in two [Verse 1: ASAP Rocky] A rebel I be one day, on that track with Gunplay Outcast my whole life so I decide to spit like Andre Beef is on my entre, gin and juice thats Bombay Driving fast the wrong way, I swear life is like a one-way Pussy on a sunday, fitness on a monday My new crib came with feng shui And my closet is like a runway Come be fiancee, she fuck me in a Hyundai My rooftop got a lounge Just a sit around and watch her sunbathe. Dinner date for one K, shopping date for two K Bougie ass bitch made wait to fuck for two days Finally go the two day, swear to god my mood change Top off like toupes, drop off, touche Yeah my mouth is full of gold and I'm a city boy And my outfit was in Vogue, I'm a pretty boy Bounce, boy, Flacko tellem holla at a nigga G Riding on my enemies, this my Ghetto Symphony [Verse 2: Gunplay] Whippin whitney, My mama as a witness Bitches Lickin' and locking up my swishas Once she blow my whistle She know it's dismissal Spread the news I'm official Now hop out my foreign vessel Before I get aggressive Forget it, war ready, already tested Tears and blood invested Till my cardiacs arrested and my 40 oz is empty Show me watcha owe me and a porterhouse with that Black magic on the tires only I Rolling down the lonely mile phony smile, was Police on me now, still touring And my chain it may slow me down cheer for Pain, in it's purest form Don't complain I came to reign From here forward, still noid So crib got clear doors Burning grains in my air force And all I can see is clear ports [Verse 3: ASAP Ferg] Since Rocky spit like Andre I'm gonna kill em' like Big Boi These rappers is all my entrée, Eat em' like cookies, chips ahoy Eat, enjoy, when I get annoyed No cover niggas that I kill for joy Either Gunplay, runway, trip avoid Money get style, my lil fishin boy Arnold Schwarzeneger, toss a nigga Like codein mixed with a Roy Smoke what make a nigga trip collide What took me how fast, you could grip a 9 Damn, nigga I doubt they tell this my heart And the motherfuckers come in to cry You niggas have a sour dipped in wine Guess that’s when a girl sip the white Pourin liq so I soak in different shine Tip tipped and toe I miss the sky My show get cold, all my niggas died So and so, niggas live and die Beneath choose souls you will reside Rappers getting nailed for this freakin life Tryina come with this for their freakin lives How many time your eyes and a nigga died? Never! Spittin it like a Beretta, nobody do it better nigga

Beasts From The East

LOST BOYZ "Love Peace Nappiness"
[Mr. Cheeks] Yo, we come through like bulls, nigga take two puffs and pass, nigga, watch your back once you talk out your ass I back up 3-80 and my stash for protection, family is raged, the world is acting crazed I never thought I'd make it, it was hectic when I scrambled on point like a knife I'm takin' life as a gamble And living in the rotten apple, yo where every core is rotten all my niggas rest in peace ya see you gone but not forgotten now my main wifey, dead as shaded chicks, official Lost Boyz since the year of 86 And fuck these crooked niggas I could kill em with a passion, at times I feel like slashing in Jamaican Queens fashion You think you can fuck around, but kid you're just thinking It's over when I'm sober, imagine when I'm drinking Without blinking man, I'll tare your crew like pages I'll rip you from the backyard of ? ... [A+] A plus the lyrically superb one, spittin rhymes Off the top of the tongue to burn ya ear drums Rotten shit, make the opposite team call a time out, knockin niggas three times my size out The crowd loves me, so when I aint around they ask for me, I buckle up to kick rap like a crash dummy For the fast money, I get up in that ass money the fact you tryin' to test me kinda bugs me I leave crews fed up, like handicap niggas tryin' to get up Emcees get wet up with lyrical gun pillars, I blow up the spot when it's time to rock I speak through a mic my voice peak out at a hundred watts Who wanna cipha, I get dumb Word to my mother the father the holy ghost and Rev. Run When it's all said and done, I end the service To cop the type of verses that average emcees seem to worship [Redman] My style is Milk of Magnesia, clutch divide speeding bust the more the merrier, secure the area, my life familiar is ultimate superior we dont jack cars we jack for aircraft carriers I bounce like trampolines, when I be blowing the feces to pieces hymn em like sewing machines and Jesus When the shadows of the barrel pointing out my (?) Camarro I get punished like pharaoh for splittin' You're better off singing Christmas carols for Christmas, because I'm on point like bow and arrow equipment The president of chicken head conventions I give you a deluxe Ku Klux lynchin' I got a headache from the stress, success not wearing a vest 5-11 for being dirty and quarts of 9-30 Yo, Mr.Cheeks, I made this bitch call police she tried swallowing a nine piece forgot the warrantee on false teeth I return like Makaveli on 18 inch Pirelli's assault and battery like my palms was ever ready sharp as machete's matter of fact I slap (?) ... [Canibus] Canibus brings the sickest drama, fierce enough to pierce the thickest armor I smack bitches who try to suck dick through a condom Playing with the mic is something I wont do my only concern when I approach you, is to roast you I smoke you and whoever you standing close to and make every man in your crew deny that he knows you defeating, niggas like Segal Steven, putting Emcees in, positions to prevent 'em from breathing I'll make you question any and everything you've ever believed in by peeping your deepest secrets like psychic readers, What's the matter with ya'll, I splatter ya'll against the mutha fuckin wall with these raw lyrics I catapult None of ya'll got the balls big enough to battle, I go On On like Erika Badu a hundred times nicer than the best there is twice as African as KRS is, who wanna test this Fuck yall you dont impress me and no one can test me An Emcee so ill, I got AIDS scared to catch me All that shit you poppin will stop, when I put you in a headlock, and apply pressure until I crush your mutha fuckin noggin I grab mics and push niggas to the left so fast their hearts end up on the right side of their chests My hypothesis, is that nobody can see this lyrical genius, I got it sown like a seamstress But if you want to battle, I'm down, If you got nine lives, I'll take eight of them off your hands right now Step up and get your neck cut from ear to ear If you survive, then you can cover your scar with a beard I'm the illest from Queens to the new Jerusalem briddicks anyone who aint feeling my shidick can suck my didick You need to quit it, if you aint spitten more than 50 bars per minute cause you aint in lyrical fitness kickin' boring raps with metaphors that's wack all of ya'll mutha fuckas need NordicTrack to get ya weight up, fuckin with Canibus you get ate up get beat down and sprayed up, just for bringing my name up been rockin longer than niggas twice my age back in the days before Bob Marley was rockin a fade before Honest Abe signed the paper that freed slaves before Neanderthals was drawing on walls in caves I existed, in the garden of Eden gettin lifted stickin dick to Eve before she was Adams mistress Before Christ created Christmas, I been in lyrical fitness The Canibus is spitten till' he's spitless 50 bars of total sickness, you wont forget this I'm puttin' every wack Emcee alive on my shit list verbally vicious, tele-connectically gifted took you a minute, to exhibit that I'm sick wit it Now you tell me who you think is damaging shit going once, going twice Sold to that nigga name Canibus Me and Mr.Cheeks, A-Plus, and Funk Doctor hopping out the Hue helicopter to suey chop ya

Gunz 'n Onez (Iz U Wit Me)

Heltah Skeltah "Magnum Force"
featuring BCC MFC [?] Aiyyo I been spittin this rap shit for too long To let y'all heads get me hot under my collar through songs And best don't get it twisted My Magnum Force practice Operation: Lockdown And don't you clowns ever forget it The other half'll feel my brother's wrath that we break through And always been the type to take you there like ?Warren Staples? Blow spots wit no glock the show stop when domes pop You should of stayed your ass home bop, you got a flow--not [Illa Noyz] I set it off on a mission like the Sentinel Cuz I was sent to do, murder the crew sayin I'm merciful I wrote a few, journals in my Nocturnal state Blaze like an inferno, watch niggas just cremate Too late to run and turn to Rev. Run Some blessin the section, givin them niggas quick trips to heaven Straight murder wit the unheard-a, lyritifical Beneficial, that you never pursure the issue The ninth initial, thought as to rip the bits n kibbles I kick ass, more than a little, my rhyme riddle Your mind's a dead veg-e-table when I hit you Doin like I should do, bringin Noyz to my acquittal [Steele] Wit no discrepency, I rip MC wit no referee Devil tested me, can't let him get the best of me Wit accuracy, I'll attack an MC Spittin like I emptied the M-1 from the M-P Wit no apology, unload on your property causing atrocity At a rapid velocity, mental artillery, military anatomy After you battle me call me your majesty for mastering The art of fastening, grappling, locking down this rapping thing Tackling the majority, bomb with authority More than minority, S-T got seniority Rhymin since Knowledge and Quality wit college degree (Kill out to all the enemy, we killin all a dem Kill out to all the enemy, don't matter if it's enemy or friend) [Doc Holliday] Doc ain't nuttin but the truth, 100% when I get bent It's possible that I'm mad, forget ? I'm blind, deaf, and mute To all you shit poppers, put your money where your mouth at I roll wit bank stoppers, five-foot Reps who whip ass Erases coppers, it's mandatory, that D-O-C stay shittin Laws and lows to keep you hoes on my didick My foes stay foes so all you jacks need to quit it Doc shines, hot lines, and jackers come and get it And one false move, I'm guaranteed to be acquitted [Lidu Rock] Aiyyo, we gang bangin, through the tri-state area Act up, my MFC niggas'll have to bury ya Ain't nuttin scarier, than a five-foot eight nigga Holding the big toast, make yo chest piece shake I cut niggas like class and glass from dirty bottles Runnin through these streets high-speed at full throttle Ghetto role models, so what the fuck y'all tellin me Misdemeanor cats wit raps, wannabe felonies Fuck sellin trees man, I smoke too much I lay my raps, get my traps, then I roast the dutch Y'all niggas boast too much, about the shit you got I hope the money save that ass when the shit get hot It's Lidu Rock [Rock] Many think I ain't got it in me, cuz I'm plenty-friendly It could be because I'm skinny But I'll fuck you up like Henny and Remmy ?If any of trash?, we'll I'll scream gimme To any who make it hard to Get Away like Tim or Penny Semi-auto, wit a swift into your track, ?it cracks? And creeps morse code, I'm sendin smoke signals That's how my gats be Tactics, I crack piece are phenomenal Ask peeps, what kinda drama do the Bummy Jab wreak He'll tell ya, the boy cause straight Heltah Skeltah I got the block sweltering and hot like your biotch when I felt her So don't fuck wit my head, got static I'm buckin you dead I'll bend your body like Craftmatic Adjustable Bed Fuck what you said, for y'all I got nuttin but lead-o And stop fuckin askin me why Ruck cut his dreads It's up in the air, we buckin from here, to where you rest at In a jet black, Expedition fishin to get some get back (Kill out to all our enemies, we killin all a dem Kill out to all our enemies, no matter if it's enemy or friend) [Rustee Jux] My militant mind's impervious to submission Maintain in the rank, glorious in this division Killa Cartel-N-MFC in collision The scene could get bloody, two teams wit one mission I stomps through the crack slums of mother Medina Push weed to stack funds for my mother Dina Rustee Jux-man, Brooklyn mercenary Some say it's rap, some say it's legendary The pack that run wit me, attack wit guns swiftly My young legion niggas got smacked on one-fifty Cold mashin, straight blastin, steady mobbin I rose to large drug dealin from petty robbin [Supreme] Well it's the five-eight, hands I'm holdin brothers for ransom Operation generation down to the seeds of your grandson And blow off like a handgun, hittin niggas at random Damn son, got love for thugs singin my anthem I amp them, spittin my raps spectacular Forever clappin the rapper that's bitin like he Dracula You see what happens to all of these fake rhyme fashioners I bring disaster to niggas thats claimin they done mastered the Art, who's the next on my chart to mark You know I swim wit the shark, why y'all niggas wanna start Big gram and knee low, stay on the d-low Rollin black in the back of the fat Ex-P-O [Tek] Well it's the lazy-eye criminal, baby nines the minimum In the gat cabin, Tek we make it happen You just rappin, bitch niggas get bitch smacked when You start yappin, get your shine snatched for flashin Straight extorted, like an IRS audit You never gonna bust that gun, so why you bought it? See you came home frolic, but you show fake love Like the Feds try to get close and lay down bugs Try to skate but got schemed on, you had to lay Didn't know niggas got Desert E's and PK's [Starang] Me and my crew ride up and down St. James like a pack of great danes Ain't shit changed, see y'all niggas take your gold frames Spit in your face and I'm a have to smack flames Out your ass for tryin to laugh and plus play games (word up) We ain't Connecticut, ain't even sweatin it Pack up your bags bitch, come wit some better shit Son them niggas probably home right now, for real regretting it I don't want to be y'all, when we see y'all I'm settin it Niggas on my dick so much I brought a saddle We can take it to the streets(word up word up), bring your heat, battle For your seven-forty Beamer, wit your shorty Kima in it If you platinum you can drive me through Manhattan while I hit it Everywhere I go, I let em know Starang's the shit Over three-hundred thousand fans and ain't never had a hit William H. is the name, MFC's the click Y'all niggas takin us out?, y'all smokin the shit (Retreat retreat, all pussy boys, retreat Magnum Force come to take over Retreat, retreat, all pussy boys, retreat Magnum Force come to take over) [Ruck] SEAN P., you better recognize, I be wreckin guys Fuckin cockroaches still breathin up your pesticides Like D-Con, see Sean be on some shit from day one Spray guns at funny style niggas who actin gay son Ruck made the paper, you could turn to page one Butt-fuckin your chick wit a mothafuckin gauge son Who said that? Ruck said wack shit, aiyyo dead that For the headcrack, leave your face lumpy like Craig Mack I read that, niggas want beef aiyyo so get back ?Happen in? person cuz I'm hurtin niggas who said that You fuckin wet back, smack you wit the fuck med's pack Then have sex at, the same place I park my Lex at [Buckshot] The last black gene, green socks Serve the fans quick like servin fiend rock Understand the scene is locked, when you dead bolt Hit em in the throat, ride em like the jet black colt Through the jungle, it's another rumble when I set it so free And flee from his body back to the OGC I never heard of that nigga, in the first place I hit him in the worst place, hid the waste Need a replacement killa, hustle dope shit so I'm a drug dealer So for real-a, on point wit the nine mill-a Straight give a nigga guillotine shit Heads come off the ?lean? wit one stroke Two tokes from the mack tilly Give a mothafucker two to the belly Stop, look and acting like the shot from your ass whippin Nigga, why you trippin, don't start slippin now Fool keep flippin [Rock] It's not over, it's not over, oh oh [Louieville Sluggah] Yo it was on to the next phase Spit ink on a page, hostile rage No sugar and sour like lemmonade Bing came to me in a dream he said come clean So I scalped and praise, I'm on my way Gat and pick straight out the gate When I see yo say you back up on your duty ? Yo my mouth spittin arson, new shit is startin But ain't shit changed, you know your range, beg your pardon Starv like Marv, I'm on the job First rob and ?slug? mothafuckers licked the knob Be like that, when I clap back time I feel it deeply, for my niggas I left behind I rep for mine, here son feel the shine Can't say no names, cuz all my niggas is on my mind Yo I'm all about me sonee, hand me money Ja Ja, and bring yo ass here to poppa [talking and threats to the end]

Bitches And Drugs

JAY ELECTRONICA "The Jay Electronica Project"
These days a lot of niggas is wack All I hear is who gonna bring new york back The south is this the south is that Slinging crack in the white tee in the trap Sippin patron and yak Ringo hit me up on the jack And said man spit that spat And leave that chicken scratch for frick and frack Guru told me slow up the flow Cause science and metaphors will slow up the dough so here we go Gs up hoes down If rap was like blacks in the sixties, I'm a white cop in riot gear ready to hose down Memo to all I'm settin you hoes down I'll spray a sick round on any sick clown who wanna get down From nueve york to chit-own Comprende, wack rappers bow when they in the presence of the sensei The flow is, muy caliente Jaydolf spitler, rap hitler One man militia Burnin niggas live with the scripture The sound waves shake the dead in they graves Pro toolsll import the session from the richter No wonder I'm the victor If a thousand words is equivalent to a picture Then welcome to the cinema Shot of wheat grass in the enema Who wanna style war with the emperor

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