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Mase lyrics - Harlem World

Love U So

Original and similar lyrics
[Mase] Yo, now hum all you want to and all the simple hits Move, Cuda love, straight out the tenements Drop the joint with Puff Dad just finished it Would have did more without censorship? Talk to plenty chicks, on to many flicks Love when a girl say they wanna skinny-dip Call room service, tell 'em to send it quick Want gritz, don't forget, put cheetoes in my Chill with the fellas that I came in it with Buy 'em all minks before December hit Player like Mase revoke your membership Cuz this a balla club that come with benefits They'll reminisce when lady used to dis Now everywhere we go all the hoes generous They must think Mase is on the rush limited Dusty denim tip, is still the main chick [1] - Ooh Mase I love you so Never, ever, ever gonna let you go I can't keep my eyes off you Ooh Mase I love you so Never, ever, ever gonna let you go I hope you feel the same way too [Mase] Uh, uh, now ladies say he has this Tendency to B.S.'s for girls who put key scratches On brand new coups or E-classes Jet for ya'll, before I do a federal charge Name incorporated, no problem gettin' cars Whole entourage in the Mount Airy Lodge When you very large, never spend cheddar, you charge Get my daily menage , Halle Berre massage Different color Benz in every garage Who would've thought? '95, earth spinned twice Mase be Billboard's hot merchandise Player like me must deserve this life Every girl a trick kid, if you work her right My click bubble, why you wish me trouble, so aight Bad Boy gonna have to shit you double [Repeat 1] [Mase] Yo, if you never had a man than why try me? Niggas outta town wanna learn my G Understand me, the baller I be Need about three pages and caller ID When I come around, all the waiters get jippo Wanna serve Poppy, him a big tipper Leave the restroom about six strippers Don't watch me, flip up your zipper I'mma good fellow, mellow Though I puff trees my teeth never yellow Hello, in the club jingle like I'm Jello With the kids, big as Tickle Me Elmo Next summer, stretch Hummer for the whole state Anything, buy no cake hold no weight I you ain't really seen Mase in the gold 8 I really think it's time that you relocate [Repeat 1]

If You Don't Wanna Love Me

JAMES MORRISON "Songs For You, Truths For Me"
When you lower me down So deep that I, I can't get out When you're lost, lost and alone Yes you'd think it was the last place you'd come back for more If you don't want me to leave then don't push me away Rather blow out the lights you can watch it all fade But I'm going nowhere I'm gonna stay When you just wanna fight When you're closing your eyes 'cause you don't wanna love me I'm gonna stay You can't push me too far There's no space in my heart Where I don't wanna love you When there's no, no storm Then how can I feel the calm? If there's nothing, nothing, nothing left to lose Then what is this feeling that keeps on bringing me back to you? So I'm gonna stay When you just wanna fight When you're closing your eyes 'cause you don't wanna love me So I'm gonna stay, yes, yes, yes, I will You can't push me too far There's no space in my heart Where I don't wanna love you If you asked me to leave and I walked away We'd still be alone and we'd still be afraid. I'm going nowhere, I'm going nowhere. 'cause I'm gonna stay When you just wanna fight And there's tears in your eyes 'cause you don't wanna love me I'm gonna stay All the tears that I've cried I can leave them to dry If you don't wanna love me And leave them to dry If you don't wanna love me

Get Contact

BUSTA RHYMES "When Disaster Strikes"
From the movie Why Do Fools Fall In Love [Missy] When I through my uh!! in it I split it Mess around, make you ask who did it Forget your pride go admit My stank butt make you wonder who shitted Whoa there kitty Got a fitty from the city got a minute now I'm chillin (Talk to me now) No time you silly Fakin me like you Milli Vanilli When they play this in the club they go nuts Sweat all night 'till it smell like must So Busta whats to discust? I don't know but boy whats up (Throw it up, throw it up girl) Boy you pretty I got a bitty from the city and my hair looking pretty Oh you didn't No bullshit and you gonna get it [Busta Rhymes] Yo, I'm a get it and give it to all y'all Hopin' you niggas is ready for another free fall Overall niggas need to get up off the wall If they wanna brawl Missy give me a call Yo, not at all everytime I raid the rift Before we bust yo' ass better plead the 5th Shut your mouth you niggas talk to much in my house Me and Missy lets get this money thats what I'm talkin about Then you come nigga wanna be down Shootin' your load I hope you know we got the rebound Real quick break fool know we blow your mind Off the hook nigga fix your telephone line When we come through tell me what you gonna do Give me my money quick so then I can thank you Word is born you knowin' I only get better Everytime supafly dangerous elements get together [Chorus]2x She's Mrs. Supafly He's Mr. Dangerous And if you bust then they gonna bust And one of us gonna have to duck [Missy] When I play this in my jeep you'll see How this beat, rumble under my feet (Under my feet, yeah) Go ahead, you cute If you cute then I get cute too Go ahead Missy I got many so many men I got plenty (What what) I ain't kindin, dance alone why don't you come dance wit me When I bumped this one the left they go deaf Bust yo ear drums until none left (Till none left) Whoa there Busta, they don't like us, they don't love us well fuck em Oh you silly you don't kill me you don't feel me, boy you illin We ain't dealin If no drinks then we ain't chillin [Busta Rhymes] Yo Miss Supafly let me hit me and Missy we gonna get all up in it All in a minute get wit it When I was young gettin' babysitted A nigga blow the spot up make you ask who did it Contact everytime I touch a track Freak out wiggle your funny bone and bounce back yo Nigga see me in the back (Who dat?) You don't know my name I'm knowin motherfucker (True dat) You wack you better improve your shit When I bounce on beats lyrics might abuse your shit Make music so I can lose your mind So hide when I finish make you wanna press for wine Nigga see the DJ cuttin' it up Bringin' it back rippin' the track you know we fuckin it up Got you suckin it up My nigga chill out, make you ill out And watch all of the Moet spill out ¡¡

Tibetan Black Magicians

JEDI MIND TRICKS "Visions Of Gandhi"
[Canibus] Jedi Mind Tricks... Canibus Yo I grab Mics bust the raw Take flight adjust the Yaw Break your bicuspid with your own jaw Metaphors started menopause in your moms before you were born Technically you don’t even exist, God A flick of the wrist, you’ll be gone Lost in limbo like pink shit camouflaged in a pig farm I’m an enigma I rip bars Or burn your star with 5 points Plus the mic I ripped thus far I stomp on ya forehead Peel the top of your fucking face off like an orange And eat the carnage My God that sounds horrid, eating MC’s Is like eating garbage they make me vomit Discombobulate prostates re-hydrate dry lakes Wipe Ammonium Nitrate across the side of ya face Anthropomorph, illogically speaking I’m out of ya league Who can match the Bident with my top speed Scourge of the earth, verses are merged into dirt Heart line is flat lined through the therapy era Sentences go through re-synthesis I leave em looking bleaker than Memphis Without Rockefeller membership Don’t be an optimist and try to rock with Bis You end up in an iced-out sarcophagus [Vinnie Paz] Every rapper better fear me Coz Vinnie Paz is a beast And ya’ll steady screaming for war but want peace You trying ta walk through the fog where sun leaks Ya trying to walk two dogs with one leash You can’t overstand the mathematics How rip bars, walk through walls perform magic Tibetan Black Magic, I’m a warlord I’ll stab you through your fucking temple with a floorboard I’m a born lord, I was baptised To see the universal through a cats eyes Here come the black skies; It’s all darkness I breathe life into Jesus Christ’s carcass! [samples] [Canibus] Once I duct tape ya to the front of a Mack trucks, face ya Drive through a brick wall, pull the park and brake up Ask you for you proof of registration, say what? I cant understand a word you saying, you fuck! Peel you off till you drop on the floor Drag you to the manifold, Make you put your mouth around the exhaust Squeeze your neck harder when you start to cough I bet you never thought this could happen just for pissing me off I’m in for hardcore Hiphop, the surrogate father Protecting rap like the exoskeleton of a Lobster I’ll moonwalk on water, harpoon jackers And drag em back to the harbour for the local photographers Now point four fingers and watch through binoculars Look what Harry Potter did to Andrew Galotti, Kid Whether enemies exchange negative energy But you can’t forgive and forget with an elephant memory Coz You-Know-Who snatched the mic from You-Know-Who But lets keep that between me and you! Me and JMT, Rippers that’ll rip your ass I got an empty mag- Get em Vinnie Paz!!! [Vinnie Paz] I get a bloodlust when I see a slug bust Hit your mug with a .38 snub and watch the blood rush Nothings above us, ya’ll better back off Cos you a devil like the Canaanite in Sackcloth We busting Gats off It’s a clean kill It doesn’t seem real when your spleen spill So listen to what im spittin at y’all La illaha, il Allah il Allah Come on y’all your getting hit in the chest Coz Vinnie Pazienz and Canibus is the best Ripping the rest And all ya’ll seek is ashes I love reading Koran in pitch blackness I love reading the psalms to bitch actors I love reading the palms of bitch rappers! [samples]

Ain't Nobody Ft Treach

INTRO:(TREACH from NBN talking) Check it out.Yeah yeah yeah Naughty up in here(That's why I love you baby) Time to bring the ruckus with rap From the beginning till we're out(That's why I love you baby) Introducing Miss Thing Monica That's right representing ATL to Illtown(That's why I love you baby) Everybody get up out of your seats and fix your body For ain't nobody(That's why i love you baby) It goes like this! VERSE 1:(MONICA) You've been more than good to me Give me all that I could need There's a little thing you do,baby Never fight in front of your friends Take me ridin in your Benz Spending time,let me know that I'm on your mind,baby Because everytime I say 'I love you' it's with a pride And everytime I say 'I need you' it's from inside Because my heart is forever,the things you do You do just for me,that's why I love you baby CHORUS Ain't nobody gonna love you like I do Ain't nobody gonna treat you the way I treat you(That's why I love you baby) Ain't nobody ever loved me like you do Ain't nobody to compare to you That's why I love you baby VERSE 2 (TREACH) You think your lucky caught a quicky in a nap A hicky on your lap That's the payback for the scratches you left on my back You wouldn't need a toy-friend with a boyfriend Or somethin proper if you slept under the thunder Keep my number I heard your next best is now ya next ex 'Cause in the middle what a best sex 'Hey yo Treach' An' I ain't mad at'cha yet What'cha pimp daddy don't know won't hurt him. Who loves ya best? (MONICA) Treat me like your young lady Special things you say to me Feels so good to be with you my baby Doesn't matter what they think 'Cause I'm gonna be here anyway There's no need to feel ashamed because you're on my mind And everytime I say 'I love you' it's with a pride And everytime i say 'I need you' it's from inside Because my heart is forever,the things you do You do just for me,that's why I love you baby CHORUS x 2 That's why I love you baby VERSE 3:(TREACH) I kinda wanna turn ya Poverty to Paradise You say ya lonely,keep ya head up,honey where ya eyes? We can keep it on a low-down-down,I don't go down,I throw down He threw your clothes over the Rover,so where you gonna go now? Remember when I was like 'Who you?',now you my boo-boo He be braggin how he do you,so who you think he true to? Sue-Sue and you to,huh,Chi-Chi and Gigi Tellin' you he need you plus his baby momma need me But I'm gonna get betwenn the love of this,I'll let him my keys Cry in my arms so you cry no more at last Feed ya body,I'll drive ya rush Audi So trust me hottie like there ain't nobody (That's why I love you baby) CHORUS TO FADE

Cracker Jack

OL' DIRTY BASTARD "Nigga Please"
'C'mon baby, c'mon c'mon baby' [repeats in background all throughout the song] 'You bitches can't do nothin' [repeats in background through intro] [Intro: ODB] It's Ol' Dirty Bastard and shit, know I'm sayin? I wanna give a big shout out to my nigga Luke KnowI'msayin? You know, you know, know I wanna lock all the bitches down I wanna lock all the bitches down from the North, To East, to West, to South KnowI'msayin? I wanna.. help me put these bitches in my trance I want y'all to suck my lizard You bitches wanna fuck me when you smell my under-arm [ODB] I make yo' dick disappear I ain't hearin anymore weird sounds in the ear PSSSSSSS... you can't purr no more You wanna kneal and suck dick? I'ma keep your throat sore Bitches got herpes in ya ass Every time you fuck a nigga, he dies fast And you won't last The pussy break down from a rash It's hard for you to walk, cuz you stuck up in your ass Don't ask me for no cash You better not be tellin me to give them no cash Ash, bash, crash, sad ass [Chorus: ODB] Give me a little of that Cracker Jack You ain't caramel coated Cracker Jack The surprise, bitch you gonna get waxed This that shit, you can't do nothin about [ODB] Girls ain't pretty to me anymore Cuz you ain't bein a real whore Ooh, you ain't a real whore [yells some crazy shit] You can't say, wear nails anymore You ain't givin up, a manicure Suckin my dick is gonna be your chore If you don't, you're punishment You can't get off until ya suck my dick Physically I operate your brain to function Give me anything, that I wantin ALL GIRLS WANNA FUCK ME EVERYDAY And give me that, the money Don't even know what happens naturally Especially when I'm playin with the chemistry THE MONEY COMIN TO ME FIRST You gonna keep dyin til you die from thirst I WANT A DIFFERENT GIRL EVERYDAY If you wanna die, you gotta drink my sperm The other way to die, is eat a can of worms [Chorus 3X] [Outro: ODB] Give me a little... Yo, I love you girls cuz you wanna stick your tongue up in my ass Or you can't taste, smell, touch or hear, or see I got you in a smash, give me it! [instrumental for next 58 seconds]

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