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Mase lyrics - Harlem World

Jealous Guy

Original and similar lyrics
[Mase] You know, there's a lot of jealous guys in this town And many other towns I go to, (ah yeah) But I'm afraid right now I'm so hurt I'mma need 112 and Puff, to help me explain how I feel So come on fellas, help me out [112] [1] - Ladies There's some jealous guys in our town, oh baby Ladies There's some jealous guys in our town, oh baby [Mase] Well, well, well Now would you be mad if I gave back your girl Or would it still be a problem with the entire Harlem World At first you were singing that she was your ex But you was ready to kill me when you found out we had sex When I came and told you the deal You wouldn't admit how you feel Now you know your girl love me Why can't you just let it be (just let it be) [Repeat 1] [Repeat 1] [Puff] I go by the name Puff Daddy And I'm a Scorpio, check this out Girl I really hope you find a new lover Cuz Mase can't take no more of you fuckin' him and his brotha, ut uh And girl what make you think you could do what you do And think that we'll be standing here fighting over you, come on When I came and told him the deal He wouldn't admit how he feel Now he know his girl love me Why can't he just let it be (just let it be) [Repeat 1] [Repeat 1] [Puff Daddy] As I said before, I go by the name of Puffy Daddy And I'm a Scorpio and I'm not a jealous guy Come on sing for me Mase [Repeat 1] [Repeat 1] [Mase] You see if we had more pimps, it wouldn't be no jealous guys See me, I live by the four pimp rules Number one, you control the situation You get in they head before you get in they bed And number two, girls run like buses, you may miss one Catch another one every hour on the hour, promptly And number three, what that girl ain't willin' to do You got a hundred more girls more than willin' And number four, is a new rule to the new pimp testament You can't be a playa and hate the playas That don't make no sense I don't wanna see no more jealous guys at the end of this song ya'll I really don't wanna see no more jealous guys after this song ya'll So can ya'll sing along with me I mean put your hands together, sing along ya'll , sing along everybody [Repeat 1 until fade while:] [Mase] I just really wanna come and let you know Girl you just got to let them go Cuz there jealous guys, jealous guys, in our town And it's gonna show ,love is gonna show It's gonna show, oh baby it's gonna show, oh oh It's gonna show, it's gon', it's gon', it's gonna show And you is a jealous guy in our town In our town, in our town oh baby, oh yeah, uh oh, uh oh, uh oh Well, well, well, well, well, well Well, well, well, well, well Where do you go when there's jealous guys in our town [Puff Daddy] Now that's the end of our discussion To all the player haters and player hatetts Mase, Harlem World, Puff Daddy and 112 Telling you to be a lover and not a hater, you'll get further in life May God bless you and good night

Texan Love Song

ELTON JOHN "Don't Shoot Me (I'm Only The Piano Player)"
Music by Elton John Available on the album Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player I heard from a friend you'd been messing around With a cute little thing I'd been dating uptown Well I don't know if I like that idea much Well you'd better stay clear I might start acting rough You out of town guys sure think you're real keen Think all of us boys are homespun and green But that's wrong my friend so get this through your head We're tough and we're Texan with necks good and red So it's Ki yi yippie yi yi You long hairs are sure gonna die Our American home was clean till you came And kids still respected the president's name And the eagle still flew in the sky Hearts filled with national pride Then you came along with your drug-crazy songs Goddamit you're all gonna die How dare you sit there and drink all our beer Oh it's made for us workers who sweat spit and swear The minds of our daughters are poisoned by you With your communistic politics and them negro blues Well I'm gonna quit talking and take action now Run all of you fairies clean out of this town Oh I'm dog tired of watching you mess up our lives Spending the summertime naturally high

Good Friends And Neighbors

JERRY REED "Georgia Sunshine"
Well it was midnight cold and rainy In the sleepy town of Fairburn population small An angry man stood out on Main Street Shiverin' in his coat sleeves by the City Hall wall Thumbin’ every car that’s passed him in for an hour But they wouldn't look at him at all So he yelled damn you friends and neighbors you won't give me a ride My feet are sore from walking and I'm froze to my inside Lord a man could catch his death of cold or a severe case of flu Thanks to friends and neighbors like you Well he come storming into my restaurant Dripping water soakin’ wet in a freezing cold I poured him a hot black cup of coffee took his coat off cussing mad And here's a tale that he told Said I picked up a young hitchhiker Took my billfold and my car and let me off down the road Well I must have walked for hours to get here Went to see your friendly sheriff in my desperation He just sit there and picked his teeth Laughed a little when I told him of my situation And when I finished he leaned back and belched Said let me see some identification Cause he said damn you friends and neighbors seems like every Saturday night I get an earful of this same old bull cause some drunk gets off half tight Every weekend's the same old story don't get home till one or two Thanks to friends and neighbors like you Well I called your sheriff a dirty name Then was thrown out through his front door by a big deputy I hit that sidewalk cussin' shook my fist back in his face Said you can't do this to me Cause I'm a circuit judge for Monroe sheriff And you gonna pay for all this indignity Well I've seen some angry people But I never seen a man as mad as that fellow was He said I never did like Fairburn I hate the rain I hate hitchhikers And I'm sick of your local fuss And if I ever saw a town that needs another sheriff This is one town that does And he yelled damn these friends and neighbors as he grabbed his coat to leave Well this night I spent in Fairburn just too funny to believe Lord I could write a book of jokes about what I've been through In this town of friends and neighbors like you


BOB DYLAN "Good As I Been To You"
Well, it's all of a fair and a handsome girl She's all in her tender years She fell in love with a sailor boy It's true she loved him well For to go off to sea with him Like she did not now how She longed to see that seaport town Of Canadee-i-o. So he bargained with the sailor boy All for a piece of gold Straightaway then he led her Down into the hold Sayin', 'I'll dress you up in sailor's clothes Your jacket shall be blue You'll see that seaport town Of Canadee-i-o'. Now, when the other sailors heard the news Well, they fell into a rage And with all the ship's company They were willing to engage Sayin', 'We'll tie her hands and feet, my boys Overboard we'll throw her She'll never see that seaport town Called Canadee-i-o'. Now, when the captain he heard the news Well, he too fell in rage And with the whole ships' company He was willing to engage Sayin', 'She'll stay all in sailor's clothes Her color shall be blue She'll see that seaport town Called Canadee-i-o'. Now, when they come down to Canada Scarcely 'bout half a year She's married this bold captain Who called her his dear She's dressed in silks and satins now She cuts a gallant show Finest of the ladies Down Canadee-i-o. Come all you fair and tender girls Wheresoever you may bee I'd have you to follow your own true love Whene'er he goes to sea For the sailors prove false to you Well, the captain he might prove true You'll see the honor I have gained By the wearing of the blue.

Brothers Under The Bridges

Every spring when the weather gets warm They come pourin' into town straight off of them farms Driving 455s running hard and strong They'd scratch built in them tool sheds all winter long 'Neath the trestless drinkin' the beer and the wine Now some came on run, some just to pass the time With the brothers under the bridges Me and Tommy we was just fourteen, didn't have our licenses yet Our walls were covered with pictures of cars we'd get We'd listen and wait for that highway to rumble and quake As they drove in through town when the weekend'd break Bringin' girls with that distant look in their eyes Now together 'neath the trestless they'd be laughing in the night With the brothers under the bridges Well me and my brother'd hitched a ride in Joey's pickup to the edge of town And we watched from the tall grass as the challenges were made and the duels went down We'd hitchhike back home, sneak in, get in bed before our mom'd come And we'd lay there in the night talkin' about how we might someday be one Yeah someday run with the brothers under the bridges Well now I hear a cry in the distance and the sound of marching feet come and gone Well I'm stittin' down here by this highway figuring, figuring just where I belong Tonight up on Signal Hill I watch a young man in a red shirt walking through a night so still Put his jacket 'round his girl as the autumn wind send a chill Through the brothers under the bridges

I Saw An X Ray Of A Girl Passing Gas

Ten foot tall and the nurse stuck a needle in my arm Well Uncle Doc's nurse use a needle with ungodly charm Walkin' down the hall the dentist LOOMED through the door I Saw an X-Ray of a girl passing gas The one shot theory got a query things got rolling at last Hey, HEY hey daddy, why die in the war Jesus Hitler Buddha Santa Mary Klaus Barbie (Rice Bore?) Well Ben got arrested and the sky was the ocean that day Words got twisted and history didn't know what to say God dog sex death life and now I'm feeling old These images were conjured up by talking on the telephone I Saw an X-Ray of a girl passing gas Oh my God it seems like just the other day But it might have been one hundred years before And I know there is no other way We only have to wonder what it's for

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