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Mase lyrics - Harlem World

I Need To Be

Original and similar lyrics
[Mase] Yo Carl man, come here, lemme school you to some shit Yo what up dud Remember that girl you said was nineteen somethin' Yeah I remember that shorty She was not nineteen Word! Yes she is she nineteen Nigga I followed her to school that's how I know Nigga I followed her to school you know I don't be into that Dog, dog, she showed me some ID bee word up Niggaz got to jail for that Lot a niggaz go to jail See you not a regular nigga right there, I know I know Her friend ain't wanna give me the pussy You wanna know what that bitch said to me What happened? [Monifah] [1] - I really wanna mess wit you But I ain't ready to have sex wit you And I don't mind caressing on you But I need to be, I need to be You know I need to be loved by you You know I need to be hugged by you And I can't wait to be touched by you Cuz I need to be, cuz I need to be [Mase] How many niggas out remember the First time they try to take a girl virginity And through the bullshit, you lost your identity, and lost your cool Cuz you ain't know what to tell all your niggas at school I had niggas making bets like, did he fuck her yet? Ask her did he touch her bra, when I say nah they say ahh So tommorrow I use that pressure to undress her But the more I caress her, more I feel like a molester So I wait for the day deserve it But every time I go to touch it, then she say I hurt it I can't even talk sex, and then she say I'm perverted And then she say, Mase. why we can't wait? What, I ain't worth it? It ain't that but girl you never say I go too fast All I'm seatin' when I'm eating, or goin' in your ass I guess you like that, huh [Repeat 1] [Mase] Now mother may I? Yes you may I told her 'bout all the baddest bitches from Harlem to LA Now anything that Mase can blaze, gotta get away See girl, work is work and baby, when I'm workin' I get paid For overnight stays that's gonna cost you breakfast on trays No need for shower curtains, we bath in camays I live the willie lifecuz that's the style that I portray We pop crystal like my niggas got a raise See nowadays man you got to know these bitches age Cuz they ass be real fast when they be goin' through that phase You fuck a girl that's young, and you gonna end up in the cage Cuz her moms ain't tryin' to hear that you never knew her age And naughty is the only way that Bad Boy plays Fuck them hoes, have them girls recoverin' for days A nigga like me, I have a girl head in a daze And I never eat pussy cuz I'm too stubborn in my ways, come on [Repeat 1] [Mase] I need to be licked from my head to my feet To make a long story short, girl I need me a freak She can be fat, black, light skin, type slim Matter fact shorty ain't even got to like me As long as when she grab my meat, she take it down real deep Till her body feel weak, then I'm fallin asleep See I ain't talkin 'bout these pre-madonna bitches you meet I need a girl that if I ask her handle me and my peeps Get down dirty, and lick ice down my butt cheeks Then she wiggle, then I giggle, then she feel my nutsy Then if she give my dick a kiss, probably give her clit a kiss Then I hit it from the back, then I yell whose shit is this Then I go so hard that she need her guts fixed If she make my nuts itch, I kill that slut bitch I done been around the world, uh huh, and never met a girl That's so thorough that could suck a dick until my toes curl, uh huh [Repeat 1]

Gold Rush

Snoop Doggy Dog "Tha Doggfather"
(Snoop Dogg) Josey Wales was known for robbin trains and things layin everybody down for diamond rings and chains It remains the same in the year you live in, see Cos if I pull out some heat, nigga, you'll go kick in And that's just the rules set by the fool from the ol' school When it's time to duel, you get two men Two heaters, one street, one clock and when it strike twelve one of y'all gon' drop If you're quick on the draw you're gon' see the morgue but if you're too slow I catch you on the downlow (Oh no) Oh no, you mean The Kid, shit's real I ain't no John Wayne, these niggas gangbang The Four Horsemen, that's the click I'm wit You mean the little bitty niggas with the itchy trigger fingers Yeah, we're on a mission ta Kansas, slippin thru Texas We stopped at Bonanza to get us some hot cakes bacon and eggs, and then we slip in the whorehouse to get us some leg Hop back on the horses, enforcers of courses The niggas in black, the fearless Four Horsemen Searchin for this location on the map The gold rush, baby, got ta have it (I gots ta have it) It feels just like it's 1865 and a trigger look-a-day is how I ride (Kurupt) On and on and on it's more strange Time to heat, shootin range Quick with the heat on their hip Young Jesse James come to test your aim I seen you at th e Wild Horny Corral I hearda ya name Tha forcify, nigga you ain't never lie Besides I'm in the mood so at high noon we ride From coast to coast, niggas mash on every stage coach My disciples with rifles lethal in whole posts The off-the-rocker roller coaster On a six-shooter holster with DPG on every Wanted poster Let me think about which bank to gank which fellow ta shoot and which teller to shank I want all the shit you got in stacks attached to this skirt in the corner so I snatched the bitch in the back The Dogg in me feels for the lust but the hogg in me makes me wanna bust Back to the drawin down board Nowadays we drawn down more To survive thru all the round wards Battle up or saddle up and shake the scene or get'cha pockets shaken, clean the slugs in ya spleen I can't help it, I'm heartless, ya can't hack it With my six-shooters on my hips and dusty jacket Like that cock back quick to pull my strap Just to put the Horsemen on the map (The gold rush) (???? from LBC Crew) Born is Doggystyle, individual, James got the hots I got the six shots for all the plans and plots I gots lots o' cash stashed in money bags Worthy workers for all the Russian blabbermouths and gags I got stacks so my stacks excell Hop in the coach wit my twelve Clydesdales and bells I'm on the move, smooth, to my decoy horse A 30-30 on my side to shoot a nigga o' course It ain't no stoppin young Josey Box all the nosey Headed to the saloon with my platoon where all the hos be Left a dusty trail, bailed in swell Gold spurs on the Gators, set back the clientele Oh well, for the recop I drop my bet Divide between my homies and ride the sunset (Bad Azz from LBC Crew) Two sacks o' money from the train heist They ain't even counted it up just mounted it up Rode west toward the coaster, six-shooters in the holster Pass thru a run-down town whose walls hold my poster Closer I get ta death which is every second makes me sweat so I gotta have what I can get Heard word about the gold rush and headed West on my white horsey with three straps in my napsack Giddy up, the next town I rode thru I had to threaten to blow their city up Undebts with Chief Black, caught five miles west sell us some beads and hail us some weed He offered me a toke he didn't have a 20 he had they beads-pipe smoke I almost choked Break him for the get, right, I'm off into the sunset tryin ta reach my destiny fast It's these two bags o' cash 44's cocked I ain't makin no mo' stops till I hit the spot, I made it twelve on the dot I slid off my boots, counted my loot Five minutes after the strike of midnight I counted 200 Gs, I cocked my strap and slept tight (At the gold rush, at the gold rush at the gold rush, at the gold rush at the, at the, at the)


I tell her, sooner or later this club gon’ close And you’ll be looking for something to do She’ll be looking for somewhere to go Sooner or later this club gon close I’m the nigga you gon wanna see Time the nigga you gon’ wanna know [Joe Budden - Verse 1] Look, face is incredible, amazing Had to notice as I passed on the way in Gave her, she crashed where I was staying I then had to tell her, relax we aint dating Can’t get the hotel suite with the fire place Without Serena legs and the Maya waist Good hair and skin like she should model more Drunk off of shots so what would I buy the bottle for In a Jaguar, she a couger only came her for the hoopers Still a nigga brought the ruger He aint got no idea that I’m surrounded by them shooters Never know if I’ma have to treat ‘em like he an intruder Now back to the shawty though, she say it’s natural Lipo scarred but its covered by a tattoo Bounced on the girlfriend, they aint even mad at you What they even mad at though, yeah I like that attitude [Hook] Now cut the lights down just a little lower Just a little lower [x3] Grab her by the thigh and get her to come closer Let her feel a gun size in the holster Then fill her glass to the top she too sober Cut the lights down just a little lower Then hit the corner, something I gotta show ya [Young Chris - Verse 2] Ride so clean where the fuck is my roof Somebody girl gon gettin’ fucked in my coupe No chain drippin’ lets give ‘em the Cartier Ride up to the club we brings the party here Where them hoes at, try to fuck something New toya, bout to buck something Know the haters out, gotta tuck something Cant get the gun in the club I gotta cut something Only pretty girls, no duck huntin’ It’s that time of the what? Bitch suck something Straight shots, peach Ciroc and I’m off Before you know it, the party be in the house Get up on that, get up in that Open wide girl, get ya chin back My type of bitch yeah, where you been at Lights way too bright you gotta dim that [Hook] [Joe Budden - Verse 3] Shape, she should be on a poster She get it in, a little jack, a little soda And I’ll take it from the pole to the sofa Send her back out with her pussy all re-upholstered Shawty bad though, I’m talking dumb fine All I need to do is hit it one time Bet I be the nigga she gon wanna confine Try to bring the cuffs out, now I’m feeling confined I aint chase her, other niggas fought hard You thinks its scarier, marry her, courtyard Me I beat it up, take the assault charge Marks all over her body like a report card I need a witness, come and look at all of that Say she been around, I ignore pass My bread is my bread I wont support her ass All that mean is theres no rings in the forecast [Hook]

I Want You

First me n u made eye contact, Ooh girl ur bootys lookin mighty phat. Now that u got me watchin u, Oh girl wot can i do? I dunno if u is sumone, Where the hell have cum from? Can i get ur digits baby girl? Ooh u kno ur rockin my world. Look like sumthin from a magazine, Ooh hope this aint no dream. Sumbody pinch me i dont wanna wake up, Cus i cant get enough. [CHORUS] I cant get enough of u, I dont kno wot to do. I want u girl in my life, I jus gots to get wit u tonite. Girl u kno ur doin ur thing, Makin my body wanna swing. Tweek tweek tweek tweek me deep, Cum on cum on get wit me. All our fellas on u, Jus wot ur buzz too. I wanna see wots u next move, Ooh girl wot r u gonna do? Bend on down touch ya toes. Oh girl no u didnt no no. No u didnt tell me u didnt do that, Oh girl im about to have a heart attack. [CHORUS x2] U got me right right where u want me (ive got u ive got u) I jus go crazy girl about u (boy u kno u want me right now) I keep the chicks wishin, They could get the diggins. Get put in the missionary position, (oh yeah) submit to my techings, Fuck that higher now ur peakin. Put my cd in, N jus vibe. Put the car keys in, Jus ride. To the club where we gettin in Gotta a bottle of don n two threesomes come on. Hop the bottles n pass the draw, N i burn baby burn like disco inferno. Give brain in my car till im smart No concern for crashin my name aint herb art. This ur boy keep bangin on ya deck, Ice on my neck make sure i dont sweat. N i jus love em n leave em, No reason for re-runs afta i freak em huh. Ur so fine it makes no sense, Oh girl u must be heaven sent. Now that u got me watchin u, Oh girl what can i do? Sumbody sed look but dont u touch, Ooh its the mud to the mud to the must. Now u got everybody clockin u, Guess wot i am too! [CHORUS X2] Up in the club, Watchin ladies checkin thier booty. Up in the club, Watchin ladies checkin thier booty.

Mr. Sandman

(feat. RZA, Inspector Deck, Street Thug) [Intro: RZA (singing by Blue Raspberry)] [bees buzzing] [man screaming in torture] This is... (Mr. Sandman bring me a good dream) Serious, the craziest ... d-da, (Mr. Sandman bring me a good dream) day-da Danger, dangerous... style [Verse One: RZA] Lyrical shots from the glock bust bullet holes on the chops, I want the number one spot With the science, of a giant New York defiant, brutal like domestic violence Silence of the Lambs, o-ccured when I slammed in Foes grab their chairs, to be mad as Ralph Cramden Others come with shit, as silly as Art Carney But my Tetley triplizes, more kids than Barney Never need for stress there's three bags of sess a damn I rest, playing chess, yes My thoughts be sneaky like a crook from Brooklyn When you ain't lookin, I take the queen, with the rook then I get vexed, layin phat trax on Ampex Morphous God, gettin drunk, off a Triple X Violent time, I got more love than valentines The violent mind, I blast with a silent nine [Verse Two: Inspector Deck] My hazardous thoughts to cut the mic's life support short Brains get stained like tablecloths when I let off Powerful, poetry pushed past the point of no return Leavin mics with third-degree burns Let me at 'em, I cramp your style like a spasm Track em through the mud then I bag em We're screaming hardcore, hip-hop drips out my balls and I be raw, for four score plus seven more I strike like a bowling ball, holding y'all hostage like hail, electrifying the third rail Peep the smash on paragraphs of ruckus Wu-Tang (Clan ain't nuttin ta fuck wit) [Verse Three: Method Man] Hot time, summer in the city My people represent, get busy The heat-seeker, on a mission from hell's kitchen I gets in where I fits in for head-touchin, listen Enemy, is the industry got me flippin I don't give a fuck tell that bitch and a nigga I'm killin, snipin, catchin murder cases Desert Storm-in, I be searchin for oasis As I run a mile with a racist Pullin, swords, hit the Billboard with a bullet Peace to the number seven Everybody else get the fo'-nine-three-eleven (Mr. Sandman bring me a good dream) I don't know what's going on if you can take us there... [Verse Four: Street Thug] Yo, watch me bang the headpiece there's no survival My flow lights up the block like a homicidal murder, underground beef for the burger P.L.O., criminal thoughts you never heard of I switch, the city never sleeps, life's a bitch I shit, runnin through bitches like Emmitt Smith Caution, niggaz best to be careful crossin the street, before they end up layin in a coffin Don't sleep, niggaz tend to forget, however Peep this -- my nigga Case lives forever [Verse Five: Carlton Fisk] What evil lurks in the heart of men It be the shadow, street-life, flowin again I had a plot, scheme, I knew for sure Only one kid would knock the hinges off the door The jerk tried to jet, Sabrina at his neck Thirteen pounds on the table plus a tec Just when I said, 'Where the fuck's the cream' Another jerk came out the kitchen with the M-16 He tried to cock it, blast these shots like, rockets Crushed his collarbone, ripped his arm out the socket My move for the table was swift, I got my hostage (The nigga tried to stab you God!) but I dodged it Niggaz said, 'Carlton youse a ill motherfucker' Cause I made it look like they both killed each other And I'm out (Mr. Sandman bring me a good dream) (Mr. Sandman bring me a good dream)

Dutch Masters

JAE MILLZ "Dead Presidents 2"
[Verse 1:] They act like I wanna get fame off dissing niggas, Like I ain't already got fame off dissing niggas, That's one thing I do, got if I ain't got shit on niggas Youtube me, they watch my battles more than ya singles nigga Recite some of the most clever shit ever made And by the way I ain't battle in bout a decade Yo, don't be mad at me for catching darts Ya'll niggas through and let's keep it moving, respect the art I just wanna smoke and chase kush clouds And celebrate Obama, no longer stressed bout what Bush allow I wish I can supply the world with pounds 'Cause dutch masters make the world go round Check me out [Verse 2:] Mind over matter until the day that my ashes are scattered Or til that evening at my casket It's lower then them green stims that grow out of that brown dirt That ground work, is what calculates and totals to your town's worth Where I'm from, girls only care bout that brown purse Black girl lost but Louis Vuitton made her feel she found earth I can't just apparent that miss ladder All I can do is teach my princess better Nas was right on time with that daughter's record He came out with it the week I found out what my girl was expecting Now I'm so geeked I wish I could supply the world with pounds 'Cause dutch masters make the world go round [Verse 3:] Before my grandmother died she said nothing is promised So that's my proudest fact So proud in fact her grandson naming his album that Shout to Harlem, it's only right that I style in raps Put gold around my wrists and fingers Kneel down a smile for snaps Yea, jailhouse pose For my soldiers in them jailhouse clothes, salute Listen to the sentences, I just thinks you could tell I know What the fuck I'm fuckin talkin bout From hell I arose Now it's 10 toes on this cold world that they place the nigga in But I'm good, I got nigga skin You say I'm a whack rapper? That's cool Being a black man on earth, I've been called worse That's why I wish I could supply the world with pounds 'Cause dutch masters make the world go round Smoke something bitch Millz

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