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MARQUES HOUSTON lyrics - Naked


Original and similar lyrics
[Spoken Marques] Don't say a word Just come over here I got somethin' I gotta do tonight Listen [Verse One] Ain't never been a man wantin' anything much as I want you (you) The sun don't come up til' mornin' so tonight theres no excuse...mmm (mmm) Just like the rain outside I'll make your love come down so baby now it's time (time) Just can't wait no more (just can't wait no more) I'm gon' give you what your body's been cryin' for (cryin' for) [PreChorus One] And if you tell me yes I'll lay you down Girl we ain't gotta rush let's play around We'll do it like we never done before so go and lock that door Baby don't worry cus I'll be gentle [Chorus] Come on baby turn the lights off let's get naked (ooh come on) Come on babygirl you know I just can't take it (I can't take it no more) Let your panties hit the floor (floor) Let your body steal the show right now (right now) It seems like you're ready So come on girl I just can't wait to see us naked (us naked yea) [Verse Two] I know you want this girl I see it in your eyes (eyes) Don't be ashamed of what you got between those thighs oh (oh) You know I'm gon' try not to be so exited But I can't help it feels so good to be invited So baby get ready cus here I go ooh (here I go ooh) [PreChorus Two] Take off your shoes I wanna see them toes Slip off that skirt and that shirt gotta go Come off them draws girl you won't be needin' those Now you're wearin' what I like baby let's go Come on [Chorus] Come on baby turn the lights off let's get naked (Let's get naked) ooh come on Come on babygirl you know I just can't take it (I can't take it no more) Let your panties hit the floor (floor) Let your body steal the show right now (right now) It seems like you're ready So come on girl I just can't wait to see us naked (us naked yea) [Verse Three] Now somethin' 'bout that sexy skin you in Your clothes don't do you justice so come out of them So baby take that off so I can break you off And give you love love love (uh huh oh) Now its time to enjoy yourself If you need assistance babygirl I'm here to help Cus its time for us to start this love makin' (let's make love) But first we gotta get butt naked [Spoken Marques] Damn girl You look so good Won't you come over here Slip off that skirt You know that shirt gotta go baby baby baby You lookin' kinna right Take your time (take your time) Now you know its time Lets get naked If you tell me yes I'll lay you down We'll do it like you never done before If you tell me yes I'll lay you down

I Know What You Want

BUSTA RHYMES "It Ain't Safe No More..."
(feat. Flipmode Squad, Mariah Carey) [Busta Rhymes speaking] Yeah Shorty I know what you need I got everything you need I promise I ain't gonna hold out either I'ma give it all to you baby It's on, bust it [Chorus: 1- Busta Rhymes 2- Mariah Carey] [1] - Baby if you give it to me I'll give it to you I know what you want You know I got it Baby if you give it to me I'll give it to you I know what you want You know I got it [2] - Baby if you give it to me I'll give it to you I know what you want You know I got it Baby if you give it to me I'll give it to you I know what you want You know I got it [Verse 1: Spliff Star] We been together for a few years Shared a few tears Called each other nicknames Like Sugar Plum and Poo Bear I'm always on the road I'm hardly ever home Always busy this busy that Can't talk on the phone I know you aggrevated Walk around frustrated Ya patience gettin' short How long can you tolerate it Listen ma I'm just motivated I do this for us Step on the grind tryin' to elevate it now [Verse 2: Baby Sham] Hey yo to really be honest You stuck with me through my whole struggle Can't express the words How much the kid loves ya I'ma stand as a man never above ya I can tell that you different from most Slightly approach you And that ill shit about it We gon' sex every day But when we sex we tease In a passionate way I love the way you touch it Those little elaborate ways Got the guard feelin' released To relax for the day It's on you ma [Chorus 1- Busta Rhymes 2- Mariah Carey] [Verse 3: Busta Rhymes] Shh, mami listen I feel ya love for me baby And how it move through you I been longin' for the moment To talk the truth to you Listen, I'm never home I always get up and go Puttin' you through the unnecessary rigga-ma-ro I never meant to put a thousand pounds Of stress on ya head I love the way we sleep And always cuddle in bed Baby, I stay embracin' ya patience Sheddin' ya tears with me I ask you my mami Please continue to bear with me [Verse 4: Rah Digga] We started out broke Constantly on a roll Cuttin' up in the streets like we would never get old Went from Lucy's and buses to fifty cent sodas And Novas to Hondas to Lexus to Rovers Mad years passed Still got each other back Word is bond never screw none of these industry cats We like Scull and Mulder Walkin' shoulder to shoulder Milkin' this game watchin' our seeds gettin' older [Chorus 1- Busta Rhymes 2- Mariah Carey] [Verse 5: Busta Rhymes] Yes you know I'll die for you And ya know I'll ride with you I will always try with you And give ya my love and cry with you [Verser 6: Mariah Carey] I will climb a mountain high Until I was up to touch the sky So baby come and get more close to me This is where your love is supposed to be [Verse 7 : Rampage] I pull up to the house in a yellow Lamborghini It's been a few months in PA you haven't seen me Ya lookin' good in that Gucci bikini 38 carats ya ring lookin' freezy No matter what I do in the world you never leave me Fall back ma I'll make ya lifestyle easy I appreciate the things ya do to please me Lookin' at my daughter you'll never do me greasy [Chorus 1- Busta Rhymes 2- Mariah Carey] [Busta Rhymes speaking with Mariah ad-libs] Flipmode Records, J Records Def Jam Records Busta Rhymes...Mariah Flipmode Squad, yeah So beautiful Ah-ha I knew you was gon' give me that high note Mariah Ah-ha-ha yeah

Lay Up

[Intro: Andy Mineo & Marv Albert (Wordsplayed)] What time, is it? Gametime [Marv Albert:] 1.3 seconds left in regulation and right now you're not thinkin' jump shot, all you need is a layup [Mineo:] That's right Marv, nothin' fancy [Marv Albert:] No cosmetics [Mineo:] They've got a chance to win it here tonight at Dyckman courts. He throws it in, he's wide open (Don't miss, don't miss) [Marv Albert:] Ooh, he missed it at the horn [Verse 1: Andy Mineo] Wavin' my American flag Even though it got "Made in China" on the tag Used to have the GT with the mags now my face in the mags I ain't gotta brag, Momma said, “Let other people do that” White man still can't jump If I catch a fast break then I'm slappin' the glass Ask my man Sequae, "should I marry my girl"? He said, "Wait up, hold up She fly, love God, and she got a good mind Oh boy, that's a layup! Gotta take it when it come Please don't miss it What you bouta do with the rock? When it’s game time for the wedding save me a ticket" [Pre-Hook: Andy Mineo] What time is it? Game time What time is it? Game time What time is it? Game time Young boy, don't quit One thing that you don't miss That's a layup [Hook: Andy Mineo] That's easy boy That's a lay up That's a free-bee boy (fundamentals) That's a lay up Don't blow it That's a lay up That's easy buckets (Eazy-E) That's a lay up [Verse 2: Andy Mineo] Told Alex I don't want no more trap beats Man, why you had to send this? You know I couldn't resist This is a finger roll, look at the flicka da wrist That's an assist, no I insist Throw me the alley, I'll oop it Spanish girl up in my hood Look me in the face said, "Don't be estupid", I got it Look, shawty I'm the professor, get the lab coat I speak two languages, Spanglish and infact-os Coach told me no lollygaggin' Still dunk with my pants saggin' One sixteen, yeah, it's tatted Cause I been ridin', no bandwagon Look, I done came down Nate told me that's H-Town But I'm Boeheim, when it's game time That's a lay up, but I never lay it down You ain't even pray for the dinner How you got the prayin' hands on the 'gram for the picture? Shots on Twitter they ain't nothing but net And we already won, we the pros, got next [Pre-Hook] [Hook] [Verse 3: Wordsplayed] Goin' down, NY City don't sleep, let me close one eye City don't weep, grown boys don't cry Four wings with the pork fried, oh my I'm schemin' up, teamin' up, lay it up Screamin' out buckets, buckets They don't even know me but swear that I did it for duckets, my Lord We brought Sosa back to the minors Lord help me, the money look major She only love things that are finer And she lookin' fine, boy, I tell you That's two doors with the ceiling gone That's five-four with the silicone I guess Mr. Right still choosin' wrong Colored folks still can't swim But Mike Phelps couldn't walk the water Pastor said that we need Jesus Big state was his alma mater Shouts to Alex, that's my brother Shoutin' Dyckman over Rucker Look at grace, I think I love her [Pre-Hook] [Hook] [Outro: Andy Mineo & Marv Albert (Wordsplayed)] [Marv Albert:] Aw, you shoulda taken the stairs young fella [Andy:] You can't win 'em all Marv [Marv Albert:] I can't believe he blew it [Andy:] Unbelievable [Marv Albert:] That's a ball game here in New York

So Fly

Nasty Boy Klique
Oh woo oh (you so fly lady) [chorus:] You look so fly, so cool Tell me girl can I talk to you I'm only in town for one night Let me know if you're down to ride So fly, so cool Tell me girl can I talk to you I'm only in town for one night Let me know if you're down to ride [Zig-Zag] Yea, you ready to ride baby? If you think you're lonely now just wait until tonight... girl I know I've been on the road and away from home But I've been feenin for you, dreamin of you And what I'm gonna do when I have you alone You heard the message on your cell phone Me sayin 'Daddy's home' I'm about to put it down Got you runnin around half-naked around the house [laugh] And this isn't just fast sex We makin love until we both climax I know you miss me, I can tell by the way you kiss me There's no other place you rather be but here in ecstasy with me I'm that someone who's gonna love you right even if I'm home for just one night You know it's alright It's me and you, Zig-Zag and Mary Jane Your lovin's got me never wanting to leave again [chorus] The way you move that body (uh), twist those hips (yeah) I just want to know can I tell you this... [Magic] That you're the typa girl I wanna roll with tonight I'm at the Double Tree I got an early flight but nothin Could be better than to kick it with you I'm talking about more than a one-night rendezvous You can call it what you want, but I'ma treat you right It's like a fantasy, girl close your eyes Take my time when I touch that body Get you so hot you wanna talk naughty Ooh suga suga how'd you get so fly? I'm down for yours if you're down for mine (uh) Mamacita, chula, sexy chica meet me in the room, I'm in 602 Cuz all I wanna do is have a party for two Baby girl tonight it's me and you (woo) The way you're movin that body and twistin those hips Workin those eyes and lickin those lips... oh my (oh my baby) So fly (you're so fly lady) The way you're movin that body and twistin those hips Workin those eyes and lickin those lips... oh my (oh my baby) So fly (you're so fly lady) [Dos] T-t-tell me something girl, something girl T-t-tell me something girl.. you down to make it hot? It's that freaky deaky rider sexin you non-stop Love the way I touch you, I'm breakin you down You say you shouldn't do this, you still goin down Now we on the floor You moan and groan, holdin me so tight Tellin me you want more I see you feelin freaky we're on another level Got me serving you now on a dinner table How do you want it, how does it feel? The way you lick your lips girl you know I'm diggin this Your body keeps callin, no temperatures fallin The heat keeps risin, got you mesmerizin Tonight's the night we'll remember forever If I'm eva in your spot I know you're down for whatever [chorus]

Girl's Best Friend

JAY-Z "Vol. 3... Life And Times Of S. Carter"
Jigga man, Swizz Beats History in the making, part three Lights out ladies! [Chorus: 2x] C'mon here baby, you drive me crazy (to all my baby thugs) Don't want nobody but you my baby (and all my ladies sing) Hold me tight and call me your lady (say it louder) Let me scream your name [Jay-Z] I took ya outta Jacob's in clusters Busters they wanted to rush us Love the way you sparkle when the sun touch ya When you blush you turn blue if your grade is right You can light up the whole room, turning day from night When the summertime is in and the tops are down With you around my neck we lock the whole block down (that's right) It took shortsleeves and loungin' to understand The reason they call you ice, everybody freeze Ain't a pendant in the sun who can shine like you And that platinum in the charm who can blind like you The direct reason why niggas do they crimes they do I used to snatch the necklace right off them reckless fools Guess I was jealous that they was so next to you So I devoted half my time to invest in you The other half was spent on protecting you Cause you belong to me, now sing ya song for me C'mon [Chorus 2x] [Jay-Z] I'm often with you so they wonder bout the juice I got I took you from the projects and an abusive pops From the bottom to the top The skateboard to the drop From the nada to the Prada I got ya like I got ya From the first time I put you round my neck and locked ya It was then I knew everywhere I went you'd follow Soon I spent every dolla you became my habit other brothers vice was smoke, mines was carats The more checks I got the more I laced my crew The rocks got bigger, watch face got blue Tricked a little bit, shit I lace my Boo Fuck it, my mistress I laced her too Cop my jewels twice, like deja vu If they ever met in the mall, it's ova ya'll Just the way I do, and either way you win I mean the thugs love ya when your girl's best friend [Chorus 2x] [Jay-Z] And the wedding band you love In the gold chain you thug Sometimes you given just because And the tennis bracelet means they want relations Know that they wanna fuck the only reason they give you up In the hands of goldiggas you never enough Rings, things, just never enough With me and you together gon shine to the end I mean the thugs love ya but ya girls best friend [Chorus til end]

Burning Down One Side

Slipped through the window by the back door Caught short in transit with my love Jumped up, fell back, cut off from romance How could I fall without a shove? Tiptoe like thunder on my feelings You rock me gently with your sighs My knees are weak, my head is reeling Consumed by fire in your eyes... Don'tcha know why? Goodness no! Why? Stepped in and shattered my defenses Just playing hookey with my heart Slipped through the window by the back door And took the keys to my poor heart Yes my poor heart Try as I might, try as I may Yes I'll I try anything to just make you stay 'Cuz I need your love, yes I need your love Ooh I need your love, yes I need your love I'm looking high I'm looking low Tryin' to find where did my baby go Gotta find out why she ran away I don't know, where did my baby stay? Try as I might, try as I may Oh I'll try anything to just make you stay Just find that 'Boulevard d'Amour' Shoot through a neon in the night Hotfoot through alleys, check the doorways Try that old parking lot on 9th There's three-course kissing in the same way Oh but that don't help me none no more I've been away so long and dreaming Little girl ain't I seen you before? Ooh little girl...

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