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MARIO WINANS lyrics - Hurt No More

Turn Around

Original and similar lyrics
oooh Baby oooh Babe... (Verse 1) Everything you said to me tell me was i bugging, dreaming Cuz it's not that real to me there has been no sleeping, iv'e been thinking of how I... (Bridge) Begged to love me (now you) want to leave me (and it) hurts me deeply inside (ooh baby how i..) want to touch you (and i) need to hold you (baby) stay with me one more night (one more night) (Chorus) Turn around, and take just one more look See if your really sure, that you can walk away From my love, i'm begging you to stay Down on my knees to pray That you will turn around and be my baby (Verse 2) All the moments that we shared You could never put a price on us I tried to trust in you After all of this iv'e deered You say that you are leaving Have you been thinking (of how I...) (Bridge) (Chorus) (Verse 3) Just when i give in, your leaving Don't walk away from my love Can't go a day without your love Your all i'm dreaming of Just try again, beleive me This is where love begins Don't wanna here you say That you wanna walk away (Chorus)X3

Muero De Amor Por Ti

Just somethin' about you The way I'm lookin' at you, whatever You keep lookin at me Gettin' scared now, right Don't fear me baby, its just Justin It feel good right, listen I kinda noticed something one night In your colorful face It's kinda weird to me, since you're so fine If it's up to me your face'll change If you smile then that should set the tone Just be limber And if you let go the music should move your bones Just remember Sing this song with me Can't nobody love ya like I love ya You're a good girl and that's what makes me trust ya (Hey) Late at night I talk to you You will know the difference when I touch ya Some people are so phony Nosy cause they lonely Aren't you sick of the same thing They say so and so is datin' Love you or they're hatin' When it doesn't matter anyway Cos we're here tonight If you smile then that should set the tone Just be limber baby And if you let go the music should move your bones Baby, just remember Sing this song with me Can't nobody love ya like I love ya You're a good girl and that's what makes me trust ya (Hey) Late at night I talk to you You will know the difference when I touch ya Yeah You know I could make you happy I could change your life If you give me that chance to be your man I won't let you down baby If you give me that chance to be your man Here baby, put on my jacket And then... Maybe we'll fly the night away (I just want to love you baby, yeah, yeah, yeah) Girl Maybe we'll fly the night away (I just wanna love ya baby) Girl.... (Pusha T) Ma' whatcha wanna do? I'm in front of you Grab a friend, see I can have fun with two Or me and you put on a stage show And the mall kids, that's how to change low Point to her they say 'Wow, it's the same glow' Point to me I say 'Yea, it's the same dough' We the same type, you my air of life You have me sleepin' in the same bed er'night (Malice) Go rock with me, you deservin' the best Take a few shots Let it burn in your chest We could ride down Pumpin' N.E.R.D in the deck Funny how a few words turn into sex (I just love your....brain..) Play number three, Joint called 'Brain' Ma, take a hint Make a swerve in the lane The name Malicious And I burn every track Clipse and J Timberlake Now how heavy is that? Maybe we'll fly the night away (I just wanna love ya baby, yeah, yeah, yeah) Girl.. Maybe we'll fly the night away (I just wanna love ya baby, girl...) Can't nobody love you like I love ya (Can't love ya like I do) You're a good girl and that's what makes me trust ya (Makes me trust ya like I do, hey) Late at night I talk to you (hey yeah) You will know the difference when I -- (Break it down) You know I used to dream about this when I was a little boy I never thought it would end up this way Drums... (Hey) It's kinda special right, yeah You know, if you think about it Sometimes people are just destined Destined to do what they do And that's what it is Now everybody dance

L.i.f.e (Feat. Jaguar)

Once again standin' here cryin' out Energy gone my insides dyin' out Wishin' you was dead or somewhere lyin' out Every time you open ya mouth lies flyin' out Remember when we first met you wit' ya crew Me wit' my girls doin' what we usually do You wit' ya game comin' at me askin my name Knew it was love first sight you said it the same Talked on the phone the whole night vibe feelin' so right Every step pointin' to love the future so bright Till this girl I sat next to in class told me she was pregnant And that you was the dad How she wasn't jealous of me or nothin' I had How you cheated on her several times and treated her bad And as she was tellin'me that my whole world collapsed Feelin' like a fool still in love wit' you Chorus (2x): Mommy always told me 'bout life Life never plays to be nice Tragedy's all in my life Love is what destroyed my life, life What tricks you gon' play now Nothin' you could say cuz everything is clear now I can see where I made my mistakes Stayin' home a good girlfriend gimme a break I'd be home alone callin'you catchin' the shakes Every minute till you call back adrenaline raced Left me hangin' on my birthday when I stayed at ya place You came home the next morning I just stared at ya face Knew where you was actin' dumb it tore me apart Took it out on ya things put the key to ya car Felt like you had a knife all this pain in my heart Deep down though still wishin' we could restart For a second I was on top swore I had the cream Rude awakening nothin' come to sleepers but a dream It's sinkin' in never really loved me and it seemed What was I thinking I was only in my teens Chorus Nowadays when I see you I don't feel bad Got a real love in my life you be a real dad For once in ya life try doin' somethin' right By now you should be ready to slow it down Cuz you know what go 'round come back 'round Even though it hurt to let you go I had to roll A demon in disguise you was tryna take my soul Couldn't make a move you was tryna take control In a way I blame myself maive I made the choice to be wit' you and no one else indeed A picture in a broken frame upon the shelf indeed Had to take a lil' time to know myself Every now and then I start to reminisce wantin' a kiss Even though it's dangerous Every now and then yo I start to reminisce For real even though it's dangerous Chorus

Oh My My

Uhh...yo! I can't hear myself on the mic! Uhhh....yeah maybe I can! Ugh! [First Verse: SPM] Now take a trip off the trip let me trip you out Cause I'm a trip, I'm a nut, I'm a fool no doubt Y'all boys really trippin on the money I make But I'm trippin wet tryin to kill some I hate Separate all these fake niggas all in my face You a disgrace, you should wish well for your own race Tie your laces and hide your two faces Guess I been lookin for love in all the wrong places Follow in a trail to the land of hell Everybody knows I belong in jail For my Raza, anyone else no tienen chanza Fuck with my click i'll put a hole in your panza I give two fucks, three shits, and one damn Scram you bitch you aint with my fam I don't cut for the jealous Guess where your gal is All on my weenie like mustard and relish [Chorus: Baby Beesh] Oh my my, oh hell yeah Let's all get to puttin' some in tha air Fix me a drink and sing me a song But do it quick baby cause I can't stay long Oh my my, oh hell yeah Let's all get to puttin' some in the air Man I'm so blowed Man I'm so throwed Somebody grab the wheel I can't see the road [Second Verse: SPM] Mama Mia I wanna put somethin in Aaliyah Sippin Sangria and smokin on Maria I drill a nine milli through your liver arm trilla Lone star state home of the armadilla Blow killa with Priscilla and ganja with Blanca Catch me at the club in my Nike chanclas Vida chueca, my girlfriend's name is La Muñeca Dios around my necka Sangre de Azteca S P M on choppers like men Y'all run and hide while I count to ten I'm a wait till fall then I'll cut my grass Stop and make my girlfriend pump the gas I got enough birds to have a snowball fight My dream is to keep the world up all night I done sold you a dub sack Used to chase a hub cap Now I'm in this game tryin to see where my love at [Chorus] [Third Verse: Baby Beesh] Its the return of that nut, Baby Beeshie Love my chicken greasy Shittin on them haters that love to taste the feces I'm a fool I'm a nutta Gone off the butta I'm from Vallejo, California Houston to Calcutta Gone wacko off tobacco mixed with the dough dough You squares aint ready for the modern day cholo Used to be a player but now I'm an official Doin big things like Shine and Pen & Pixel The only nigga with a Benz still on welfare No insurance, no license, and no health care Computer illiterate Smoke dank like a cigarette A straight fuckin idiot You think that I give a shit I need a hearing aid for some handicap parking Damn Baby Bash your so damn retarded [Chorus]

Changed Man

JOE "Better Days"
Can I talk to you Pain- I know that I cause you some pain And baby I know it's a shame The games, the strain Love- girl all you had for me was love And I ran your love in a muck No hugs and what, what, what What was I thinking It hit me like a flash a light I realize you are my life And I really love you (I love you) Yes I do, yes I do I've changed like an 80's fade to the corn-rows To the white-house from death-row Projects to holly-wood I've been to Atlantis, from bad to good I've changed like a poor excuse to a true friend I'm a brand new start from a dead end Like a guilty man turned innocent Baby I've changed Life- I'm willing to lay down my life Baby won't you be my wife Except this ring tonight Now I was a blind man who spent his whole life In the dark no trees, no bees, no central-park And I realize you are my life You're the perfect work of art lady It hit me like a flash of light I realize you are my life And I really love you (I love you) Yes I do, yes I do The thought of losing you has caused My transformation my rehabilitation, dedication, inspiration Girl I'm brand new Listen clearly baby I'm willing to show you the little things I meant to do Before I never took the time to do (I wanna love you)

What Am I?

Chino XL "Here to Save You All"
(Song intro) (Girl talking) Yo stop driving crazy! (Chino) Shut the fuck up yo! I drive...Yo word is bond i need a sign yo I'm stopping right here till i get a sign (Lightning Sounds) (Chino) Look at that shit! What's that nigga? Ohh shit yo! I can't believe this... (Angel Speaks) Chino my love although many will come before you trying to be just like you there will never be another you. You've traveled so far to get here. Don't allow the world to make you forget why. Our ancestors are with you, and will lead you. Never let your mental conquer me (Chorus) Never love my enemy You could never take my history You could never block my destiny Never did love follow me And i'll never return to poverty Never fooled by satan's jealousy Until my heaven inherits me... (verse 1) I won't lie, some nights i feel like i've been forsaken by God, victimized, plagarized like Speilberg did Amistad, He who laughs last laughs best but never again is the montra that I cry... I spit like Ming the merciless, blissless bliss high risk piss clench fist, the massicistic sadistic from every verse on this Behold my serpents hair like purseus ill impossibly, larceny, broken velocity through lightning speed viscosity My philosophy, speak animosity keep shit in a bag like a colostimy im pro you're junior varsity, If twelve angry of you was on MTV dis my shit i'll hunt down and kill 'em all individually, I make headlines considerably, Sorcery with no plea bargain, or glossary, Fuck the Insane Clown Posse, of rap their making a mockery You'll retire like Seinfeld waiting on titles that i've held rockin' gold like Dennis Leary blasting assasins sent to kill me feel me, you take notes like court stenography, you better watch me, I take beef personally to your villa steps like Versace More Colt 45's than Billy Dee, collecting disability I'll shoot out with Bill Hillary, still won't run out of artillery While you trying to make all net like Iver-son or Jor-don I'm extor-tin trying to make all net like Forbes the mega for-tune Stick that ass in phone booth's, drinking 151 proof, laughing at that bitch with a gold tooth, flicking my ashes out of a sunroof Uncooth industry snotty and shady can't no Bible save me, From throwing you offmy tour bus like Bobby did Whitney baby Get with me? Maybe, but then be hunted You ain't no killer or gangster smiling or dancing interviewed by Teen Summit My multi-topical written flows containing subjects that vary, but still all relative like West Virginian's before they marry I blind you in stereo or mono i'm deluxe while you ride econo out of there, broke like the first host of the Vibe show Your wives know I fuck like Marky Mark on Boogie Nights while Guinessed out, while famous bitches give me head with Pop Rocks in their mouths Me dissapear? Never again, go to war with Vattican men, it'll take a whole cast of yall to have your ass walking again You're an over-rated player that white fans love like DiMaggio You off-air like Wendy Williams, out of the air like John Denver till forever you remeber, i'm falling off? Never... (Girl Singing) I'm god... 4X (Chorus) Never can you stop my hostility Never love my enemy Never get me out your memory I am never beaten lyrically Never fear, go head murder me So my God will be right next to me... (Verse 2) I'm descending from the sky like Gabriel the arch angel with weight of world on shoulders like Aretha Franklin's ankles You liars, i'm tired of all your fake drug dealing tales the only time yall see grams is when yall drink them gingerales I hold the hammer to, your head piece flush you! like genitals I'll battle bring evil that'll make your priest abandon you Through translucent fuschia zones poems, my vocal tones are dark Catacombs that'll scatter domes with the phermones of old bones in Germany eternally my victim hemorages internally untill the scent of decaying flesh, accompany Manson's death If you ask, bet, i'll take your breath a diffrent aspect enter the lung get shredded by person to person contact But beyond that, any rappers death i'm behind that I'll get that ass touced in any jail you do time at In every verse ditto, my defeat you better have more blind folded fate than the kidnaped version of pinky's widow Kiddo, you ain't worth hospitals till im hospitable enough to put you inside of a hospital after i smoke critical amounts of dust Thus my mind spoke on Jedi pedestals and roasting demos semi seminals who try to test testicles of this mc's quotables I'll make the proudest of all Dominicans swing flags for Puerto Rico And kill any blanco gringo reffering to Chino as chico By summoning the smoldering murdering minister thats mastering mayhem slaying day out day in out'spoke'n like a dayton Rim that be keeping 'em staggering through lyrical pattern traveling through my abdomen unraveling at the speed of a javelin still reppin' Vatican And invade like Mexican notify next to kin cats i'm invested in Don't worship Christ, they worship the theives crucified next to him Poison men cringes, from poison pen syringes these niggas couldn't be stars if they were thrown by Chinese ninjas Chino you bring phantasm plus you G like the dwellas and been touched by an angel like Della, me fear yall niggas? Never...

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