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Mansun lyrics - Kleptomania

Getting Your Way

Original and similar lyrics
So pleased if you're getting your way If you're coming unstuck Then daddy's gonna step in and pay Look best in your party dress And you're gonna impress All the players when they know you're not Getting your way Daddy will pay So proud when you get up and dance Move centre on stage Make sure that everybody can see Exposure's maximum Subconsciously When you know that you are sitting on Top of the tree Getting your way You feel warm You feel safe You're number one When daddy pays You're satisfied When you feel you're getting your way Leave school, reality check And you've gotta find work Now daddy is refusing to pay Just like all the terrible happening Not returning your calls 'Cos jealousy is something that Sticks for an age Now daddy won't pay

Let A Man Come In And Do The Popcorn, Pt. 1

Hey you all look out let a man come in I got to have fun I'm gonna do my thing Way over yonder can you dig that mess The sister standing out there dressed up In a brand new mini dress Look hey over there do you see that boy playing that horn And dig that soul brother look at him doing the popcorn Hey everybody I got a brand new start Hey, hey everybody I got a brand new start I ain't gonna hurt nobody I just, I just I just wanna help my heart Gonna have a ball sure as you're born Gonna have a ball sure as you're born I'm gonna dance, dance, dance do the popcorn Hey look a there hey look a there Do you see what I see Everybody doing the popcorn but me Get back over there with your mini dress Look out good mama I gotta do my best Hey over there hey over there look a here A look a here I got the best band in the land I just gotta jump back take my stand I want to ask the fellows don't have no doubt I just got to lay to lay it right out

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