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MANIC STREET PREACHERS lyrics - Generation Terrorists

So Dead

Original and similar lyrics
Learn to sleep through misery Never gonna wake feeling free No one fucks as good as Marilyn Plastic surgery sure cures your sins You need a fix I'm your prostitute Repression says depravity's cute I'll feed you lines to make you smile You're so easy to dehumanise It's not that I can't find worth in anything It's just that I can't find worth in enough It's not that I can't find worth in anything In your love Pay for it Pay for it Degrade your senses till you hate me Begging to be cool through nicotine Decadence costs but she must be clean Build up walls so you can't feel When you get high 'It's so unreal' Days fade in and I need the night I've seen your dumb face all of my life Eyes close down, I don't wanna see Broken communion of the twentieth century It's not that I can't find worth in anything It's just that I can't find worth in enough It's not that I can't find worth in anything In your love Pay for it Pay for it You're gonna pay for my intelligence Pay for it Pay for it Cos I'm a slut and you just suck Pay for it Pay for it Degrade your senses till you hate me Pay for it Pay for it We promote all sickness and disease You're gonna pay for my intelligence Cos I'm a slut and you just suck You're so dead You're so dead

Past 12

i met this guy he was always on the floor but he's dancing by himself i don't know why cuz he's lookin' hot to death so i began to think if i go out on the floor there's a chance he'll notice me and when he did it was poppin' sweet we can get out on the floor but take it slow baby, won't you keep it right there yeah, we can take it there boy i don't really care it's all good with me we can bounce up in the club or kick it in ya truck long as it's sittin on doves, it's love cuz we ain't gotta go no where let's get it crunk tonight i must admit that i'm not so bold when it comes to other guys i ain't goin trip first for everything and i hope that this is a thing i won't regret when morning comes when the party ends is it gonna be you and me boy if the fleeling's right we can rock all night for sure don't you know that boy, when the clock strikes 2 i'm gonna be with you for sure it's past 12 o'clock and i'm trying to put it on lock makin' sure the party don't stop bottles stay popped think i'm feelin' what you got (all night) it's past 12 o'clock and i'm trying to keep it on lock won't you come and dance with me then we'll see if you're gonna be with me no coincidence two distant hearts on a map both goin no where fast both late for an appointment, they end up together in a city cab they share a fare and some friendly conversation that's no coincidence, that's love she scrambles through her purse he rushed in through the front lookin for change, there's a joke box in the back of the restaurant they start to dance til this day they're still dancing that's no coincidence that's love it's amazing, it's perfection how each little bitty star makes up one big constellation of people getting connected it's truly heaven sent, it's evident that love is no coincidence he snapped a photograph she took a sonogram she didn't tell him he shipped off to war in a foreign land left home a soldier but came back a father that's no coincidence that's love somebody crashed her car he's got a failing heart one thing can save them an operation neither can afford but through visitation, two families get acquainted that's no coincidence that's love how we intertwine is divine (extraordinary) open your eyes and you'll find (it's involuntary) seasons have reasons for changing (so that everybody) can find love, lose love, find love again

Hate Me

Check me out, I fell in love with the hatred Love being hated Ya'll should already know as much as I state it Niggas ain't thinkin, drunk or sedated I could care less I give a fuck I made it Best in the world, put a blog on your playlist Much that I dated, ya'll cover parade with Realest to ever do it, hate to interrupt the fake shit If I said it I meant it trust I don't insinuate shit I turn a deaf ear to the feed back You come from the bottom, I come from underneath that Ya'll hit the strip club toss a few g stacks I invest it and quadruple what I see back See I'm used to the all black, ski mask Cruise to the louie duffle in elite class Zero the speed limit I ain't going no where though, just means they getting no where slow It's all in your thoughts if you a janitor mop the floor like a boss Push the ford like a porsche Sell the ounce like a bundle Treat your plain looking girlfriend like a model and the models gonna want you Rock the tee like it's an exclusive fit If she give the best head, just act like you used to the shit See I'm good at that Walk like your dick is that big, if you slip out make her put it back Why you wanna hate me I'm in the club so low key that you barely know it's me Don't even like rap In the cars flow is tree I'm like jack butterfly more virgins I'm on it like that Ain't the richest or the flyest best dressed, just the sickest and the nicest, best kept So when they hate me it's fun cause I wasn't even a threat till they made me one All I did was take a small hood nobody knew about Repped it let the game know something new was out Gave ya'll my slang what you saying is old Made it cool to be yourself, stop playing the role Stood up to the label said id rather have an opinion than sell my soul and be a minion Majors gave him mad looks, was a nice try we gonna sell the same I just do it off of WiFi When lyrics was in need around you Slaughterhouse was born nigga meet the founder All I did spit like a nigga from another world Bitch was off ? turned into a covergirl Only dumb niggas hate on brilliance Only dudes that won't last hate on resilience I'm chilling jsut counting my blessings I guess in essence I'm asking a rhetorical question

Cold Day In Hell

JOHN ANDERSON "Seminole Wind"
Said that you'd love me forever love me till the rivers run dry Said that we'd be together till the stars fell from the sras We'll love each till hell freezes over and birds no longer fly If I'm ever gonna wish on a fallen star tonight would be the good time to try I guess we're gonna run out of bottom I can't find a bird in the skies What never should happen is happening now I just heard you tell me goodbye [fiddle] Don't need to see anybody I'm feeling too empty inside The world's going crazy I'm feeling shaky I guess I need a good place to hide I should have known better when you said you'd never hurt me or tell me a lie Guess I'd better break out my old winter coat it's sure gettin' cold for July I guess we're gonna run out of bottom... If you were watchin' wherever you are the last of the stars as they fell It's a cold day a cold day a cold day in hell

Love Like That

WYNONNA JUDD "The Other Side"
You might tell me to mind my business But I've been watchin' and I've been a witness To the things you do and say and the games you play You better start cutting the man some slack Or he's gonna leave and he won't be back One day you're gonna chase him away If you keep on yankin' that chain Honey, if I was in your shoes I tell you what I would do [Chorus] If I had a love like that A real fine love like that I'd be treatin' him right And never do him any wrong If you're gonna do like that With a good love like that Sister, just like that you're gonna wake up And find him gone That man you've got is crazy about you He wants to build his world around you There's nothin' that he won't do will satisfy you But I see you flirtin' Shakin' your skirt and one of these days You're gonna hurt him Gonna push him just a little too far And break a good man's heart Before you go and loose it all Here's a little wake up call [Repeat Chorus Twice] Sister, just like that you're gonna wake up And find him gone

Somebody To Love You

WYNONNA JUDD "Revelations"
You need a job so you can make some money You need a nice warm place to stay A sense of humor 'cause life is funny A big stick to keep the wolf away You need a car with good tires on it The right place to eat barbecue A heavy duty set of jumper cables And no holes in you walkin' shoes The main thing you're gonna find you need Is a fertile place to plant your seed, boy [Chorus] You got to find somebody to love you Someone to be there for you night and day Someone to share it with and be part of you Love ain't no good 'til you give it away You got to give it away I recommend you get some life insurance and be prepared to dial 911 Pay close attention to your high blood pressure And stay away from the man with the gun You need a reason to get up in the mornin' Make sure your clock has got a snooze control Be sure you got a place to run for cover 'Cause overnight things can sure get cold You're gonna find that sooner or later You need a common denominator [Repeat Chorus]

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